The Great Ruler - Chapter 122

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Chapter 122

Chapter 122 – Terms and Conditions

The lightning pierced through the forest like an angry dragon baring its fangs and brandishing its claws . A violent Spiritual Energy fluctuation surged out and rampaged through the air .


In a blink of an eye, the lightning had charged over to Ge Hai . At this moment, the latter’s eyes were filled with horror . When Mu Chen attacked, he did not show the slightest mercy at all .

He was still as ferocious as before .

At a time like this, Ge Hai could only desperately push the Spiritual Energy within his body to the limits . Spiritual Energy gushed out and protected his body as a sturdy Spiritual Energy Armor .


The violent lightning blinded everyone as it landed fiercely on Ge Hai’s body . The earth instantly shattered open due to the lightning shock .

Swish .

In this instant, Ge Hai’s body flew backwards like a bullet . The trees that were in the way were all smashed apart by his body . He then sprayed out mouthfuls of blood .

After smashing apart dozens of giant trees, Ge Hai’s body finally lay on the ground awkwardly . His body was completely covered with blood and was in a helpless position . The fierceness and brutality that he showed earlier had completely vanished .

At this moment, the members from the Ge Clan were all completely silent . Even the people who were acting arrogant earlier had shut their mouths while cold sweat dripped down their bodies . Ge Qing was even trembling as he looked at this scene .

In his eyes, Ge Hai had always been synonymous with the word ‘powerful’ . Even after they entered the Northern Heavens World, there were only a few people that could compete with him . However, Ge Hai, who had always been undefeated within his heart, had lost to Mu Chen .

Moreover, the latter’s strength was only at the Spiritual Rotation Stage Late Phase .

“How could he be this strong…”

Ge Qing’s body trembled slightly . He stared at Mu Chen and fear surged out from his eyes . Only now, he regretted provoking the seemingly gentle, yet demonic boy…

In the Ye Clan’s campground, it was also completely silent . Wang Sheng and the others secretly swallowed . They couldn’t imagine that the boy who was sitting together with them earlier…The boy who felt quite kindhearted and gave off a comfortable feeling, was actually this terrifying .

Ge Hai was a Spirit Stage Initial Phase powerhouse . An existence that was as powerful as Ye Qingling . Yet, he was defeated by Mu Chen?

Mu Chen stared indifferently at the helpless figure on the ground . He slowly walked past Ge Qing and headed straight towards Ge Hai . When the members of Ge Clan noticed this, they did not dare to stop Mu Chen’s advance .

Mu Chen stood in front of Ge Hai and clenched his hands . The dark-red long sword nearby was sucked into his arm and the razor sharp blade was directly pointed at Ge Hai’s throat . He said quietly: “I’ve said it before . If you dare to cause trouble for me, you should be prepared to pay a price . ”

Ge Hai trembled . His face was pale as he stared at Mu Chen, who was looking at him condescendingly with emotionless eyes . He replied in a quivering voice: “This isn’t the Spiritual Road…If you recklessly kill others, the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy will definitely disqualify you!”

“Are you threatening me with this?”

Mu Chen smiled slightly . He extended his hand forward and the razor sharp blade scratched Ge Hai’s throat’s skin . Traces of blood slowly oozed out .

The cold chill that appeared on Ge Hai’s throat made his body freeze . He no longer dared to say another word . This is because he understood that if he angered the boy in front of him, the latter might actually kill him .

He knew clearly how ruthless Mu Chen was .

The surrounding Ge Clan members shivered as they watched this scene . The piercing chill that emitted from Mu Chen’s body had shocked them to the extent that they did not dare to make the slightest movement .

“If you want to live, then hand over something that will save your life . ”

Mu Chen then said faintly: “Although it is a bit troubling to murder others here, you will probably be eliminated if I wipe away the symbol on your forehead . Don’t even think about entering the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy . ”

Ge Hai’s face finally changed . He had spent great effort in order to enter the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy . If he were to be eliminated here, it was truly worse than death .

“I’ll hand over all the Spiritual Aura within my symbol to you . ” Ge Hai gritted his teeth and replied . His symbol had already reached Rank 5 . It was evident that he had robbed numerous students during this period of time . If he were to hand it over to Mu Chen, his efforts during this period of time would all be in vain . However, compared to having his symbol erased, it was a much better choice .

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Mu Chen smiled . The sword that was posted near Ge Hai’s neck retreated slightly .

Ge Hai concentrated and the golden symbol on his forehead instantly turned dim . A golden light shot out and entered the symbol on Mu Chen’s forehead .

Buzz .

With the empowerment of the special Spiritual Aura, the symbol on Mu Chen’s head instantly turned golden . It was obvious that his symbol had also reached Rank 5 after absorbing the Spiritual Aura from Ge Hai’s symbol .

“Now, can you let me go?” Ge Hai stared at the golden symbol on Mu Chen’s forehead and gnashed his teeth .

Hearing this, Mu Chen smiled . He shook his head and said, “This is not enough . ”

“You!” Ge Hai was furious .

The cold blade touched his skin again . Ge Hai did not dare to struggle and shouted out angrily, “What do you want!”

However, Mu Chen only stared at him calmly . The meaning was obvious . With just the Spiritual Aura from Ge Hai’s symbol, it wasn’t enough to appease the unhappiness within his heart .

