The Great Ruler - Chapter 712

Published at 29th of August 2018 07:47:38 AM

Chapter 712


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The pitch-black glowing wing flashed across the sky and collided head on with the suppressing Blood Hawk War Seal .

But as the collision occurred, there was no expected cry . Instead, as the two powerful fighting spirits came into contact, only vibrations could be felt . Both powers were trying to engulf one another, hoping to counter and suppress each other .

Everyone's attention was focused on the sky .

While the two parties refused to budge, Wu Tian's face turned grey . This was not the situation he wanted to be in . His Blood Hawk Troop was almost five times larger in number than Nine Nether Troop . His troop should be overpowering theirs .

"We shall see how long you can last!" Wu Tian said it with a cold face . He changed his formation again, only to see more bloody fighting spirits blasted out, charging towards the Blood Hawk War Seal .

The sudden surge in the Blood Hawk War Seal's strength caused Mu Chen to gaze with a serious expression . He took a deep breath and swung his arm like an axe .

A beam of light swept across the sky . As the black glowing wing swept across, the crack on the Blood Hawk War Seal widened to its maximum, splitting itself into two at the end .

Boom .

The Blood Hawk War Seal was blown up in the sky . Fragments scattered like stardust and eventually dispersed .

Wu Tian and the Blood Hawk Troop stood where the fragments dispersed with dazed expressions on their faces .


In the sky outside the battlefield, an uproar burst out in astonishment . The top powers looked at each other and did not know how Mu Chen managed to achieve this .

No matter what, the fighting spirit of the Blood Hawk Troop should be much stronger .

Xu Qing watched in surprise, and could not help but ask Lord Asura, "What's going on?" Under normal circumstances, Nine Nether Troop should have been the defeated ones!

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Lord Asura also knit his eyebrow slightly . He squinted and said softly, "Mu Chen is really not that simple . Can't you tell now?"

Xu Qing hesitated for a moment before he said, "The fighting spirit of Nine Nether Troop seems to be more formidable in his hands . "

"If you were the commander of the troop, could you do that, too?" Lord Asura asked .

Xu Qing paused for a while and shook his head . If he were to command the Nine Nether Troop, he would not be able to beat the Blood Hawk Troop commanded by Wu Tian .

"That's right . This means that Mu Chen surpassed all of you when it comes to understanding and controlling the fighting spirit," Lord Asura said .

"How could it be possible?" Xu Qing exclaimed in astonishment . "Mu Chen has not been here in the Daluo Territory for long, and he has not come across any fighting spirit in the past, while they have already been studying it for a few years . " 

"That is why I said he is not simple," Lord Asura said calmly .

Xu Qing was speechless . "So did he win the battle bet this time?"

"Not that easily . Although Mu Chen has a better understanding and control of the fighting spirit than you all, the Blood Hawk Troop is also not an easy opponent . On top of that, Wu Tian is not an ordinary character, either . If he wants to fight all out, Mu Chen will have trouble since Nine Nether Troop has its own flaw by nature," Lord Asura continued .

Xu Qing nodded and lifted his head again to stare at the slim figure .

On the other side, Lord Blood Hawk was sulking while the two troops were engaged in a stagnant battle . His expression turned livid when the Blood Hawk War Seal was broken .


The loud hmph from the Lord Blood Hawk rang like a clap of thunder in Wu Tian's ear, waking him up from his dazed state . His face was instantly pale .

Mu Chen looked at Wu Tian as his face turned pale . He smiled at him and said, "Seems like numbers will not necessarily win the battle . " Mu Chen could not let go of any chance to mock him .

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Wu Tian's expression was a little twisted . He stared at Mu Chen with hatred and said coldly, "Mu Chen, it's still too early to be happy!

"You really think that my Blood Hawk Troop is made out of mud, that easily defeated?" Wu Tian exclaimed with anger . He stomped the blood spear in his hand with a ferocious look . The engulfing bloody fighting spirit gushed towards Mu Chen all at once like a raging flood .

After losing one round, Wu Tian had lost the calmness he had had at the beginning .

Mu Chen watched the massive incoming attack, but he did not fumble . As his sleeves swung, Nine Nether Troop's fighting spirit gushed out and collided head-on with the incoming waves of Blood Hawk fighting spirit .

Dong! Dong!

Two groups of fighting spirits collided with each other in wave after wave, causing a thunderous roar in the sky . The wind grew violent, whirling up the sand and the stones in the air, creating an appalling atmosphere .

