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Chapter 1571

Chapter 1571 – Small Vermillion Bird (4)

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“Xiu . ” Shen Yanxiao suddenly called out .
Xiu turned around and looked at Shen Yanxiao, whose expression suddenly returned to normal .
“Let me carry Vermillion Bird . ” Shen Yanxiao extended her hands .
Seeing that his ‘mother’ suddenly showed her goodwill to him, the small Vermillion Bird immediately threw the
steamed buns away and dropped the water bag as he eagerly extended his two chubby short hands toward Shen
Yanxiao, not having even a tiny bit of reluctance to leave his ‘daddy’ .
According to her words, Xiu handed Vermillion Bird over to Shen Yanxiao . Shen Yanxiao was all smiles as she took
Vermillion Bird who was vigorously trying to act cute . However, upon receiving him, Shen Yanxiao’s eyes suddenly
became sharp . She bent her wrist, causing Vermillion Bird on her arms to face down, her other hand then swung in
the air and hit the little ass of the small Vermillion Bird!

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“You dare to act cute!”
“You dare to act naive!”

“And dare to say little jiujiu! Why don’t you just go to The Rising Sun City and call grandpa, Great Ancestor!”
“You dare to keep playing around! Let’s see if I don’t dare hit your little ass!”
Shen Yanxiao suddenly went berserk . All the people in the cave were petrified to their position; it was only Xiu who
retained his calm expression as he looked at Shen Yanxiao bullying the small Vermillion Bird .

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When the eighth slap fell, Vermillion Bird couldn’t hold on anymore and started crying in his high pitch voice . He
moved his short limbs as he shouted, “Don’t… Don’t hit anymore… It’s my fault…”
The soft sticky voice was suddenly replaced by the familiar tsundere tone, so fast that Taotie did not have enough
time to wipe his tears as he could only look stupidly at the almost beaten up Vermillion Bird .
This voice was exactly the same as Vermillion Bird .
“Calling us your mommy and daddy? Who did you learn this from! Your courage is getting bigger and bigger; you
even dare to take me as a fool!” Shen Yanxiao fixed her hold on Vermillion Bird and looked at those familiar red
eyes .
Vermillion Bird’s mouth stifled as he muttered, “I performed it so well, not a bit of my act was not fitting . ”
In fact, Vermillion Bird didn’t have any memory loss . After he woke up, he remembered everything that happened

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before, however just thinking how his master was robbed by a group of young guys, Vermillion Bird’s feeling of
striving for favor began to burn .

Anyway, he was a now reborn being, he could act all cute with no limits!
However, who would have known that before he could enjoy his act, Shen Yanxiao would immediately unmask
him .
It had to be said that after his rebirth, Vermillion Bird became more quick-witted!
The first thing he did was actually straighten out Xiu and Lan Fengli; he even ruthlessly handled Taotie .
Unfortunately, he still had not escaped Shen Yanxiao’s eyes .
“Stupid to death . You missed one thing . ” Shen Yanxiao took a glance at Vermillion Bird . The level of this kid’s
acting was excellent; however, sadly, his act was betrayed by him pointing at Lan Fengli and calling him his little
uncle .
“Humph!” Vermillion Bird arrogantly turned his head sideway, feeling very dissatisfied with the failure of his plan .
Shen Yanxiao looked at the familiar appearance of Vermillion Bird . Her heart finally relaxed as she held him in her
arms .
“You fool, are you scaring me? Next time, you are not allowed to do this again . I don’t want you to sacrifice your
life for me . I want you to live well . ” The image of Vermillion Bird dying was deeply imprinted on the bottom of
Shen Yanxiao’s heart and could not be erased for a long time . It was truly a nightmare that even made Shen Yanxiao
wake up several times from her sleep . .

Vermillion Bird felt the sadness and disappointment of Shen Yanxiao’s heart . He lowered his eyes and reached out
to embrace Shen Yanxiao’s neck . He leaned on her shoulder and whispered, “You are my master . The moment we
signed the contract, I decided to protect you with my life . If I am given a choice again, even if I can no longer be
reborn, I will still make the same choice as on that day . ”