The Great Ruler - Chapter 87

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Chapter 87

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Chapter 87 – Selecting the Spiritual Academies

The much-anticipated Entry Competition closed the curtains with Mu Chen obtaining the most valuable seeded entry . However, everybody within the Northern Spiritual Square was still immersed in the fierce battle earlier . Many people were amazed by that fight .

With his Spiritual Rotation Stage Late Phase strength and the power of his Spiritual Pulse, Liu Mubai was almost regarded as having no opponents beneath the Spirit Stage . However, who would have expected that he would ultimately be defeated by Mu Chen, who was only a Spiritual Rotation Stage Initial Phase .

This result made everybody secretly sighed . No wonder Mu Chen was able to become the only one qualified for the Spiritual Road within the Northern Spiritual Realm .

Although Liu Qingtian was extremely dissatisfied with the final judgment made by Mister Hao, he was not stupid . The latter’s background was extremely powerful and he would not care about his identity of the Liu Territory’s Territory Lord . Since that he lost the seeded entry, he could only think of another approach .

After resting for a while, Mu Chen and Liu Mubai gradually recovered a bit of strength . However, Liu Mubai had an extremely cold and ugly expression .

Under numerous gazes, Mister Hao looked across the stage and waved his hand . Then, the twelve people that participated for the Entry Competition hurried onto the stage as they were stared enviously .

“The final results have come out for the Entry Competition today . ”

Mister Hao’s eyes fixed themselves at Mu Chen and the others as he faintly said: “Originally, there should be only 6 entries including the seeded entry . However, there is a slight change right now . ”

Afterwards, Mister Hao turned his gaze towards Mo Ling, who was sweating nervously, and said: “You have lost the competition originally . Based on the rules, you should be disqualified . ”

Mo Ling’s eyes turned dark and revealed a bitter expression .

“However, your perseverance and courage is commendable . Your talent is also acceptance . Thus, I will make an exception and give you an entry this time . ” Mister Hao said .

Mo Ling was stunned . His face immediately turned red with excitement and hurriedly bowed down as he said: “Thank you Mister!”

Mister Hao nodded . Then, he turned around to look at Tang Qian’Er and Hong Ling: “The two of you drew . Normally speaking, this should not have happened . However, I can look aside and hand both of you an entry . ”

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Tang Qian’Er and Hong Ling were instantly filled with joy when they heard this .

“However, there is a condition . ” Mister Hao said .

“What’s the condition?” Tang Qian’Er and Hong Ling quickly asked .

“You can only choose to enter the “Million Phoenix Spiritual Academy ” . ” Mister Hao said with a faint smile .

“The Million Phoenix Spiritual Academy?” Tang Qian’Er and Hong Ling were stunned .

The Five Great Academies . Accurately speaking, it is the title for five Spiritual Academies . These five Spiritual Academies are known respectively as: Northern Heaven Spiritual Academy, Azure Sky Spiritual Academy, Million Phoenix Spiritual Academy, Martial Spiritual Academy and the Saint Spiritual Academy . Amongst them, the Million Phoenix Spiritual Academy was rather unique as they only recruit female students .

Naturally, you should not underestimate the Million Phoenix Spiritual Academy due to this . To be able to become one of the Five Great Academies with just females, the strength of the Million Phoenix Spiritual Academy was absolutely terrifying to the point where it was utterly indescribable .

Moreover, the name of the Five Great Academies actually had some sort of origin . It was said that each of the Five Great Academies had an Ancient Divine Beast living there that had once shocked the world . In fact, the name of the Five Great Academies are actually derived from the name of the five Ancient Divine Beasts .

“So what’s your decision?” Mister Hao looked at Tang Qian’Er and Hong Ling . To be honest, there were indeed much less female students compared to male students during the recruitment process . As the recruiter for the “Five Great Academies”, he would fail his job if he didn’t find enough people for the Million Phoenix Academy . Although the people within the Million Phoenix Spiritual Academy were all females, it was precisely because of this that it was extremely tough and troublesome .

