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The Great Ruler - Chapter 1206

Published at 17th of April 2019 11:00:04 AM

Chapter 1206: 1206

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As the havoc caused by the Ancient Celestial Palace had barely begun to settle, the North Territory started to shake . The source of the vibration was the creation of the Mu Estate . No one would ever have imagined that the North Territory Alliance would disband at such an unpredictable speed to be replaced by the Mu Estate . However, what shocked all of the North Territory was the master of the Mu Estate was not the most powerful Mandela but was Mu Chen!

Mu Chen was not a stranger among the elites of the North Territory . His battle records over the past years made him the Sovereign of his generation . After the incident in the Ancient Celestial Palace, he now even appeared to have been put above most of the young people of the Tianluo Continent .

Such records would make anyone gasp in exclamation, and they would all agree that he was not to be underestimated . However, despite his shiny achievements, he was still considered a child in the eyes of many elder elites and far from qualified to be the leader . This was also why many people were muttering under their breath, as if they were not very impressed with the Mu Estate's future .

However, just as they thought the Mu Estate was about to make a fool out of itself, what happened next absolutely dropped their jaws to the floor . The top forces of the North Territory including the Xuan Tian Hall, Holy Mountain, and Netherworld Palace announced together that they would join the Mu Estate and exalt Mu Chen above them .

This news shook not only the North Territory, but even the supernatural elites in the Tianluo Continent were giving side eyes . This newly established Mu Estate would also have the ultimate composition of six Lower Earthly Sovereigns and a Complete Earthly Sovereign! Such a composition would not only top the forces of the North Territory but also the entire Tianluo Continent!

The overlords in the Tianluo Continent used to look down on the North Territory for its continuous havoc because it never truly had a powerful individual to lead it . If it wasn't for its remote location, the top elites would have extended their claws and slowly grabbed the area for themselves .

Now a distinctive power had finally emerged in the midst of the North Territory's havoc, accompanied by several elite forces . Everyone could imagine without a doubt that the Mu Estate was the rightful overlord of the North Territory .

With such a foundation, the Mu Estate could even make its way onto the Board of Grand Forces of the Tianluo Continent . Now possessing the ability to expand its influence, the Mu Estate would also become another enormous force in the Tianluo Continent within the next few years . If a Heavenly Sovereign emerged in the Mu Estate, it would then no doubt become another unfathomable force in this world . It could hold countless lives at its mercy and limitless resources at its disposal .

With the cooperation of several fearsome forces, the Mu Estate announced its opening in three day's time!

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The Mu Estate's headquarters were naturally situated in Daluotian . Not only did all the leaders of all the North Territory's forces attend, but forces from neighboring areas were also gathered there .

They were quite aware that the establishment of the Mu Estate would allow it to occupy the North Territory as its own exclusive private garden . They might still survive after fighting one another, but if they were smart and wanted to survive, the only way was to stick near the Mu Estate .

In Front of the Main Hall of Daluotian .

Mu Chen stood with his hands by his sides . There was an enormous square in front of the hall . Now the vast space was filled with people, and heads covered the entire square like black spots on paper .

The mass of people was in an abnormally neat assembly, as if lines were dividing them . This crowd was made up of the elite of the elites from Daluo Territory, Netherworld Palace, and Holy Mountain . They were the ones who would form the Mu Estate's strongest foundation!

Their eyes were fixed on Mu Chen and were filled with respect and obedience . They all knew that this young man before them would be their commander from this moment onwards . The wind blew past them, but the square remained dead silent . Leaders from other forces almost trembled in their silence, obviously overwhelmed by what they had just seen . They all knew in their minds that the Mu Estate would rule the North Territory from now on .

Mu Chen stood still on the platform as he received gazes of respect from all these people . He felt little, as he had a few years ago when he first arrived in the North Territory . He was still a nobody then . Who would have imagined this little nobody would finally become the overlord of the North Territory?

Facing the changes like waves, even if Mu Chen never had great interest in ruling, he couldn't help feeling a wave of emotion gushing in him because these changes signified his growth .

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Yesterday's chick had spread its wings and had flown into the sky .

Mu Chen turned his head slightly, looking towards Nine Nether . Her pitch back robes complimented her long and sleek figure . Her gaze on Mu Chen was gentle and soft, and there was a little smile on her ice cold face .

She remembered the day she first brought Mu Chen into the Northern Territory, when he had just advanced into a Sovereign . He was so young then, almost childish . She shielded and guided him all this way . Even when they entered Daluo Territory, she did her best so that no harm would come to him . He did not let her down at all, as he swiftly grew stronger after each training and challenge .

