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The Great Ruler - Chapter 249

Published at 3rd of January 2017 01:17:57 PM

Chapter 249

Chapter 249 — The Power of the Stone Statue

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Bai Dong’s voice was filled with bloodlust and malice as it filled the air around him and attracted the attention of many . When they saw that Bai Dong’s rage was directed towards one particular young man, they were startled, then their expressions turned to pity . This young man dared to provoke White Dragon City’s Young Master? Did he not know that Bai Dong always took revenge on any grievances he has suffered?

But their sympathy was nothing more than sympathy; no one came to Mu Chen’s aid . White Dragon City was one of the three most powerful forces within a thousand miles of the White Dragon Hillock . Only the Heavenly Dipper Sword Faction and the Earthen Way Sect could stand up to them; all others were somewhere below in strength . There hadn’t been enough time for the news about the White Dragon Sovereign’s Spirit Treasury to spread, and as a result, any forces larger than these three hadn’t had enough time to arrive .

It’d be unwise to provoke them here .

Mu Chen smiled at Bai Dong’s savage expression . “Your face looks unbalanced with that one ear hanging . Should I help you fix that?”

Bai Dong was so pissed that his eyes turned red . All these years in the White Dragon Hillock and he’d never suffered anything like this . This was one of the greatest humiliations he’d ever suffered . He definitely had to avenge this blood debt .

“Elder Qiu, catch him!” Bai Dong said through his teeth . “This time, don’t let him die so easily . Since the heavens have seen fit to put him before me once again, then I want to torment him . To let him know that living is a painful thing!”

The grey-robed Elder Qiu nodded and watched Mu Chen with an expression of dark amazement . He felt disbelief . How did this kid escape from the magma lake? Could he possess some sort of Spiritual Artifact that allowed him to hide in those boiling depths?

Elder Qiu shook his head . It didn’t matter anymore . Since this brat was still alive, then all that mattered was that he had to defeat him again .

He fixed his eyes on Mu Chen and slowly took a step out from their neat ranks . A majestic Spiritual Energy swept out and revealed his strength as a Heavenly Transform Stage Initial Phase .

“Heavenly Transform Stage Initial Phase…”

Li Qing’s face changed as she watched the grey-robed elder . She didn’t know what’d happened between Mu Chen and these guys, but she knew that she’d never abandon Mu Chen .

“Mu Chen, I’ll deal with him . If I use the Draconic Spirit Bracelet, I won’t be any weaker than him . ” Li Qing said through her teeth . Since they still haven’t met up with Su Xuan and the others, she had to be the one to move .

Mu Chen shook his head . “Senior Sister Li Qing, if you act, then those white robes back there will act too… Plus, they’re probably the ones who ambushed us in the forest . They’re from the Demonic Dragon Palace . ”


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Li Qing’s face abruptly changed as astonishment filled her charming eyes . The White Dragon City was actually a subordinate to the Demonic Dragon Palace?

“Let me deal with that old man . Right now, experts are gathering here like clouds, so White Dragon City, won’t show their true strength so easily . I’ll string them along until Senior Sister Su Xuan arrives . Then, we can confidently face them,” Mu Chen explained .

“But you…” Li Qing was alarmed as she tried to stop him . However, she paused as she thought about all of the hidden cards that Mu Chen had up his sleeve — he had so many that even she couldn’t see the end of them . If Mu Chen wanted to act, then he probably had a way to protect himself .

“Alright, then . You be careful . ” Li Qing said as she nodded .

Mu Chen nodded back and stepped forward, though his eyes were pinned on the grey-robed elder with a chill in his eyes . That old fart had thrown him into the magma lake earlier . If the Nine Netherflames hadn’t protected Mu Chen, he wouldn’t have escaped from that . Now that they were facing each other again, Mu Chen wasn’t going to make it as easy .

“Little brat, it looks like your life isn’t as small as I thought . ”

The grey-robed elder looked down on Mu Chen, clenched his fist and a black spear appeared with a flash . The elder was a straightforward man . He cut the small talk as his Spiritual Energy surged, affecting the Spiritual Aura around them, then thrust the spear forward .


The Spiritual Aura surged and it seemed as if the spear had torn the very air apart . The image of a spear, tens of feet in length, flashed like lightning towards Mu Chen .

Many of the spectators trembled in fear at the sheer strength behind that attack . This old man was ruthless; he was so cautious, even though he was only facing a Heavenly Fusion Stage youth .

Mu Chen coldly smiled and took a large leap forward . His five fingers curled into a fist . With a low snarl, he punched .


A pitch-black Spiritual Energy swept out from Mu Chen’s fist like a tidal wave . Six Limitless Death Seals formed in an instant and the natural Spiritual Aura roiled violently .