Hong Ling did not hesitate at all and directly nodded her head . To be able to enter the Million Phoenix Spiritual Academy was just as she had wished . Although the other four Spiritual Academies were not terrible compared to the Million Phoenix Spiritual Academy, the Million Phoenix Spiritual Academy was still the one that suited her the most .

Tang Qian’Er hesitated for a moment . She peeked and glanced at Mu Chen . If that’s the case, wouldn’t she be in a different Spiritual Academy than Mu Chen? However, if she did not accept, would she have another choice?

As if he was aware of Tang Qian’Er’s gaze, Mu Chen nodded at her . The Million Phoenix Spiritual Academy was actually quite suitable for Tang Qian’Er . It would be irrational if she failed to enter it .

Seeing Mu Chen nod his head, Tang Qian’Er bit her red lips and bitterness filled her eyes . Then, she tilted her head and said to Mister Hao: “I’ll select the Million Phoenix Spiritual Academy as well . ”

When that happened, Mister Hao smiled . Afterwards, he turned to look at Liu Mubai and the others and asked: “Your decisions are?”

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“I’ll choose the Azure Sky Spiritual Academy . ” Chen Fan and Huo Yun exchanged glances and actually selected the same Spiritual Academy .

“I’ll choose the Saint Spiritual Academy . ” Liu Mubai pondered for a moment and said without any hesitation . He had considered about it a long time ago . Although the strength of the Five Great Academies was absolutely terrifying, he still discovered that the Saint Spiritual Academy was considered the leader amongst the Five Great Academies if you really had to rank them . It was said that the Saint Spiritual Academy was always the strongest in the competitions shared between the Five Great Academies during the past few years .

Mister Hao glanced at Liu Mubai and nodded without saying anything . Then, he turned his attention towards Mu Chen and said: “What about you?”

Everybody nearby immediately set their sights towards Mu Chen . As the one who obtained the seeded entry, no matter which Spiritual Academy he entered, he should be able to obtain far more resources and status compared to an ordinary student .

Liu Mubai stared hatefully at Mu Chen and his eyes revealed that he was extremely unwilling . That was what he was supposed to enjoy!

Mu Chen pouted his lips for a moment . A transparent, glass-like pair of beautiful eyes and silver long hair flashed through his mind . As he thought about this, he slowly clenched his hands .

“Mister Hao, may I ask you for some information?” Mu Chen took a deep breath and respectfully asked Mister Hao .

Mister Hao smiled and nodded his head . He felt quite satisfied with Mu Chen .

“I want to ask about two people . ” Mu Chen said in a soft voice: “Mister Hao, you should have heard of the name, Ji Xuan, right?”

When Mu Chen said this name out, Mister Hao’s eyes narrowed . His face also became serious and he stared deeply at Mu Chen as he spoke: “Ji Xuan . In the Spiritual Road’s trial, he was a person that was assessed as a “King” class . He was one of the most dazzling individuals within the Spiritual Road and obtained a core entry for the Five Great Academies . ”

Everybody’s expression changed when they heard these words . Although they were unfamiliar with that name, they could feel an intense pressure . A core entry . It was something that could only be obtained by a person, who was like a monster .

“King Class huh?” Mu Chen’s eyes drooped slightly . This was the highest class of assessment within the Spiritual Road . However, it was within his expectations that Ji Xuan would obtain this assessment with his abilities .

“Which Spiritual Academy did he enter?” Mu Chen’s voice remained calm . Nobody could tell what sort of emotions were within his voice .

Mister Hao stared at Mu Chen . Shortly after, he said: “Ji Xuan entered the Saint Spiritual Academy and was even specially named out by the higher ups of the Saint Spiritual Academy . ”

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“The Saint Spiritual Academy?” Mu Chen glanced at Liu Mubai . Then, he nodded his head slightly before he hesitated for a moment . His originally sharp and cold gaze suddenly turned gentle .

