The Great Ruler - Chapter 1359

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Chapter 1359

Everyone was feeling excited in the North Territory, and the change was due to the appearance of Mu Chen, the mysterious Estate Master . It was also due to the announcement that he had made with regards to contending for the position of North Region Overlord . The entire North Territory was in an uproar due to Mu Chen’s ambitious desire . All the people were talking about it, and that heightened the atmosphere .

In a bustling city in the North Territory .

The same atmosphere filled an inn in the bustling city, and it was even more intense and direct . The topic of the discussions was all about the Mu Estate’s desire for the position of North Region Overlord…

“Ha, I think that our Mu Estate Master is too presumptuous . The North Region is vast and deep . Although the Mu Estate rules over the North Territory, its strength is only considered in the middle range in the North Region . If it contends with the three overlords, it will definitely be defeated!”

“When this happens, the Purple Cloud Sect, Thunder Mountain, and the Golden Eagle Mansion will be furious, and there will be bloodshed in our territory!”

“Pooh! Although our Estate Master is young, he is talented . Recently, the three elders from the Purple Cloud Sect tried to show off their power and created a scene at the Mu Estate . However, they were defeated by our Estate Master in no time . From what I see, our Estate Master is as powerful as Sage Zi Yun, Reverend Thunder, and the Golden Eagle King!”

“You are right . Given our Estate Master’s strength, we do not have to hide ourselves in one corner of the North Territory . Moreover, the contest is around the corner . I was just wondering how I can gain more merit to obtain the Heavenly River Cultivation Order . ”

“The Heavenly River Cultivation Order is really good stuff . I have heard that it is a holy cultivation place left behind by the Ancient Celestial Palace . There is also a mysterious Pavilion in the Ancient Celestial Palace, and only those who have affinity with it have the chance to enter it and freely obtain a Super Power!”

“Hohoho, although it is good to have the Heavenly River Cultivation Order, you have to be able to stay alive to enjoy the benefits . The supreme powers from the Great Thousand World are behind the three forces in the North Region . Even if the Mu Estate succeeds in getting the position, our territory will be in dire straits if the supreme powers have been enraged . ”

“Estate Master has used the North Territory as his pawn to fulfill his ambitious desires, and this is not good for us . ”


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There were heated discussions going on at the inn . Mandela sat in a quiet corner of the inn and listened calmly to the discussions . Condor King, Liu Tiandao, and the rest were beside her . All of them had frowns on their faces .

“Lord Mandela, the entire North Territory is currently having heated discussions about this, and it is getting… somehow out of hand,” Condor King said softly .

During this period, such discussions were like a virus, and they took place in every corner of the North Territory . The news of Mu Chen’s intention traveled so quickly that it seemed abnormal .

Light flashed in Mandela’s eyes, and she asked, “Do you mean that someone is trying to stir up trouble?”

Condor King slowly nodded and said, “I think someone is not happy that everyone in our Mu Estate has the same mind . They are trying to use this kind of discussion to create unrest in our people . ”

“It is the work of the Purple Cloud Sect,” Mandela said flatly . She had noticed it earlier and had secretly sent her men to check it out . There were a number of people from the Purple Cloud Sect that had secretly come to the North Territory to spread the word around . This had caused an uproar in the North Territory .

Although the strategy was unable to shake the Mu Estate’s foundation, it was disgusting . Moreover, if the Mu Estate was defeated at the North Region Assembly, it would spark displeasure among the people, and the Mu Estate’s reputation would be greatly affected . The people in the North Territory would then fall apart .

When that happened, the forces who were eyeing the Mu Estate would take action against them . After all, the Ancient Celestial Palace belonged to the Mu Estate, and many forces were already eyeing it .

They are so despicable . Liu Tiandao scolded within himself . All of them were currently members of the Mu Estate, and when they saw how unscrupulous the Purple Cloud Sect was, they became furious .

Mandela waved her hand and said coldly, “Pass this order down . Search every corner of the North Territory secretly . If our men come across anyone from the Purple Cloud Sect causing unrest in our people, capture them . After interrogating…” She showed the action of a slash and gave a ruthless look .

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Since the Purple Cloud Sect was out to create trouble for the Mu Estate, they would not show them any mercy . They would kill every single man that had been sent to the North Territory by the Purple Cloud Sect .

When Liu Tiandao and the rest saw her action, they were shocked . It seemed to them that Mandela intended to suppress the Purple Cloud Sect with lightning speed .

“Since Mu Chen’s intention is for the Mu Estate to become one of the overlords in the North Region, I will support him all the way . Although he will have to deal with those who are at the top level, we can help him take care of these despicable people who are operating in secret . If we do not do that, what is the purpose of having so many people in the Mu Estate?” Mandela said flatly .

“Yes, Lord!” Liu Tiandao and the rest said in unison .

After pondering for a while, Liu Tiandao could not help asking, “Lord Mandela, do you think Estate Master has the ability to contend with Sage Zi Yun, Reverend Thunder, and the Golden Eagle King?”

Apparently, Liu Tiandao and the rest of the more senior top powers were worried about the contest that the Mu Estate would be having with the three overlords at the North Region Assembly . After all, the three of them were near to the Heavenly Sovereign level, and they were well-known to everyone in the North Region .

