The Great Ruler - Chapter 1047

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Chapter 1047: Destruction

A beam of silver light flashed across the sky, then headed straight towards the incoming Grade Nine Beast Spirit and the rest of the Grade Eight Beast Spirits . It was filled with the power of destruction, and a clap of thunder could be vaguely heard in its wake .

The silver light stopped the charging Grade Nine Beast Spirit forcefully in its tracks . The creature stared at the silver light with its hollow eyes . Although it had no intelligence, it sensed the destructive aura from the silver light with its natural instinct .

Even though the beast spirit was technically dead, it would still be turned into ashes if it was hit by this silver light . Hence, at that very moment, the Grade Nine Beast Spirit lurched backwards, its instinct urging it to escape .


Despite the Grade Nine Beast Spirit having great instincts, the rest of the Grade Eight Beast Spirits behind it did not possess such intuitiveness . Hence, they maintained their full-speeds while charging .

As such, when the Grade Nine Beast Spirit made a U-turn, it directly collided with those Grade Eight Beast Spirits . Both parties were thrown off their feet at once, and the situation suddenly became chaotic .

Weng! Weng!

The short moment of pause allowed the silver light to appear in front of the Beast Spirits . The light was slightly vibrating, and all of a sudden, a daunting clap of thunder burst forth from the silver light .


Like a Wrecking Heavens Divine Thunder falling from above, the scary rumbling sound of the thunder ramped up a large amount of soil from below . Then, the daunting sonic wave rippled out a thousand feet and beyond .

The wide-spreading silver light continued to spread across the entire land, turning the ground silver . Even the death clouds that were looming over the area were dispersed by the penetrating thunder light . Another daunting fluctuation was brewing, and it was clearly ready to explode .

The silver light was reflected in Mu Chen's eyes . As he looked at the earth-shaking formation, horror slowly surged in his eyes .

Apparently, the Heart of the Thunder-Devouring Beast was far more powerful than he had first expected it would be . Such daunting power could really destroy the entire world! Anyone ranked below Earthly Sovereign would not be able to block such a domineering offense!

Mu Chen made a quick decision . He flapped the phoenix wings on his back even harder, then quickly moved in the opposite direction of the Heart of the Thunder-Devouring Beast . After all, if such an impact got any closer, he might get hurt, too!

While he was retreating, Mu Chen changed his hand seal, which caused a golden light to surge and circle around him . At the same time, the sound of the dragon and phoenix resounded throughout the sky .

The spirits of the real dragon and real phoenix rose from his body and transformed into a circle of light . The circle of light then formed an ultimate strong shield .

Despite the fact that Mu Chen had circulated his Dragon-Phoenix Body to the maximum, he was still worried . So, he thought of another idea . Immediately, the huge light shadow of the Great Solar Undying Body gathered and shielded him .


Just as Mu Chen had maxed out all of his defenses, the Heart of the Thunder-Devouring Beast finally exploded upon his activation . The fierce explosion had resulted from the thunder power that came from the ancient Thunder-Devouring Beast, who had swallowed and suppressed years of thunder .

Like gushing currents, the thunder waves swept out, bursting every inch of the land and space into pieces . Even the land itself crumpled, as large cracks formed on the ground, spreading themselves out .

Its destruction was unstoppable, and the entire huge valley was shrouded in the thunder wave . As the thunder light passed through, nothing except ashes was left of the land .

The Grade Eight Beast Spirits were the first to experience its impact, as unfortunately, their dry and hard bodies did not offer them any protection . As the thunder light swept in, their bodies were burst and turned into ashes immediately .

The only one that could shield itself against the impact slightly was the Grade Nine Beast Spirit . Even though death-gas burst out from its body, for a moment, it was able to block the incoming thunder light wave .

However, the thunder light continued to sweep through everything, and eventually, the violent death-gas was wiped out as well . As this occurred, so too was the Grade Nine Beast Spirit devoured .

The entire land seemed to have become a world of thunder light! As all of the beast spirits were swallowed by the thunder light, Mu Chen was also feeling the effects . Although he had already predicted the scene and made his retreat, he had still underestimated the power of the Heart of the Thunder-Devouring Beast .

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So, even though he retreated as fast as he could, he could still see the thunder light rushing out in waves . Even from a distance, the destructive force was able to strike the Great Solar Undying Body!


The collision caused even the land to vibrate, and cracks also began to slowly appear on the Great Solar Undying Body . The next moment, it burst into thunder light in the sky .

Pzzt .

Even with the Great Solar Undying Body shielding off some of the impact, Mu Chen was still injured . He spat out a mouthful of blood, and his body felt like it was going to explode . It was almost as if all of his bones were cracking away, as he was thrown onto the ground .

The thunder light continued rippling out, wiping out the entire valley . Nine Nether and the rest could feel the daunting impact from the faraway valley . They stopped moving and looked at the thunder light with solemn faces .

"What a daunting power," said Han Shan . Even though they were far away from the scene, the impact still gave them chills . After all, if they were any closer to it, they might all perish!

