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The Great Ruler - Chapter 565

Published at 2nd of July 2018 03:00:45 AM

Chapter 565

Chapter 565 - Points

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“If you don’t hand the points over, everyone will leave an arm here . ”

As Mu Chen’s ice-cold voice rang out across the sky, the temperature of the entire region seemed to drop, causing shock to tremble through the hearts of quite a few groups . Looking over towards Mu Chen, everyone immediately noticed the lack of expression present on the handsome face of the former .

Clearly, at this moment, Mu Chen seemed to not be joking around .

“What did you say?!” The corner of Xiao Huang’s mouth twitched, before he fiercely roared . He never imagined that Mu Chen would have not the slightest intent to consider putting this matter behind him . Furthermore, he had even wanted them to leave an arm behind!

“I’m afraid that you don’t possess the qualifications to make us leave an arm behind!” Xiao Wang chillingly roared out, killing intent gushing from his eyes .

Shooting an indifferent look at them, Mu Chen didn’t continue talking any more useless words as the killing intent radiating from his body grew increasingly dense . The only reason why he had let of Mo Xiu and the other two leave so easily truly was due to the lack of any direct grudge and grievance between him and them . However, those people from the Multi-Academy Academy present before his eyes had been at odds with him ever since the beginning . Furthermore, Xiao Huang did not show the slightest bit of mercy towards him when he was trapped in the latter’s Spiritual Array earlier .

Moreover, Mu Chen had never believed that having an overly compassionate attitude was any good at all . Being compassionate wouldn’t bring about reverence . The reason why he had let Mo Xiu and the other two off so easily really was due to the reduction of future troubles . However, it had similarly allowed for some people to assume that after provoking him, Mu Chen wouldn’t make any frightening circumstances . However, once others had such a thought, Mu Chen’s future days wouldn’t be peaceful anymore .

Therefore, after showing the so-called ‘compassionate attitude’, he still needed to show a terrifying move to follow .  

Clearly . The former was shown to Mo Xiu and the other two . As for the latter, it should be reserved for the unlucky Xiao Huang and the Academy Alliance .

Turning his gaze towards Luo Li and Wen Qingxuan, Mu Chen slightly nodded his head .

Humm .

With the clench of her hand, the Luo God Sword in Luo Li’s hand erupted with a fierce brilliance . And indescribably incisive Sword Qi started to radiate, instantly causing the faint distortions in the surrounding space .

Quietly starring towards Xiao Huang and Xiao Wang, Luo Li slowly raised the tip of her sword, before locking it straight towards the two of them .

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At this moment, a sweet smile appeared on Wen Qingxuan’s face, one that appeared somewhat cold and chilly . Tightly clutching her golden war spear, her black hair flowed down like a river, while a shadow of indifference appeared within her willowy phoenix-like eyes . Bright golden light started to radiate from her body, bringing along tyrannical waves of Spiritual Energy fluctuations as they swept out .

As the two girls aimed towards Xiao Huang and Xiao Wang, a feeling of suppression abruptly radiated about, causing the hearts of numerous experts present in the region to turn sluggish, while an indescribable feeling of danger started to radiate from within .

“Let’s go!”

The eyes of the Xiao brothers rapidly sparkled, before both of them seemingly roared at the next instant . Transforming into rays of light, they rapidly shot across the horizon at lightning speed .


However, at the instant when they had made their move, Luo Li had already disappeared from her original position . Upon her reappearance, she had already stood right in front of the Xiao brothers like a spectre . At this moment, a calm and serene expression was present on her absolutely beautiful and exquisite face as the Luo God Sword in her hand slowly made a vertical slicing motion .


The space before her seemed to have been instantly sliced apart, while a sword light so fierce that it caused people to be unable to open their eyes shot out, hurtling towards Xiao Wang’s chest at lightning speed .

Seeing this, Xiao Wang’s face instantly contorted . Pulling the bowstring of the giant flaming bow in his hands, a flaming arrow abruptly shot out .


