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The Great Ruler - Chapter 796

Published at 2nd of October 2018 07:32:48 PM

Chapter 796

The dark golden light pillar stood between heaven and earth, penetrating the thick clouds . The entire Dragon-Phoenix Platform was dazzling under the illumination of the dark gold light pillar .

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Everyone looked blankly at the pillar, which stood out from the rest . As the light shone on their faces, their expressions began to change .

They did not understand the result of Mu Chen's detection . What did it mean? Did it mean that the Dragon-Phoenix Blood Essence in Mu Chen's body was so powerful that it was incomparable?

Judging from the previous detections, Fang Yi and the Prince of Netherworld had successfully cultivated the Real Dragon Body, and this had shocked almost everyone . Who would have thought that the result of Mu Chen's detection was far more daunting?

How did he manage to achieve such a rich intensity of Dragon-Phoenix Blood Essence in his body, and how much did he have?

Not only did many top powers on the ground feel shocked about it, but the top powers on the platform were also looking at each other, feeling bewildered, too .

Fang Yi and the Prince of Netherworld frowned slightly as they stared at Mu Chen, who was standing in the light pillar . Their eyes were flickering while they looked at each other with intertwining gazes before finally looking away .

Su Biyue, Snapper, Ding Xuan, and the rest looked stern, as they sensed strong oppression emanating from Mu Chen .

The expression on Liu Yan's face darkened . His eyes became somber as the killing desire deeply intensified .

The dark gold light pillar continued to shine under countless gazes before it gradually weakened and disappeared completely into Mu Chen's body .

Mu Chen slowly opened his half-closed eyes and took a glance at the quiet Dragon-Phoenix Platform . His brow knitted slightly as his spiritual energy started to circulate again .

The sudden revelation of the Dragon-Phoenix Blood Essence in his body was beyond his expectation . If possible, he would rather not have revealed it at all . It made him everyone's target since he would be the person with the highest chance of obtaining the Dragon-Phoenix Legacy .

In that case, it would inevitably invite jealousy and hatred from the rest . He could see it already in those wary gazes that were cast on him now, and such wary gazes had been previously directed at Fang Yi and the Prince of Netherworld .

Fortunately, he and Cai Xiao had joined hands, which could stop any top powers from doing anything reckless .

The light beams dissipated, and the platform returned to silence once again . The eyes of the top powers flickered, but none of them took the lead in any action .

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Mu Chen lifted his head and took a look at the platforms made from the Phoenix wings . The Dragon-Phoenix Legacy was on the highest point of the platforms . Whoever wanted to obtain it would need to climb to the top .

And whoever reached the top would have a greater chance of obtaining the legacy . Right now, none of them dared to break the current stalemate situation, lest they attract hostility from others .

However, Mu Chen knew that this stalemate would not last for very long .

The first person who budged was Fang Yi, who was a fearsome person ranked number one in the Dragon-Phoenix Record . His eyes swept across Mu Chen and Cai Xiao . He smiled and said, "Since no one wants to take the lead, let me be the first then . "

He was a daring person with formidable skills . Apparently, he did not care if anyone was bold enough to fight with him . Without waiting for an answer, he stamped his foot and rose from the ground as his body floated in mid-air .


While Fang Yi made his move, the Prince of Netherworld beamed into a light that flashed like lightning across the sky as he quickly flitted across the platforms .

Bang! Bang!

The peaceful situation on the platform was instantly stirred as both of them made their moves . All the spiritual energy surrounding the bodies of the top powers started to fluctuate profusely . The platforms shook as the figures rushed towards the sky .

Mu Chen and Cai Xiao looked at each other before they beamed out, too .

Countless gazes were watching the various beams of light excitedly because they knew the long-awaited battle on the Dragon-Phoenix Platform was finally unfolding .

But they were unable to anticipate who would ascend to the top of the platform . Nonetheless, a significant change was going to be made to the Dragon-Phoenix Record in the North Territory .


Mu Chen maximized his speed as he overtook each level of the platforms . As he looked up, he used his spiritual energy to send a message to Cai Xiao . The higher you go, the fewer platforms there will be . The platforms are the only way to get to the top . By then we should occupy one each .

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From the information Mu Chen had, the base levels had enough platforms to accommodate all of them . Therefore, it was easy to make their way through without the need to fight . But as one got closer to the top, the number of platforms decreased drastically . At that point, there were fewer platforms and eventually, a battle would have to break out for them .  

Cai Xiao nodded and said, "Be careful then!"

Shoo! Shoo!

Close to 100 beams of light flitted towards the sky like comets . They passed the golden platforms without stopping . The scene was quite spectacular, yet the rest of the people who stood between the heaven and earth gradually clenched their fists, as they could sense the aggressive spiritual energy circulating in the dark around the figures .

