The Great Ruler - Chapter 1494

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Chapter 1494


The stream, which was like a galaxy, pierced through the area, and in a short while, the top powers saw that it had collided with the raging black and white tornado . Then, an indescribable shockwave swirled out, flattening everything within the area . The only thing that remained was the red mountain…

Each person fixed his gaze on where the space had just collapsed . The stream seemed to be ready to burst, as an overbearing spiritual energy shockwave raged out from it .

In the face of such a horrifying shockwave, the invincible black and white tornado, which had been twirling at a great speed, suddenly slowed down . Apparently, the power of the black and white tornado had been weakened by the stream .

The Galaxy Stream thinned after several minutes, while the collective spiritual energy that contained the spiritual energies of Mu Chen, his two replicas, the real dragon and the real phoenix dissipated . At that time, the stream turned into light spots, which started to float downward .

When the Galaxy Stream dissipated, the black and white tornado let out a sharp screeching sound, then gradually stopped twirling . It then stood quietly, like a black and white Wind Column in the sky .

Suddenly, cracks appeared on the black and white tornado before spreading out quickly to every corner . The black and white tornado then broke into pieces and collapsed!

“He has managed to fend it off!” one of the top powers shouted .

The top powers outside the Aeon Tower all shouted out in amazement and looked at one another . They were filled with disbelief . The Super Power Art that Maha You had displayed was invincible among those who were below the Divine Heavenly Sovereign level, yet Mu Chen had been able to fend it off!

Maha Tian’s face turned pale as he stared at the scene from the high platform . The elders of the Maha Ancient Clan looked at one another with disbelief, as they could not accept this cruel fact .

“Your son is quite powerful…” Budur Xuan said to Qing Yanjing . He was equally shocked by the scene before him .

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Qing Yanjing was taken aback as well, as she had not expected such an outcome . However, she smiled after hearing what Budur Xuan had just said .

“How is this possible…” While the top powers outside the Aeon Tower were feeling amazed by what had happened, Maha You looked at the scene, the veins on his forehead starting to twitch .

“This stupid fella!” Maha You growled as he clenched his fists so tightly that his knuckles cracked .

In the past, Mu Chen had used the power of the Fortify Clan Grand Array to contend with the Xuan lineage and the Mo lineage, but in two short years, he was now able to take him head-on and had displayed such a powerful attack!

While Maha You’s expression was changing, Mu Chen, who was standing in the sky in the distance, turned slightly pale . However, he still looked calm as lifted up his head to look at Maha You and asked, “Do you want to carry on?”

A cold light glittered in Maha You’s eyes, while an overbearing spiritual energy surged around him . Although he had used up a large amount of spiritual energy for the earlier deadly blow, he was, after all, still a God Grade Heavenly Sovereign . As such, he had rich spiritual energy and could continue to fight .


As Maha You was unhappy, he definitely wanted to continue with the fight . Suddenly, an ear-shattering explosion was heard, and he saw that the red mountain had collapsed . A humongous ancient light beam then shot up from the mountain .

A figure seemed to be looming in the ancient light beam, and when Maha You saw it, he suddenly had a covetous look on his face . He then yelled, “The Primordial Immortal Body!”

Maha You’s heart was beating crazily . He then gave Mu Chen a vicious look and flew toward the light beam, while looking excited . After Maha You had left, Mu Chen started to relax and heaved a sigh of relief .

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Although he looked calm, the spiritual energy in his body had almost dried up, and he knew that he did not have any more strength left to fight Maha You . Fortunately, the Primordial Immortal Body had appeared at the crucial moment and distracted Maha You .

I underestimated Maha You . Although I have stepped into the later stage of the Spiritual Grade Heavenly Sovereign level, I can just barely take him on . As such, I will have to step into the God Grade Heavenly Sovereign level if I want to truly be able to properly fight him .

