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The Great Ruler - Chapter 1392

Published at 19th of July 2019 10:20:08 AM

Chapter 1392: 1392

Up in the sky, Mu Chen stood on air . Spirit light rippled in his deep gaze . Spirit lights that almost seemed solid converged on the surface of his body, enveloping him like a t-shirt made of spirit light .

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Although he did not emanate a strong aura, the moment Mu Chen opened his eyes, everyone could feel a force breaking through the Blood Demon King’s demonic aura, slowly rising .

Although his aura was not as strong as the Blood Demon King’s, the power was still awe-inspiring, like a giant pillar standing between heaven and earth, immovable even by violent winds .

Mu Chen lowered his head and slowly clenched his fist . He could feel an immense spiritual energy flowing continuously in his body like a flood . Even his flesh, blood, and bones were showing signs of crystallization because the spiritual energy was so majestic it could not be locked within his body .

How powerful . The spirit light in Mu Chen’s eyes flashed, and he inwardly gasped in admiration . He did not expect that the second realm of his Qi into Trinity would be so powerful . Once he merged with his materializations, his power increased drastically . If he had fought the former leader of the Blood Demonic Lords in his current condition, just one punch would have been enough to break him .

The vast spiritual energy in his body erupted continuously like a volcano . Mu Chen raised his head, his challenging gaze locked on the Blood Demon King . In the next moment, he stomped his foot and space cracked . Suddenly, his figure appeared behind the Blood Demon King like a ghost .

He opened his palm, rotated his wrist, and violently slapped downwards . The whole palm appeared to transform into a white jade palm, shining with spirit light . His palm shined as if it contained the night sky . However, when such a beautiful palm fell, thousands of miles of earth beneath it directly collapsed, and a huge palm print was left on the earth . The power of the slap was devastating .

However, just as the white jade palm was about to hit the ground, the Blood Demon King smiled faintly and countered with a slap . Immediately, his palm turned a blood-red color, as if it were crafted of red jade . The palm whooshed past, and the air suddenly smelled of the cloying miasma of blood .


The two palms clashed together in the sky . At the moment of collision, the red light and white light burst out directly shrouding half of the sky . At the point of collision, it looked as if the world were divided into two .

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Two terrifying waves of energy exploded, and the impact hit Mu Chen and the Blood Demon King . The former was flung backwards while the latter was also pushed back a dozen steps .

The Blood Demon King instantly neutralized the force of the impact . He stared at Mu Chen with his bloodshot eyes, and a cruel smile appeared on his face . “Not bad . You did not disappoint . Finally, you have a bit of the power needed to go head-to-head with me . Only such a powerful force can make your blood essence purer . When I swallow your blood essence, I will be able to make up for some of the side effects caused by my early birth . Ha ha ha!”

The Blood Demon King’s loud laugh echoed in the sky . He immediately opened his mouth, and a bloody river spouted out . The red river gave off a terrifying bloody aura, as if it were the filthiest thing on earth . Everything that touched it would turn into a pool of blood .

“Since the prey is already delicious enough, it’s time for me to eat! Spirit Corroding Blood River!” Accompanying the Blood Demon King’s laughter, the blood river roared and swept towards Mu Chen .

Mu Chen looked at the blood river roaring towards him, and his eyes focused . He could feel the terrifying erosion power contained within it . If he fell into it, even in his current state, he would suffer serious injuries .

Hence, he dared not delay . With a wave of his sleeves, an infinite spirit light condensed behind him and quickly turned into an Immortal Golden Body . This Immortal Golden Body was clearly more powerful than before . Not only had it increased in size, the purplish-gold light surrounding it was also extremely bright, making it look like a purple sun .

Mu Chen clapped his hands together, and purplish-gold Immortal God Runes materialized on the Immortal Golden Body . Within seconds, 300 Immortal God Runes appeared in the sky . Due to the increased power following the Tri-Union Level, the Immortal God Runes created by Mu Chen also increased .


Three hundred Immortal God Runes shot up into the sky and finally condensed in the sky above Mu Chen while emanating purplish-gold light rays and forming a purplish-gold gourd about the size of a palm .

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Mu Chen created a seal with one hand and shouted, “Immortal Golden Gourd, finish him!” The gourd tipped over, golden light shined out of the gourd’s mouth, and a powerful suction force burst out .

The blood river roaring past started trembling violently in the face of this suction force . After a stalemate, it went against its current and was sucked directly into the purplish-gold gourd .

