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The Great Ruler - Chapter 1081

Published at 13th of February 2019 10:20:39 AM

Chapter 1081

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In the depths of the Daluo Territory, silhouettes roared from all sides . Finally, the square, which had been opened up from the top of a giant peak, was occupied .

Compared to a year ago, it was obvious that there had been earth-shaking changes in the Daluo Territory . At this time, the scale of the square was now the most prominent place within the entire region of the Daluo Territory .

This was because at every Conference of the Lords, a new king was crowned . This position was very important because, only by becoming king, could one have the qualifications to develop their own powers, while at the same time being able to obtain more resources from the Daluo Territory .

Thus, looking across the entire region, countless strong men were eyeing the king position . Apparently, the battle for the role was even more intense than it had been a year ago!

In the past, as long as one's strength had reached the rank of a Fifth Grade Sovereign, it was deemed as an adequate qualification to compete . Yet now, unless one was a Seventh Grade Sovereign, he would have no courage to fight for it .

At the moment, the huge square was filled with voices, and from time to time, in the distant sky, there would be a great number of silhouettes roaring by . Although these silhouettes' auras were far away, they would attract envious eyes in the square, for in Daluotian, only those who were qualified to travel with such entourages were the various lords and kings .

These silhouettes landed directly at the most central area of the square, which was considered to be the core of the Daluo Territory, amid countless envious glances . What was most conspicuous about the central area was the golden throne at the end of the stone ladder, which seemed to have a sort of inexplicable majesty . Even if it stood quietly, it still garnered countless awed glances from the crowd .

Upon the throne, the Dominator, who was the strongest existence in the North Territory, was perched . Below the golden throne, there were three silver thrones shining in the sun, all of which were equally striking . Within these three thrones, sat three people, who had their eyes slightly closed .

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This trio was naturally the three kings, who were able to hold such a position from the very beginning, as they had fought together with Mandela to build an empire . Below the three Kings were a great number of stone thrones, upon which sat extraordinary figures of men, all of whom radiated great spiritual powers .

These were the Lords of the Daluo Territory . Among these lords, the most striking and unexpected ones were not Lord Asura and Lord Mountain Cracker, but the two figures in the front .

One of the figures was old and thin . He looked as if he were withering, as his eyes were drooping and he seemed feeble . However, he still emanated a palpable and oppressive aura . This man was known as the Withered Old Man .

On the right side of the Withered Old Man was a middle-aged man with a solid body, built like an iron tower . He sat on one side of the Withered Old Man, the shadow of his body covering the Withered Old Man entirely .

His arm was particularly unique, as it seemed to be several times thicker than the average person's . His wide palms hung casually to one side, but if one looked carefully, they would see that, when his fingers moved, there was a faint sonic boom that rang out, as if they had enough destructive power to crush mountains!

This man, known as Dragon-Arm Sovereign, was also an extremely powerful person in the North Territory . It is said that his skill cultivation was very unique, and that he had implanted a pair of dragon arms into himself, refining them into his own arms! This had allowed him to have the strength of the Dragon Clan!

The strength of these two men, both of whom were the firsts to enter the rank of Ninth Grade Sovereign, far outstripped the other Lords of the Daluo Territory . As such, even the strongest of the Lords, such as Lord Asura, could only be subordinate to them .

Of course, the two men obviously did not hold the lord position in high regard . They talked and laughed with each other, but occasionally, their sweeping gazes passed through the three figures on the silver thrones in front of them, and when they did, deep in their eyes, an eager provocation and unruly defiance flashed .

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This was because, in their views, they were not inferior to the three Kings in the Daluo Territory . Moreover, except for the Sleeping King, who looked perpetually drowsy and gave them a vague feeling of fear, neither of the other two kings intimidated them whatsoever .

With such strengths, they naturally coveted the king position, as it was the only one that could match their prowesses . Above their silver thrones, the Condor King and the Spiritual Pupil King also sensed these two subtle yet provocative glances . Although their faces remained nonchalant, they hummed coldly in their hearts .

As the veteran subjects of the Daluo Territory, they were naturally aware of the fierce competition that had grown over the past year, such that even their positions were beginning to be coveted . As such, they could not claim that others were not qualified to covet their positions, for the reputation of the Withered Old Man and the Dragon-Arm Sovereign was indeed stronger than their own .