After deciding this in his mind, Mu Chen waved his sleeve, causing a few million Sovereign Spiritual Liquid drops to whiz out . After he swallowed them, the pagoda shone brightly and quickly refined them before absorbing them .

When Mu Chen sensed that he had regained his spiritual energy, he started to loosen up . He then flashed out and landed on a hill far away .

He looked around the area and saw that, other than Maha You, Ye Qing and Tuo Ba Cang were standing some distance away from each other . Apparently, when Mu Chen was exchanging blows with Maha You earlier, Ye Qing and Tuo Ba Cang were unable to defeat each other and had ended up in a draw .

When Ye Qing and Tuo Ba Cang noticed that Mu Chen had come over, they gave him strange looks . They had seen how Mu Chen had fought with Maha You, so they had become wary of him .

“Has the Primordial Immortal Body appeared?” Mu Chen lifted up his head and looked at the huge light beam, while an ancient and mysterious aura filled the light beam . Moreover, an ancient figure was within it!

When Mu Chen saw the ancient figure, his body shook slightly . The Immortal Golden Body appeared faintly behind him, as though it had been attracted by something irresistible .

Mu Chen suddenly became excited . Maha You, Ye Qing, and Tuo Ba Cang were excited as well . The fire in their eyes was so strong that it could light up the sky!

At present, there was only silence outside the Aeon Tower, as the people were looking intensely at the ancient light beam that was now standing tall . The Primordial Immortal Body was one of the five Primitive Celestial Bodies in the entire Great Thousand World, and anyone who could get ahold of it would become the most powerful person in the Great Thousand World!

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Boom! Boom! Boom!

After some time, the humongous light beam started to shrink toward the ancient figure . The ancient figure seemed to be absorbing the spiritual energy that was in the light beam .

The vast light beam became smaller and smaller until it ultimately disappeared into the ancient figure’s body . The figure then revealed itself to the people .

Everybody looked at the Primordial Immortal Body with wide eyes . After all, even a Heavenly Sovereign seldom had the chance to see a Primitive Celestial Body!

Everyone saw a large, golden-colored body standing quietly in the sky . It was mottled and old, as though it had gone through several thousands of battles .

The runes on its body seemed to come from nature, each one being quite mysterious . These runes semed to contain an indescribable and strange power . Although the figure stood still and did not move, the people already felt a horrifying fluctuation exuding from it .

“Is this the Primordial Immortal Body?” Mu Chen muttered as he looked curiously at the mysterious golden body before him .


As Mu Chen was still feeling baffled, Maha You turned into a streamer and darted across the horizon . He then appeared in front of the golden body and grabbed at it, while saying, “Hahaha, Primordial Immortal Body, come with me . I am your new master!”

When Ye Qing, Tuo Ba Cang, and Mu Chen saw this, they immediately shot out . Just as Maha You was about to touch the golden body, the golden body, which looked as though it was a dead object, suddenly opened its eyes .

As it looked at Maha You,it stretched out its palm to hit him . The blow looked harmless, but the moment the figure waved its palm, the surrounding space collapsed .

Maha You’s face turned pale and he shouted out loud . Then, a vast spiritual energy surged out as his body turned into a dazzling spiritual body . The spiritual energy then formed into several layers of defense around his body .


No matter how many layers of protection Maha You had around his body, they shattered when the golden hand came down on him . The golden hand passed through the defense and hit Maha You directly on his chest!

Blood spurt out from Maha You’s mouth as he was shot backward . His body created a long scratch on the ground and his chest collapsed .

Mu Chen, Ye Qing, and Tuo Ba Cang immediately stopped moving toward the golden body . They gasped when they saw that Maha You was hit by the golden body . They could indistinctly feel a terrifying and cold killing intent exuding from the golden body .

The golden body lifted up his head and looked at the three of them without any expression . It then opened its mouth and its voice filled the area .

“Stay here…Merge in with the earth…”

Having said that, the golden body shot out . It then turned into a golden light and directed itself at the three of them .