The Great Ruler - Chapter 1056

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Chapter 1056


The bloody, ice-cold windstorm pressed down on him like a huge dragon . Mu Chen's eyes had been closed tightly, but he opened them now . Surprisingly, there was no fear in his pitch-black eyes . Instead, his eyes blazed with passion and dazzling brilliance . The passion in his eyes indicated that he was looking forward to gambling his life away .

One needed the courage to forgo the body when one was seeking a way to keep his life . If one could not decide to sacrifice the body or was fearful of doing it, then how would one be able to stay alive in a death match?

Mu Chen got up slowly from the pit . The surrounding violent spiritual energy gradually dissipated . However, another blood-colored aura started to gather and surround him . A dreadful and extremely horrifying killing atmosphere filled the air, as if everything was at stake, including winning the death match with his life!

Daunting killing aura rocketed to the sky, creating a hurricane-force windstorm around Mu Chen . Under the killing oppression, the gigantic rocks around him were ground into powder and disappeared with the wind .

"What's going on?!" The top powers outside of the battlefield who witnessed the event had a slight change in their expressions . Their eyes were filled with shock and questions . They looked at the killing aura surrounding Mu Chen, and they could not help narrowing their eyes . The horrifying killing aura was sending chills down their spines . The aura Mu Chen exuded made them believe that he would fight with his life . Even if he had to perish, he would drag his opponent along with him .

He was a lunatic!

The top powers paled slightly at the imposing manner that Mu Chen displayed . They had met ruthless people before, but they had never seen the kind of horrifying killing aura exuded by Mu Chen .

After pondering for some time, someone who had good eyesight exclaimed in astonishment, "That is a type of fist intent! And it is not a top-notch Divine Technique!"

Not a top-notch Divine Technique? Did that mean it had surpassed the Divine Technique? If so, that was in the Super Power range! Only a Super Power at the Earthly Sovereign Grade could possess such a power . That was to say, Mu Chen was displaying a type of Super Power Fist Art?!

The top powers' eyes suddenly blazed with fire . They stared passionately at Mu Chen . The Super Power Fist Art was an extremely rare treasure, even in their clan . Unless one made great contributions to the clan, it was not easy to obtain, even for those clan elders . But now, Mu Chen had this rare art with him . How did one not get jealous?

"Super Power Fist Art?" At the same time, Bai Ming, who was looking down from the sky, was slightly taken aback . Disbelief was finally showing on his hideous face . In the Ice Phoenix Clan, they had this type of Super Power Art, but only the elders had access to it . Although he had been eyeing it, he had not been able to obtain it . But now, this Super Power Art was possessed by a mere Grade Seven Sovereign human being!

"You have really surprised me multiple times . Hmph, the Super Power Fist Art? That's even better . When I kill you, all these treasures will be mine!" At this time, it was impossible for Bai Ming to be fearful of Mu Chen . Although the Super Power Art was powerful, it was extremely tough to practice . That was also one of the reasons why he could not obtain it in his clan . Hence, he did not believe that with the strength of a Grade Seven Sovereign, Mu Chen could successfully practice this Super Power Art!

"Die!" exclaimed Bai Ming . He reached out his palm, and a bloody, cold current windstorm swept out, encompassing Mu Chen . The terrifying aura exuded seemed to be able to destroy the entire land .

Boom! Boom!

The daunting cold current windstorm pressed down from the sky, rapidly closing in on Mu Chen . Mu Chen lifted his head slightly and curled his fingers slowly into a fist . The bloody windstorm around him was undergoing bombogenesis . The terrifying killing aura rocketed to the sky .

Redness slowly filled Mu Chen's eyes . He held his fist tightly and blasted out a seemingly ordinary punch . The punch looked plain, as if it had been thrown out without any specific intention . But when the punch struck, the entire ground shook strangely . Everyone saw that the bloody aura surrounding Mu Chen was gathering crazily on his fist, ready to spurt out .

Super Power, Self-Sacrificing Demonic Fist!


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The bloody brilliance soared into the sky . A huge, bloody fist was formed as if it had gathered all of Mu Chen's guts and power in it . It was either life or death! Whoever was in the way would perish with him!