Furthermore, with the help of the immense amount of resources provided by the Dominator, they had finally broken through their own bottlenecks and made breakthroughs in their own strengths, reaching the rank of Ninth Grade Sovereign . If not for their having received that help this year, they would have been surpassed by these ambitious newcomers! It was in this way that the contradictions between the old and new subjects in the Daluo Territory had begun to spread to their level .

"It seems like these two guys are hell-bent on obtaining the positions of the new kings . " The Spiritual Pupil King glanced at those two figures, speaking lowly to the Condor King .

In the past, there were disputes between the Condor King and the Spiritual Pupil King, so they were not too friendly with one another . However, with the increasing number of new arrivals from within the Daluo Territory, their dispute seemed to have dissipated completely . They even showed signs of forming an alliance to defend themselves against the others .

As such, upon hearing the Spiritual Pupil King's message, the Condor King also nodded faintly and said, "These two guys are strong enough, and now that their foundation is growing stable, I'm afraid that they just might get what they want . "

At this point, the Condor King pursed his mouth in displeasure . He was thinking that, with the Dragon-Arm Sovereign's and the Withered Old Man's characters, if they became the new kings, the competition with between them all would only become fiercer!

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"Oh, what do you think of this, Brother Meng?" The Spiritual Pupil King now turned to address the Sleeping King .

Although he was now a Ninth Grade Sovereign, he was still quite polite to the Sleeping King, because he knew that the Sleeping King had been following the Dominator for many years, and was the most loyal to her . As such, if the Dominator had any idea, the Sleeping King would know something about it .

The Sleeping King's eyes opened for a brief moment . He then smiled casually and said, "The Dominator means for the new kings' positions to be increased by two seats . "

The Spiritual Pupil King and the Condor King were both startled by this news . They shook their heads and said at once, as if sharing one voice, "That's really advantageous for these two guys!"

Previously, the two men had tried to compete for the new king's position, but had been denied by Mandela . After all, the position was too important, and the Dragon-Arm Sovereign and Withered Old Man did not have the qualifications and loyalty to match it at that time . However, at this moment, even Mandela was about to relent, so it was natural that they would both be crowned king .

The two Kings sighed . They had been fighting alongside with the Dominator for many years before arriving at their present status, and now these two relative newcomers might be able to sit on an equal footing with them! They felt this was obviously unjust!

The Sleeping King opened his eyes wider, seeming to look towards where the Dragon-Arm Sovereign and Withered Old Man were located . He then smiled inexplicably and said, "The Dominator only said that two seats for the new kings' positions would be opened, but no one said they were for them . "

The Spiritual Pupil King and the Condor King heard his words and were stunned immediately . They felt baffled . As they looking out at the entire Daluo Territory, only Dragon-Arm Sovereign and the Withered Old Man had the qualifications to compete for the position of the new king, unless the Dominator planned to let Lord Asura ascend in position .

But, that would inevitably lead to Dragon-Arm Sovereign's and the Withered Old Man's defiances, as Lord Asura was only an Eighth Grade Sovereign and did not command enough respect from the public .

The two Kings looked at each other, about to ask more questions, but the Sleeping King closed his eyes again, leaving the two shaking their heads helplessly .


The ring of a bell suddenly reverberated between the heavens and the earth, quieting the excited square immediately, as countless people looked on in awe . Even the Dragon-Arm Sovereign and the Withered Old Man bowed slightly, their faces respectful .

A wisp of splendor seemed to penetrate the entire space, as it had condensed on the bright golden throne in the middle of the square . A petite figure in a black dress then surfaced, her golden eyes opening to survey her surroundings .

A terrible pressure swept by suddenly, and even as powerful as Dragon-Arm Sovereign and the Withered Old Man were, even their powers seemed to stagnate for a moment, rendering them immediately appalled and horrified . This was most certainly the power of an Upper Earthly Sovereign, as with just one glance, they had been rendered defenseless!

As her gaze swept out, Mandela finally waved her small hand . Then, her calm but crisp voice reverberated in the air above the square, causing the excited atmosphere to erupt .

"The Conference of the Lords, commences now!" she announced confidently!