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Published at 21st of November 2020 09:29:04 PM

Chapter 14: 14
Translator: Seven

Editor: Ana_Banana

(Note: Just a minor note before we get into it. ‘Vice captain’ has been changed to ‘first mate’ because that is usually what they’re usually called)

No one had been able to see Frey’s movements.

Not Peran who grew up watching royal wizards duel from a young age, of Kunst who had fought dozens of naval battles.

It was as if they blinked their eyes and the pirate was thrown into the sea.

But Dullard had an idea.

‘Magic Martial Artist?’

His actions were too fast.

Dullard had been vigilant yet even he hadn’t been able to see what happened entirely.

For the first time, his ever present glare slightly subsided.

“Wha-, what the hell was that!”

A single armed pirate screamed and pulled out his sword. The other pirates also became alert, spouting out obscenities.

One Eye was one of the higher ups in the Bloodred Plunderers. He was very good at fighting and more importantly, he was known for his cruelty which allowed him to reach such a high position.

So when he suddenly fell into the sea, the pirates became uneasy.

Frey looked around with his ever present nonchalance and the first mate for the pirates gulped before saying.

“B-, be careful. There’s something strange about that kid.”

Frey could easily tell at a glance that he was another one of the higher ups.

Unlike the other pirates, his clothes could actually be called clothes instead of being rags and he had three pirate bodyguards around him.


Frey’s body suddenly disappeared before arriving before the first mate.

He then raised his right hand and stuck it into the first mate’s chest, above his heart.

His flesh split apart like tofu and his ribs shattered like old dry wood.

The first mate’s eyes widened in fear.


“Fi-, first mate!”

“Damn it! This monstrous bastard!”

The bodyguards beside the first mate swung their swords as they shouted.

Even with his bare hands through another person’s chest, Frey’s expression did not change one bit.

This caused even the pirates who were used to murder and looting to be afraid.

Frey used the body of the first mate as a shield against their attacks and the blades became stuck in the body.

If they had been good fighters, they would have been able to cut through or around the first mate’s body, but they were only simple thugs who only knew about slashing and stabbing with their blades.

Frey threw the first mate’s body at them without giving them a chance to react.


Two of the bodyguards were hit by the first mate’s body and only one of them managed to barely evade it by letting go of his sword.

He fell to the floor, staring at Frey with a look of fear.




If the ship had been noisy before, now it was completely silent.

Everyone on the ship was staring at Frey.

However even with their attention on him, Frey expressionless shook his hand.

Sticky blood splashed onto the deck.

‘Frey Blake..?’

Peran stared at him with astonished eyes.

He had heard that the formerly worst student in the academy had suddenly become amazing in the past month but could it have been such a large change?

‘He killed four people in an instant without batting an eyelid.’

Additionally, the martial arts skill that Frey had just showcased was the greatest that Peran had ever seen.


Kunst’s voice had lost the mocking tone.

He couldn’t be described with the word grace, but he definitely showcased the charisma that proved him to be the leader of the Bloodred Plunderers.

He only said one word and stopped smiling, but the aura around him had changed completely.

Even Peran felt uneasy.

But Frey spoke without any agitation.

“You guys are just terrible.”

“…do you know who you just killed?”

“Well I think it was one of the higher ups, but I’m not sure.”

“He was my first mate.”

“Hoo. Second in command. Bigger than I thought.”

Kunst nodded while watching Frey with his cold eyes.

“That’s right. Are you a bodyguard who was disguised as a student?”

It was understandable why Kunst would have that thought.

Even most of his pirates would sweat and avoid his gaze when he looked at them while releasing his aura like this, but there was no change at all to Frey’s expression as if he didn’t feel anything.

This shouldn’t be something that a flower raised in the academy could do.


Frey didn’t bother to correct Kunst’s misunderstanding.

Kunst however, took it as an affirmation.

He hesitated for a moment before making up his mind and speaking with determination.

“Let’s make a deal.”

“A deal?”

“That move just now. It’s obvious that you’re a mage with excellent skills. But can you save all the students here from us?”

Kunst looked at Dullard for a moment as if to give pressure using his presence.

Frey chuckled at that moment but Kunst kept talking.

“Half. Give us half the students on this ship and we won’t touch the rest.”

The nearby pirates looked at their captain with amazed gazes.

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It should be known that the captain of the Bloodred Plunderers rarely yielded to anyone.

However Kunst’s judgement was a natural decision.

‘This guy is a lot more powerful than I thought.’

The evidence of this was Dullard’s silence.

If he had the confidence to subdue the man before them then he would have acted already.

‘Even the lich can’t guarantee that he’ll beat him.’

It was clear that Dullard didn’t want to fight the man either.

Frey raised his eyebrow and said.

“I killed your first mate. I also took care of three or four other guys. Aren’t you going to take revenge?”

“Revenge? You see pirates as too caring.”

Kunst laughed, revealing his yellow teeth.

“With the exception of me, the first mate has changed five times in the past year. They’d find it hard to hold the position for half a year.”

Frey seemed to not understand his meaning.

Kunst continued speaking.

“Do you think it’s bad? Don’t you think the unnecessary bloodshed is inefficient? Additionally, we don’t touch our prisoners. This means that the twenty or so people we are taking now will be released right away once we get our money.”

