The Great Ruler - Chapter 239

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Chapter 239

Chapter 239 – Fire Spirit Lotus

The light gathered on the surface of the clear lake . When the figure of light appeared with his white dragon spiraling around him, the atmosphere around the White Dragon Hillock finally exploded .

Countless eyes turned red and their breaths turned heavy as they stared at the illusory light spirit . A look of intense delight welled up in their eyes .

The Spirit Treasury appearing this time was actually the Sovereign Spirit Treasury!

When they’d first arrived in the area, they’d only heard a few rumors about the Sovereign Spirit Treasury . No one was certain that the Spirit Treasury emerging this time would actually be the one left behind by the White Dragon Sovereign . They’d been trying their luck by coming here and their bets had finally paid off .

Lips were licked . So, it was a Sovereign Spirit Treasury . If the news spread, some true major forces might even be moved to action . But luckily, the news hadn’t spread so rapidly this time . By the time a few of the major forces receive the news, the Sovereign Spirit Treasury would be cleaned out .

“It really is the White Dragon Sovereign . ” Bai Dong’s eyes also turned red as he watched the light spirit . His dark eyes stared out from among the white-robed figures . A trace of excitement flashed across his eyes .

“That’s the White Dragon Sovereign?”

Mu Chen also watched with a curious expression . It was impossible to get a clear glimpse of the light spirit’s features, but the dragon still spiraled with a fleeting, yet intimidating, demeanor that rippled between heaven and earth . It was a sight that struck fear and awe into the hearts of any who saw it .

“Onom . ”

The illusionary White Dragon Sovereign raised his hand and the white dragon roared . A burst of myriad color erupted like the burning sun and rose over the lake . The water instantly frothed and boiled .

Shuu! Shhhuu!

Five colors were shining brighter than any others and shot towards the five mountain pillars .


Each pillar of light touched one of the Milky Way waterfalls and split them open . The colors illuminated the cliff faces behind the waterfalls .

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The cliff faces tumbled down, one massive stone after another, revealing five huge seals to the eyes of the observers .


Everyone stared at the seals in shock .

“Onom . ”

The five ancient seals glowed with brilliant light and left their cliff faces like living creatures and gathered above the lake .


The moment the five seals gathered, the white dragon lifted its muzzle, roared towards the sky, and charged into the seals . There was a flash of light and the space began to distort, turning into a vortex of light a few dozen feet wide .


Another beam of light rushed out from the vortex and into the sky, bearing the image of a huge white dragon . The roars of dragons echoed for hundreds of miles . It was truly a spectacular sight to anyone in the White Dragon Hillock .

“The Sovereign Spirit Treasury has appeared!”

Everyone’s heartbeats quickened . The Sovereign Spirit Treasury that’d been hidden for several hundred years had finally appeared!


Someone shouted . Then countless figures rose up and rushed like locusts towards the vortex .

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Mu Chen’s dark pupils burned with excitement as well; he was very interested in the rumored Sovereign Spirit Treasury . He wanted to take the opportunity to make himself even stronger .

Thanks to Li Xuantong, he knew little more about Luo Li and her Luoshen Clan . More importantly, he knew that he needed to become even stronger . That was the only way he could help Luo Li, so that she wouldn’t have to bear the burden of saving millions upon millions of her clansmen . And to have her sink into despair while he helplessly watched .

However, he was still too weak . Even Li Xuantong could easily beat him . He had to grow stronger .

On the roof of that small building, the young boy had told the young girl that he would become a supreme expert .

He still had a long way to go before he got there . But luckily, there was still time for him to grow .

“Let’s go . ”

Mu Chen looked up and took in a deep breath of chilly air . Something reflected in his black pupils . His voice rumbled deep and low with resoluteness that couldn’t be heard . His road would be hard, but in this world, there was still something that he was willing to chase after, even if it required him to give everything he could .

Su Xuan also nodded as she reminded, “Be cautious . A Sovereign Spirit Treasury is no less dangerous than a dragon’s pool or a tiger’s cave . It won’t be easy to obtain the treasures the Sovereign left behind . ”

She lightly inhaled a breath of air, then became the first to move out . Counting Mu Chen and the other three, the four streaks of light entered the earth-shaking mass of bodies that flowed towards the huge glowing portal .

The moment Mu Chen entered the portal, he felt his surroundings ripple with chaos . His vision blacked out for a moment, then returned . At the same time, a surge of heat blew directly on his face .

