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Published at 21st of November 2020 09:28:09 PM

Chapter 68: 68
The Great Mage Returns after 4000 Years – Chapter 68 – Mercenary (2)

Translator: Seven

Editors: Ana_Banana, Yahiko

Frey immediately received a new Mercenary Card .

Unlike the C-rank card which appeared to be made of bronze, the A-rank Mercenary Card seemed to be made of sparkling gold .

The one-eyed man, Domki, gave him a warning . (TL: you guys can’t understand the forbearance it took to not give him a dumber name)

“As you can see, this Mercenary Card is made of gold, so it’s worth a lot . They can be sold for dozens of gold at a general store so they also cost a lot to reissue . So you should pay attention not to lose it . ”

“I understand . ”

“…are you a 5 star Wizard?”

“Yes . ”

Domki’s eyes flashed with amazement .

Looking at his reaction, Frey thought back to Eizek’s advice .

Eizek told him that it would be the most convenient to act like a 5 star Wizard whenever working externally .

This was because it made it easier for him to have people recognize his strength without raising any suspicions .

If it was a wizard who was above 5 stars then it would be strange for them to be a mercenary who wasn’t already a part of a group or well known .

Especially if it was a young Wizard like Kain .

Therefore, while Frey donned the face of Kain, he did not intend to use any spells above 5 stars .

He didn’t expect to encounter anything that would force him to .

“You’re amazing even without a staff . ”

Staff .

Now that he thought about it, Frey realised that he had forgotten to find a staff .  

This was because he already had the Staff of the Great Sage .

‘A Wizard without a staff would raise some doubts . ’

Because of this, he would need to carry a staff, just for appearances .

Frey decided to get one that very day .

Fortunately, Domki didn’t say anything else about the staff .

“Are you a part of a Mercenary Group?”

“I’m not, and I don’t intend to join any groups at the moment . ”

“I see . ”

Domki smacked his lips with a slightly regretful expression .

As the leader of a Mercenary Group, he desperately wanted this young man standing before him .

No matter which Mercenary Group they wished to join, a 5 star Wizard would be welcome with open arms and treated like royalty .

This was because there was always a lack of Wizards in their line of business .

That was why even 3 star and 4 star wizards were paid more than ten times other Mercenaries in the same rank .

Domki’s Mercenary Group already had a 5 star Wizard which was already impressive, however, no matter how he looked at it, Frey was much stronger .

Of course, he couldn’t force him since Frey had already told him his thoughts .

“A-rank Mercenaries are given free accommodation within the Mercenary Guild and you can request free equipment repair once a month at any affiliated blacksmith . In addition, there are no restrictions when entering or leaving the borders of the empire and its allies, and you can create a Mercenary Group of your own . There…”

Domki began explaining the benefits of being an A-rank Mercenary .

Frey listened to Domki .

A-rank Mercenaries made up less than 1% of the Mercenary population, and it was the goal that most Mercenaries aimed for .

This was because they knew that the S-rank and SS-ranks which were filled with monsters were dreams that could never be achieved .

After listening to the benefits, Frey understood why so many Mercenaries would risk their lives to reach the A-rank .

“…that’s it . Do you have any questions?”

Domki’s voice was gentle and it was nothing compared to the cold and harsh tone that he’d used before .

Frey felt like the man in front of him was trying to obtain his favor .

“I have a request I’d like to make . ”

“What is it?”

“There is a mission to escort a group of peddlers to the Great Reynols Forest . ”

“Great Reynols Forest…at this time…”


Domki shook his head .

“There are much better missions for you to choose . ”

“Is it difficult?”

“It’s pretty standard, but something terrible happened recently . ”

“Something terrible?”

“I’m sorry but I can’t talk freely . It’s confidential for now . If you really want to take the mission then you can directly talk to the person who made the request . ”

“I understand . ”

“If it’s money you want, then it’s not a bad mission . I’ve heard that that mission pays quite well . ”

The pay .

Although he still had one platinum coin left, Frey intended to wander the continent, so the more money he had, the better .

Frey decided to tell Domki his plans and seek a second opinion .

“I’m afraid I won’t be able to return with them after taking them to the forest…would that be okay?”

“One way escort…hmm . It’s a tricky condition, but…”

For an A-rank Mercenary and a Wizard at that, the requestor would be willing to accept a few conditions .  

After doing some calculations, Domki nodded his head .

“I’ll tell you in advance . The pay will drop to less than half . Are you fine with that?”

