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The Great Ruler - Chapter 154

Published at 15th of April 2016 07:13:31 AM

Chapter 154

Chapter 154 – Spirit Bird Suppresses the Ice Seahawk

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Powerful Spiritual Energy rushed out of An Ran’s body as a massive icy-blue hawk unfurled its wings behind her . At that moment, the air suddenly froze and a devastating chill filled the hall .

When compared to the cold air emitted from the Mysterious Spirithail Dragon, this frosty chill was much more severe .

“To be able to force me to use the Northern Goldenstrip Seahawk; you can be proud of yourself even if you lose . ” Although An Ran still had a cold expression, her eyes had turned quite serious while facing Mu Chen . No matter what happened, the latter had revealed strength that had surprised her . Moreover, she did not forget that Mu Chen was still only at the Spirit Stage Middle Phase . If he was to advance into the Heavenly Fusion Stage in the future, he would probably easily surpass her .

Since An Ran had always believed that strength is everything, she retracted the contempt she had after realizing the full extent of Mu Chen’s power . She had finally recognized him as an opponent that was on par with her .

“Then please enlighten me senior . However, I don’t want to give up yet . ”

Mu Chen felt the surging power within his body and replied eagerly . This power gave him the impulse to cry out into the sky; it was as if he finally wanted to fight seriously against someone!

An Ran grunted and an icy-blue light swept out from her body . At the same time, the icy-blue hawk flapped its wings . Immediately afterwards, An Ran’s body slowly fused with the icy-blue hawk .


When she had fully merged with the icy-blue hawk, an amazing sharpness instantly erupted within the hawk’s eyes . At this moment, the icy-blue hawk seemed to come alive . It cried to the skies as a flood of Spiritual Energy was released from its body .

Kacha .

Layers of ice began to form near the icy-blue hawk’s surroundings . Even the moisture within the air was completely frozen .

Following the icy cry that emitted from its body, the icy-blue hawk flapped its wings and flew up into the air . Layers of ice continued to grow endlessly from within its body . From a distance, it appeared to be a life-like ice sculpture .

However, this particular ice sculpture was extremely dangerous .

“Frozen Wings!”

When the icy-blue hawk’s body was completely enveloped by ice, it flapped its wings and a dazzling, frosty pillar was formed and descended down towards Mu Chen .

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When this terrifying attack descended from above, the air seemed to explode . Chill filled the air; layers of ice formed as it swooped down, creating an icy path in its wake

Everybody could feel how terrifying An Ran’s mighty attack was .

It was as if a fierce creature from the Northern Seas, carrying with it an endless  chill, had descended into the world .

Mu Chen lifted his head, and his black eyes reflected the terrifying icy-blue hawk . However, not even the slightest bit of fear could be found in his eyes . Instead, the raging fire within his eyes burned ever more vigorously .

“Let’s have a good fight then!”

The smile on Mu Chen’s face had suddenly turned a bit unruly . He stomped on the ground as he darted forward . Dark-black Spiritual Energy gushed out like flames and enshrouded his body .

Xiong Xiong .  1

All of a sudden, the dark black Spiritual Energy expanded exponentially . From afar, only the black smoke rushing into the skies could be seen . In its wake, a long and dark tail of light formed . At this moment, the Spiritual Energy rumbling throughout the area was extremely powerful .

The two figures of light rushed at each other within the massive hall and collided against each other fiercely .

In the hall where the freshmen were located, many of them were completely shocked as they watched this scene . They never expected that Mu Chen would choose to fight against An Ran’s powerful attack directly instead of evading her attack .

At this moment, Zhou Ling and the others had also finished up their battles . They, too, stared solemnly at the light screen . The power displayed by Mu Chen had also completely shocked them . Although judging from his strength, he only seemed like a Spirit Stage Middle Phase, he was displaying a power that rivaled or even went beyond what they possessed .

The two brothers, Shi Jingtian and Shi Hao, both turned gloomy upon seeing this . It was evident that the power revealed by Mu Chen was much more powerful than earlier, when he was facing Shi Jingtian .

“No matter what sort of measures you possess, it’s impossible for you to be at an advantage against a Heavenly Fusion Stage if you fight head on against them!” The two brothers gnashed their teeth as they stared tightly at the screen of light .

“Brother Mu, good luck!” Mo Ling and the others, with their fists clenched tight, seemed extremely nervous as they stared at the blazing black flame in the screen of light .

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Under numerous nervous gazes, the black and blue lights were like meteorites as they collided fiercely inside the battle hall .

An amazing chill rushed over from the impact and the sheer frost even formed layers of ice on Mu Chen’s body . Even the dense black flames seemed to be suppressed by it .

In an instant, black flames fought back and arose within Mu Chen . A low growl seemed to be coming from within his throat . Then, dense black Spiritual Energy mixed with black flames burst out overwhelmingly from his body .

The layers of ice on his body instantly melted into nothingness .


In that instant, a clear cry also rang out from within Mu Chen’s body . This cry was filled with pride and dignity as if it was the king of all birds .