Right now he had achieved Earthly Sovereign before she had and had become the head of the Mu Estate! She knew that Mu Chen was like a sleeping dragon, full of potential, but not even she could foresee how fast Mu Chen could take off .

The young chap who used to follow her around now had his own unmissable presence of an impressively strong leader . It would only be a matter of time before this young man achieved the peak of this world, becoming equals with ultimate elites like the Flame Emperor and Martial Ancestor .

While Nine Nether was lost in thought, the sky and the earth suddenly echoed with the sound of the ancient bell .


Hearing the bell, Mu Chen took a step forward and clapped his hands together in front of him . Then all of the elites saw that the space in the sky started to twist, followed by a huge crack tearing apart the sky . In that crack they could see green hills and gushing rivers vaguely appearing .


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When the crack appeared, a turbulent force of spiritual power gushed out of it like angry ocean waves in a storm . Daluotian itself possessed immense spiritual power and was considered a holy ground for cultivation . The spiritual power between the sky and the earth rose to another level with the crack's appearance .

All the elites felt the force from the turbulent spiritual power . They looked at the space with burning gazes, muttering among themselves . Finally someone couldn't hold back anymore and asked, "Is that the Ancient Celestial Palace?"

"Who would have thought such a holy land would fall into the hands of the Mu Estate… Using it as a strong base, the Mu Estate will only grow stronger form now on!"

"No wonder top elites like Liu Tiandao, the leader of Netherworld Palace, were willing to abandon their own clans and join the Mu Estate . "

" . . . "

As the crowd chattered away, elite troops from the Xuan Tian Hall, Netherworld Palace, and Holy Mountain all had joy glistening in their eyes . They had heard that Mu Chen had taken hold of the Ancient Celestial Palace and was planning to merge it into the Mu Estate . This meant they would also obtain the qualification to enhance their skills in the holy land . It was such an opportunity for them . There was probably only one such precious land in the entire Tianluo Continent!

"From now on, all disciples of the Mu Estate are permitted to enter the Celestial Palace for training . Outstanding ones who obtain admiration from the Hidden Scripture Pavillion can choose freely from all the mythical skills to learn!" Mu Chen's voice boomed crisp and clear in the air .

As Mu Chen's voice fell, all the troops, no matter if they were from Daluo Territory or Netherworld Palace, got down on one knee, bowing to Mu Chen with burning gazes . Deafening voices from the troops soared between the sky and the earth . "We bow in gratitude to our master!"

Under this tempting condition, not only those troops but everyone in the crowd could not help feeling that their hearts had skipped a beat . Not only the ordinary people, but even the Earthly Sovereigns would itch for such mythical skills .

If those present had told anyone else about this offer, they would have been scoffed at . However, now that everyone knew that the Ancient Celestial Palace was in the Mu Estate's hands, they were qualified to have such a bragging right .

Mu Chen saw the unsettled crowd . Even he himself itched for the mythical powers, as he did not possess them . It was a pity that all the scrolls were hidden away in the Hidden Scripture Pavillion . Not even he could take them by force .

Mu Chen waved his sleeves after seeing that he had successfully bribed these followers for their loyalty . Suddenly, a ray of light shot out from the Ancient Celestial Palace and landed on the peak of a mountain . It then transformed into a huge stone door .

"The name of this door is the Dragon Entrance Gate . Whoever wishes to join the Mu Estate will have to pass the test of the gate first!"

With such a display of power, it was expected that countless elites would want to join them . Mu Chen, however, did not intend to take them all in, as that would only harm the Mu Estate . Luckily, with the assessment of this Dragon Entrance Gate, they could easily eliminate those who were not up to par, and they would only officially become a disciple of the Mu Estate if they passed another test of character . With this method, Mu Chen was confident the Mu Estate was able to rise in the Tianluo Continent like a meteor .

"My lord is wise!"

There was not a voice of objection from any of the Mu Estate's disciples . Some of them had carried some doubts when they first joined the Mu Estate . Now they felt a sense of superiority as they saw that others who wished to join Mu Estate had to go through such assessments . It seemed to them that the Mu Estate wasn't for just anyone to join . They quietly thanked their lucky stars that they didn't have to go through the hassle since they had been there earlier .

Mu Chen exhaled deeply as he looked down at the kneeling crowd before him . His lips tightened, and his eyes gazed far into the sky . Now that he had completed the establishment of Mu Estate, after this . . .

Finally, it was his move .

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