The Great Ruler - Chapter 270

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Chapter 270

Chapter 270 – Spiritual Lotus Surrounds Demon’s Gate

When the White Dragon Spiritual Pearl appeared in Mu Chen’s hand, his palm suddenly clenched . As a faint white light was released, the deep roars of dragon seemed to have come along with it .


The White Dragon Spiritual Pearl in his palm trembled as it resonated . The boundless Spiritual Energy was like a tidal wave as it flowed from Mu Chen’s palm into his body .

The Spiritual Energy was pure and powerful, and the roars of dragon seemed to be following it . It was vast and mighty as it filled Mu Chen’s body to the point that he found it a little painful . The power of the White Dragon Spiritual Pearl was way too majestic .

Mu Chen deeply inhaled a mouthful of air and didn’t dare to lose the slightest bit of concentration . His state of mind was submerged in the Heart Array State . As he borrowed the control ability granted by the state, the Spiritual Seals were being formed by both of his hands .

As his hand signs changed, everyone could see that a dazzling light was constantly fluctuating from within Mu Chen’s body . Under the ripples of the light halo, the Spiritual Seals were being formed at an frightening speed, one after another, from Mu Chen’s hands .

“He’s beginning to form Spiritual Seals!”

Someone exclaimed as their line-of-sight focused onto Mu Chen’s body .

Su Xuan, Su Ling’er and their group were also nervously directing their gazes at him . Forming Spiritual Seals wasn’t difficult . However, forming Spiritual Seals that could control ten Rank 3 Spiritual Arrays was the problem .

Under everyone’s gaze, the light around Mu Chen became denser as the amount of Spiritual Seals formed by him continued to drastically increase . In just a few short minutes, the amount of Spiritual Seals around Mu Chen had already amounted to over a hundred and was still increasing .

The shocking amount of Spiritual Seals made quite a few people’s eyelids twitch . Trying to form over a hundred Spiritual Seals would require someone to at least be a Rank 4 Spiritual Spiritual Array Master .

Members of the Demon’s Gate in the plaza became uneasy as smears of restlessness flashed across their eyes . Right now, they finally sensed danger .

He Yao’s eyes were still dark, but the hand that he had on the armrest slowly started to tighten . Small amounts of cracks were spreading along the armrest . His instincts told him that it’s best to obstruct Mu Chen right then . But the current situation forced him to be seated there, since he already gave the initiative over to Mu Chen earlier . If he disturbed Mu Chen, then it would show everyone there that, right now, there was fear in his heart . If that’s the case, then that was clearly something that He Yao could not tolerate .

“I’ll see to what extent can you reach!” His eyes were ice-cold as he locked onto Mu Chen’s figure . There wasn’t any expressions on his face, which made everyone else unable to speak a word .

On one the side, Yang Hong was also uneasily staring at Mu Chen with fear, jealousy and hatred flashing across his eyes . He could sense He Yao’s changes and, clearly, even the latter felt unease .

He tightly clenched his fist as he grounded his teeth . He refused to believe that Mu Chen could be so powerful to such an extent!

Onom! Onom!

Under all of the uneasy gazes in the plaza, Mu Chen’s body looked as though he had concealed himself under a dazzling light . The hundred plus Spiritual Seals, at this moment, had also seemed to have increased in quantity . Except, because of the dazzling light covering him, they’re unable to clearly see how many Spiritual Seals were formed by Mu Chen .

At this moment, everyone raised their heads with hope .

The powerful light gradually started to weaken after a long time and as the light gradually weakened, Mu Chen’s figure had, once again, appeared before everyone’s line-of-sight .

Everyone’s gaze was switched over in that instant as the irregular sound of someone breathing resounded .

The Spiritual Seals were densely packed around Mu Chen . That amount seemed to have surpassed five hundred and under that frightening amount, the people felt dizziness from the astonishment that they’d received .

“How is that possible?”

Someone cried out with overwhelming shock . They couldn’t imagine that someone at the Heavenly Fusion Stage Middle Phase could form so many Spiritual Seals . Furthermore, even if he could form so many Spiritual Seals, can he really control them?

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The arrangement of the Spiritual Arrays was extremely harsh and the slightest disorder would cause the Spiritual Arrays to collapse .

On a roof, Xu Qingqing was dumbfounded as she watched the scene before her . Not a single ridicule came out of her mouth . No matter how stupid she was, she could understand how frightening five hundred Spiritual Seals represented .

“Five hundred Spiritual Seals . ”

Before her, Xu Huang also deeply exhaled a breath . His usual calmness was replaced with disbelief as he muttered, “How could he control so many…?”

“Mu Chen is formidable . ” Su Ling’er’s eyes widened as she exclaimed in admiration .

Beside her, Li Qing and Guo Xiong exchanged a look and they noticed the shock from the other’s eyes . Since their mission from before, they already knew that Mu Chen wasn’t normal . Although this handsome youth appeared calm and undisturbed, he seemed to have possessed an endless amount of cards under his sleeves . Even though his age wasn’t that old, he would give other people a feeling of deep and unmeasurable potential .