He then glanced at Peran.

“Of course, the man from the Jun family must be taken unconditionally. You’re not a man with no eyes.”

Although the ancestors of the Jun family were powerful, as long as they hid within the Oscar Islands, then not even the emperor could do anything even if he brought his entire army.


Frey seemed to hesitate.

Kunst thought he had almost convinced him, and smiled.

“I will leave the selection up to you. Send 20 people over, including Peran.”

If he had common sense, then he would keep the students from the larger aristocratic families. That way he could be said to have protected the core students with the exception of Peran, so his punishment would be minimal.

Frey looked at him silently.

The students looked at each other and began to shiver.

This was until a student couldn’t take it any longer and shouted out.

“Me, Pick me! G-, when I go back to my family, I will give you a reward!”

She said this and stuck to Frey.

Frey looked at her in bewilderment.

She didn’t seem to be making the proper judgment because she had been corroded by fear.

“1-, 100 gold! I’ll give you 100 gold! I’ll give you more if you want!”

100 gold was hard for ordinary people to collect in their entire lives.

Her words seemed to have lit a fuse.

“Wha-, what are you doing? I have to save myself! You know the power of the Plasico family right? I’ll give you one hundred and fifty gold coins!”

“Damn it! I am Ian Corona! I’ll give you two hundred gold coins! So choose me!”

“Th-, these guys!”

They didn’t care to know what Frey was anymore.

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Whether he was the academy’s poor performing student Frey Blake, or a secret bodyguard placed on the ship as Kunst said.

The only important thing to them right now was that Frey held the right to their life and death.


The appearance of the students shouting their family names and bargaining for their lives was incredibly disgusting.

Even the pirates who were known for their craziness and shamelessness were speechless.

At the end,those who kept their prides as nobles and didn’t bow down their heads could be counted on one hand.

Frey closed his eyes, and when he opened them again there was a sharp flash of energy within them.

“Shut up.”

He said it in a quiet tone, but it was heard by everyone on the ship.

The crying voices of the students quieted immediately.

He looked around slowly and the students all shivered as his eyes landed on them. When he looked at Jack, Jack couldn’t help but become afraid.

The last thing Frey’s eyes met were the fires within Dullards head.


Suddenly Dullard let out a quiet laugh, causing Kunst to look at him.

“What’s going on?”

[I felt something strange in that man’s mana. It was a unique mana that I had never felt before, so I was alert. But…it seems he’s nothing special.]

Dullard laughed darkly as a smile stretched across his skinless face.

[He should be a 5 star mage at best. It seems he has a few good moves, but I’ve killed more than a hundred such men already.]

Dullard lifted a black hand.


A black shape began to form within his fingers.

[Living Missiles.]

The black energy on his fingertips soon took shape before shooting toward Frey.

Frey simply leaned back and dodged the attack.


Dullard laughed.

At that moment the living missile that had passed, turned around and headed for Frey again.


Peran realised what Dullard had done. It wasn’t a magic that needed a preset direction.

From the beginning the magic of the missile was tracking magic.

Dullard did not need to control the magic at all.

That way, Dullard had no problems casting another spell.

[Bone Hand.]


Soon skeletal hands rose up from the deck. At a glance there seemed to already be dozens of them as they shot towards Frey.

“Be careful!”

Peran shouted subconsciously.

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With the bone hands at the bottom and the living missile at the rear, it seemed that Frey would soon become a pool of blood.

But at that moment, Frey disappeared.



Everything happened in an instant.

As soon as he disappeared, Frey reappeared behind Dullard, his hand protruding from Dullard’s chest while holding a pulsating, glowing crystal.

Peran knew what it was.

‘The lich’s life vessel..?’

Dullard’s flaming eyes flashed and he stuttered.

[Ho-, w…moving ship…used blink…]

Blink, which allowed the user to narrow the distance within the blink of an eye was a very well known spell, so of course Dullard knew what he had done.

However this was ona ship. It should have been an impossible feat to use blink on a moving ship!

‘Wouldn’t you need to do at least five calculations at the same time..?’

There was something else that he was wondering.

‘How could he tell the precise location of the life vessel…’

As his vision dimmed, Dullard finally reached a conclusion.

‘He was deliberately stalling for time…’

While pretending to hesitate under Kunst’s offer, he had actually been observing Dullard.

Even so, it didn’t make sense.

The guy had looked through him and discovered his life vessel, but that was only something that a 7 star Archmage should be capable of doing.

‘How could it be done by a mage who is weaker than me…’

If he had fought head on from the beginning, then it would’ve been his victory.

Frey did not have a way to beat him from the start and could only stall for time.

But he was defeated by Frey’s unwavering and creepy calmness.

Even when Kunst had killed students and created such a horrifying atmosphere, he didn’t lift a finger.

Dullard was unable to complete his thoughts as his consciousness finally faded.

When the glow of the fires in his eyes faded, his bones all shattered and spread in the air like dust.



Once again silence took over the ship.

No one could believe what they had just witnessed.

The mighty lich had been killed before he could truly show his hand.

Everyone stared at Frey, their mouths wide open, but of course, Frey’s expression remained the same.

He looked at Kunst and spoke slowly.

“There will be no transactions.”

Then with the same face, he looked at all the pirates there and said in a flat tone.

“You will all die here.”

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