The Great Ruler - Chapter 88

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Chapter 88

Chapter 88 – Conclusion

“Northern Heaven Spiritual Academy?”

Mister Hao smiled at Mu Chen and his eyes showed a meaning as if he understood . He soon nodded his head and said: “That’s fine . It’s up to you . ”

It seems that Mu Chen decided to go to the Northern Heaven Spiritual Academy because he shared a relationship with Luo Li . However, this was not within the scope of his consideration . With Luo Li’s strength and talent, she would definitely be dazzling even if she entered the Northern Heaven Spiritual Academy . As for Mu Chen, he was quite excellent as well . However, he lacked the final part of the Spiritual Road and temporarily had a bit of a gap compared to the monsters that had successfully completed the Spiritual Road’s trial .

However, Mister Hao knew that this gap would soon be covered by the boy in front of him . He knew that if it wasn’t for that sudden turn of events, Mu Chen’s final assessment within the Spiritual Road would perhaps reach the “King” Class as well . This was enough to prove his talent .

“How about the two of you?” Mister Hao looked at Mo Ling and a West Branch student, who haven’t decided on their Spiritual Academy yet .

“I’ll go to the Northern Heaven Spiritual Academy as well . ” Mo Ling scratched his head and said in an embarrassed way . In his eyes, the Five Great Academies were a mysterious and massive existence . Due to the trust he had in Mu Chen, he felt that it may be better if he was beside Mu Chen .

“I’ll go to the Martial Spiritual Academy . ” The West Branch student also quickly replied .

Mister Hao nodded . This way, the entries from the Northern Spiritual Academy were completely clear now . There would be 2 individuals going to the Northern Heaven Spiritual Academy, 2 for the Azure Sky Spiritual Academy, 2 for the Myriad Phoenix Academy, 1 for the Martial Spiritual Academy and 1 for the Saint Spiritual Academy .

“You still have two months of preparation time . After two months, you will come to the Northern Spiritual Academy once again and I’ll send you to the place prior to the Five Great Academies . Over there, you will meet the new students from all over the world . Moreover, there will be a trial waiting for you at that location . If you perform poorly during the trial, there is a danger of being deprived of your entry . Thus, you should train well during these two months . ” Mister Hao said faintly .

Chen Fan and the others suddenly cried out loud when they heard this . The Five Great Academies weren’t really that easy to enter . Isn’t it too harsh with all these tests?

When he heard this, Mu Chen’s heart shook . If that’s the case, wouldn’t he be able to meet Luo Li at that place?

“Okay . The Entry Competition today is over now . For the remaining time, you can manage it by yourself . It is fine even if you take a temporary leave from the Northern Spiritual Academy . However, you must remember to come back after two months . ” Mister Hao waved his hand and leisurely left .

With Mister Hao’s departure, Chen Fan and the others were relieved . Liu Mubai glanced coldly at Mu Chen before heading out directly . Even Chen Fan and the others could feel the rage within Liu Mubai clearly .

“Tch, he can’t even admit that he lost . ” Chen Fan pouted his lips and said towards the back of Liu Mubai .

“Mu Chen . It seems that we’ll be separated in the future . Haha . However, I will train hard within the Azure Sky Spiritual Academy . Moreover, I remember that the competitions within the Five Great Academies are quite fierce . You must be careful; otherwise, I might have surpassed you by the time we meet again . ” Chen Fan laughed .

Mu Chen also smiled . The Five Great Academies weren’t a tiny place like the Northern Spiritual Academy . It is a place that gathers all sort of talented individuals from all over the world . If they wanted to shine at that location, it wasn’t an easy thing to do .

Because they managed to obtain an entry, Chen Fan and the others were extremely excited . After they spoke a few words with Mu Chen, they headed off towards their friend . Afterwards, only two beautiful girls remained beside Mu Chen as they stared at him .

“Congratulations . ” Hong Ling stared complicatedly at Mu Chen . It was evident that Mu Chen was the one in the limelight today . Nobody could have imagined that someone as strong as Liu Mubai would actually be defeated by him .

The ordinary boy in her memories back then had become someone bright and dazzling .

“I’ll also have to congratulate Senior Hong Ling . ” Mu Chen gave a smile to Hong Ling . Then, he saw the resentful face of Tang Qian’Er beside him . He could not help but chuckle: “Sister Qian’Er . This is a happy event, why do you have such an expression?”

“Are you really that glad that you’ll separate from me?” Tang Qian’Er pouted and said .

Mu Chen could only helplessly smile . It seems that it was wise to shut up .

“Are you close with that Luo Li?” Tang Qian’Er said in a bitter tone . Naturally, she saw the different expression Mu Chen had when he said that name .

