The Great Ruler - Chapter 1068

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Chapter 1068

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When news of the emergence of the Ancient Celestial Palace spread in Tianluo Continent and was spread to an amazing degree in the Great Thousand World, time was still passing silently and swiftly in the Space of the God Sea . In this space, where there was no sunrise or sunset, the concept of time was also reduced to the lowest level .

A stone island stood quietly on the bright red sea . Suddenly, there was a loud and clear sound that reverberated on that stone island . As that crisp sound rang out, a fire spread and permeated the surroundings as it suddenly swept from the stone island . Within moments, it had filled the sky .

That kind of fire had only a faint touch of color, but it contained a very domineering force . As the flames rose, the surrounding oceans gradually boiled up, and even the air was showing signs of distortion .

The majestic spiritual energy of heaven and earth seemed to burn . What was most surprising was that the fire seemed to contain vitality that was domineering and destructive, but at its deepest, it was full of life and mystery .

This strange flame was, of course, the Undying Flame unique to the Undying Bird!

However, the origin of this Undying Flame was not the Undying Bird Sovereign Beast . As one glanced towards it, there was a slender shadow sitting cross-legged quietly on the stone island . This beautiful figure was, of course, Nine Nether . She was greatly transformed compared to when she first cultivated . Her hair had become much longer, and each wisp was aflame, fluttering behind her back like a gorgeous trail of fire .

Moreover, each of those strands of hair seemed to contain a very powerful force that swept out like whips of fire with Nine Nether's thoughts . With that power, even the most powerful Seventh Grade Sovereigns would be utterly defeated .

Clearly, this cultivation had transformed Nine Nether completely .

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She sat quietly for an unknown period of time . Her eyes, which had been closed for nearly half a year, slowly opened .


The moment her eyes opened, the whole world seemed to burn, and the space was burned and twisted where her glance converged, as if it were about to shatter . At the center of her forehead there seemed to be strange flame light runes that were gradually glowing brighter as the flames burning on her delicate body grew stronger .

Huff .

A ball of white gas puffed out of Nine Nether's rosy mouth and suddenly turned into a faint flame, burning the small tree in front of her to ashes . However, when the small tree was burned, the pale white flame did not disappear . Instead, it continued to burn as a wonderful force quietly dispersed . In the ashes of the little tree, a young emerald seedling emerged and showed signs of vitality . Nine Nether peered at the young plant in the ashes, and there was a gleam of surprise in her eyes .

Behind Nine Nether, a gentle laugh sounded, but the voice seemed to contain lethargy and exhaustion . "Not bad . You have mastered some of the essence of the Undying Flame, being able to bring the dead to life . As long as you master this completely, no matter how badly you are injured in the future, you will be able to rely on the Undying Flame contained in your veins to quickly recover . "

Nine Nether turned around quickly . She saw a beautiful woman dressed in elegant palace robes, however, her figure was about to dissipate . The latter's beautiful graceful face had an air of lethargy, but when she glanced at Nine Nether, her expression was gratified and pleased .

Looking at her like this, Nine Nether knew that the Spiritual Clone of the Undying Bird Sovereign Beast was at her limit . During the period of cultivation, the Spiritual Clones of the ancestors, the Myriad Spiritual Bird Sovereign Beast and Desolated Sovereign, had dissipated successively half a year ago because of the exhaustion of spiritual energy . Only the Undying Bird Sovereign Beast, with the help of the strange power of the Undying Flame, persisted to this day .

Nine Nether glanced at the beautiful lady's relieved expression as her nose prickled and tears threatened to well up . Immediately, she solemnly kneeled on the ground and bowed respectfully .

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In this cultivation, if the beautiful lady had not taught her all she knew, she would not have been so perfect in absorbing and refining the Inherited Blood Essence of the Undying Bird, and she could not have refined the Undying Flame to such a degree .

The beautiful lady in palace robes received Nine Nether's bow graciously . During this period, she was quite satisfied with Nine Nether . From her perspective, Nine Nether was equally gifted . If there was no accident in the future, the probability of her evolving into a real Undying Bird was rather high . In a sense, she regarded Nine Nether as her heir .

"The road ahead is one that you have to travel on your own . Besides, the Undying Bird Clan is small . Although we are also considered as part of the Phoenix Clan, the only rulers of the Phoenix Clan are the real Phoenixes . They have always been afraid and wary of us," the beautiful lady said softly .

In the Phoenix Clan, the real Male Phoenix leads the Male Phoenix Clan, and the real Female Phoenix leads the Female Phoenix Clan, while the Undying Bird was independent . Although the Phoenix Clan treated the Undying Bird Clan with respect and politeness, it was inevitable that there would still be some wariness towards them .

