The Great Ruler - Chapter 1318

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Chapter 1318

Night fell like a curtain over the land . In the darkness of night, flurries of heavy snow enveloped the land . The snowflakes brought about an indescribable gust of coldness, and as they settled onto the ground, even the earth instantly froze . In this land blanketed in snow, even the spiritual energy of heaven and earth was showing signs of freezing .

Meanwhile, in a cave, several shadows sat with their legs crossed as a fiery bead levitated in their midst . The bead, as if containing a volcano, emanated extreme heat, completely dispelling the winter chill from the cave . At the cave's entrance, a spiritual array loomed, withstanding the extreme gnaw of the chill in the land .

"This snow is just overbearing . . . " Mu Chen looked at the snowflakes outside the cave and couldn't help but sigh . They had left the Spiritual Butterfly Relic a day ago, and tonight, luck wasn't on their side . They had gotten caught up in another disaster in the Ancient Holy Gulf that forced them to temporarily find shelter .

"This is the Soul Freezing Snow . Legend has it that it can freeze even a human's soul," Wen Qingxuan said with a smile, then pointed triumphantly at the fiery bead and added, "Fortunately, I was prepared and brought a Flame Spirit Bead . Otherwise, even hiding inside a cave, we would still need to constantly consume our own spiritual energy to expel the cold . "

Mu Chen nodded as well . If it weren't for her considerations, they would have had no choice but to use the most energy-intensive method of keeping warm, and that would have undoubtedly affected their condition .

"What should we do next?" Luo Li gazed at Mu Chen with eyes as clear as glass, as she tilted her head sideways slightly . Her long hair that she had just untied flowed over her shoulders like a waterfall . She smiled, and her unintentional charisma brought about a stunning feeling that seemed to make the entire cave brighter .

Mu Chen couldn't take his eyes of off her stunning beauty . Meanwhile, Wen Ziyu and Long Xiang both were a little afraid to look directly at her . Wen Qingxuan's eyes sparkled as she quietly leaned in and secretly wrapped her arms around her soft, slender waist . She was all smiles when she spoke . "Luo Li, you are really getting prettier!"

Feeling her small movement, Luo Li couldn't help but roll her eyes at her and gently flick her finger, springing Qingxuan's lily-white hand off of her waist .

"That guy is gaining too much from this," Qingxuan bitterly retracted her hands, then said lazily, "Our next destination is a city in the Ancient Holy Gulf . According to our information, the place acts like a rendezvous, so there should be a lot of parties from all over the place gathering there when we arrive . "

"Oh?" Mu Chen's gaze intensified as he said, "Can we obtain the information we want there?" The information they were after was naturally about the two elders from the Budur and Great Spirit Ancient Clans, respectively .

Wen Qingxuan nodded slightly and added, "Back then, within the Ancient Holy Gulf, there were four Divine Heavenly Sovereigns who had fallen in our Great Thousand World . Their relics have been the hardest to find . For the past few years, although there has been some information spread around, there is still no one who has truly received the inheritance they left behind . And according to some credible information, I speculate that the relics of these four Divine Heavenly Sovereigns are not fixed and have moved into this Ancient Holy Gulf . "

"Moved?" Mu Chen's brows knitted as he frowned . If that was the truth, then the difficulty of finding those relics had just greatly increased .

"That is why we need to be present at the rendezvous, because that is where all the information is exchanged . Almost all the powerful troops will set out to this point after exploring for a while . We should be able to get some information about this there," said Wen Qingxuan .

Mu Chen nodded . If that was the case, then they had no choice but to go to this rendezvous point . Otherwise, they would probably not find anything if they just randomly looked around . However, if they were to do what Qingxuan suggested, then the gathering place would likely be filled with different people . There was a huge probability that even the three troops from the Budur Ancient Clan would also be heading there . Among the troops, Xuan Luo and Mo Xingtian obviously has no good intentions towards him . If they met, there might be a dispute between them .

However, this point had simply appeared in Mu Chen's mind as a flash before he immediately jumped over that notion . If the so-called Little Lord Xuan Luo and Little Lord Mo Xingtian wanted to take him as a cowardly-lion, then he wouldn't mind testing the capabilities of these Budur Ancient Clan's Little Lords .

Now I can try the Sublimation Pill . Of course, even if he didn't fear those lords at all, he was also not careless . Even a lion would fight a hare with all his might, not to mention Xuan Luo and Mo Xingtian, who were both not easily dealt with . He felt that it was best to use the Sublimation Pill before arriving at the gathering point and achieve a breakthrough in the Sovereign Super Power of the Immortal Golden Body .

When Mu Chen thought about this, he hesitated no more . After talking a bit more with Luo Li and Wen Qingxuan, he stood up and went straight into the training room they had set up in a corner of the cave .