“The second person I would like to ask is called Luo Li . ” Mu Chen scratched his head and asked .

“Luo Li?” Mister Hao frowned and said faintly: “Luo Li . She was also assessed as a “King” Class within the Spiritual Road’s trial . She also obtained a core entry for the Five Great Academies . ”

Everybody at the scene secretly clucked their tongues . What sort of insane individuals are within the Spiritual Road?

“She’s also a King Class…”

Mu Chen smiled . If it’s her, she definitely had the ability . It seems that she became a lot more powerful after he had left the Spiritual Road .

“Then which Spiritual Academy did she enter?” Mu Chen looked at Mister Hao nervously . He had made a promise with her . If it deviated from it, she would probably put on a terrible face when they met again with her personality . Though she would always have an indifferent expression .

“Luo Li entered the Northern Heaven Spiritual Academy . ”

Mister Hao stared at Mu Chen with a smile that didn’t seem like a smile . Then he said: “Originally, the Martial Spiritual Academy’s Lord Principal had personally spoken with her and wanted to let her enter the Martial Spiritual Academy . But in the end, she rejected and instead chose the Northern Heaven Spiritual Academy . ”

At the side, Chen Fan and the others were completely flabbergasted . Isn’t that simply too arrogant?

Hearing this, Mu Chen was also stunned . He had an exceptionally complex expression on his face .

The Spiritual Road .

As the cold night enveloped the lands, a warm bonfire rose up within the depths of a forest . Beside the bonfire, a boy was fiddling with the fire and caused the warm flames to float towards the right .

At that location, a girl with black clothes was sitting there quietly . Her delicate face was buried within her knees and she only revealed a pair of glass-like eyes . She stared at the handsome face of the black-haired boy in front of her as she was warmed by the flames . Her eyes curved gently like a crescent moon . However, the curvature was minimal and was impossible to detect .


She suddenly extended her slender white hands over and pulled out a wood unconsciously . She casually asked: “After the Spiritual Road is over, which Spiritual Academy would you enter?”

“Me?” The boy thought for a moment . He smiled and said: “I’ll probably go to the Northern Heaven Spiritual Academy . I was born in the Northern Spiritual Realm, so I have a good feeling with the word North . ”

The girl glanced at him . Her voice was flat, like the sounds of the valley, and she said: “The Northern Heaven Spiritual Academy? I don’t want to go there . It seems that we’ll have to separate after the Spiritual Road is over . ”

The boy was stunned . He helplessly asked: “Then which Spiritual Academy are you planning to go to? Tell me, when the time comes, I’ll go to that one as well . ”

The girl tilted her head and asked: “Why should I tell you?”

“Didn’t you say that you’ll help block all the arrows behind my back? You can’t say something when you didn’t mean it . You didn’t have this attitude when you first formed a team with me . ” The boy said furiously .

“No . If I’m with you, it will bother my training . You should just go to your Northern Heaven Spiritual Academy . I won’t choose that place . ”

The girl gently let out an hmph sound . She did not wait for the boy to become angry and directly extinguished the fire with a wave of her hand . Then, she jumped onto a tree and said: “I’m going to sleep . It’s your turn to guard during the night today . ”

“Luo Li, you didn’t keep your promise! Don’t act that you’re amazing because you’re pretty! Tell me clearly!”

Beneath the tree, an angry voice rang out endlessly from the boy . Above the tree, the girl gently leaned on the tree branch and gently lifted the corner of her mouths under the faint moonlight . At that instant, her charm even made the moonlight dimmer .

“Idiot . ”

She gently smiled within her heart . Then, she slowly closed her eyes and feel asleep peacefully .

Mu Chen exhaled heavily . Then, he looked towards Mister Hao in front of him and said with a slight smile: “Mister Hao, I’ll select the Northern Heaven Spiritual Academy . ”