The Six Limitless Death Seals appeared, joined head-to-tail, and flew out . In a flash, they heavily collided with the sharp spear light .

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A violent Spiritual Energy swept outwards . A black light streaked out like a comet and cut through the spear light like a hot knife through butter, then continued towards the grey-robed elder .

A commotion broke out among the spectators . They thought that Mu Chen should’ve been holed up on the defense against this genuine Heavenly Transform Stage expert . But who could’ve imagined that it was the other way around? Not only was Mu Chen not guarding, but he was actually exerting such frightening attacks .

Of course, these people could tell how powerful Mu Chen’s attack was . The light seal was clearly a rather powerful Spiritual Art; otherwise, he wouldn’t have broken the grey-robed elder’s attack so easily .

“Hmph . ”

The elder watched the black streak soar towards him and sensed the overbearing ripples it contained . He focused his eyes and coldly snorted from his mouth as his claw tore down .

“Heaven Tearing Demonic Dragon Claw!”


Surges of black Spiritual Energy, similar to a gigantic dragon’s claw, tore towards Mu Chen’s attack . There was a chill to it, as if it could even shred mountains into pieces .


The black dragon claw tore through the sky and met the black light . A surge of violent Spiritual Energy emanated out as the light was broken apart .

Even though the claw had destroyed the streak, it’d suffered many cracks and ultimately crumbled into pieces .

The grey-robed elder burst forward like a wisp of green smoke and appeared before Mu Chen in an instant . The spear in his hand pierced the air between them as he aimed for Mu Chen’s throat .

Mu Chen’s eyes were cold as he tapped the air with his finger . The Nine-layered Pagoda appeared in a flash and obstructed the spear like a shield .


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A metallic clash rang out with a violent Spiritual Energy . Mu Chen retreated ten steps and the Nine-layered Pagoda was sent flying .

Onom .

However, as the Nine-layered Pagoda fell back, it circulated its black light and expanded even further until it was a hundred feet tall . Then, it turned around and bore down on the grey-robed elder .

“Get lost!”

The grey elder barked as he brandished his black spear and formed a series of spear images, similar to soaring black dragons . However, the Nine-layered Pagoda withstood those attacks, though it’d been forced back a little more .


The grey-robed elder sent out another spear, this time battering the Nine-layered pagoda upwards by a thousand meters . A cold light flashed across his eyes and his image blurred for a moment .

“Demon Soaring Step!”


His form pierced through the skies like a demonic dragon . In the next instant, he reappeared over Mu Chen’s head, even as countless pairs of eyes watched him . His expression was grave as he swiped another claw at Mu Chen .


A torrential Spiritual Energy surged from that claw and was aimed down towards Mu Chen’s head . It looked like Mu Chen would be torn apart, if he was hit by that attack!

Li Qing cried out in alarm as she clutched the Draconic Spiritual Bracelet on her wrists . “Mu Chen!” The bracelets glowed with a blinding spiritual light . It was clear she intended to move .

“Brat, die!” The grey-robed elder barked as he continued his vicious attacks .

Mu Chen raised his head and looked at the elder’s fierce attacks . However, instead of panicking, his black pupils were painted with a chill .

The grey-robed elder sensed that chill and suddenly felt uneasy .

“It’s not that easy for you to kill me!”

Mu Chen smiled at the grey-robed elder as he curled his fingers . An old stone statue appeared and started glowing and expanding . A mottled fist heavily collided with the black dragon claw with a punch that carried mountain-shattering strength .


The sky trembled when the two clashed, and surges of violent energy swept out .


Everyone saw the grey-robed elder go into shock as his body was violently jolted and he spat out a mouthful of blood . He flew back a few thousand meters and was in a sorry state .


The entire area near the black basin exploded with cries of shock . The elder turned his eyes towards Mu Chen . He didn’t know how it’d happened, but a ten-foot-tall stone statue had suddenly materialised in front of Mu Chen . The statue’s body flickered with a light as it maintained its stance with its fist in front — clearly the fist that’d sent Elder Qiu flying backwards .

“It’s that stone statue?!” Even Li Qing felt shocked . But now she understood . So Mu Chen had actually subdued the stone statue . She didn’t know what methods he’d pulled to achieve that, but it’s no wonder why he didn’t fear the the grey-robed elder . So he had such confidence .


Mu Chen watched the grey elder sail backwards . Then he tapped his foot on the stone statue’s shoulder and flew down like a large roc . His cold eyes were fixed on Bai Dong .

This guy was simply too vicious — even Mu Chen was pissed at him, and that’s saying something . He’d finally decided to deal with Bai Dong now, while he had the chance . Since there was already an irreconcilable blood debt between them, Mu Chen was no longer worried about grudges .


When Bai Dong saw Mu Chen flying towards him, his face finally changed .

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