“Yes . ”

“Stay in the guild today . I’ll inform you as soon as the date of departure is coordinated with the peddlers . ”

“Thank you . ”

It didn’t matter because Frey could use Warp whenever he wanted to anyway .

What’s more, he had memorized the coordinates of the places that he’d visited before .

He knew the coordinates for Uthiano, as well as Grode, Pillat, the 3rd Magic Tower, and even Drake Mountain .  

Frey returned to the first floor where he showed his new Mercenary Card to the girl at the counter .

“You became an A-rank Mercenary…”

Not even an hour had passed .

The man in front of her turned out to be much more amazing than she’d expected .

“I heard that I can rent a room for free . ”

“O-, of course . Here’s the key . ”

Frey took the key from the employee and put it in his pocket . He didn’t have any intention of going upstairs just yet .

Instead, he looked around .

Mercenaries .

In a sense, there would be no one who was as sensitive to the surrounding situation than this group of people .

The more skilled a Mercenary was, the better their understanding of the happenings in the world .

“A few days ago, I saw the S-rank Mercenary Elsie, and her face really is amazing . If I didn’t know it was her, I might’ve tried something . ”

“Your fingers would’ve gotten cut off . Hehe . ”

“They said there’s going to be another civil war in Silkid . It’s dangerous but it’s also a really good place to make a killing . Wanna come with me?”

“Geotanbul is also a great place to earn nowadays . I heard that there are pirates there that are working with undead so they are trying to draw in as many escorts as possible . ”

“Undead again? Damn skeleton bastards . We’ve been seeing them a lot lately . ”

There were many interesting stories, but they weren’t what Frey was looking for .

It was then .

“Did you hear that Count Isaka might step down from his post as the 5th Magic Tower’s Master?”

“Huh? Really? What for?”

“Well . I’m not sure . I just heard about it from my friend who does chores at the 5th Magic Tower . ”

“Come to think of it, he has been staying at their family home for a long time . Hasn’t it been about two months?”

“It doesn’t make sense for the Tower Master to be away for such a long time . I feel like he will be fired . ”

Frey got up from his seat and headed over to those Mercenaries .

There was a gentle smile on his face .

“Hello, seniors . ”


“Who the hell are you?”

The Mercenaries looked at him with suspicious gazes .

“I’m just an ugly junior who knows nothing about the world . I’d like to ask you some questions . ”


“Of course, I can’t hear your experiences if your mouth is dry . Please bring plenty of beer and snacks . ”

Frey made an order to a waitress who was passing by and the Mercenaries’ faces brightened immediately .

“Junior really has good eyes . ”

“There is probably no one else in all of Pillat who has as much experience as our party . ”

“Right . What do you want to know?”

It was much easier than Frey expected .

There were two reasons for this .

One was that Kain Rixton’s appearance gave people a good impression .

Kain’s face allowed him to easily gain people’s favor simply by giving them a gentle smile .

The other was the simplicity that came with people who were called Mercenaries .

Most of them lived in the present and enjoyed the simple pleasures in life .

The Mercenaries in front of him were either C-rank of D-rank but they would not find his actions strange .

Instead, they would only think that he was in a good mood that day .

“Are there any rumors about the Blake Family recently?”


“Even small things are fine . ”

“Why do you want to know about that?”

Frey thought about it for a moment and made a slightly hesitant expression .

“I want to become one of the Blake Family’s guards . ”

Taking a hint from ‘Frey’s memories, he knew that there were always many people who desired to become the Blake Family’s guards

The Mercenaries laughed and nodded at his words .

“Well . The salary is high and it’s a stable job . ”

“Sometimes those guys can even eat what the nobles eat and enjoy other luxuries . ”

“Except for the intense competition, it is a great job . ”

Most of their words were useless, but Frey still smiled and waited for them to finish their chatter .

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When the beer was finally brought out to them, a large man sitting on the right began speaking .

“Well, come to think of it, Hans did say that he saw several wagons entering the Blake Family property at dawn . ”

“Why was that? Were they supplies from the capital?”

“There were too many for that . And I heard someone’s voice from inside . Sounded like they were screaming or something . ”

Frey’s gaze became sharp .

He immediately thought about human sacrifice, but the other mercenaries simply laughed at those words .

“Puhahaha . Screaming? That’s a pretty good ghost story . ”

“That sort of thing is common for those aristocratic families . It’s probably a servant from another province or country . ”

“Well . I don’t think we need to take it seriously . ”

After that, they told Frey a lot of information about the Blake Family, but most of it was unimportant .