Under the chopping motion from the sword light, the flaming arrow instantly split apart . In the next instant, the sword light heavily chopped down on Xiao Wang’s chest without the slightest bit of mercy .

Crack .

Xiao Wang’s robes were instantly ripped apart, while an inner armor vest that was sparkling with spiritual light appeared in everyone’s view . Clearly, this was a defensive Spiritual Item . Dense halos instantly erupted from the inner armor vest, shielding Xiao Wang within .

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However, this protection only lasted for a split second . Facing against the merciless sword from Luo Li, the defense formed by the inner armor vest only lasted for an instant before being penetrated by the former .

Blood immediately shot out from Xiao Wang’s chest as he was sent flying back akin to suffering from a heavy blow . Shooting straight towards a mountain peak, his body was instantly embedded into the mountain cliff, showing an extremely miserable sight .  

Holding the Luo God Sword in her hand, Luo Li stood in the air, her long silver hair fluttering about in the gentle breeze, while her robes accentuated her soul-stirring curves . Such an absolutely beautiful and breathtaking spectacle caused everyone who saw her to gasp in admiration .


Across the horizon, as golden light perfused, a clear cry of a phoenix rang out as another miserable figure appeared, shaking and causing the towering giant trees along its path to explode as it flew by .

The figure retreated hundreds of metres back before finally being able to stabilise himself in a miserable fashion . As everyone looked over, what they saw was precisely Xiao Huang . However, at this moment, his face was deathly pale, while blood surfaced at the corner of his mouth, no longer giving the same presence as before .  

A golden light shot towards him before Wen Qingxuan appeared in a flash . Clutching the golden war spear in her hands, she pointed the tip towards Xiao Huang, while her phoenix-like eyes were brimming with chilling intent .

Although the might of the Spiritual Array arranged by Xiao Huang was powerful, once he had lost his Spiritual Array, the combat prowess he could display was in fact weaker than Xiao Wang by a notch . Therefore, how could he be a match for Wen Qingxuan?

Low clamoring noises instantly rang out across the entire region as the gazes heading towards Luo Li and Wen Qingxuan were filled with gasps of admiration . The strength displayed by the two girls were considerably intimidating to their eyes .

Naturally, though, it wasn’t a surprise to them that Wen Qingxuan possessed such strength; after all, she was the former Numero Uno and the current rank 3 in the rankings . However, they were exceedingly unfamiliar towards Luo Li . Although this girl possessed an appearance and personality not one bit inferior to Wen Qingxuan, she had an entirely different character compared to the former .  

Wen Qingxuan’s arrogance, and strong stance was just like a phoenix soaring across the horizon . As for Luo LI, she appeared calm and quiet, just like a lotus in a deep valley .

Therefore, when they saw that this girl, which had been quietly following by Mu Chen’s side, had actually displayed such astonishing strength, it was inevitable for them to become gobsmacked .

Seeing how miserable the Xiao brother’s were, the faces of Mo Yu and the others of the Academy Alliance turned deathly pale . At this time, they didn’t even have the heart to run away, while the feeling of being powerless after defeat brimmed within their eyes .  

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The Mu Chen before their eyes was clearly someone that they could no longer contend against . The growth rate of the former had far surpassed their expectations .

Sweeping an indifferent gaze across them, Mu Chen turned his eyes towards Xiao Huang once again . With a faint smile on his face, he said, “There is still no change in your decision, right?”

As his voice rang out, without waiting for Xiao Huang to give his reply, Mu Chen raised his palm and made a throat-slicing action towards Luo Li and Wen Qingxuan .

Seeing this, Luo Li and Wen Qingxuan nodded their heads . As a chill surfaced within their beautiful eyes, they prepared to take action again .

“Wait!” Xiao Huang’s face violently contorted as he hastily roared . From the looks of Mu Chen’s indifferent gaze, as well as the chilling eyes of the two girls, he knew that if he hesitated just one bit longer, he might truly leave an arm behind .

