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The Great Ruler - Chapter 1220

Published at 24th of April 2019 10:30:03 AM

Chapter 1220: 1220

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Mu Chen stood in the sky with one hand behind his back . Horrifying spiritual energy burst out from behind him, and space warps started to form . People stepped out from the space warps and stood quietly behind him .

There were five of them . The five people exuded horrifying spiritual energy, and as the powerful spiritual energy oppression burst out from them, it smashed the clouds . All five of them were Lower Earthly Sovereigns!

When they appeared, they immediately suppressed the spiritual energy that had burst out from Xue Tong and his company, and engulfed them with a horrifying oppression . Xue Tong and his company turned pale and were shocked .

"Five… five Lower Earthly Sovereigns? Are they from the Mu Estate? The Mu Estate is so powerful!" Some people came back to themselves and looked at the five Lower Earthly Sovereigns in disbelief . In the entire Little Western Kingdom, only the Blood God Clan had so many Earthly Sovereigns . However, the Mu Estate, which they had not heard of, had numerous Sovereigns as well!

They could tell that the five Lower Earthly Sovereigns were less powerful than Mu Chen . From the way they showed respect to Mu Chen, they regarded him as their master .

They finally realized why Mu Chen was unafraid of the Blood God Clan . Given his strength and his Mu Estate, he had the prerequisites to contend with the Blood God Clan . Even Xue Lingzi had to take a step back . If he took the clan head on, both parties would suffer losses .

"This guy…" Luo Tianshen was taken aback again . After a long while, he smiled wryly and shook his head . He had already been won over by Mu Chen's earlier performance, and he had not expected Mu Chen to have hidden such a powerful trump card .

All these years, in addition to becoming a Sovereign, Mu Chen had gathered so many powerful Sovereigns around himself . Luo Tianshen presumed that Mu Chen possessed the same strength and base as the Luo God Clan .

As Luo Tianshen looked at Mu Chen, he became excited . Mu Chen was indeed a miracle . If he and Luo Li got together, he might be able to create a miracle for the Luo God Clan .

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"Greetings, Estate Master!" Although many eyes were on them, Liu Tiandao and the other four disregarded their gazes and bowed respectfully to Mu Chen .

Mu Chen raised his brows when he saw their behavior . Although these people had addressed him as the Estate Master previously, they had behaved awkwardly . However, Mu Chen could feel their sincerity this time around .

He looked thoughtfully at the five of them and finally came to a realization . He had not only frightened the Blood God Clan with his performance earlier, but he had frightened these people as well . Mu Chen smiled at the surprise . After all, it had not been easy to get these proud all-powerful Sovereigns to submit to him .

"Since Estate Master fought earlier, please let us take care of these fellas now," the Netherworld Palace Master said with a smile . He was decisive . After he had acknowledged Mu Chen's status, he immediately assumed the responsibilities of a faithful subordinate .

Liu Tiandao and the rest nodded . They then looked at Xue Tong and his company with animosity and were eager to fight them . When Xue Tong and his company saw their gazes, they were afraid . Although there were six of them, Mu Chen had seriously injured almost half of them . If they got into a fight, they would be at a disadvantage .

The three Lower Earthly Sovereigns from the Royal Divisions of the Luo God Clan groaned within themselves . They had not expected such a young guy to possess such a great power, who at the same time, was the Master of Mu Estate with five Lower Earthly Sovereigns! This powerful array was comparable to the Blood God Clan's!

The Luo God Clan, which had been in imminent danger earlier, had turned the situation around because of Mu Chen . Luo Li was able to take on the Luo God Inheritance under his protection, and her status in the Luo God Clan would be unshakable in the future .

The opposition was destined to fail .

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They looked anxiously at Xue Lingzi and saw that he looked gloomy . He was shocked by the appearance of Liu Tiandao and the rest, but as he was an Upper Earthly Sovereign, he soon had his emotions well suppressed . Xue Lingzi looked gravely at Mu Chen and said, "I have met many people and have good judgment, but this time around, I have misjudged you . "

He no longer looked down on Mu Chen and began to take him seriously . Mu Chen's status as the Master of Mu Estate was enough to make him wary .

When Mu Chen heard it, he simply smiled .

