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The Great Ruler - Chapter 1414

Published at 30th of July 2019 10:45:09 AM

Chapter 1414: 1414

“Greetings, elder . My name is Mu Chen . ” When Mu Chen saw the amicable elder before him, he immediately cupped his fist to show respect . He looked grim and knew that the elder was no ordinary person since he had groomed such an outstanding person like the Flame Emperor .

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“Hahaha, my name is Yao Chen . I seem to have an affinity with you . There is a ‘Chen’ in both our names . ” When the white-haired elder saw Mu Chen’s respectful attitude, he smiled warmly . After sizing Mu Chen up, he said with a smile, “You are the youngest person whom I have met over the years who has reached the Heavenly Sovereign level . No wonder Xiao Yan kept telling me that you are extraordinary . ”

“The Flame Emperor is being too kind with his words . ” Mu Chen smiled and looked humble . He did not exhibit any arrogance regarding his achievements .

As Mu Chen looked at Yao Chen, he felt that although Yao Chen looked aged, he could feel an indistinct oppression exuding from him . Yao Chen was a genuine God Grade Heavenly Sovereign . He was much more powerful than Mu Chen, who was only a Spiritual Grade Heavenly Sovereign .

However, Mu Chen was not surprised by his power . Since Yao Chen was the Flame Emperor’s teacher and had the support of a supreme power like the Endless Fire Territory, it made sense for him to possess the strength of a God Grade Heavenly Sovereign .

Mu Chen was more curious about Xiao Xiao, who was standing beside Yao Chen . He noticed that Xiao Xiao possessed an overbearing fluctuation that was comparable to his . “Have you stepped into the Heavenly Sovereign level as well?” Mu Chen asked in astonishment as he stared at Xiao Xiao .

The last time he had met Xiao Xiao, she was only slightly more powerful than he was . However, she was still far from the Heavenly Sovereign level . Mu Chen was only able to step into the Heavenly Sovereign level after he had gone through many tribulations . He was surprised that Xiao Xiao was able to catch up with him .

“Why? Do you think that you are the only genius in the world?” Xiao Xiao glared at him and snorted when she heard Mu Chen’s question .

Mu Chen smiled in embarrassment while Yao Chen laughed and said, “Xiao Xiao has spent a great length of time in cultivation compared to you . However, due to her state, she will go into a deep sleep every now and then . Every time she wakes up from her sleep, her strength will have increased tremendously . Previously, she slept for one year, and after she awakened, she was already a Heavenly Sovereign . ”

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Mu Chen was amazed when he heard it, and he gave Xiao Xiao a strange look . It was such a good deal to be able to step into the Heavenly Sovereign level after a deep sleep . He had never heard of such a thing before . Compared to Xiao Xiao’s method of stepping into the Heavenly Sovereign level, it was heartbreaking having go through his life-and-death struggles in order to achieve the same results .

“What are you looking at!” Xiao Xiao blushed and said angrily when she saw Mu Chen looking strangely at her .

Mu Chen laughed and quickly withdrew his look . He then introduced them to Ling Xi and Long Xiang, who were standing behind him .

When the supreme powers saw that Yao Chen and Xiao Xiao behaved so warmly toward Mu Chen and his companions, they stared at Mu Chen and his companions with a strange look . Apparently, they were speculating about Mu Chen’s status, since the Endless Fire Territory had treated them so amicably . Mu Chen must be no ordinary person!


Air-rending sounds resounded in the sky from afar as the supreme powers were still speculating about Mu Chen’s status . More than a dozen people landed from the heavens on the center of the square . When these people appeared, a powerful aura spread out and caused the square, which had been in an uproar earlier, to quiet down .

Everyone then turned to look at them . The one standing in front of the group of people was a tall, majestic-looking man . He had a robe that was half black and half white, and he looked elegant . He also looked mysterious, as one of his eyes was black, and the other was white .

When the crowd saw the black and white robe among the group of people, they were shocked and shouted, “They are the men from the Maha Ancient Clan . No wonder they are so dynamic . ” The Maha Ancient Clan was one of the five big ancient clans in the Great Thousand World .

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The man with the black and white eyes ignored the people’s looks and acted like an emperor who was out on his journey .

When the attendant of the Budur Ancient Clan who was in charge of receiving the guests saw him, he quickly went forward to welcome him . When he waved his hand, a grand spiritual vessel from afar landed from out of the sky . Only the most respectable guests were given such a grand spiritual vessel to refresh themselves with .

“Maha Ancient Clan?” At this moment, Mu Chen stared at these imposing people, and his eyes glittered . He remembered that the Maha Ancient Clan had the complete version of the Primordial Immortal Body . Since his Immortal Golden Body had reached the optimal stage, he would definitely go to the Maha Ancient Clan in the future to complete the last stage of its evolution to turn it into the true Primordial Immortal Body .

