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The Great Ruler - Chapter 1439

Published at 13th of August 2019 11:00:23 AM

Chapter 1439

The battle came to an end, and peace was finally restored . As the Contest of the Lineages came to a close, the uproar of the Budur Ancient Clan gradually ceased .

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Even though the position of the Great Elder had changed hands, Qing Yanjing’s strength and reputation were completely fit for this position, so apart from the Xuan and Mo lineages, which had a more significant reactions towards the switch, the entire clan had come to accept the change quite readily .

The various supreme powers who had come to watch the ceremony all left after staying only a few days . After they left, news of what had happened within the clan soon spread across the entire Great Thousand World .

Mu Chen naturally became famous, too . After all, even though it was Qing Yanjing who had wrapped up the battle of the Budur Ancient Clan, Mu Chen’s performance during the entire battle was equally stunning .

Given that he was only a beginner in the Spiritual Grade, the fact that he could beat numerous elders from the Xuan lineage and even make use of the Fortify Clan Grand Array to suppress three-quarters of the elders from the Budur Ancient Clan was extraordinary!

In one of the mountains within the Budur Territory, a spacious and serene manor with stone pavilions sat . With its rockwork and surrounding river streams, this place was truly magnificent .

In fact, this was one of the favorite places of the Budur Ancient Clan for hosting its guests . But, as of now, it had become Mu Chen’s temporary residence .

After the Contest of Lineage ended, an elder from the clan had insisted in swapping the ordinary courtyard for this place . As he had put on a smiling face, looking eager to please, even Mu Chen could not bear to reject his offer . Of course, this was done in order to ultimately please Qing Yanjing, the Great Elder .

After all, Mu Chen was not highly regarded at all by the Budur Ancient Clan at first, given his basic Spiritual Heavenly Sovereign’s strength . But now, things had changed…

As Qing Yanjing had escaped from confinement to become the key person who holds the highest authority over the Budur Ancient Clan, these elders from the clan would not dare to forget to pay respect to Mu Chen . Thus, the benefits that Mu Chen was currently enjoying basically were a byproduct of the respect that they had for the Divine Heavenly Sovereign .

Mu Chen remained rather composed, even when faced with such spoils . After all, although he would not reject any benefits given, but he also did not mind having none of them at all .

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Even though his mother had become the Great Elder of the Budur Ancient Clan, he continued to feel a wall still existed between him and the clan . Hence, he had no intention to borrow the fame or riches of the Budur Ancient Clan .

After all, he had survived all of these years without them . Besides, even without the clan, he knew that he could make a name for himself .

“Mu Chen, since the Contest of the Lineages has already come to an end, we will be going back . We’re here to bid you goodbye . ” Yao Chen and Lin Diao had brought Xiao Xiao and Lin Jing to his manor, and Yao Chen had informed of their plans with a smile . They had come to the Budur Ancient Clan to support Mu Chen, and since Mu Chen was now safe and sound, it was time for them to return .

With a formal look, Mu Chen cupped his fist and said, “Thank you, seniors, for your help . Please convey a message to the Flame Emperor and Martial Ancestor, telling them that I owe the Endless Fire Territory and Martial Border a favor . ”

Yao Chen and Lin Diao nodded and smiled . They knew that Xiao Yan and Lin Dong saw this action as an investment . They regarded Mu Chen highly because they recognized Mu Chen’s talent . One day, they knew that he would definitely be the pinnacle of this Great Thousand World .

After what they had witnessed in the Budur Ancient Clan, Yao Chen and Lin Diao had the same thoughts, too . Given Mu Chen’s abilities, he would certainly reach that stage in the future .

“They wanted to make the trip personally, but the Exterritorial Race has been waiting for the chance to create trouble these recent years . Since both the Endless Fire Territory and the Martial Border are situated at the edge of the Great Thousand World, we have to be on the lookout constantly,” said Yao Chen .

Mu Chen’s expression slightly narrowed upon hearing this . After all, the Extraterritorial Race was the common enemy of the entire Great Thousand World . When he was at the lower planes, he witnessed how ruthless the Extraterritorial Race was .

“The Flame Emperor and the Martial Ancestor are righteous . I really respect and admire them,” said Qing Yanjing, who was standing beside Mu Chen, having taken the time to send them off as well .

She then added softly, “I would like you to convey a message for the Flame Emperor and the Martial Ancestor, too . The Budur Ancient Clan would like to make friends with them . Hopefully, we can work together in the future . If the Extraterritorial Race is up to no good, please inform us . ”

Lin Diao and Yao Chen’s expressions became somewhat formal upon hearing her words . Unlike Mu Chen, Qing Yanjing’s words could really represent the entire Budur Ancient Clan .

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Since they were one of the five ancient clans, their forces were comparable to Endless Fire Territory’s and the Martial Border’s . As such, the Flame Emperor and the Martial Ancestor would gladly accept such a kind gesture from such a high-level player .