As they watched Mu Chen's figure from behind, Wen Ziyu and Long Xiang also got up and added eagerly, "We should make a breakthrough as well . "

At the Spiritual Butterfly Relic, they had obtained the Saint Spiritual Pill . If they consumed and refined it, with their level of accumulation, breaking through to Complete Earthly Sovereign should be something that was naturally achievable .

The battle at the Spiritual Butterfly Relic had already forewarned them that capabilities only halfway to Complete Earthly Sovereign could basically only be used to protect oneself . The only way to become a top force in combat was to be a true Complete Earthly Sovereign .

"We'll leave it to you lot to keep vigil . " Luo Li beamed at Wen Qingxuan and Ling Xi, then also stood up and entered the training room . She got another Sublimation Pill from Mu Chen, as it was equally important to her . After all, the Luo God Celestial Body she cultivated was one of the true Superb Celestial Bodies listed on the List of 99 Sovereign Celestial Bodies!

As they left, the cave was suddenly silent . Wen Qingxuan and Ling Xi looked at each other and could only grin helplessly . Then, they slowly closed their eyes and entered a shallow state of cultivation .

In the gigantic cave's training room .

Mu Chen was like a stone as he sat cross-legged silently . A crystal-like round pill floated quietly right before him . The pill exuded fragrance, and the spiritual energy of heaven and earth flowed within the training room, vibrating in synchronicity .

Mu Chen stared at the crystal-like Sublimation Pill and took a deep breath . He instantly clenched his fist, and the spiritual light from within his body swept out as an Immortal Golden Body a few hundred feet in size swiftly took form behind him .

The Sublimation Pill could randomly raise any of the superpowers by a level, but if one activated the one power that they cultivated before swallowing the pill, the probability of that superpower being leveled-up would increase by more than half . Thus, Mu Chen was not worried that this increase would be applied to other supernatural powers .

If it still happened that way, then he could only say that he was extremely unlucky .

As the Immortal Golden Body condensed into its form, Mu Chen stopped hesitating and swallowed the Sublimation Pill .


As soon as the Sublimation Pill entered his mouth, it instantly broke into pieces, and a cold sensation surged through Mu Chen's body . In the next moment, a wonderful sensation poured right into the deepest parts of his heart, and he felt as if he owned infinite wisdom . Some of the obstacles he had met in the past during cultivation also disappeared…

Mu Chen's eyes were tightly shut, but his face was relaxed as if he were entering a state of certain epiphany . The Immortal Golden Body behind him had also assumed a cultivation position . On the surface of the huge body, a mysterious purple and gold beam flickered, as if something was breeding within it .

In the enormous cave, silence fell again .

  . . .

When the next day arrived, the flurrying snow had already died down . What was more surprising was that the land that had been frozen for thousands of miles had actually thawed at a rapid pace .


In a cave in the mountains, two majestic and powerful spiritual energy fluctuations suddenly rose up, followed by two streaks of lighted figures breaking through the cave, plunging into the sky . The two figures bellowed into the sky, their whistles thunderous as they billowed endlessly, attracting spiritual energy that echoed through the sky .

Outside the cave, Wen Qingxuan took a look at the two figures in the air and hooted delicately, "That is so noisy!"

In the sky, Wen Ziyu and Long Xiang locked gazes and quickly silenced themselves, but the joy in their eyes could not be concealed . With the help of the Saint Spiritual Pill, the two of them had finally completed the breakthrough after having stopped for a long period of time, and they had now truly entered the level of Complete Earthly Sovereign!

The closed stone door of the training room also opened up right at that moment, and Luo Li stepped out with an elegant demeanor .

"Luo Li, how was it?" Wen Qingxuan looked at her with curiosity . She really wanted to know if the so-called Sublimation Pill really had such miraculous effects . Luo Li replied with a smile, "The Sublimation Pill is indeed the painstaking and impressive effort of the Spiritual Butterfly Pill Fairy . "

This piqued Wen Qingxuan's curiosity even more . She had more questions, but Luo Li just grinned mysteriously, which made her feel slightly dispirited .


Another stone door suddenly shattered at the same time, and Mu Chen's figure appeared in the limelight .

Wen Qingxuan then changed her target to Mu Chen . "Mu Chen, did you succeed?"

Mu Chen looked into Luo Li's eyes and said with a grin, "The Spiritual Butterfly Pill Fairy's reputation is fully justified . "

Seeing as how they both had the same look, Wen Qingxuan could not help but to clench her teeth . These two really deserve each other! However, judging from their expressions, Wen Qingxuan knew at least that they were very satisfied with the effects of the Sublimation Pill .

Mu Chen said nothing else, waved his hands at the rest of them, and then spoke simply . "Let's go . We're off to the rendezvous point!" As he finished his words, he took the lead and turned into a streamer . As he dove directly into the depths of the Ancient Holy Gulf, a few lighted figures followed close behind him, boldly and majestically .