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Chapter 1517
In the army camp of the four-nation alliance, everyone was watching the fierce battle that was taking place over The Rising Sun City .

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How Shen Yanxiao was blocked and how she escaped, keeping her life, everything that happened made them incessantly shocked .

They simply couldn’t imagine how Shen Yanxiao actually accomplished such a feat!

It was inconceivable that thousands of flying magical beast had not yet been crushed against tens of thousands of enemies .

"What to do? The siege of more than twenty Mythological Beasts and tens of thousands of magical beasts cannot take Shen Yanxiao down! What the h . e . l . l are they doing in the end! Shen Yanxiao is a human! She’s not a monster! Really a group of wastes!" Qu Xun clenched his fists . He was very dissatisfied to see Shen Yanxiao escape from their encirclement .

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Jiang Wan slightly frowned . At the end of the first battle, the commanders of the four countries gathered together to mobilize the whole army . Jiang Wan really disliked such trash like Qu Xun . Without a little bit of skill, he could only take advantage of his own ident . i . ty to flaunt himself . Had it not been for the Sage of Broken Star Palace observing things, he really disdained to be with such trash .

The Sage saw the same thing as Qu Xun and said, "The reason why Shen Yanxiao escaped from the encirclement seems to be related to the little boy around her . I wonder if you know who the other person is?"

The commander of the four countries exchanged glances with one another . The news of their previous investigation did not mention the ident . i . ty of that little monster at all .

"That kind of ability is absolutely impossible for a human being to have . I reckon that the other party is likely to be the human form of a Mythological Beast . "

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"Is there such a perverse Mythological Beast? It can swallow the attacks and then release them?" Qu Xun curled up the corner of his mouth .

Shi Heng sneered and replied, "Marquis Qu Xun truly has not seen much, and has heard little . Presumably, you have never heard of the name of the ancient vicious beas,t Taotie?"

"Taotie? What?" Qu Xun had a disapproving look .

The expression of Shi Heng became more and more disdainful .

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Jiang Wan said, "This vicious beast Head Shi Heng is talking about, could it be the vicious beast that had brought about chaos around the Radiance Continent before? I remember that that vicious beast had once devoured a lot of humans and magical beasts . In the end, it seems to be the former clan head of the Vermillion Bird Clan who had injured it, together with the Mythological Beast Vermillion Bird, and then it was not known where it went afterward . "

Shi Heng looked at Jiang Wan and nodded, "That’s exactly the one I’m talking about . "

"But Taotie and Vermillion Bird are deadly enemies, plus vicious beasts never sign a contract with human beings . Most importantly, Shen Yanxiao has already signed a contract with Vermillion Bird, so how can she subdue Taotie?" Elder Wen had also heard the name of Taotie before .

"This is still not clear . I just saw that the attack method of that magical beast is very similar to the legendary Taotie, so I have this speculation . " Shi Heng explained .

"No matter what the origin of that magical beast is, he appears in human form . It means that he is not a flying-type magical beast and can't play any role in the main battlefield in the sky . " The Sage slowly opened his mouth . The real strength of magical beasts could only erupt in their beast form .

"Shen Yanxiao’s side won’t be able to hold on for long . The protective shield of their city is about to be broken, and then our siege weapons can directly attack their city . At that time, those on the walls will have no time to take into account the battles in the sky . Shen Yanxiao’s death is only a matter of time . " The Sage was full of confidence in the battle taking place in the sky . As long as Shen Yanxiao were dead, then the generals and the people of The Rising Sun City would fall into a state of chaos and it would only be a matter of time before the city was won over .

Just as the five of them thought about the death of Shen Yanxiao, violent tremors suddenly occurred in the ground beneath the army of the four-nation alliance .