“We will convey the Great Elder’s message,” Lin Diao said, while Yao Chen nodded in agreement .

“Hey, Mu Chen . Come and visit us at the Martial Border when you have time . But, when we meet next time, I will definitely break through my current level and become a Heavenly Sovereign!” Lin Jing said . She couldn’t bear to part with him, but she clenched her fist and said her goodbyes in a sweet voice .

Mu Chen chuckled, then replied, “I’m sure you will . ”

After all, Lin Jing was just as talented as him, but because of her character, she could not go through the tribulations like he could . Otherwise, she would surpass even Xuan Luo and Mo Xin from the Budur Ancient Clan!

“I wanted to challenge you ever since I saw that you became a Heavenly Sovereign . But, after the Contest of the Lineages, I decided not to seek my own humiliation . Now, I finally understand why my father regards you so highly . It’s because both of you are monsters!” Xiao Xiao said, while she stared at Mu Chen with her gleaming eyes .

Mu Chen was speechless . He wondered if it was okay for her to call her own father a monster!

Yao Chen and Lin Diao chuckled . Then, after bidding goodbye to Mu Chen and Qing Yanjing once again, they flung their robes, causing spiritual light to sweep Xiao Xiao and Lin Jing up into the sky . They then followed them into the sky before the spiritual light vanished .

Mu Chen stood on the spot, while watching the dissipation of the spiritual light .

“Chen, the Flame Emperor and the Martial Ancestor are heroes . Even though they came from the lower planes, they possess extraordinary skills that surpass the rest of the talents in the Great Thousand World . Hence, they have high standards regarding the friends that they make . You make me proud when you are on good terms with them,” said Qing Yanjing, while smiling . She then reached out her hands and stroked Mu Chen’s hair gently .

“They are really the heroes of the world,” Mu Chen said . After interacting with them several times, he could sense their charms .

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“But… You are not bad either! You will be as famous as them in no time,” Qing Yanjing said .

“Thank you for your kind words . ” Mu Chen smiled .

He then asked eagerly, “When can we go back to the Northern Spiritual Realm? Father has been waiting for this day for more than 20 years…”

Even though everyone was respectful to him in the Budur Ancient Clan, Mu Chen did not want to stay any longer . All he wanted to do was to bring Qing Yanjing back to the Northern Spiritual Realm .

Compared to Tianluo Continent and the Budur Ancient Clan, the Northern Spiritual Realm appeared to be extremely insignificant . But, in Mu Chen’s heart, the significance of the Northern Spiritual Realm was unmatched .

After all, it was the place where he grew up . It was also the place where he had first decided to venture into the Great Thousand World .

At the same time, he did not forget about the promise that he had made his father before he departed . Even though that man was an insignificant Master of the Mu Territory, Mu Chen’s father had protected him and raised him . So, in Mu Chen’s heart, he was as magnificent as any man .

Qing Yanjing seemed to be in a daze as she also thought of Mu Chen’s father . Her eyes became gentler .

She chuckled softly, then said, “That fellow raised you to be such a great man . He did not disappoint me . ”

An intense longing could be heard in her voice as she added, “When I finish my business in the Budur Ancient Clan, I should be able to leave with you . ”

Qing Yanjing smiled as she observed Mu Chen . With glee, she said, “But, before that, I want to give you a present . ”

Before Mu Chen could say anything, she grabbed hold of his arm, while a spiritual light surged and quickly encompassed them both . As the spiritual light dissipated, Mu Chen saw that the scenery in front of him had changed into an ancient land . Now, in between the vast Heaven and Earth, stood a time-worn stone pagoda .

Mu Chen was quite familiar with this ancient land and the stone pagoda . When he had refined the Holy Pagoda earlier that year, he came to this land and was almost caught by Budur Xuan .

“Mother?” He was unsure why Qing Yanjing had brought him here .

“In the Budur Ancient Clan, anyone who is a Heavenly Sovereign has the right to enter the Ancestor Pagoda to absorb the Ancestral Aura . This will strengthen the Budur Pagoda for the second time,” Qing Yanjing replied .

Mu Chen was slightly stunned . He quickly asked, “Isn’t this a bit inappropriate?”

Although Qing Yanjing had just mentioned it casually, Mu Chen knew how valuable the resource was . Even in the Budur Ancient Clan, not many people would have such an opportunity . Moreover, Mu Chen was not really considered to be an official member of the Budur Ancient Clan .

Upon hearing his doubts, Qing Yanjing said in an affirmative tone, “I’m the Great Elder now . No one will object to my decisions . Moreover, this is what the Budur Ancient Clan owes you, as they made things difficult for you these past few years . You can take this as a token of their apologies . ”

Mu Chen wore a bitter smile as he saw this rare tyrannical side of Qing Yanjing emerge . He pondered her words slightly before he finally nodded . “Okay . Thank you . ”

After all, strengthening his pagoda for the second time was a rare chance for him, and since this chance basically fell into his lap, it would be a pity if he was to let it pass him by .

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