The Great Ruler - Chapter 1080

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Chapter 1080

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"Sister Nine Nether? Mu Chen?"

When the two names jumped into the ears of the many powerful people in the hall, they were suddenly shocked . Their eyes were startled as they looked at the two figures . The two people in front of them were the two masters of the Nine Nether Palace, Lord Nine Nether and Lord Mu?

They did look young, but to everyone's dismay, they seemed to feel a sense of pressure in front of them .

Xu Kun also stopped in his tracks as he looked towards Mu Chen and Nine Nether in astonishment and asked doubtfully, "Are you two Lord Nine Nether and Lord Mu?" There was not much awe or respect in his tone . After all, he was a Seventh Grade Sovereign himself, and he was the best among them, thus he was also famous in the North Territory . It was said that Mu Chen and Nine Nether in the past were only Sixth and Seventh Grade Sovereigns . Thus, he naturally felt he had the qualifications to remain proud .

Mu Chen glanced at this person nonchalantly and asked, "Who are you?"

Xu Kun saw Mu Chen's nonchalant glance, and somehow, he had some palpitations and could not help but answer, "I am Xu Kun, a guard assigned to Nine Nether Palace by the Dominator . "

Mu Chen nodded slightly, then his glance swept across the crowd . Those whom he looked at hurriedly got up, clasped their fists, and reported their own names .

It was only after the last man had finished that Mu Chen retracted his gaze, and the oppression that had shrouded all the people dissipated, much to their hearts' relief . However, they felt surprised and confused that they could not understand why a young man like Mu Chen would have such a strong aura of oppression . After all, didn't the news say that Lord Mu and Lord Nine Nether were merely Sixth and Seventh Grade Sovereigns?

"Zhantai Liuli pays her respects to the two Palace Masters . " Below, Zhantai Liuli glanced at Mu Chen and immediately bowed, looking respectful .

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"Ah, it's Miss Zhantai," Mu Chen said . He was surprised to see that Zhantai Liuli was also present at their Nine Nether Palace, but he nodded gently . As his voice fell, his eyes turned once again to the unfamiliar but unruly and defiant faces of the strong men . "I don't care what fame you have had in the past," he said . "But since you have entered my Nine Nether Palace, you have to follow the rules here .

"Tang Bing is the chief steward elected by Lord Nine Nether and myself . Her authority is only under the two of us . From now on, you will all be in her charge . "

The growth of Nine Nether Palace to this scale had surpassed Mu Chen and Nine Nether's expectations . However, neither of them had much time to manage Nine Nether Palace, so everything had to be managed by Tang Bing . Moreover, they trusted Tang Bing wholeheartedly . Thus, among the seemingly numerous, powerful people like Xu Kun, he and Nine Nether would choose Tang Bing without hesitation .

When Xu Kun and others heard this remark, they could not help but change their expressions . They did not think that as soon as Nine Nether and Mu Chen returned, they would put their power in Tang Bing's hands, and even those who were strong would have to obey Tang Bing's orders .

In the past when Nine Nether and Mu Chen were absent, they did not give Tang Bing much respect while she was in charge . After all, her strength was really not worth mentioning in their view, so Xu Kun had been trying to carve up some of Tang Bing's rights and shake her position . However, with Mu Chen's words now, it was clear that his ambitions were completely shattered .

Xu Kun's gaze changed, and finally he gnashed his teeth and said, "Lord Mu, although Chief Steward Tang is a senior member of Nine Nether Palace, she is weak in strength . Now that the scale of Nine Nether Palace is huge, and those strong men under its command are as numerous as the clouds, if you let Chief Steward Tang lead the charge, I'm afraid we will not respect her command!"

Xu Kun looked up, staring straight at Mu Chen . He himself was a Seventh Grade Sovereign . With that kind of strength, he even had the power to compete for the position of Lord in Daluo Territory . If he was successful, that position was equivalent to that of Mu Chen and Nine Nether's . In his view, as long as Mu Chen and Nine Nether had foresight, they should know that his value was stronger than Tang Bing's .

When Xu Kun's voice fell, suddenly there were some echoing sounds of agreement from the strong men who supported Xu Kun . Hearing these supportive voices, Xu Kun's confidence grew, and his originally slightly bent body gradually straightened .

However, when he looked towards Mu Chen, the latter's young face was expressionless . His black eyes looked at the opposition nonchalantly . That kind of indifference made Xu Kun uneasy . Many strong people in the hall saw Mu Chen slowly stand up . His indifferent gaze swept the crowd as he said, "Did I say I'm discussing this with all of you?" His tone was calm, but it contained such dominance, that the hall fell into complete silence as many strong men were shocked .

Xu Kun froze because of Mu Chen's domineering aura, and his eyebrows knitted into a frown as he said, "Mu-"

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However, as he spoke, Mu Chen's dark gaze shot towards him, and the spiritual energy of heaven and earth seemed to surge in a frenzy .


