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Published at 18th of March 2018 10:31:36 PM

Chapter 6

Translator: WuWang

Editor: Lightbubble

Chapter 6: Fish in Troubled Waters

“The seventh . ”

Zhang Mu quickly put the second-ranked crystal into his pocket . Although his sweat had blurred his sight, it didn't affect his excited smile .

Ten minutes had passed and he had obtained seven second-ranked crystals . According to Zhang Mu’s memory, they were equal to seventy first-ranked crystals and that was enough for him to buy a lot of necessary goods from the era merchant of Luoyang City .

However, that wasn’t enough to satisfy him . Zhang Mu continued looking for his next prey .

Unfortunately, there wasn't much coagulated chicken blood left in the black rubbish bag .

If he didn’t use the coagulated chicken blood as bait and went straight to the square to look for a new prey…

It seemed that this behavior wouldn’t put himself into danger immediately, but he wouldn't be able to avoid walking dead who had finished eating . If he was to be surrounded by them, that would put himself in danger .

However, he had almost trapped and killed all the single walking dead . Now, most of the walking dead were gathering on the square, but he didn’t dare to go there .

What should he do?

Every second now was very valuable, because he didn’t know when these walking dead would finish eating .

Should he take a risk?

After all, this was a pretty rare opportunity .

At first, Zhang Mu only wanted to save his life, but now, his mind gradually changed . He thought for a while, aiming at the three walking dead who were eating together at the south gate of the square .

He threw a piece of chicken blood to them . This time, he used more strength . The chicken blood was directly thrown in a fat walking dead’s body, breaking into pieces .

The fate walking dead put out its tongue and licked its face . It found Zhang Mu, who was standing at the place ten meters away and gazed at it with a serious look, then straightly pounced at Zhang Mu .

Fortunately, the other two walking dead were still eating the corpses in front of them and didn’t even take a glance at Zhang Mu .

Good .

Zhang Mu was slightly relaxed . He held the tailored Tang sword in his hand and straightly walked to the fat walking dead .

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When the fat walking dead ran, its fat flesh shook and looked pretty laughable . But when it sped up, Zhang Mu couldn’t laugh anymore .

When it started to run, the earth shook due to its weight . It came at Zhang Mu like a human tank .

Zhang Mu was surprised . He tried to step back, but the fat walking dead was faster than him . It waved its fat palm and slapped at Zhang Mu’s head .

No! That’s too fast! I can’t dodge it! There is no other choice, but to try and withstand it .

Zhang Mu immediately held the Tang sword in his left hand and raised his right hand . When his hand touched the fat walking dead’s hand, he immediately felt its powerful strength . That should be three times stronger than anything he had encountered before .

What is its limit?!

Zhang Mu thought in his heart, but didn’t have the guts to try it . His five fingers nimbly dodged the walking dead’s sharp claw and pointed at the center of its fat palm . His hand suddenly built strength and pressed on the part between the walking dead’s thumb and index finger, then forced it back .

Zhang Mu’s hand was too fast . This was his most important talent as a disciple of The Thieves Sect .

Taking the opportunity when the fat walking dead’s body was drawn to its side, Zhang Mu kicked on its leg, making its lumbering body fall forward . Due to inertia, the fat walking dead couldn’t stop itself .

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As Zhang Mu puffed and blew, the fat walking dead fell to the ground and exposed its fat belly . Its hand was pressed under its fat body . Its palm should have broken, because Zhang Mu could see its black bones poking out from the wounds on its arm .

In the future, Zhang Mu had dealt with this kind of fat walking dead many times . He knew its weak point: mediocre physical balance . He didn’t want to waste his time on the fat walking dead, so he directly chopped his sword on its neck .

However, he didn’t hear the familiar “crack” sound .

The fat walking dead’s fat flesh mixed together with its newborn cuticle layer . Zhang Mu’s Tang sword was struck in the cuticles layer . No matter how Zhang Mu forced, it didn’t move a bit . Besides, as time went by, the sword was wrapped by more and more newborn cuticles .

He didn’t expect that!

Shuffle! Shuffle!

As Zhang Mu stepped on the fat walking dead’s belly, trying to draw out his sword, he heard two strange sounds behind him .

Zhang Mu sensed the danger . He didn’t have time to look back, but immediately kicked his right leg on the fat walking dead’s belly and jumped over its body .

Zhang Mu released the sword handle in the air and rolled to the lawn .

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Zhang Mu didn’t hear any sound chasing after him, so he turned back his head . As he had expected, they were the other two walking dead .

Why were they so fast?

Zhang Mu intently gazed at the two thin walking dead squatting on the fat walking dead’s belly . His cold sweat soaked his back because he knew that he couldn’t deal with two walking dead together .

He could only try to find a chance to kill one of the walking dead, then solve the remaining one .

They stood facing each other . The two walking dead opened their mouths and hung their bloody tongues out . They looked like they would pounce at Zhang Mu at any time, but didn’t move a bit .

Three second later, Zhang Mu found that something was wrong . The first-ranked walking dead shouldn't have any thinking ability . Why were they still observing him?

Zhang Mu carefully looked them up and down, them laughed out loud .

The two walking dead shook their shoulders, but couldn’t move a bit .

When they pounced at Zhang Mu, they missed him but struck their claws into the fat walking dead’s belly . Their claws were trapped by the cuticle layer and couldn’t move a bit . The cuticle layer could even trap the sharp Tang sword, not to mention their claws .

Beside, the more strength they used, the faster the cuticle layer would grow and the tighter they would be bound .

Looking at the three overlapped walking dead, Zhang Mu felt that he had seen three sparkling second-ranked crystals waving their hands to him .

At this moment, Zhang Mu felt that the goddess of luck really liked him .

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