Nine Nether bit her red lips, her pretty eyes surging with worry . She took a deep breath, then immediately said, "Keep a lookout . Don't let anyone come any closer . "

Ink Blade and the rest nodded . At this point, they had to trust that Mu Chen was safe .

As Nine Nether and the group kept a close watch, a blue-robed man suddenly turned to look in the direction of the valley from his perch on one of the mountains at the North of the land . He frowned, as he could feel the extremely daunting violent spiritual impact . That person was Bai Ming from the Phoenix Clan .

"Brother Bai Ming, that kind of strength is this?" Bai Bin suddenly appeared beside Bai Ming . He had a slight look of horror on his face, as he could feel the violent spiritual energy, which was coming from the land .

"What a domineering power… It must be the force of the thunder . Even a Grade Nine Sovereign could not handle such power . " Bai Ming squinted both his eyes, then added, "I overestimated that fellow . He was forced to this by a Grade Eight Beast Spirit . "

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In his own opinion, it would be no easy task to kill those Grade Eight Beast Spirits . In fact, especially if they wished to minimize casualties, they would have to use the Heart of the Thunder-Devouring Beast .

Bai Bin paused, then asked Bai Ming, "Did that fellow use the Heart of the Thunder-Devouring Beast? All of the teams that entered into the Land of the Divine Beasts had no such powerful strength . Apart from that fellow's Heart of the Thunder-Devouring Beast, there could be no one else . "

With a nod, Bai Ming's eyes surged with solemnity . "That power was really formidable . If that fellow had used it on me, I would not have survived . "

"Hehe… . But that fellow would not be able to do anything if he met you now . " Bai Bin gave a grin .

Bai Ming smiled . Without the Heart of the Thunder-Devouring Beast, Mu Chen was like an ant in his eyes . If both of them were to meet again, he would let Mu Chen know how foolish he was to have displeased him!

"Let's settle things with this Grade Eight Beast Spirit first . " Bai Ming shook his head .

He was no longer focused on that ant . Instead, he looked straight ahead of him, where numerous top powers from the Phoenix Clan had already wiped out most of the Beast Spirits . Only a Grade Eight Beast Spirit could now be seen . It was trying to escape, charging around aimlessly .

Bai Ming held up his hand, and an ice-blue feather folding fan appeared on it . Then, his figure suddenly disappeared from its original location . The next moment, he re-appeared above the Grade Eight Beast Spirit . He then swung his fan with all of his strength .

Shoo .

The ice-blue aura swept out like a phoenix spreading its wings . The aura then transformed into a torrent, swallowing the Grade Eight Beast Spirit . Everything immediately turned into vivid ice statues, as the ice torrent passed through the entire space .

Bai Ming fell lightly onto the ice statue, then pressed on the head of the statue . Without any emotions in his eyes, he kicked his feet gently . As he did so, the ice statue gave a out a Kacha sound, then eventually dispersed into an ice powder .

Filled with death-gas, the heart of the beast slowly rose up and was easily captured by Bai Ming, who then tossed and played with it . But, his eyes were looking at the faraway land, a smirk filling his face .

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Bai Ming hoped that Mu Chen would be daring enough to go to the inner region . In that case, he would then be able to let him know how pathetic it was for an ant to challenge a huge beast!

Meanwhile, the valley was in total ruin . The surrounding enormous mountain walls and individual hills had been leveled into flat plains . Like a bottomless chasm, a thousand feet of deep cracks were formed on the ground . The entire gigantic valley had been wiped out .

Bang .

As huge rocks were flying out from this land of ruin, a figure could be seen, shooting up into the sky, then landing on the ground . His clothes were tattered and his body was riddled with wounds . Blood traces could also be seen at the corner of his lips . He looked really awful!

This figure, of course, belonged to Mu Chen . He reached up to wipe away the blood at his lips, then lifted his head to look at the damaged valley . His eyes were filled with horror . The Heart of the Thunder-Devouring Beast was too powerful!

He swept his gaze across the land, seeing that there was not a single beast spirit in sight . Apparently, they had all been wiped out .

I wonder how the Nine Rotation Lotus is faring . . .

The moment Mu Chen thought of this, his expression changed . He then quickly charged out . In order to obtain the Nine Rotation Lotus, he had resorted to using the Heart of the Thunder-Devouring Beast . So, if the Nine Rotation Lotus were hurt by the impact from the Heart of the Thunder-Devouring Beast, he would be utterly regretful!


Mu Chen hastily flit across the land of ruins . Within a few minutes, he came to the swamp that was filled with death-gas, only to discover that it had been destroyed and turned into a pool of mud!

Mu Chen's heart sank at the sight . He then sped up and reached the center of the swamp, quickly scanning the area . Then, he saw that, right in the center of the muddy lake, the clear lake water was quietly rippling . The black lake water surrounding it was clearly divided from the clear lake water .

At the point of division, there stood a jade-green lotus, perched in the deepest area of the lake . Swaying and smiling, it was giving off a subtle green light and an intense vitality .