“Eh?” As Mu Chen was deep in thought, he was suddenly alerted . The purple light in his body suddenly surged, and he felt that the Immortal Golden Body within him was showing signs of revealing itself . He was shocked and quickly suppressed it . He then looked gravely at the man with the black and white eyes . He noticed that the strange fluctuation of his Immortal Golden Body had been caused by this man .

The man with the black and white eyes suddenly stopped moving and looked in Mu Chen’s direction . When they caught each other’s eyes, the vital energy and blood in their bodies vibrated . Mu Chen squinted and looked more grave . He noticed that the man with the black and white eyes had deemed him as an enemy .

“This guy… has cultivated the Immortal Golden Body as well!” Mu Chen was taken aback . The strange fluctuation between the two of them was due to the same Sovereign Celestial Body that both of them had cultivated .

Since the Maha Ancient Clan possesses the complete cultivation method of the Primordial Immortal Body, it is not surprising that their clan members have cultivated the Immortal Golden Body, Mu Chen muttered in his heart, with his eyes glittering .

As Mu Chen was pondering, the man with the black and white eyes came to himself . He looked coldly at Mu Chen and said mockingly, “This is interesting… I never expected to find an unorthodox Immortal Golden Body here . ”

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During the Primordial Age, the Maha Ancient Clan had obtained the cultivation method of the Primordial Immortal Body from the Immortal Emperor, who was the most powerful master . All these years, the Maha Ancient Clan had considered themselves as the orthodox successor of the Primordial Immortal Body . Those who were not from their clan and had cultivated the Immortal Golden Body were known as unorthodox Immortal Golden Bodies . The Maha Ancient Clan suppressed the unorthodox Immortal Golden Bodies, as they were afraid that someone from this unorthodox group would take the Primordial Immortal Body away from them . Thus, when the man with black and white eyes discovered that Mu Chen had cultivated the Immortal Golden Body, he considered him an enemy .

The man with the black and white eyes looked coldly at Mu Chen, and he intended to instruct his men to do a check on Mu Chen’s background . However, when he saw Xiao Xiao and Yao Chen standing beside Mu Chen, he was shocked . Is he from the Endless Fire Territory? His eyes sank, and he started to look wary . He then waved his sleeve and moved on .

“This man from the Maha Ancient Clan is still so detestable . ” Xiao Xiao sneered as she watched the back of the man with the black and white eyes retreat .

“Who is he?” Mu Chen asked . Since this person had cultivated the Immortal Golden Body, when Mu Chen went to the Maha Ancient Clan to get the Primordial Immortal Body, he would be Mu Chen’s greatest enemy .

“His name is Maha You . He is the brother of Maha Tian, the clan leader of the Maha Ancient Clan,” Yao Chen replied .

“Maha Tian?” When Mu Chen heard the name, his gaze froze . Maha Tian was well-known in the Great Thousand World .

“Maha Tian is very ambitious . Back then, he wanted to take over the Endless Fire Territory, but my father stopped him from doing so . They had a fierce fight, and my father defeated him . Since then, the Maha Ancient Clan does not dare to mess around with our Endless Fire Territory,” Xiao Xiao said .

Mu Chen nodded . He had heard about it, and it was due to this event that the Endless Fire Territory had been classified as one of the supreme powers in the Great Thousand World, and no one dared to mess with them .

The Heavenly Emperor told me before that one has to possess enough strength and have a good background before he can go and snatch the Primordial Immortal Body away from the Maha Ancient Clan . What he said is indeed true . Even if I have an affinity with the Primordial Immortal Body, if I am not powerful enough, I will not be able to get it from the hands of the Maha Ancient Clan, Mu Chen muttered in his heart . Before this, he had still been looking forward to doing it, but after he had met Maha You, he knew that it would be impossible to obtain the Primordial Immortal Body through the rightful means .

“Let’s get ready to enter the Budur Territory,” Xiao Xiao said unhappily when she saw more and more people looking at them .

Mu Chen nodded in agreement .

Just as they were about to make a move, Mu Chen suddenly saw a group of people coming down from the heavens . He laughed and said, “Please wait a moment . I see a familiar face . ”

After Mu Chen had spoken, a group of people landed beside them . A slender arm then rested on Mu Chen’s shoulder, and a girl’s lively voice was heard . “Hehehe, Mu Chen, we have not seen each other in a long time . Did you miss me?”

When Mu Chen heard the chirpy laughter, he smiled . Who else could this person be but Lin Jing!

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