The Blood Demon King saw the blood river being sucked into the purplish-gold gourd, and his eyes flashed . With a cold huff, he was going to make the blood river release its power and burst the gourd from within . However, just as he was going to do so, Mu Chen waved his arm, and the purplish-gold gourd rose into the sky . In the next moment, the gourd had created a crack in the void and disappeared into thin air .

When the gourd disappeared into the void while carrying the blood river, Mu Chen and the Blood Demon King immediately lost their connections with them .

“You’re quite clever after all . ” The Blood Demon King narrowed his eyes, and the blood rays in his gaze flashed . Staring at Mu Chen, he smirked . He clearly did not expect that Mu Chen would use this tactic to unravel his blood river .

“You flatter me . ” Mu Chen was expressionless . Although he had neutralized the Blood Demon King’s attack, he still remained serious . He barely had the power to go head-to-head against the Blood Demon King with the help of the Tri-Union Level, but he was aware that this did not mean that he had the qualifications to defeat the Blood Demon King . A true demon king was still too powerful for him .

“Then let me see how long a little mouse like you can survive . ” The Blood Demon King’s white hair danced in the wind, and he smiled coldly . He immediately bit his fingertips and drew a pattern in the air . After a few moments, a blood rune floated in front of him . The rune was moving restlessly as a powerful aura emanated from within it . The runes seemed to have sealed countless angry ghosts that constantly let out hair-raising shrieks .

Looking at the runes, Mu Chen’s eyes narrowed, sensing a strong threat from it .

The Blood Demon King grinned and pointed his finger . The blood rune suddenly rose and disappeared into the highest part of the sky . Shortly after, everyone noticed that the sky began to darken . Many blood clouds suddenly gathered at the highest point in the sky, shrouding an area of nearly 1,000,000 square miles . The thick blood clouds rubbed against each other and emitted an eerily mournful sound of thunder that echoed between heaven and earth . The whole world trembled under the thunder strike .

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Mu Chen’s body tensed . A chill surrounded him, and his expression was more serious than ever .

The Blood Demon King stared down at Mu Chen with a contemptuous gaze, as if he were looking at an ant . Then he took a deep breath and slowly joined his palms . His voice, indifferent like a god of destruction’s, echoed between heaven and earth . “Bloody Thunder!”


Thunder boomed from within the mighty blood clouds . In the next moment, countless bolts of blood-red lightning fell from the sky and rushed towards Mu Chen . Every bolt of blood thunder was a destructive force . When it struck, heaven and earth trembled .

Mu Chen’s eyes narrowed when he witnessed this scene . He did not dare hesitate and immediately let out a loud shout . The Immortal Golden Body behind him shined with millions of golden light rays . These rays converged and gradually formed a massive purplish-gold lotus .

“Immortal Golden Lotus!” With a low sound, the purplish-gold Immortal Golden Lotus quickly closed and enveloped Mu Chen within it . Faced with such a terrifying attack by the Blood Demon King, Mu Chen did not hesitate to use his most powerful defense .


Countless bolts of blood thunder landed, madly striking the Immortal Golden Lotus .

In the distance, Bai Susu and the masters of the indigenous people looked at the destructive bolts of lightning, devastated . Each bolt had the power to destroy the earth, and all those bolts were striking madly at Mu Chen . Nobody knew whether Mu Chen could withstand these horrifying attacks .

“Master . ” Bai Susu clenched her fist and bit her red lips . She stared at the spot that was being bombarded by a sky full of blood lightning . She knew that if the golden lotus cracked, even Mu Chen would be destroyed by that lightning .


The rumbling thunder continued, the earth shook, and the roaring sound continued for a very long time . Finally, the blood clouds began to dissipate, and the sound of the thunder weakened .

Everyone was looking at the point where the blood lightning had dissipated . As the thunder and lightning dissipated, a giant purplish-gold lotus slowly appeared between heaven and earth . It was covered in burn marks, and its purplish-gold light was dull .

Creak .

On the top of the giant lotus, a crack appeared, and it suddenly exploded .

High above, the Blood Demon King was also looking at the inside of the giant purplish-gold lotus with a narrowed gaze . His gaze sharpened when he realized that there was no sign of Mu Chen inside .

“The golden silkworm molted?” Surprised, the Blood Demon King quirked up an eyebrow .


Suddenly, he intuitively looked up . A layer of cloud scattered, and a huge crystal tower flew out, descended from the sky, and quickly enveloped him .

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