Suddenly, someone from the crowd exclaimed, "The number of platforms has decreased!" and countless people looked up . High above the sky, the platforms that were once abundant in number had reduced significantly . There was obviously an insufficient amount of platforms for all of them to advance to the next level .


Nearly 100 streams of light rushing up in a straight line began to split . Those figures who were at the front flitted like lightning, and took the lead to occupy the platforms .

However, none of the top powers were easy-going people . It was obviously impossible for them to buy the idea of first-come-first-served . Thus, some of their eyes flickered with killing intent and rushed towards platforms that were already taken . Violent spiritual energy rushed towards the sky .

Bang! Bang!

Spiritual energy violently swept out almost instantaneously . The previous harmonious atmosphere had already been replaced with raging killings .

Mu Chen and Cai Xiao's speed was considered to be fast . Thus, they seized a platform each right from the beginning .

But when Mu Chen had just set foot on his platform, a violent spiritual energy fluctuation swept towards him, and a loud scream was heard, "Get out of my way!"

Mu Chen remained calm, but there was a faint golden light glowing on the surface of his skin that looked like a layer of fine golden dragon scales . Subsequently, he slapped his palm forward .

A shockwave visible to the eyes instantly radiated out as both fist and palm pressed firmly against each other . Mu Chen did not move an inch while the figure quivered a few steps back .

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Mu Chen lifted his head and saw a man in a black robe staring at him with a sullen look . Mu Chen had never seen him before, but judging from the spiritual energy fluctuating around him, this person had also reached Grade Four Sovereign . However, he was still way far off from Liu Yan .

"I am Chen Fan, from the Ghost Shadow Sect, hoping to borrow your platform . " The black-robed man gave Mu Chen an icy look . His eyes were full of killing desire . Although he knew that Mu Chen was not an ordinary character, it would not be a reason for him to back off . Since Mu Chen and Cai Xiao had temporarily gone separate directions, he decided to break through past Mu Chen .

But Mu Chen stared at him indifferently and immediately turned away .

"You're courting your own death!"


Tremendous spiritual energy broke out from his body and turned into a massive black shadow . The black shadow was surrounded by gruesome energy that looked like Asura . Chen Fan did not have any plan to test the waters as he summoned the Sovereign Celestial Body at once .

"Ghost Shadow Celestial Body, Thousand Shadows Demon!"

While the eyes of the black shadow surged in redness, he immediately pushed out his palm . Under the palm, overwhelming black shadows that looked like ghost spirits burst out . With a loud screeching noise, the space was distorted by the fearsome spiritual energy fluctuation .

"That is Chen Fan from the Ghost Shadow Sect! He is fighting with Mu Chen!"

"That Chen Fan is a formidable character, too . The Ghost Shadow Celestial Body is known to be extremely vicious . Anyone who is killed by the Ghost Shadow Celestial Body will have their soul swallowed and eventually turned into a ghost power!"

Apparently, numerous top powers were focusing on Mu Chen with great interest . Therefore, they immediately attracted many shocked gazes when the platform he was on was impacted with spiritual energy .

And of course, not only were they paying attention to Mu Chen, but the rest on the other platforms also cast their gazes in that direction . Although other platforms were bursting with spiritual energy, no one could set foot easily on those platforms .

These people, including Fang Yi, Prince of Netherworld, Su Biyue, Snapper, and so on, were the top-notch players in the Dragon-Phoenix Record .

They fixed their gazes on the platform where Mu Chen was because they wished to find out if he had the skill to complement the intense Dragon-Phoenix Blood Essence in his body .


The ghosts enveloped the sky with their loud screams, and everyone watched as the big black palm shadow shrouded Mu Chen .

Mu Chen stood still under the shadow-filled sky . He looked up at the black palm, which engulfed the entire sky, with his deadpan expression while he clenched his fists .

Golden light erupted from his body . It was like a rising sun giving off blinding rays causing everyone to squint .

But within that instant, people with sharp eyes saw a golden phoenix stretching its wings while the light was shining . The wings swept fiercely out like a sharp blade swinging across the sky .

The glaring golden light flashed once and disappeared .

Mu Chen returned to his usual state, and he walked forward without looking back . The enormous black palm shadow and the Ghost Shadow Celestial Body stayed still in the sky . A faint golden light ray started to beam from the palm, extending itself upwards until it reached the top of the Ghost Shadow Celestial Body .


The golden ray exploded, and the Ghost Shadow Celestial Body burst into stardust in the sky . An embarrassed figure fled out from it and eventually spat a mouthful of blood . He fell from the sky without any strength, crushing a mountain into ruin .

Countless people were dazzled as they watched the scene . After a while, everyone was breathing out cold air in shock as the slender figure walked on the platform .

Just one move from him defeated a Grade Four Sovereign!

Mu Chen had become even stronger compared to the previous time he fought with Liu Yan .

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