Originally, everyone thought that Mu Chen would fight straightforwardly with He Yao . But no one expected him to secretly arrange so many Spiritual Arrays in the Demon Gate headquarters . Furthermore, what’s more frightening was that he could actually activate all those Spiritual Arrays at once .

“You guys have forgotten the fact that he is a Spiritual Array Master . Perhaps, he had already reached the heights of a Rank 4 Spiritual Array Master . ”

Su Xuan also said softly, “If I’ve not guessed incorrectly, Mu Chen should have comprehended the Heart Array State and it’s probably not in the Initial Phase . ”

Mu Chen truly was a Spiritual Array Master . However, the reason why he could control such a frightening amount of Spiritual Seals was only due to the fact that he had comprehended the Heart Array State . Furthermore, his attainments on it wasn’t low .

With his ability as a Rank 4 Spiritual Array Master, the powerful Heart Array State that he possessed, and adding the fact that he already made preparations long ago, it wasn’t impossible for him to control ten Rank 3 Spiritual Arrays after borrowing some external force .

Shhhuuuuu! Shuuuuu!

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While everyone was shocked at the frightening amount of Spiritual Seals, Mu Chen’s slender fingers lightly tapped them as they dragged a huge wind along with them . All of the Spiritual Seals flew out as they whistled; thereafter, they separated . Under everyone’s fearful gazes, the Spiritual Seals shot into the ten huge lumps of light that surrounded the Demon’s Gate .

As the Spiritual Seals entered them, everyone saw that the ten lumps of light were expanding at astonishing speeds . Complicated strings of Spiritual Energy intersected with one another and, thereafter, they gradually formed into ten huge massive Spiritual Arrays .

“Great Flame Demon Spiritual Array, Activate!”

Mu Chen’s indifferent voice resounded within the region and everyone could see the huge Spiritual Array bursting forth with scarlet light . Violent and blazing ripples swept out thereafter .

“Wind Demon Spiritual Array!” another Rank 3 Spiritual Array was successfully activated as the hurricane sounded like blades whistling in the air .

“Mountain Sealing Demonic Spiritual Array!”

“Roaring Gold Tiger Spiritual Spiritual Array!”

The name of each Spiritual Array was solemnly spoken out from Mu Chen’s mouth, one after another . Following his voice, a Rank 3 Spiritual Array was successfully activated .

In just a few dozen short breaths, the ten Spiritual Arrays in the sky were all activated as the lights spread out from them . The Spiritual Aura between the Heavens and Earth also became violent at this moment .

Everyone’s expressions were brilliant as they looked at those ten Spiritual Arrays and deeply exhaled as their hearts became filled with astonishment . No one could’ve imagined that Mu Chen was really capable of activating those ten Rank 3 Spiritual Arrays .

That fellow was truly monstrous .

“Big Brother Mu Chen’s frightening . ” the members of the Goddess Luo Association were blankly staring at the scene up in the sky . Even Ye Qingling, Zhou Ling and the rest had dumbfounded expressions written on their faces . Clearly, they also never expected Mu Chen to create such a scene .

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“So, the reason why he went missing was to prepare all of these . ” they exchanged glances . From the looks of it, once this fellow was enraged, he was indeed, horrifying .

Luo Li also raised her exquisite face as she quietly watched the weightless figure that was seated on the pavilion . The corner of her mouth rose into a soft smile .

In the plaza, it was absolutely silent . Those from the Demon’s Gate, who were laughing and did not care earlier on, had already lost the ability to laugh . Their faces were turning green as they looked at the ten huge Spiritual Arrays that surrounded their headquarters .

The frightening Spiritual Energy ripples made their feet go soft .

Obviously, the current them could not laugh anymore . How could they have expected that the freshman named Mu Chen would actually create such a large scale scene and completely surrounded their headquarters with Spiritual Arrays?

“Boss, what should we do?” Chen Hou’s lips trembled and his voice was a little hoarse . Being surrounded by ten Rank 3 Spiritual Arrays would cause even them to feel fear . If those ten Spiritual Arrays were aimed towards them, they felt that there wouldn’t be any way for them to survive .

The core members of the Demon’s Gate that were on standby also had their faces turn stiff . If it wasn’t for He Yao being there, they would have lost their wills long ago .

He Yao’s expression was dark as his palm abruptly increased in strength and the armrest of the chair instantly exploded .

As they remained silent, Mu Chen, who was seated on the towering pavilion, slowly opened his eyes . A smear of redness flashed across his face, but his black pupils were indifferently staring at those from the Demon’s Gate .

“Senior Brother He Yao . ”

Mu Chen indifferently called out in this quiet region . Everyone focused their gazes as the calm voice of this youth seemed to have possessed an indescribable pressure at that moment . The pressure was spreading from him and made it so that no one dared to belittle him .

“I wonder, does the current me possess the qualifications to pay a visit and seek some guidance from you?”