After pondering for a while, Xue Lingzi said, "I can stop holding you liable for killing our clan's elder and will even give you 300,000,000 drops of Sovereign Spiritual Liquid as long as you don't get involved in our business . You can even bring Luo Li along with you!"

Many people were shocked when they heard what Xue Lingzi had said . He not only stopped holding Mu Chen liable, but he even wanted to compensate him and let him have Luo Li .

However, if Mu Chen agreed to it, the Luo God Clan would be destroyed . The people looked anxiously at Mu Chen and trembled . Three hundred thousand drops of Sovereign Spiritual Liquid was a huge amount that could even cause an Upper Earthly Sovereign to waver . The Blood God Clan must have committed all of their supply .

If Mu Chen refused to accept it and decided to fight it out with the Upper Earthly Sovereigns, he would be at a great disadvantage .

"Hohoho, this is so tempting . " Mu Chen laughed . He was shocked at Xue Lingzi's verve . He looked at Luo Tianshen and asked, "Luo Clan Leader, what do you think?"

Luo Tianshen remained calm at Mu Chen's question . He was not the least worried . It was not because he trusted Mu Chen, but he trusted his granddaughter . He believed that his granddaughter was a good judge of character . She would not have fallen for someone who could be easily tempted by 300,000,000 drops of Sovereign Spiritual Liquid .

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When Mu Chen saw Luo Tianshen's expression, he curled up his lips . He then smiled at Xue Lingzi and said, "Show me what you are capable of . "

When Xue Lingzi heard it, he was not surprised . He seemed to have anticipated it . However, he looked more grim, and after staring at Mu Chen for a long while, he said, "I have given you a way out, but you have refused to accept it, so don't blame me for what happens next . " Having said that, he turned around and cupped his fist . With great respect, he said, "Elder Dong, please show yourself!"

When Xue Lingzi finished his statement, the sky in the distance suddenly turned cold . Snow fell from the sky and covered the entire area like winter . As the snowflakes gathered before Xue Lingzi, they turned into a skinny elderly man robed in white . His eyebrows and beard were white, and Snowflake Runes loomed around his expressionless face .

The people looked at the elderly figure, and after a while, some experienced top powers suddenly turned pale and shouted, creating an uproar . "Isn't that Lin Dong Elder?"

"Oh no! Why is he here!"

The top powers, including those from the Luo God Clan, turned ghastly pale . Luo Tianshen broke out into a cold sweat as he looked at the elderly figure filled with a cold aura .

This elderly man was well-known in the Western Kingdom Continent . He was a Complete Earthly Sovereign! The most horrifying thing was that he came from the Western Kingdom War Temple!

"You… you have invited the elder from the Western Kingdom War Temple!" Luo Tianshen stared at Xue Lingzi, and his eyes turned red . He had not expected Xue Lingzi to plot against the Luo God Clan to wipe them out!

Xue Lingzi gave a petrifying smile . The Blood God Clan had paid a high price to get Elder Dong there . No matter what tricks Mu Chen had up his sleeve, he would have to die!

"I have given you a way out, but you have refused to accept it . It is too late for regrets now!" Xue Lingzi looked coldly at Mu Chen with immense killing intent .

He had not wanted Elder Dong to appear due to the high price that they would have to pay, but he had no choice . He turned to look at Elder Dong and said respectfully, "Elder Dong, please help us deal with this presumptuous guy . "

Elder Dong stared at Mu Chen without any expression . The snowflakes around him fell more rapidly, and as they whizzed across, they tore the space apart .

As everyone was thinking that Mu Chen was doomed, Elder Dong shook his head and said, "I am unable to kill him . "

Xue Lingzi was shocked and thought that he must have heard wrongly . He said, "Elder Dong, you must be kidding . You are a Complete Earthly Sovereign, and killing him is just a piece of cake!"

The top powers looked at one another and wondered what was going on . Luo Tianshen and the rest looked at Mu Chen in amazement as well .

"Hohoho, he is right . With me around, he is unable to kill Mu Chen…" A youthful laughter resounded in the area as the people looked baffled . The space beside Mu Chen fluctuated, and the people saw a petite figure appear beside him .

When the petite figure appeared, the area that had turned cold suddenly became warm…

Luo Tianshen, Xue Lingzi, and the rest squinted to look at the petite figure . They then shouted out simultaneously, "Complete Earthly Sovereign!"

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