They mainly praised the amazing talents of the eldest and second sons Mischael and Heinz, as well as the head of the family Isaka’s tremendous magic skill .

‘Frey Blake’s name was not even mentioned once .

Was he simply forgotten, or was simply not important enough to discuss?

He didn’t think too deeply about it because he wasn’t that interested .  

After asking the Mercenaries for forgiveness, Frey stood up from his seat .

Then he went to a nearby store and purchased a suitable staff .

“That will be 10 gold . ”

The price of a staff had been ridiculously expensive 4,000 years ago and it remained the same now . It was the same for all magical items .  

Frey paid the bill without complaint .

Then he decided to explore the city of Pillat since he had nothing to do until it was time to sleep .

He also had the slight expectation that he’d be able to receive a clue about Isaka’s actions .

But, of course, he found nothing .

The next day .

A waiter approached Frey after he came down to the first floor after washing his face .

“Mr . Kain Rixton, Mr . Domki asked me to pass this to you . ”

It was a flyer .

On it, was the information about the escort mission to the Great Reynols Forest .

‘It’s a union of peddlers . So they handle many kinds of goods . ’

It ranged from simple clothing and local specialties to precious metals, magic items, and scrolls .

If there was such a large collection of precious goods, then it was understandable why thieves would target it .

“There will be a total of twenty-five Mercenaries . ”

This was a mission with a fairly large number of people .

The specific numbers were 1 S-rank, 7 A-rank, 12 B-rank and 5 C-rank Mercenaries .

Frey tilted his head slightly when he saw the 5 C-rank Mercenaries, but then he realised that they all had specific professions such as Scout, Priest and Herbalist .

Such professions did not need to have a high combat ability .

‘But 7 A-rank Mercenaries?’

Turk .

Then someone sat beside him .

Turning his head to look, he found that a bearded man who appeared to be in his thirties was looking at him .

“Are you Kain Rixton?”

“And you are?”

The man smiled cheerfully and stretched out his hand .

“I’m Alkon, leader of the Great Reynols Forest escort mission . ”

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The leader .

If that was the case then there was a high chance that this man was the sole S-rank Mercenary on the mission .

Frey grabbed his hand/

“I am Kain Rixton . Please take care of me . ”

“Haha . We weren’t able to leave because we lacked a Wizard, but you arrived just in time . Domki is famous for being incredibly strict, but he couldn’t stop praising you . ”

Alkon laughed as he shook his hand .

His grip was so tight that not even a needle would be able to fit between their hands .

He carried a large axe on his back, so it was almost certainly his weapon .

‘If he’s an S-rank Mercenary then he should be at least a First class Magic Warrior . ’

This meant that this person was stronger than the Dark Elf Liamoson, or Honor Fianne from the Trowman Rings .

Of course, there were not many people who had reached such a level of strength .

From what Frey had heard, the number of people on the continent who had done so didn’t surpass 100 .

“Is this mission so dangerous that it requires an S-rank Mercenary?”

At Frey’s question, Alkon’s face became a bit solemn .  

“Something terrible happened recently . Have you heard about it?”

“I only know that something bad happened . ”

This was because Domki did not tell him what happened .

Alkon nodded .

“I see . Well, you will need to know since you are now a part of the group . A group of peddlers who were headed to the forest to deliver their goods was annihilated . ”

“Including the Mercenaries?”

“That’s right . ”

“Who did it?”

Then he heard something that he would never have expected .

“Undead . ”


Frey’s expression became a bit strange .

At most he thought that it would be a monster or a bandit who was after the goods .

Alkon sighed .

“These days, undead are being spotted all over the continent . They say that sometimes they join hands with other races . Either way, it’s not good . ”

‘Come to think of it…’

Frey recalled the Lich who had attacked the Cortez .

The 6 star Undead who had joined hands with the pirates to attack the ship was a creature that had an unreasonable hatred toward living beings .

The stronger an undead was, the more intelligent, but they could never get rid of the hatred they felt .  

Frey frowned .

It wasn’t about the problem with the undead .

The problem was that they might slow him down .

‘I don’t think I’ll have to worry too much about this mission because the guild is paying a lot of attention to it . ’

He spent the rest of the day conversing with Alkon .

Alkon seemed to like Frey . No, he simply pretended to feel that way so that they could be closer

Perhaps it was because he was a Wizard .

It was almost as though he was afraid to show any dissatisfaction .  

Frey simply conversed with him while maintaining a certain distance .

And the very next day, Frey got onto a carriage and headed toward the Great Reynols Forest .