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Chapter 333

If in the modern world, Yan Yu, this beautiful young man who was cooking in the kitchen of the back hall, could definitely be regarded as the best partner in the 21st century .

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It was hard to imagine that an influential family’s young master would actually be interested in cooking .


"Alright . " Shen Yanxiao smiled and went back to the lounge after greeting Yan Yu .


The three people in the lounge had a smile on their faces when they saw her back .


"Greedy little cat, are you that hungry?" Tang Nazhi opened his mouth to tease her .


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Although Yan Yu was usually sick, the food that he cooked could absolutely one-shot everyone .


Even the palace’s cook couldn’t be compared to his craftsmanship .


However, only the four of them had tasted such a good craftsmanship so far .


"What have you harvest this afternoon? You came back with the mentor quite fast . " Qi Xia was more concerned about Shen Yanxiao’s trip to the storehouse .


As a merchant family, the Qilin Clan had some understanding of the Holy Roland School’s Pharmaceutical Storehouse . Some of the medicinal herbs were bought from the Qilin Clan’s auction house after all .


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Shen Yanxiao shrugged her shoulders, "I found a good thing . "


Qi Xia and the others didn’t question any further . Anyway, apart from Tang Nazhi, the other two people knew nothing about pharmaceutics . As long as they knew Shen Yanxiao had a worthwhile trip was enough .


"Did you found the location of the magic array in the Pharmaceutical Storehouse?" Qi Xia asked .


Shen Yanxiao nodded . She told Qi Xia the starting point of the two sequence of the magic array . She then took a pen and paper and drew down every detail one by one .


Qi Xia stared at the two pictures that Shen Yanxiao had drawn . He frowned slightly .


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"You mean, when you get in and out, the guard had drawn different patterns on the door?" Qi Xia asked .


Shen Yan Xiao nodded her head . She also felt very strange about it .


Qi Xia touched his chin, his fox-like eyes narrowed slightly .


"The general magic array have a fixed solution patterns . Only by drawing the correct solution patterns can undone it to have an access . If it’s not undone, then I'm afraid once you touch it, not only it will spread out, it will also alarm the person who had set up the magic array . But you’re saying that the solution patterns before and after are different, it is a bit weird . ”


"So, what to do?" Shen Yanxiao asked somewhat puzzled .


Qi Xia replied: "Obviously, the magic array set up in the Pharmaceutical Storehouse isn’t a simple one . It’s not a single magic array . It is quite possible that it’s the nine-arc magic array . After one solution pattern is undone, this array will then set the next solution pattern at once . And only the person who had personally laid the nine-arc magic array can know where the next solution pattern is . The guards you saw at the gate of the Pharmaceutical Storehouse, I'm afraid they are all Advanced Magicians, and the nine-arc magic array is likely set up by them together . Therefore, even if one of them harbours ill intentions, as long as the other three people do not cooperate, it will be difficult to undone the magic array . ”


The nine-arc magic array was considered a high-level magic array, and it was worthy to be used in the Pharmaceutical Storehouse .


"Is there a way to solve it?" Shen Yanxiao asked cluelessly .


A room worth of precious medicinal herbs couldn’t be taken, this made her want to vomit blood . The magic array was really a vexing problem .


Qi Xia narrowed his eyes and thought for a moment before saying, "If you want to undo the nine-arc magic array, it’s not that there’s no way . But it’s very complicated . We have to find at least 81 rank three magic nucleus, and we’ll also need three kinds of things from the body of a magical beast as a medium, then we can undone it . "