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The Great Ruler - Chapter 1050

Published at 1st of February 2019 08:04:07 PM

Chapter 1050

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Mu Chen remained calm while Bai Ming looked at him mockingly . He looked around and saw that Bai Ming and the rest were standing on a large stone platform near the altar . The Giant Bird Clan, Nine Hues Peacock Clan, and the rest of the groups were surprisingly early .

Mu Chen was surprised to find some other groups besides those from the supreme groups . They were from the powerful Divine Beasts' clans . However, they were in bad shape . There must have been casualties when they dealt with the Grade Eight beast spirits .

As Mu Chen was looking around, people were looking at his group as well . They were shocked to see that the number of people in Mu Chen's team had not been reduced . This meant that there were no casualties when they had killed a Grade Eight beast spirit .

Instead of finding it amazing, they gave Mu Chen a pitiful look . They had indistinctly felt the horrifying fluctuations that exuded from the Heart of the Thunder-Devouring Beast, and they were certain that Mu Chen had used it to kill a Grade Eight beast spirit . Mu Chen had relied on it to stop Bai Ming from attacking them . Since he had lost the object, he would have nothing to use against Bai Ming .

When they saw that Mu Chen and his team had appeared unscathed, they felt that he was pitiful . Some of the groups shook their heads . Mu Chen is too naïve . Does he think that Bai Ming is a vegetarian, and he abstains from killing?

If Bai Ming wanted to kill them, the entire team would die in this place . Even if the Nine Netherbird Clan knew about it later, they could not do anything to him .

The Giant Bird Clan's team leader looked at Mu Chen with interest . He was keen to know if Mu Chen was unafraid of Bai Ming, or he was simply foolish .

From the beginning until now, Kong Ling had not looked at Mu Chen . She had stopped Bai Ming outside the Divine Cemetery because she did not want him and Mu Chen to get into a fight and prevent them from entering the inner region . Now that they had entered, she could not be bothered about Mu Chen's well-being .

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The people looked at Mu Chen with different emotions . However, Mu Chen remained calm and flew toward the same stone platform with his companions .

"Mu Chen, look!" Nine Nether shouted excitedly as Mu Chen landed .

Mu Chen looked in the direction that Nine Nether pointed to and squinted . A stone carving appeared on a pinnacle at the northern part of the large altar . A pair of large wings was on the stone carving, covering the sky . It looked like a phoenix and its body were burning in unperishable flame . Although it was only a stone carving, an ancient oppression exuded from it and caused one's blood to flow slowly .

Mu Chen felt the Spirit of the Real Phoenix on his body start to move . The cry of a phoenix indistinctly resounded, and it was filled with a sense of closeness and respect .

Hoof .

Mu Chen let out a deep breath, and he was filled with joy . Although he had not seen it, he was certain that the stone carving was the Primordial Undying Bird, judging from the reaction of the Spirit of the Real Phoenix!

He was right . The Undying Bird has indeed died in the inner region of Divine Cemetery! In this case, the Inherited Blood Essence of the Undying Bird should be here! Mu Chen suppressed his excitement as he realized that there were three similar stone carvings on the altar . The other stone carving was a giant bird with wings like clouds . It was extremely beautiful and possessed amazing spirituality . It looked alive as it flapped its wings .

"This is…" Mu Chen looked at the strange giant bird stone carving and could not make out what it was .

"That is the Primordial Myriad Spiritual Bird . It is also a Divine Beast, but it is extinct," Nine Nether said respectfully . She then sighed and said, "During the Primordial Age when the Extraterritorial Race invaded the Great Thousand World, there were great losses . These rare Divine Beasts became extinct without an inheritance, and they gradually become ordinary spiritual beasts . "

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Mu Chen nodded . The Extraterritorial Race was an archenemy of the Great Thousand World . One invasion was enough to cause the Great Thousand World to suffer such great losses to the extent of the extinction of the clans .

"What about the other one?" Mu Chen looked at the last stone carving with the head of a large beast looking up to the sky . It was black, and its body was standing upright . Its palms were huge like mountains, and if they had been let down, the earth would collapse .

"That is the Primordial Desolated Beast . It is an ancient Divine Beast with great strength . It possesses Insanity Power and once it goes into that state, its combat force doubles . The Heaven Piercing Ape Clan is similar to it, and they should belong to the same line as the Primordial Desolated Beast," Nine Nether explained .