Nine Nether nodded gently . She was a member of the Nine Netherbird Clan . Even if she successfully evolved into an Undying Bird, she would stay in the Nine Netherbird Clan, so she was not interested in running to the Phoenix Clan to fight for power .

As soon as Nine Nether thought of this, the flames surrounding her began to shrink and finally rolled back into her body . As the flames disappeared, her hair returned to normal, but that pair of beautiful eyes grew brighter .

Nine Nether bowed . As her hands gradually clenched into fists, she felt the magnificent spiritual energy fluctuations in her body, and she couldn't help but to smile happily .

Calculating the time, she had been cultivating in the Space of the God Sea for two years, but in the outside world, only half a year had passed . These two years were of great importance to Nine Nether . Not only had she made her own bloodline perfect, but she had also made use of the power of the Inherited Blood Essence of the Undying Bird to increase her own strength from Seventh Grade Sovereign to Ninth Grade Sovereign!

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Rising two grades in two years!

Nine Nether was now a true Ninth Grade Sovereign!

If she went back to Daluo Territory, she would immediately be able to get promoted directly to become the fourth King of Daluo Territory!

If such a degree was known to ordinary people, their eyes would pop out in disbelief . After all, under normal circumstances, even if an ordinary Seventh Grade Sovereign wanted to be promoted to Eighth Grade Sovereign, it would take years of effort . Moreover, it took a lot of resources and opportunities to succeed .

Of course, this kind of promotion was also obviously unattainable . If it were not for the Inherited Blood Essence of the Undying Bird, plus this magical place of cultivation in the Space of the God Sea, and a Heavenly Sovereign to guide her personally, it would be difficult to make such progress in the absence of any one of these three conditions .

"This kind of strength, I'm sure I can help more in the future?" Nine Nether smiled, her beautiful eyes looking far away . In the past, she could feel the rapid progress of Mu Chen's power . When she first entered Daluo Territory, she was able to give Mu Chen some help, but with the gradual increase of Mu Chen's prowess, he had surpassed her .

From then on, Nine Nether could no longer help Mu Chen, even in the Land of the Divine Beasts . Mu Chen had basically been turning the tides against all the opponents, and it was as if she were only a spectator .

Nine Nether felt uncomfortable with such circumstances, as she was used to taking care of Mu Chen in the past . Suddenly, she felt like she could not help much, which she was unaccustomed to . Therefore, her vast increase in strength also allowed her to feel relieved .

She knew that Mu Chen had come to Tianluo Continent for the Ancient Celestial Palace, where he was able to acquire the evolutionary method of the Great Solar Undying Body, so everything he did was in preparation for it .

After settling the matters of the Nine Netherbird Clan, Mu Chen would fully prepare for the battle of the Ancient Celestial Palace, and at this time, her strength was greatly improved, so she would be able to lend him some help .

"Speaking of Mu Chen, it seems this guy hasn't shown up in a long time . " Nine Nether's beautiful eyes glanced towards the endless ocean, and there was no figure there . It seemed that it had been a year since Mu Chen had directly dived into the sea because there was a more magnificent and refined spiritual energy there .

"Hmm?" Just as Nine Nether pondered, a terrible wave suddenly formed in the distant sea, sweeping up from the ocean floor, and above that wave, a thin figure sat quietly .

"Eh?" Nine Nether looked at the figure that appeared on the wave and could not help but let out a sigh of surprise . She noticed that the spiritual energy fluctuations around Mu Chen had not seemed to increase much . At this time, he still seemed to be a Seventh Grade Sovereign . After nearly two years of meditation and cultivation, his spiritual power had not made any progress?

Nine Nether's beautiful face was full of astonishment . In this kind of land that was great for cultivation, even if someone had poor talent, they would still be able to make some progress . What's more, Mu Chen's talent was impressive .

"This little fellow is smart . " As Nine Nether was in doubt, the beautiful woman beside her smiled and said, "Concealing thick into thin, there is more than meets the eye . "

Nine Nether was also intelligent, and she understood immediately . "He is deliberately suppressing it?"

The lady in palace robes gently nodded and said, "The harder the suppression, the stronger the rebound will be, but his suppression is about to hit the limit . Next we will see to what extent he can rebound . "

According to her original estimate, Mu Chen's cultivation should be able to allow him to break through to Eighth Grade Sovereign . However, she didn't expect this boy to be ambitious enough to suppress the spiritual power in his body for two years . Now, if he released his shackles, his rebound would be quite strong .

It seemed that an ordinary Eighth Grade Sovereign would fail to stop this boy .