Mu Chen opened his eyes with an expression of astonishment . Before him was a vast lake of magma and he was standing on a platform in the middle of it all . Flashes of light continued at regular intervals as one figure after another materialised on the platform .

Mu Chen swept his eyes around the island and suddenly realised that all of his party members were missing .

“Were we separated by the portal’s space ripples?” Mu Chen frowned . This Sovereign Spirit Treasury was indeed worthy of its name . This was a man-made dimension . He was shocked by just thinking about how it could’ve been created . However, Mu Chen knew that one would have to be exceptionally powerful to open a space in a place such as the Great Thousand World .

Even a Heavenly Completion Stage expert wouldn’t be able to accomplish that .

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The Great Thousand World was a place where a host of other planes intersected, and as a result, the stability of this place was far greater than average . Experts who were powerful enough to tear apart space in the Lower Planes wouldn’t make so much as a crack in the Great Thousand World . And if an expert from the Great Thousand World ever visited a Lower Plane, they’d easily cause a major disaster .

Mu Chen shook his head . It looked like they’d been temporarily separated; however, they’d probably run across each other, sooner or later . They were strong enough, as long as they didn’t encounter any peculiar troubles . But, right now, he had to take care of himself, first .

Mu Chen looked around . The stone platform he stood on wasn’t the only one in this gigantic lake of magma . The sounds of a commotion drifted from somewhere far away .

“I should leave this place, first . ”

Mu Chen took two steps forward and his line of sight was drawn to the other end of the magma lake . That place should be connected to the depths of the Spirit Treasury .

“Hmm? What’s that?”

Just when Mu Chen was about to skim off, a few cries of surprise sounded from his stone platform .

Mu Chen was alerted by those cries and his eyes snapped back to the source . A fiery-red lotus was blooming on the surface of magma . The center of the flower blazed with flames and within those flames were more thumb-size lotuses of fire .

Ripples of astonishing Spiritual Energy fluctuated throughout the space . The air itself felt like it was on fire .


Mu Chen looked at the floating fiery-red lotus and, at first, drew a blank . Then, he recognised it and asked, “Is that the Fire Spirit Lotus?”

The Fire Spirit Lotus was an extremely rare treasure . Its seeds were formed from the purest Flame Spiritual Energy that could be found between the heavens and earth . It possessed a god-level effect for refining the physique and also had great benefits towards cultivation .

Even in the auction house, the price of such a treasure wouldn’t be low . But, right now, there were so many of them floating on the magma lake .

“That’s the Fire Spirit Lotus?!!”

When Mu Chen identified the burning lotus blossoms, a surge of surprised cries burst out from the experts around him . A heavy feeling of greed settled within countless pairs of eyes . Never could they have imagined such wealth just after entering the Spirit Treasury . The Sovereign Spirit Treasury was, indeed, worthy of its name .

Mu Chen licked his lips as he swept his eyes over the vast lake of magma . His heart jumped at seeing so many Fire Spirit Lotuses .

As far as he knew, it was rare to find Fire Spirit Lotuses growing in such large clumps . But, if they did, then there was a chance that another rare treasure would be born .

The Fire Celestial Lotus .

It was an evolved form of the Fire Spirit Lotus . It could greatly enhance the progress of those who cultivated fire attribute Spiritual Arts . Although Mu Chen didn’t cultivate that particular aspect, it’d be a great benefit to the Nine Netherflames that he’d merged with .

“There are so many Fire Spirit Lotuses growing in this place, so there must be one that’s succeeded in its evolution!”

A look of determination flashed through Mu Chen’s eyes . Just as he was prepared to leap, a loud laugh burst out from someone behind him . Then, a figure leaped before him, heading directly towards one of the Fire Spirit Lotuses .

“Haha! So many Fire Spirit Lotuses! What luck!”

The figure was heading directly towards the Fire Spirit Lotus . Mu Chen narrowed his eyes .


The figure landed on top of the Fire Spirit Lotus and clutched at it while laughing . However, the moment he prepared to pluck it, the magma underneath him burst upwards and a scarlet shadow twisted itself around his legs . With a violent jerk, he was dragged into the magma .


He cried mournfully . A green smoke rose from the spot he’d disappeared .

Mu Chen, and any others who’d been ready to act, instantly recalculated with different expressions on their faces . So there was such vicious creatures lurking under the magma?