The Great Ruler - Chapter 1337

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Chapter 1337

Chapter 1337: New Demon Slayer King

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“Fragment of the Demon Sealing Mirror?” When the bronze fragment appeared, the willpower of the Ancestor Budur could not hide his surprise . This was obviously out of his expectation, and he was shocked by it .

Mu Chen also smiled with relief because his prediction had been right . This bronze fragment belonged to that missing corner of the Demon Sealing Mirror!

It turns out that he was sensing something from this piece of bronze fragment back in the trading point because it belonged to the Ancestor Budur! It was the aura from the Ancestor Budur that had caused his pagoda to have some abnormal activities!

“Hehe, it looks like you have some affinity with me . ” The Ancestor Budur sighed . If Mu Chen did not have the fragment of the Demon Sealing Mirror, he might not be able to deal with the remaining soul of the Blood Stiff Heaven Demon Emperor .

“Senior, can we suppress the remaining soul of the Heaven Demon Emperor now?” asked Mu Chen .

“Of course!” answered the Ancestor Budur . Even though the current Demon Sealing Mirror’s mightiness had been reduced, the Blood Stiff Heaven Demon Emperor was only a remaining soul . As such, his mightiness was not even a tenth of his full mightiness during his peak .

As the Ancestor Budur finished his sentence, the bronze fragment darted out and joined with the Demon Sealing Mirror in the sky . Radiance surged as the missing corner of the mirror patched itself up .


As the Demon Sealing Mirror once again became perfect, the black mirror surface suddenly emitted rounds of light halos . The light haloes fell into the large scroll from the sky .

At the same time, the scroll spurt out halo shackles . With lightning speed, these shackles pierced through space and chained onto the Blood Stiff Heaven Demon Emperor .

Uncountable ancient runes flowed around the halo shackles . They seemed to have a special suppression effect on the demonic energy . Once they bound him, the demonic energy on the Blood Stiff Heaven Demon Emperor weakened .

The expression on the Blood Stiff Heaven Demon Emperor immediately changed . Although he struggled, the halo shackles did not move an inch .

“Demon Sealing Scroll, Seal!” the willpower of the Ancestor Budur yelled softly .

The halo shackles immediately pulled back, and the body of the Blood Stiff Heaven Demon Emperor was dragged into the Demon Sealing Scroll . As he was being pulled away, he was yelling and growling angrily .

The Demon Sealing Scroll vibrated continuously . A black figure with a hideous look surfaced in the scroll . It was the Blood Stiff Heaven Demon Emperor, surrounded by a demonic aura!

“Dam* Old Budur!” A raging roar came from the scroll . He had just gotten his freedom, so he did not expect to be trapped in this Demon Sealing Scroll by the Ancestor Budur again! “Don’t get too arrogant . One of the Four Sacred Towers has already been broken . I can still break free once the other two break!”

Mu Chen looked at the struggling Blood Stiff Heaven Demon, who was trapped in the Demon Sealing Scroll . He then asked, “Senior, can’t we just kill him off?”

Judging from the current situation, the Ancestor Budur only seemed to seal him off . But, if something happened to this seal again, the Blood Stiff Heaven Demon Emperor would still escape .

The Ancestor Budur could only sigh . “The vitality of the Extraterritorial Race is extremely strong . The Demon Soul was more solid than any living being in the Great Thousand World . To exterminate their souls completely would require a huge amount of energy . Since the ancient times, all of us chose to seal them off so that time could consume their souls . ”

Mu Chen finally understood why most of the Demon Emperors that he encountered were all in seals . Although this method was energy-saving, it might also bring more troubles in the future .

“However, this demon soul of the Blood Stiff Heaven Emperor was rather weak after years of suppression . This is his weakest time though . Unfortunately, I also consumed much of my energy in this willpower, so I could not kill it off,” the Ancestor Budur said . He looked very sad .

“Not even with the help of the Demon Sealing Mirror?” Mu Chen looked at the mirror that was suspended in the air . He sensed that the mirror must be a Rare Divine Artifact with extraordinary mightiness .

The Ancestor Budur shook his head . “The Demon Sealing Mirror has been suppressing the Blood Stiff Heaven Demon Emperor for many years . Its energy-consumption was equally huge . ”

He paused for a moment, then said, “But, if there is another God Grade Rare Divine Artifact, I can fulfill my wish to kill him . ”

“God Grade Rare Divine Artifact?” Mu Chen was stunned . This was the first time that he had heard that the Rare Divine Artifact had gradings .

“The Rare Divine Artifacts are used by the Heavenly Sovereigns, so it is normal that you are ignorant of them . Like the Heavenly Sovereigns, the Rare Divine Artifacts are also divided into three gradings… Spiritual, God, and Divine . ” The Ancestor Budur grinned .

Mu Chen nodded . He pondered this for a while…

If it is a Rare Divine Artifact, he had one too . But, it did not have much of its energy left .

But at times like this, he could only give it a try .

Thinking of this, he held up his hand and clenched it . A streamer gathered in his hand and formed into a plain-looking ancient crystal long sword . The sword body gave off crystalized light that had an extraordinary mightiness .

“Eh?” When the long crystal sword appeared, the willpower of Ancestor Budur let out a surprising sigh . Then, a shocking voice said, “This is…The Celestial Emperor Sword from the Celestial Emperor!”

“Do you recognize it?” Mu Chen was a little shocked .