“I’ll give the points!” growled Xiao Huang, before turning his gaze towards Mo Yu and the others . Seeing this, the latter few hesitated awhile . However, upon seeing the fierce gaze coming from Xiao Huang, the only thing they could do was to give a bitter sigh before tossing their Academy Plaques to the former .  

Truthfully speaking, they weren’t from the same Spiritual Academy as Xiao Huang . They came together to form the Academy Alliance due to the strength of Xiao Huang and Xiao Wang, as well as wanting to obtain some benefits . However, from the looks of it now, not only did they get no benefits out of it, they had even lost all their points as a result .  

This caused them to feel like crying, while an additional feeling of disappointment towards Xiao Huang surfaced within their hearts . Exchanging glances with one another, all of them knew that there was no longer any good left for this Academy Alliance… 

Xiao Huang wasn’t privy to their thoughts as he received the Academy Plaques from them . Clenching his teeth, he proceeded to toss all of them to Mu Chen .  

With a flick of his finger, Mu Chen sent all of the Academy Plaques shooting towards Wen Qingxuan, causing the latter to slightly gawk in response .  

“Didn’t I say that I owe you a Numero Uno place…? With these 20,000, even though you still aren’t able to reach first place again, the distance would be extremely small,” said Mu Chen as he sent a smile towards Wen Qingxuan

At this moment, Wen Qingxuan possessed approximately 20,000 . As for the first place, Ji Xuan, his points had already reach a staggering 50,000 . Clearly, during the few days where Wen Qingxuan was trapped, Ji Xuan had been doing his best to widen the disparity .  

Receiving the Academy Plaques, Wen Qingxuan hesitated for a bit, before finally nodding her head . With a flash of radiance erupting from her jade-like hand, she whisked all of 20,000 points away .  

As she did so, the number of points her group possessed immediately shot up to approximately 40,000, instantly exceeding the original number 2 on the rankings, Wu Ling .  

On the mountain peak not far away, upon seeing the sparkle appear on the Academy Plaque in his hand,Wu Ling gave a helpless shrug . Nevertheless, he didn’t feel any worry from this, as he was extremely clear that there would be some earth-shattering changes happening to the point rankings in the last moments of the Great Spiritual Academy Tournament… 

“Looks like Xiao Huang and his Academy Alliance have burnt their hands trying to get a piece of the pie,” said Wu Ling with a faint smile .

“They’re simply frauds . ” Wu Yingying fumed as she spoke out . Naturally, she was talking about the matter of Wen Qingxuan being stronger than them .

“Those are points that people have risked their lives to obtain . How is that fraudulent?” Wu Ling appeared to not care as he waved his hands about . Yet, his eyes were casting an exceedingly interested gaze towards the figure of the thin youth in the distance .

He knew that after this fight, Ji Xuan and Mu Chen were already in incomplete opposition of one another .

After taking the points away, Wen Qingxuan casually tossed back the Academy Plaques towards Xiao Huang . Upon receiving them and see them with half of their points gone, the latter’s heart instantly started to ache while his face started to twitch .

Xiao Huang’s group, which was originally placed at 9th on the rankings had half of their points taken away, causing them to immediately drop out of the Top 16 .

“Let’s go!” 

Xiao Huang shot a vicious glare at Mu Chen, his heart brimming with anger and fury . Nevertheless, he did not dare to reveal them . With a wave of his hand, he brought along Xiao Wang, who had finally managed to struggle and tug himself free from the mountain cliff as they rapidly retreated away . Their retreating figures appeared somewhat miserable, akin to dogs running away with their tails between their legs .

After hesitating awhile, Mo Yu and the others followed suit . Nevertheless, they kept an extremely far distance between them and the Xiao brothers .

This time, Mu Chen did not obstruct Xiao Huang and the Academy Alliance from retreating . Raising his head up, he looked towards the far distance, his handsome face appeared calm and collected . Merely, an extremely fierce and chilling glint gushed from the depths of his black pupils .

Ji Xuan . Since you want to play this game, this time, I’ll accompany you to the very end .  

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