Although Mu Chen had come back stronger and everyone was impressed by his strength, he lost out to them on his base when compared to the veteran top forces .

When Mandela heard Liu Tiandao’s question, she glared at him .

Liu Tiandao smiled in embarrassment and said, “Lord Mandela, it is not that I do not have faith in our Estate Master . This matter is of great importance, and our Mu Estate’s future will depend on it . It is only right for us to be anxious about it . ”

Mandela was not reprimanding Liu Tiandao, as Mu Chen’s decision was indeed very sudden . The three overlords were well-known in the North Region, and they had remained powerful even though some other powerful forces had tried to snatch away their positions . Until now, no one had managed to do it… Thus, in the entire North Territory, other than Mandela, no one had confidence that Mu Chen was able to do it .

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Mu Chen was taking a gamble . If he was able to defeat the Purple Cloud Sect, Thunder Mountain, and the Golden Eagle Mansion in the North Region Assembly and take over the North Region, it would be good for the Mu Estate . They could even become the one and only overlord in the North Region .

When the opportunity arose in the future, and the Mu Estate was well developed, they could even eye the entire Tianluo Continent . Once that happened, the Mu Estate would be like the Endless Fire Territory and the Martial Border, and become a prestigious supreme power in the Great Thousand World .

On the other hand, if Mu Chen was defeated by the three overlords in the North Region Assembly, the Mu Estate’s morale would be affected, and it would be detrimental . The Purple Cloud Sect, Thunder Mountain, and the Golden Eagle Mansion would make use of this opportunity to attack them . After all, they had been eyeing the Ancient Celestial Palace that was in the Mu Estate .

Under such circumstances, the Mu Estate might split . With such a serious outcome, Liu Tiandao and the rest could not help feeling anxious about it . However, Mandela did not say much to console them . A smile broke out on her delicate face, and she said, “I don’t care what you think . I only know that Mu Chen was chosen by the Heavenly Emperor . Even powerful people like the Flame Emperor and Martial Ancestor approve of him, and they are willing to associate with him… Do you think that you have better foresight than the three of them?” Having said that, Mandela waved her hand and walked away .

Liu Tiandao and the rest looked at one another and heaved a sigh of relief . They felt that the heaviness in their hearts had been suddenly lifted . Indeed, the Heavenly Emperor, Flame Emperor, and Martial Ancestor were powerful people, and all of them were prominent figures . They had great foresight, and since they thought so highly of their Estate Master, he must have possessed the capability and potential .

Under the leadership of such a master, they just needed to follow him and serve him wholeheartedly . They would have no regrets for doing so when they looked back in the future .

Time passed by quickly in the North Territory, and the North Region Assembly was drawing near . The atmosphere in the North Territory had heightened, and as Mandela had secretly taken some action, the morale of the Mu Estate had risen continuously . Those rumors that were going around to cause the Mu Estate to waver had gradually died down .

The morale in the North Territory continued to rise, but when the other forces in the North Region heard news about Mu Chen’s intentions, they looked on with indifference . Most of them looked at the Mu Estate with sympathy or ridicule .

After all, the North Territory was not outstanding in the entire North Region . It was chaotic, and the people were not united . It had just been unified, but the Estate Master was so presumptuous in challenging the authority of the Purple Cloud Sect, Thunder Mountain, and the Golden Eagle King…

Those ambitious forces who had tried to challenge the three forces previously ultimately came to naught . The forces in the North Region felt that the Mu Estate would only make themselves a laughing stock at the North Region Assembly…

As the people continued to discuss it, the day for the North Region Assembly finally came .

The North Territory, at the Mu Estate .

The headquarters of the Mu Estate was bustling . Several top powers of the Mu Estate had gathered together in the North Territory, and the scene was so majestic that it displayed the vitality of a new force .

Outside one of the halls, Mandela looked at the majestic spiritual energy fluctuations around the square and then turned to look toward the direction of the Ancient Celestial Palace . She started to knit her brows together . Ever since Mu Chen had entered the Pavilion, he had not stepped out .

However, they had to set off this day for the North Region Assembly . All the top powers had gathered in the Mu Estate, and if Mu Chen did not show up, they would be in deep trouble . The morale that had been boosted over the month would be destroyed .

“This guy!” Mandela clenched her fists and gritted her teeth . However, she did not show any sign of anxiety but simply lifted up her head to look at the sky . As the sun rose up high, the top powers that had gathered in the Mu Estate started to whisper among themselves . Apparently, they had noticed that Mu Chen had not shown up…

When Mandela saw that the people’s hearts had started to waver, she sighed within her own heart . As she was about to say something to appease the crowd, the space beside her fluctuated, and Mu Chen stepped out and appeared before the group of excited people .

“Greetings, Estate Master!” The top powers shouted respectfully with an earth-shattering voice when Mu Chen appeared .

When Mu Chen saw the large scale of the top powers, he nodded and turned to smile at Mandela . He then lifted up his hand and gently waved it . His firm and loud voice resounded in the area . “Let’s set off!”