The dreadful aura burst out from the fist sending chills down the rest of the top powers' spines . A life for a life . No one could manage such a direct offense . After seeing such a fist, anyone with weak determination would lose the will to fight .

The bloody fist burst out, encompassing Bai Ming in it . The absolute determination exuded from Mu Chen invaded Bai Ming's mind, sending chills down his spine as well . For a moment, he had the impulse to turn and run away . However, he was, after all, the supreme talent in the Ice Phoenix Clan . He had gone through countless fierce battles . At this very crucial moment, he took a deep breath and suppressed the thought of it . He knew full well that at this stage, whoever backed off now would lose!

"Trying to frighten me by putting up a bold front? You must be joking!" Cold radiance surged in Bai Ming's eyes . He sneered and slapped his palm down . His formidable strike with the bloody windstorm collided heavily with the incoming fist .

Boom! Boom!

The moment they crashed, everyone could feel the daunting impact sweeping out from the sky . The impact was so strong that even with the altar blocking it, those who were outside the battlefield still felt nauseous, and they almost spat a mouthful of blood .

However, the rest of the top powers did not care about their own condition . All they could do was stare into the sky where the explosion had happened . The space was twisted as it went through the daunting impact . A vast amount of red lights shined in the sky, making it difficult to see .

Bai Ming stared hard . At the same time, his expression changed significantly . He felt his strongest blow was being countered at a rapid speed .

Back in the square, Mu Chen suddenly drew up a killing curve at his lips . His eyes surged with blood, and with a squeeze of his hand, he exclaimed loudly, "Break!"

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A red firework suddenly exploded in the sky, and the bloody, cold current windstorm blasted up . Cold current impact swept out . A bloody fist tore the windstorm apart in formidable ways and eventually, headed in Bai Ming's direction at lightning speed .

Everyone took a cold breath . Mu Chen had forcefully countered Bai Ming's most robust offense!

Bai Ming, looking pale, exclaimed with rage, "How can this be possible?!" He had sacrificed his Quasi-Divine Artifact to beat Mu Chen, but even so, he had not managed to put a stop to him?!

How could a Grade Seven Sovereign human being be so difficult?!

Bai Ming's exclamation stopped abruptly as he saw the bloody fist come after him through the air . Immediately, he was scared stiff . The wings on his back flapped, and he staggered back in embarrassment, but the bloody fist continued to chase after him, and he could not manage to shake it off .

Upon seeing it, Bai Ming gave a loud cry, and a vast amount of spiritual energy exploded into a 1,000-foot-tall, colossal ice phoenix .

"Extreme Frost!" he exclaimed, as a large amount of spiritual energy burst out from the Ice Phoenix . Layers of ice crystals formed on its body and eventually turned into thick ice layers that encompassed Bai Ming . He could feel the fist's appalling strength, so he gave up all his offense and used up all his strength in his defense .


As everyone watched in shock, the bloody fist blasted mercilessly against the ice phoenix's huge body . The sky shook, and there was a kacha sound . Bai Ming's eyes were filled with fear as he looked at the cracks spreading rapidly on the ice phoenix . He had never expected that the most powerful defense he played would be broken that easily .

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How daunting could Mu Chen's fist be?!


The cracks spread out and eventually exploded . Pieces of ice scattered in the sky . A loud and painful phoenix cry resounded . Bai Ming's huge body was thrown off, and fresh blood spurted out from his body . Within a short while, the phoenix was soaked in red . From far, it looked like a gigantic turkey .

Everyone on the altar watched, dumbfounded . The huge, blood-soaked phoenix fell from the sky . Like a red shooting star, it landed in the dark land outside the altar . With its blood spurting out, it turned the area into a lake of blood .

Everyone on the altar was quiet .

Smiles were frozen on the faces of Bai Bin and the rest . Their eyes surged with disbelief, and their expressions were rather amusing .

The rest of the top powers looked shocked . After a long while, they finally regained their senses and drew a cold breath . Their hearts trembled in fear as they stared blankly at the young figure standing in the square .

Who would have thought that Bai Ming, the supreme talent from the Ice Phoenix Clan and a real Grade Eight Sovereign, would lose to a Grade Seven Sovereign human being after using up all his trump cards!

Mu Chen was genuinely a demon!