The Great Ruler - Chapter 1317

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Chapter 1317

Inside the giant cave, two troops stood facing each other from a distance . However, all of them were currently terrified as they stared back at the direction where they had just entered into the cave .

This was because previously, they saw two devilish shadows come out from the space where Mu Chen and the rest had just gone through . Moreover, the intense fluctuation the was emitted from both of those shadows were phenomenal . Even the Perfect Sovereigns from both parties could feel a death-like aura!

Clearly, the capabilities of those two shadows were more powerful than all of them combined! However, those two shadows seemed as if they were escaping from something else .

Therefore, they did not pay any attention to the troops . Instead, they sprinted out directly from the cave at their fastest speed .

"They were from the Extraterritorial Race!" Ling Xi looked at the two retreating shadows and had a grave look on her pretty face .

When they heard this, Luo Li and Wen Qingxuan tried not to change their expressions . Soon, Luo Li's pretty eyes looked towards the Mysterious Dragon Space and a flash of worry swept across them .

As those shadows from the Extraterritorial Race were escaping from this space, this must mean that Mu Chen and the rest had met with them inside . No one knew where or how Mu Chen was currently . . .

Wen Qingxuan and the rest were thinking the same thing too . After making eye contact among themselves, they all started to feel anxious .

On the opposite side, those top powers from Wu Jia were anxious too . However, they were not worried about Mu Chen, but were concerned about the strange Extraterritorial Race . After all, if anything happened to Wu Tong, their whole purpose for being here would be completely defeated!


Just as both troops were worrying about this issue, the spatial whirlpool that led to the Space of the Mystery Dragon started to shake, and the next moment, a shadow blasted out of it . The shadow condensed right in front of their eyes and eventually formed into Mu Chen's figure .

"Mu Chen!" When Wen Qingxuan and the rest saw that Mu Chen had successfully returned unharmed, they immediately let out sighs of relief . The once sullen looks on their face started to change immediately as well .

Mu Chen smiled as he nodded to them . When he looked and saw the looks of fear that had yet to dissipate among the crowd, he asked, "Did all of you see the Extraterritorial Race that escaped from the space?"

The people all nodded in reply . However, Luo Li still felt uncertain, so she asked, "What is going on? Why would the Extraterritorial Race appear in this space?"

"That's the prince from the Corpse Demon Clan . He is called Shi Tianyou . He followed us into the Space of the Mystery Dragon," Mu Chen said with a grave look on his face .

He then added, "He snatched away the corpse of the Demonic Emperor . "

Luo Li and the rest were shocked after hearing these words . They couldn't believe that they had actually managed to steal the Demonic Emperor's corpse!

"Mu Chen, how about our Little Lord?" one of Wu Jia's top powers was staring at Mu Chen with a panicked look .

Mu Chen gave him a blank look and said calmly, "Do you mean Wu Tong? He died at the hands of that Demonic Emperor's corpse . "

The faces of all of the top powers from Wu Jia turned pale upon hearing this . Dong Shan and the others were terrified as well, as they were very familiar with Wu Tong's capabilities . To think that even such a powerful warrior could be defeated in the Space of the Mystery Dragon sent chills down their spines .

Moreover, they had to wonder…

Did Wu Tong really die at the hands of the Demonic Emperor's corpse? Or . . . At the hands of Mu Chen?

With this same thought swirling in all of their heads, their gazes turned towards Mu Chen and they became increasingly astonished and fearful .

"Let's go!" Dong Shan's eyes twinkled and he gave out a low howl .

Then, his figure suddenly shot backwards in retreat . His entire team of Demon Slayers quickly turned to follow him, without any hesitation .

Now that Wu Tong was dead, the strength of the two troops were no longer proportional . If they were to stay, it would undoubtedly be a free opportunity for the opponent to wipe them out completely .

When the top powers from Wu Jia saw this, they grit their teeth and immediately retreated as well . They had failed entirely in this fight, so there was no longer any reason for them to stay .

When Mu Chen saw them retreating, the sparkle in his eyes glistened even brighter . However, he eventually managed to control his emotions and focused his thoughts back to slaughtering all of them, as it was extremely troublesome to stop a Perfect Sovereign when they truly put in all of their efforts to escape!

After all, what if, in my pursuit, I accidentally encounter some form of terrifying natural disaster? As he thought of this, he realized that, at that time, he would be reaping what he had sown . . .

As to whether or not Wu Jia would make him their enemy when they heard the news of Wu Tong's death, Mu Chen did not care . After all, there was only one single Heavenly Sovereign in Wu Jia, and he would definitely stay and run the clan instead of making a move hastily .

Regarding those who were ranked below that of a Heavenly Sovereign, they were not threatening at all to Mu Chen . Considering all of this, Mu Chen resolved that his most important task now was to acquire the treasure in this ruin .

"Hmph! They escaped rather quickly . " When Wen Qingxuan saw that a vast number of the enemies had retreated in the blink of an eye, she snorted coldly .

She did not have any intention of chasing after them either . Instead, she turned and looked at Mu Chen .

She then said, "There will be a time in the future when the Wen's will start a fight with Wu Jia . Therefore, you do not need to worry if they will seek revenge on you . "

After all, they were the ones who invited Mu Chen to join forces this time . Although she did not know who had actually killed Wu Tong, she knew that Wu Jia would still put the blame on Mu Chen . Therefore, the Wen's should come in and protect Mu Chen from Wu Jia .