"Whatever has been recorded in the ancient book is true . During the Primordial Age, there were three Sovereign Beasts . Before they were destroyed in the Land of the Divine Beasts, they had counterattacked and killed all the lords of the Extraterritorial Race and suppressed them with seals," Nine Nether said respectfully as she looked at the large altar .

"Three Sovereign Beasts?"

Mu Chen nodded . They had lived up to the title, given what they had done . Mu Chen then looked at the red, strange land outside the altar and frowned . He suddenly thought of the place where the Treasure Beast had died and the mysterious black hole . The Blood Essence of the Treasure Beast had disappeared within . Mu Chen wondered if the two were linked . In any case, he had to be more careful .

"It looks like those groups that should be here have all arrived . " As Mu Chen was talking to Nine Nether, Kong Ling lifted her eyes and said flatly, "Since all of you managed to make your way here, it shows that you have great strength . The inner region is where the three Sovereign Beasts died during the Primordial Age . It is as per what you have expected . You will be able to find their inherited blood here . "

Other than those supreme groups that had already known about this, the rest of the groups including Nine Nether and her companions widened their eyes .

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"However…" Kong Ling paused and then said, "There are only three Inherited Blood Essences, which means that only three people will be able to get hold of them . The rest will go back empty-handed . "

The rest of the groups were initially feeling excited, but when they heard what Kong Ling had said, they felt that a wet blanket had been thrown on them . There were only three Inherited Blood Essences, which meant that two groups would leave empty-handed, and that might be them!

Mu Chen looked calm . Although he did not know the actual situation, he had expected it to be no easy task to get hold of the Inherited Blood Essence . He had not been optimistic about it from the beginning, thus he did not feel disappointed .

After Kong Ling had spoken, there was silence on the stone platform . Although those who had entered the inner region had extraordinary strength, everyone knew that only five groups were qualified to fight for the three Inherited Blood Essences .

They could not do anything about it, although they found it hard to swallow . The team leaders of the five groups were Grade Eight Sovereigns, let alone their arrays . They were one grade higher than the other top powers, and one person alone could destroy the whole group .

The rest of the groups were silent . Bai Ming was the first to speak out . "Since we are clear about the rules, I will choose the Inherited Blood Essence of the Primordial Undying Bird . "

Having said that, he immediately appeared at the top of a stone staircase . There was a path leading to the Primordial Undying Bird stone carving and that was the only way to it .

Nine Nether's heart sank when she saw that Bai Ming had chosen the inherited Blood Essence of the Undying Bird . They would have to fight with him in order to obtain the Inherited Blood Essence .

"The Inherited Blood Essence of the Primordial Undying Bird and my clan are from the same line . I hope that all of you will let me have it," Bai Ming said and cupped his fist with a smile . He stood on the square and looked down at the people who were standing on the stone platform .

The Giant Bird Clan's team leader folded his arms and smiled . He had no intention of fighting over it with Bai Ming, as he was not targeting the Blood Essence of the Primordial Undying Bird .

Kong Ling did not respond, as she would be vying for the Blood Essence of the Myriad Spiritual Bird with Zong Qingfeng .

The Heaven Piercing Ape Clan and Divine Crane Clan did not strike either, as they were eyeing the Blood Essence of the Primordial Desolated Beast . The Heaven Piercing Ape Clan had the bloodline of the Desolated Beast, whereas the Divine Crane Clan was after its Insanity Power .

Since the four supreme groups did not wish to fight with Bai Ming, the rest of the groups dared not do so, either . After all, Bai Ming was from the Phoenix Clan, and they were wary of his extraordinary strength . Thus, after Bai Ming had spoken, no one dared to challenge him, and there was silence .

When Bai Bin saw it, he chuckled to himself . He then turned to look at Mu Chen . After Brother Bai Ming has gotten hold of the Inherited Blood Essence of the Undying Bird, he will deal with you . As this thought flashed across his mind, he was shocked as he saw something unbelievable .

The rest of the supreme groups were shocked as well .

After Bai Ming had spoken, Mu Chen, who had been standing in front of Nine Nether and the rest, had quietly stepped out and was walking slowly up the steps .

There was an uproar, and it was apparent that no one had expected the human being who had offended Bai Ming to slap his face instead of making use of this opportunity to run for his life .

Bai Ming stopped smiling and looked indifferently at Mu Chen, who was making his way up . He immediately curled up his lips . "He is tired of living . "

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