This was the type of attack commanded by Wu Tian, but looking at it closely, his bombastic attacks could neither tear down Nine Nether Troop's defenses, nor hurt Mu Chen or any warriors in the troop .

His skill in controlling the fighting spirit was less proficient than Mu Chen's!

As Wu Tian increased his attacks, he started to notice this as well . Even though he did not wish to admit it, the cold hard fact made him realize that aimless attacks would only drag out the battle . As time went on, the situation would be disadvantageous to them when they should have been winning effortlessly .

"This a**hole!"

Wu Tian's eyes were sore, red, and raging with fire . He gritted his teeth . No matter what price they needed to pay, they must win the battle or else Lord Blood Hawk would be furious .

"You forced me into it!" Wu Tian mumbled coldly as he swung his sleeves again . The enveloping attacks suddenly halted for a moment . He cast a revengeful gaze on Mu Chen before he lowered his head, looked at his Blood Hawk Troop, and said coldly, "Blood Sacrificing Fighting Spirit!"

Upon his yell, the troop paused for a moment with hesitation in their eyes . Finally, they all bit the tips of their tongues and countless blood arrows shot out from their mouths .

Shoo! Shoo!

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These blood arrows rushed to join the massive fighting spirit, adding more color to the bloody fighting spirits . From afar, it seemed like a stream of blood was flowing while the faces of the Blood Hawk Troops paled in comparison .


The sticky, bloody fighting spirit tumbled behind Wu Tian, and the pungent smell of the blood soared into the sky, causing the heaven and earth to turn gloomy as if were the end of the world .

"Bloody Devil Broken Deity Spears!"

Wu Tian's face turned malevolent . He made a formation with both of his hands and then pulled both his palms upwards . An ocean of blood soared into the sky, gathered above the clouds, and eventually, fell like rain .

An approximately 1,000-foot-long Bloody Devil Deity Spear emerged gradually from that rainfall of blood . As the spear appeared, the land seemed to be blowing and shuddering with cold wind .

The facial expressions of the top powers outside of the battlefield changed . Wu Tian must have been really crazy to have used the most formidable trump card in Blood Hawk Troop . That attack could even kill a Grade Three Sovereign in seconds! 

Tang Bing and the rest all turned pale . They had never thought that Wu Tian would go to these lengths .

Nine Nether looked coldly at Lord Blood Hawk and said, "People from Blood Hawk Palace are really ruthless . "

"We, Blood Hawk Palace, never show mercy when we fight . " Lord Blood Hawk sneered .

A coldness flickered in Nine Nether's beautiful eyes . But she did not say anything more, except to focus her attention on the slim figure standing in mid-air above the Nine Nether Troop .

She had already made up her mind . If the situation turned the other way, even if it was against the rules, she would resort to making her moves .

"Mu Chen, let me see how you can evade this!" Wu Tian laughed hideously . As the blood rained down, his face looked even more twisted and horrifying in it .

Mu Chen squinted while looking at the cold Bloody Devil Deity Spear floating in mid-air . He did not answer Wu Tian, who was very excited . Instead, he slowly closed his eyes .

A low voice rang in the heart of every Nine Nether warrior like a murmur, "As long as you are fearless, I will lead you to defeat any enemies . "



The voice rang in every Nine Nether warriors' heart as they stuck their halberts into the ground, held them with both hands, and knelt down on one knee .

Their heads slowly bowed towards the slender figure in mid-air .

Boom! Boom!

In that instant, a series of magnificent fighting spirits sprouted out like jets of ink . They eventually turned into a whirling windstorm surrounding Mu Chen . The howling cries of the windstorm included the roars of those who desired to fight .

Mu Chen slowly released his palms as he allowed the fighting spirit to roar as loud as it wanted . His will harmonized with the raging fighting spirit…

The fighting spirit windstorm increased at an astonishing speed .

Everyone's facial expressions changed . Even the hideous look on Wu Tian's face was changing .

They could feel that the fighting spirit surrounding Mu Chen had multiplied many times . Within a few seconds, the fighting spirit had already surpassed the fighting spirit formed by the Blood Hawk Troop!

"How could this be possible…?"

Among the soundless exclamations, they watched the figure extend both of his arms within the windstorm . For a while, they were speechless . This young man had already reached such a level in controlling the fighting spirit?