Mu Chen nodded, while smiling back to her . He did not decline Wen Qingxuan's offer . He then turned and looked into the spatial whirlpool, hastening the secret spell as he suddenly formed a seal with his hands .


After Mu Chen hastened the secret spell, a buzzing sound emitted from the Space of the Mystery Dragon and the spatial whirlpool instantly shrunk . It then turned into a purple light that fell onto Mu Chen's hand .

That was the ring that was possessed by the black dragon . Inside the ring, there was a faintly visible space fluctuation .

Mu Chen could not help but gasp in surprise after seeing the ring . After all, this was not just any simple trick . In this ring, a little space opened up, which could allow living matter to enter it .

On the other side, Wen Qingxuan, Wen Ziyu, and the rest could not help but widen their eyes when they saw Mu Chen turn the spatial whirlpool into a ring .

"Did you manage to obtain the Mystery Dragon Army?" Wen Qingxuan could not help but ask .

Mu Chen smiled and nodded . There was no point in hiding such a secret, as anyone could have thought of the answer .

Wen Qingxuan and the others sucked in cold breaths when they saw Mu Chen nod . They were also looking at Mu Chen as if they were staring at a monster, as they clearly knew how valiant that Mystery Dragon Army was!

If Mu Chen could truly master the army itself, even Heavenly Sovereigns would not dare to stand in his way! Even Wen Ziyu and the rest could not help but be jealous when faced with Mu Chen's impressive gains .

"It seems like you are the biggest winner!" Wen Qingxuan's voice had a mocking tone, but there weren't any jealousy in the exact words that she had just said . As she was an arrogant person, she would never got jealous if someone else gained more than her, especially when she knew that it was due to their own efforts .

However, it was difficult for Mu Chen . This was because, after all, the information regarding the ruins had belonged to Wen Qingxuan and the others . If not for their invitation, it would have been impossible for Mu Chen to have even found the ruins .

"Regarding the pills in the ruins, I say we split them into five portions," said Mu Chen .

In the past, in order to obtain her inheritance, Wen Qingxuan would take the initiative to split both party's shares into 20-80 percentage portions . But, Wen Qingxuan shook her head after hearing his offer .

She said arrogantly, "I would stick to the previous deal of 20-80 . It was your capabilities that led you to retrieve the Mystery Dragon Army, and that had nothing to do with us . "

Mu Chen couldn't help but smile at her stubborn persistence . In the end, he agreed to the deal because he suddenly remembered that he was currently in charge of an army with an appetite that was similar to a bottomless pit!

As such, if he could not obtain enough Sovereign Spiritual Liquid, it may be very possible that the Mystery Dragon Army would run out of food in about half a years' time…

"Let's just settle the spiritual pills in this ruin first," said Luo Li with a smile .

Wen Qingxuan nodded her beautiful head . Then, the crowd raised their heads and looked above the cave, where a lovely sky was filled with stars, each of which were shining with a dazzling light . Each of these lights indicated a spiritual pill .

As Wen Qingxuan waved her hand, the Spiritual Butterfly Furnace blew up . Numerous rays of light shot out from the furnace, surrounding the starry sky and causing the spiritual pills to wash down like the milky way until they were all eventually absorbed into the furnace .

This lasted for more than 10 minutes before the flood stream gradually faded away . By this time, the stars in the sky above the cave had all disappeared .

Wen Qingxuan's beautiful eyes moved to and fro slowly . She seemed to be counting the spiritual pills in the furnace .

A few moments later, she opened her eyes and could hardly conceal the amazement on her pretty face as she said, "There are 800 spiritual pills . "

Mu Chen and the rest could not help but gasp in admiration when they heard this . They clearly understood that these 800 spiritual pills were quality goods that were left by the Spiritual Butterfly Fairy . Each of the spiritual pills could be worth millions of Sovereign Spiritual Liquid if it was sold in the Great Thousand World!

Mu Chen quietly took a relieved breath . With these spiritual pills, he would no longer have to worry about spending his Sovereign Spiritual Liquid anymore . He had been really worried about taking care of his Mystery Dragon Army until now!

With a flick of Wen Qingxuan's long, slender, and jade-like finger, five tiny lights blasted out from the furnace and floated silently in front of her . Faintly, there was a hint of pure and intriguing spiritual energy fluctuation coming out from the lights .

The lights slowly faded away, and what appeared in front of the crowd next were five round spiritual pills, which were like crystals . There were some pill runes that seemed to have appeared naturally on the surface of the spiritual pills . This was enough to reveal their extraordinary quality .

From the moment the five spiritual pills appeared, Mu Chen had his sight locked on them . Then, he stared right at Wen Qingxuan with a fiery gaze .

Wen Qingxuan directed a smile at him and said, "These are the Sublimation Pills . We will take away one of them, and you can have the remaining four . "

Wen Qingxuan had one of the rounded crystal spiritual pills wedged between her fingers as she spoke . Then, with a wave of her sleeves, the remaining four spiritual pills flew towards Mu Chen .

As Mu Chen carefully received the pills, he looked at them and felt a sense of relief . It was as if a heavy weight had been lifted from him . Then, a smile appeared on his face .

He knew that with this Sublimation Pill, the Sovereign Super Power in his Immortal Golden Body would finally have the chance to make a breakthrough!