The cold chill at his neck made Ge Hai gradually calm down . He pondered for a moment before he finally spoke, “I’ll tell you something . You’ll let me go . ”

“That depends on the value of your information . ” Mu Chen replied lightly .

“We discovered a small valley with numerous worldly treasures there . Among those treasures, we discovered one that looked like a Yin Yang Spirit Zoysia . ” Ge Hai gnashed his teeth as he replied .

“Yin Yang Spirit Zoysia?” Mu Chen’s eyes narrowed . A hint of interest finally emerged in his eyes . It was an extremely rare worldly treasure . Not only was it extremely beneficial to Spirit Stage powerhouses, it is said that it was able to allow people, who were at the Spiritual Rotation Stage Late Phase, to take the most important step forward and advance into the Spirit Stage .

Right now, Mu Chen was only a step away from Spirit Stage . Although he was confident that he could advance within a month, the time it would take was a bit too long for him .

He had many enemies from the Spiritual Road . Ge Hai was only an ordinary fellow among them . There were many people who were much more powerful than him . Mu Chen was certain…He would definitely meet many familiar faces within the Northern Heavens World .

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Thus, he must quickly advance to the Spirit Stage . Only then, he would possess enough strength to deal with his past enemies .

Therefore, the Yin Yang Spirit Zoysia was extremely tempting to him .

However, he did not believe Ge Hai that easily . He immediately smiled and said: “If it’s such a precious worldly treasure . Why didn’t you try to get it? Why did you leave it there till now?”

“There are three High Rank Spiritual Beasts guarding it . Their strength is in no way inferior to me . It’s impossible for me to obtain it . ” Ge Hai said unwillingly . He spent a great price in order to discover that place . Yet, he was stopped by the three High Rank Spiritual Beasts within the valley .

“Location . ”

Mu Chen’s eyes narrowed as he inquired .

Ge Hai quickly reported the location to Mu Chen . As he listened, he pondered for a moment . Then, he gestured to Ye Qingling . Seeing this, the latter walked over doubtfully .

Mu Chen told Ye Qingling what Ge Hai had said earlier, including the location of the Yin Yang Spirit Zoysia .

“Is there credibility regarding this location?” Mu Chen asked . Ye Qingling knew much more than him . It was a good idea to ask for her advice .

“Northwest…” Hearing that direction, Ye Qingling thought for a moment . Soon, she nodded and replied: “That direction is indeed quite hidden . Moreover, the Ge Clan had indeed been hovering around that area…However, whether or not they were doing it for the ‘Yin Yang Spirit Zoysia’, I can’t be certain . ”

Mu Chen nodded slightly . He glanced at Ge Hai again . Although he did not know what idea this guy was planning, this information truly was trustworthy .

Mu Chen slowly retracted the blade away and tossed the dark-red long sword to Ge Hai . He smiled: “This time, I’ll let you go . However, if I discover that you’ve lied to me, believe me, you won’t be able to get away . ”

Ge Hai trembled as he saw Mu Chen’s smile . He did not dare to say anything and climbed awkwardly to his feet . Then, he hurriedly waved his hand and brought the Ge Clan members away .

“Are you going to that place?” Ye Qingling stared at the retreating figures before turning to face Mu Chen . She frowned and said: “I’ve always felt that Ge Hai didn’t have good intentions when he told you that location . ”

“It doesn’t matter if he has good intentions or not . It’s fine as long as the information is correct . ” Mu Chen replied with a smile: “How about it? Are you interested in coming together with me? It seems that there are a few worldly treasures there . It would be beneficial to you and your Ye Clan . ”

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“A Spiritual Road bigshot like you would actually need my help?” Ye Qingling smiled and replied .

“Bigshot…” Mu Chen smiled bitterly: “It’s not like you don’t know about that place . It’s extremely dangerous . If I don’t kill them, they will kill me . ”

Ye Qingling sighed and tilted her head . She stared curiously at Mu Chen and asked: “If you want my help, that’s fine . However, you have to answer one of my questions . ”

“What is it?”

“What relationship do you have with the King Luo, Luo Li?” Ye Qingling asked with great interest .

“King Luo…Is this the title that she received after her assessment as a King Class?” Mu Chen could not help but laugh when he heard this title . He could imagine her frowning in frustration when she obtained the title .

“She is my comrade . We were always in a team . ” Mu Chen smiled .

“Are you only just comrades?” Ye Qingling smirked as she looked at Mu Chen . “Do you know what she did after you left the Spiritual Road?”

“What?” Mu Chen’s smile vanished and he frowned .

“In the final stop of the Spiritual Road, when the kings were fighting for the crown, she attacked King Xuan, Ji Xuan . ”

Ye Qingling’s beautiful eyes were suddenly filled with passion . She stared eagerly at Mu Chen and stressed each syllable as she talked: “The battle between two kings . At the price of being gravely injured, King Luo pushed back King Xuan and caused him to lose the opportunity to seize the crown . ”

“At that time, she told King Xuan that she would not take his life . There will be one day when you, Mu Chen, would personally take his life . ”

Mu Chen fell silent . He raised his head and sighed . A hint of killing intent slowly surged within his eyes . Ji Xuan, you dare hurt her! Then, I’ll be taking your life!

The battle that we did not finish in the Spiritual Road, let us end it during our stay in the Five Great Academies!

A type of grass widespread across Asia .