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Chapter 1294: 1294

Why not go?

Even if An Ran didn't invite her today, she must still visit the Moonshine Tribe one day .

Before, she was still considering what kind of ident . i . ty she should use to go to the Moonshine Tribe . Now, with An Ran’s invitation, she did not even have to find reasons and excuses .

Shen Yanxiao intended to accept An Ran’s invitation and also return directly to the Moonshine Tribe with him . Unfortunately, she had not had the time to open her mouth yet when Qie Er knocked on the door .

"Qie Er?" An Ran’s gaze was a bit complicated . Qie Er’s att . i . tude towards him at first was not really good, but after Shen Yanxiao went into continuous seclusion in the Pure Spirit Tower, the change in Qie Er’s att . i . tude was overwhelming . During the training period, he did not look after him any less .

"Yan Xiao, Elder Yue is looking for you for something . " After Qie Er nodded to An Ran, he immediately walked over to Shen Yanxiao .

"Good . " Shen Yanxiao remembered, Elder Yue once said that after she entered the Silvermoon Guards, he would tell her more about the pollution .

"Then, Yan Xiao, you may do your things first . This is my address in the Jadeite City . If you have time, you are welcome to come . " An Ran urgently wanted to deliver the great news back to his tribe, and he also did not want to delay Shen Yanxiao’s business, so he decisively gave Shen Yanxiao a strip of paper with his tribe’s address that he had long prepared .

"I will definitely go . " Shen Yanxiao smiled and said .

After saying that, Shen Yanxiao and Qie Er left .

Elder Yue sat in a chair, looking at Shen Yanxiao, who had entered the door, with a smile on his face .

“Congratulations on being selected for the Silvermoon Guards . ”

"Thank you . " Shen Yanxiao replied .

"I called you over today because there is something I need to tell you . " Elder Yue got up .

Shen Yanxiao gently raised her eyebrows . This matter must be about pollution .

"After I invited you to join the Moonlight Tribe, I’ve talked about your matter with those old fellows in the tribe, and they’ve been wanting to see you . But because you were in the training camp before, there was no chance for them to meet you . Now that you have ended your training, are you interested in seeing the other elves in the tribe?" Elder Yue looked at Shen Yanxiao and smiled .

"Uh . " Shen Yanxiao was slightly stunned . She thought that Elder Yue was planning to tell her about the pollution .

"Rest a . s . sured . Although their temperament is a little weird, they are not bad guys . But if you don't want to, you can also just forget about it . " Elder Yue was clearly not forcing Shen Yanxiao to come .

"It’s no problem . If they are willing, I would like to meet them too . " Shen Yanxiao slightly smiled . Not only did Elder Yue take a little fellow of unknown origin like her into their family, he also treated her really well .

Before, Shen Yanxiao had heard some rumors about the Moonlight Tribe from An Ran .

She was very curious about this elf tribe that had been pa . s . sed down as a legendary heroic tribe . If the former Moonshine Tribe was a highest-ranking tribe at its peak, then the Moonlight Tribe was the pinnacle of the highest-ranking tribes .

Even the Moonshine Tribe at its peak period could not compare with the Moonlight Tribe at all .

However, as time went on, the number of elves in the Moonlight Tribe was getting smaller and smaller, and now, their number was only a single digit .

And those who had remained in the world were some elders who were already advanced in age . After another long period of time, the Moonlight Tribe might cease to exist .

If it weren't for the Moonshine Tribe, Shen Yanxiao would like to live as a Moonlight Tribe elf . Not for anything else, she just wanted to preserve this tribe that was gradually declining .

"That's good . I will take you there later . I believe that even my ancestors will be very happy when I bring the news about you back . " Elder Yue’s smile was especially carefree .

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