Terrible pressure emanated from all sides, and Xu Kun didn't even have time to react . He was suddenly aware that he had lost control of his body . His legs were soft, and his entire being knelt down in the hall with a bang . The spiritual power between heaven and earth was as heavy as a mountain on his body, and he knew that as long as the man in front of him had a little murderous intent, he could crush him into smithereens .

It was at this time that everyone felt a terrible surge of spiritual energy fluctuations building like a volcano and bursting out of Mu Chen's body like a storm, sweeping the whole hall . Aware of this spiritual energy fluctuation, all the strong people's faces changed dramatically, and their eyes showed disbelief .

That kind of spiritual energy fluctuation had reached the level of a Ninth Grade Sovereign!

Xu Kun, who was kneeling on the ground, was also horrified, and he broke out in a cold sweat . Didn't they say that Lord Mu was only a Sixth Grade Sovereign? But at the moment this kind of spiritual energy oppression was at a level that even the Dragon-Arm Sovereign and Withered Old Man were on par with .

Boom! Boom!

In the main hall, those who were still watching quickly knelt down, and their defiance completely dissipated . Facing a lord who was a Ninth Grade Sovereign, if they were too unruly, they would be annihilated with a flick of a finger .

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Mu Chen gazed at the kneeling masses in the hall indifferently and said nonchalantly, "Does anybody else have any other opinions?"

Mu Chen did not use any soft means on these future subordinates . He knew that with these defiant guys, only the most domineering and forceful means could completely tame them . With that, even Xu Kun was shivering and covered with cold sweat, but he dared not say a word .

Standing in front, Tang Bing was looking at the fierce and domineering Mu Chen of this time, and she was secretly awed and amused . Mu Chen now was obviously stronger than before, and his aura had become much more dominant .

Inside the hall there was deadly silence . Many powerful men secretly looked at Mu Chen and Nine Nether on the throne . There was no doubt in their eyes . Instead, the color of awe began to appear . Obviously, the strength Mu Chen had revealed was shocking .

"We did not expect Nine Nether Palace to grow to such a great extent, but since you are now our people, if you comply in appearance but oppose in heart in the future, then forget about remaining in Daluo Territory . " Mu Chen's cold voice spread in the hall, but it made everyone tremble, as they could hear it clearly . In today's North Territory, once banished from Daluo Territory, one could forget about remaining in the North Territory .

If this had happened in the past, people might have laughed, but now after they had witnessed Mu Chen's formidable power, they understood that with his strength and his position in Daluo Territory, he was indeed entitled to do it .

"We will remain absolutely loyal!" Many strong people were breaking out in cold sweat and hurriedly expressed their loyalty . This time, even Xu Kun was afraid to have the slightest pride . Obviously, he was suppressed into obedience and afraid to pride himself on being a veteran .

The atmosphere inside the hall was thoroughly purged as Mu Chen and Nine Nether glanced at each other . Nine Nether smiled slightly, apparently satisfied with Mu Chen's method of shock and awe .

After the internal problem has been solved thoroughly, Mu Chen asked, "Today is the Conference of the Lords?"

Tang Bing took a step forward and shared about the various details of the Conference of the Lords .

"The Dragon-Arm Sovereign? Withered Old Man?" When Mu Chen heard these two names, his expression changed slightly . These two men seemed to be great powers in the North Territory, but they did not expect that they had now joined Daluo Territory . Looking at the circumstances, they had interest in vying for the position of king in Daluo Territory .

"The two of them have a very strong reputation in Daluo Territory and are qualified to compete for the position of king," she said . "Looking at the current situation, the chances of success are pretty high . " At this point, Tang Bing pursed her mouth and grumbled, "But they are too proud and do not seem to respect us much . "

Tang Bing's words were already a bit subtle, because in her opinion, the Dragon-Arm Sovereign and Withered Old Man not only did not hold Nine Nether Palace in high regard, but perhaps he had even less regard for Nine Nether and Mu Chen, who were the masters of the palace .

In their view, perhaps Nine Nether Palace could grow so strong because they only relied on the care shown by the Dominator, and they had no regard for such relationships . However, Tang Bing took into account the overall situation and did not say these words due to their implications .

After listening to Tang Bing, Mu Chen glanced at Nine Nether . The latter smiled faintly, apparently also understanding the implications, and said, "These kinds of people who pride themselves on being veterans are tiresome, indeed . "

Mu Chen smiled, then got up and said, "Let's go . "

Tang Bing froze and asked, "Where are we going?"

"Since it is the Conference of the Lords, how can we be absent?" Mu Chen smiled gently and waved his sleeve, but his next words came as a shock to everyone, and disbelief surged in their eyes . "Furthermore, Nine Nether and I also have some interest in the position of king . "

The journey to the Ancient Celestial Palace was on its way, so he should try his best to elevate his position in Daluo Territory . After all, he would have to rely on the power of Daluo Territory then . Thus, Mu Chen was now interested in the position of king!