“Why wouldn’t I? I knew the Celestial Emperor . But, I did not expect that his sword would be in your hands,” the Ancestral Budur said, clearly surprised .

“I was lucky to obtain the inheritance of the Celestial Emperor . He left me this sword,” Mu Chen explained .

“Hehe, that fellow has good taste . Naturally, the kid in our Budur Clan is fit to obtain his inheritance!” The Ancestral Budur laughed proudly .

“Senior, not much energy is left in this Celestial Emperor Sword . But, I wonder if is of some use?”

“Of course!” the Ancestor Budur laughed . “The Celestial Emperor Sword is mighty, and it is the sacred weapon for slaughtering the demon . Even though the energy in it has almost been completely depleted, I could still use some of it to deal with the current Blood Stiff Heaven Demon Emperor . It is more than enough . ”

Mu Chen let out a sigh of relief . The willpower of the Ancestor Budur controlled Mu Chen, and he held the Celestial Emperor Sword tightly . He then smiled to the Blood Stiff Heaven Demon Emperor and said, “Provided you can hang on till the time they break off the seals…”

“Haha, old man! Given your current condition, I doubt you can do anything to me!” The Blood Stiff Heaven Demon Emperor laughed coldly .

But, his laughter froze when a sword ray beamed out from the hand of the Ancestor Budur . He sensed a deadly aura coming from the sword . Its immense danger was not any weaker than the Demon Sealing Mirror!

“Having fought with you for centuries, I can finally kill you today . This is really satisfying . ” The Ancestor Budur laughed and raised the sword, while the Celestial Emperor Sword charged towards the sky .

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Overspreading rays of sword encompassed the land . The Celestial Emperor Sword seemed to have transformed into a revolving sword ray at this time .

The sword ray was mysterious and unfathomable . Accompanied with incredible mightiness, it pierced through the space with a swoosh .


The Blood Stiff Heaven Demon Emperor, who was stuck in the Demon Sealing Scroll, felt death approaching, so he immediately roared madly . He then struggled and released balls of demonic energy to erode the scroll and escape .

Weng .

But, the Demon Sealing Mirror released countless light halos from above . The light halos shrouded on the Demon Sealing Scroll and solidified the sealing power . No matter how much the Blood Stiff Heaven Demon Emperor struggled, he could not escape .


At this time, the space burst and a sword ray that flowed like liquid came through it . The sword ray did not look impressive at all, but it instilled fear into the roaring sound of the Blood Stiff Heaven Demon Emperor .

“Disappear forever!” The voice of the Ancestor Budur was full of harshness and coldness .

The sword ray did not hesitate at all as it charged and pierced through the struggling demonic figure in the Demon Sealing Scroll .

“Argh!” A sad and shrill cry echoed out as demonic smoke belched out . But, the Demon Sealing Scroll soon stopped the smoke from coming out .

At that moment, the body of the Blood Stiff Heaven Demon Emperor started to deflate like a balloon and his breath weakened rapidly . As the loud cry of the Blood Stiff Heaven Demon Emperor resounded between Heaven and Earth, the powerhouses from the Extraterritorial Race looked pale . They immediately began to flee in all directions .

With the slaughtering of the Blood Stiff Heaven Demon Emperor, they had lost all hope . Many powerhouses from the Great Thousand World began to beat them up .

They were fierce as they besieged those powerhouses from the Extraterritorial Race . Soon, they had completely wiped them out .

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On the altar, Mu Chen looked at the Blood Stiff Heaven Emperor as he was quickly losing his breath . With a thought, he asked, “Senior, is he doomed for sure?”

“Yes, I finally finished him off this time . ” The Ancestor Budur was clearly relieved .

Mu Chen thought for a moment, then took out the Demon Slayer Token from the Great Thousand Palace . He then asked with a smile, “Can I retrieve a little of his remaining soul?”

According to the rules in the Great Thousand Palace, one could gain the Demons-slayed points and up his level after he killed an Extraterritorial Race and sucked some of the remaining soul into the Demon Slayer Token . Killing a Heaven Demon Emperor could get 10,000 Demons-slayed points, which would allow one to become a Demon Slaying King in the Great Thousand Palace!

Although Mu Chen did not kill the Blood Stiff Heaven Demon Emperor with his own hands, he did put in some effort to make it happen . So, he wanted to see if he could get at least some Demons-slayed points .

“Oh? The Demon Slaying Token?” Upon seeing Mu Chen taking out the Demon Slaying Token, the willpower of the Ancestor Budur was slightly stunned .

He then burst into laughter . “You are really a scheming little fellow . Haha . Well, well… A Demon Slaying King of Upper Earthly Sovereign… Haha, this is interesting . I wonder how those fellows from the Great Thousand Palace will look when they hear about this?”

He then swung his robe, and a cloud of black mist flew into the Demon Slaying Token from the Demon Sealing Scroll . The Demon Slaying Token was flashing when it was sucking the black mist .

Mu Chen and the Ancestor Budur stared at the Demon Slaying Token . The token was quiet for a moment .

Then, as they watched it, the token suddenly vibrated . A golden light was released from it, and the black Demon Slaying Token was soaking in its bright radiance .

The Low Rank Demon Slayer disappeared from the bottom of the token, and was replaced by another three golden words that exuded a sense of prestige .

“Demon Slaying King!” Mu Chen yelled the three golden words as he marveled in his heart…

My attempt succeeded!