Once this cry resounded from Mu Chen, the icy-blue hawk trembled for a moment . Although it was already ingested, it could still sense the oppression that had come from within Mu Chen’s body .

Dark black Spiritual Energy concentrated violently on the surface of Mu Chen’s body . Soon he took the form of a giant bird with black wings . As the giant bird extended its wings, black flames surged out .


Overbearing dark-black Spiritual Energy formed into a mysterious black bird as it charged forward . The rumbling black flames emitting from it instantly melted the cold chill from the icy-blue hawk .

Horror finally filled the icy-blue hawk’s eyes . Even An Ran was able to detect a blazing heat rushing over towards her .

This heat instantly made the Spiritual Energy within her body boil up as if it was being burned .


A hint of chill flashed through Mu Chen’s eyes as he shouted coldly . Then, a loud explosion rang out .

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The illusory black bird that was being enveloped by black flames flapped its wings . Immediately after, the flames surged out and destroyed the layers of ice armor on the icy-blue bird . In the end, the black bird turned into a black light and pierced through the icy-blue bird .

The black flames rushed away like smoke . However, the icy-blue hawk behind it was filled with cracks . In the end, it exploded out and An Ran’s body emerged as the blue lights twinkled in the sky . At the same time, An Ran’s face was filled with disbelief . gf

The dense dark black Spiritual Energy around Mu Chen’s body also slowly faded away . Although he was a bit pale, his eyes were still exceptionally bright .

Inside the hall, two figures of light suddenly appeared and enveloped both Mu Chen and An Ran . As the light dissipated away, the two figures also vanished from the hall .

Inside the freshman hall, everybody widened their eyes as they stared at the fading screen of the light . The entire hall was completely silent and everyone was filled with disbelief .

They could not believe that Mu Chen had actually destroyed An Ran’s terrifying attack!

“Amazing . ”

Zhou Ling and the others also sighed . A hint of admiration could be heard within their voices . Although they had fought against Mu Chen in the Spiritual Road, they did not bear any grudges against each other as they brushed past him . Therefore, they had not experienced how frightening of an existence Mu Chen was . They could only perceive that Mu Chen was extraordinary from the event that had happened later on .

And now, they were able to personally witness and feel the pressure that the handsome boy had emitted .

The two Shi brothers’ expressions turned ugly . However, they did not say anything . It was evident that they were still filled with shock . Even by joining forces with each other, it was near impossible for them to win against An Ran’s attack from earlier . However, Mu Chen was able to do it…and was only at the Spirit Stage Middle Phase…

They did not understand how Mu Chen had managed to do this, but this did not stop fear from appearing within their hearts . Mu Chen’s demonstration had finally made them understand that even if he had been kicked out of the Spiritual Road in the middle of the competition; even if he did not receive the Spiritual Road’s Empowerment, he was still the Blood Calamity that countless geniuses feared in the Spiritual Road .

“Haha, Brother Mu won!”

As for Mo Ling and the others, they immediately cheered . Sun’Er even clapped her soft and white hands as delight flashed across her petite face .

Luo Li, on the other hand, only gently smiled . Her eyebrows were like crescent moons as a hint of happiness and pride emerged in her clear eyes . The boy that she would often think about deep down inside was indeed extraordinary .

In the hall, two beams of light descended and Mu Chen and An Ran emerged from within . The latter’s cold expression had already faded away; instead, what replaced it was a face full of complex emotions . She looked at Mu Chen before she looked over to Old Bai and said: “I lost . ”

On the side, the seniors quietly smiled when they heard this and directed their gaze towards Mu Chen .  This boy truly isn’t ordinary . He actually made An Ran admit defeat .

“It seems that there are a few powerful individuals within this bunch of freshmen . ” With just an exchange of gazes, the seniors could tell that every one of them had thought of the same thing .

Old Bai grinned as he nodded his head . His gaze also swept across Mu Chen’s body as he smiled: “There’s something interesting within this fellow’s body . ”

Mu Chen smiled in response, but did not explain anything . Although he was not trying to hide the existence of the Nine Nether Bird, there was no need to reveal it . After all, the name of the Nine Nether Bird was far too famous . Moreover, the Nine Nether Bird within his body possessed the qualifications to enter the Heaven Rankings . Once it succeeds in its evolution, its position would instantly improve as it will become a genuine ancient divine beast .

“This is your reward . ”

Old Bai flicked his fingers, and the crystal card in Mu Chen’s hand instantly brightened up . The originally 1100 Spiritual Value Points suddenly became 6100…

“Okay, now that everybody’s challenge has been completed, next up…”

Old Bai smiled slightly and waved his sleeves . The air behind him instantly distorted and, with a flash, an enormous bronze door appeared out of thin air . Then, the giant doors slowly opened .

“The Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy welcomes everyone . ”

At this moment, all the students stared eagerly at the opening bronze doors . Even Mu Chen could feel his heart pounding . After all, the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy was the holy land for cultivation within numerous youths’ hearts…

And finally, its doors were open for them!


Sounds of raging flames .

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