“She’s a friend that I met within the Spiritual Road . She’s beautiful like Sister Qian’Er . ” Mu Chen smiled and said .

Tang Qian’Er’s face turned red and she said: “Enough with your sweet-talk, hmph, I’ll go and work hard within the Myriad Phoenix Spiritual Academy . In case we meet again, I’ll represent the Myriad Phoenix Spiritual Academy to defeat a person like you from the Northern Heaven Spiritual Academy . ”

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“When that happens, I must ask Sister Qian’Er to hold back for old times’ sake . ” Mu Chen nodded and seriously said as he smiled .

“Puchi . ”

When Tang Qian’Er saw Mu Chen acting this way, she could not help but chuckle . The girl’s bell-like laughter sound made Mu Chen’s tired boy to slowly relax .

After the gloomy Liu Mubai reunited with Liu Qingtian, they did not remain long at this location and instead stormed away with a dark expression . However, they glanced coldly at Mu Feng and Mu Chen as they left .

“Dad, what should we do now?” Upon exiting the Northern Spiritual Square, Liu Mubai finally could not resist and asked . He could not accept this . After all, he had prepared himself so well for the seeded entry, yet he failed in the end!

With a cold expression, Liu Qingtian said: “Since that Mu Chen obtained the seeded entry, he will definitely be valued highly after he enters the Northern Heaven Spiritual Academy . Moreover, with his talent, his achievements would not be low in the future . Therefore, it is considered a great potential threat for us . ”

“Then…” Liu Mubai had to admit it . Mu Chen was indeed quite dangerous .

“What are you afraid of? Even though he has a seeded entry, what use is it if he could not enter the Northern Heaven Spiritual Academy?”

Savageness passed through Liu Qingtian’s expression: “As long as we decimate the Mu Territory, Mu Feng and Mu Chen would definitely die . ”

“Although Mu Chen had already obtained the entry, a battle between the Liu Territory and the Mu Territory is a dispute between forces within the Northern Spiritual Realm . Even the Five Great Academies cannot say anything regarding this matter . Moreover, if we accidentally kill a rascal during this battle, who could say anything about it?”

Liu Mubai’s eyes jumped . His eyes were filled with ominous color: “Then, when should we attack?”

“There’s no need to be that impatient . Isn’t there still two months?” Liu Qingtian’s eyes narrowed as he sneered: “Your grandpa is about to finish his training . As long as he is able to advance into the Three Heavens Stage, the Mu Territory will become a weakling that we could easily crush . Right now, we have to find something for the Mu Territory to do . This way, we could avoid letting them know this information . If they were to arrange it so that Mu Chen could escape when it happens, it would be a great disaster for us . ”

Liu Mubai nodded heavily .

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“For things like this, you either should not do it or otherwise, once you’ve done it, you must eradicate the problem completely! You must not leave the slightest chance of an impending future disaster!”  Liu Qingtian said coldly and turned around to look back at the massive Northern Spiritual Square . Then, he waved his sleeves and walked away .

“Mu Feng . You and your son should just wait for your death!”

After the Entry Competition ended, Mu Chen remained at the Northern Spiritual Academy for a day before he returned back to the Mu Territory with Mu Feng . When they returned, the entire Mu City was decorated with lights . The atmosphere was filled with joy . As the Little Lord of the Mu Territory, Mu Chen had obtained the seeded entry for the Northern Heaven Spiritual Academy . This was considered an extremely great news for the Mu Territory .

“Haha, Little Mu is amazing . This time, the Mu Territory really obtained a great deal of fame . It’s the first seeded entry within the Northern Spiritual Realm!” Zhou Ye led the crowd and headed forward . The stern expression that he always had was currently filled with delight .

After hearing Zhou Ye’s praise, Mu Chen also scratched his head .

“Enough . I’ve heard enough of these words during the past two days . ” Mu Feng smiled and waved his hand . His face suddenly turned slightly serious as he said: “During this period of time, increase the alertness a bit . Since the Liu Territory lost the seeded entry this time, with his personality, Liu Qingtian would probably not let it go so easily . ”

When Zhou Ye heard this, he also nodded and quickly sent down a command .

After returning to the Mu Estate, Mu Chen participated in the celebratory feast for a moment before heading back to his room . He sat cross-legged on his bed and stretched his waist . It had been quite tiring for him during the past few weeks .

“I should be able to see her after two months, right? I wonder if she changed since I haven’t met her for so long…”

Mu Chen muttered to himself . At this moment, his handsome face seemed extremely gentle . With Luo Li’s talent and her rating within the Spiritual Road, she would be valued highly no matter which Spiritual Academy she entered . However, nobody knew the reason why she chose the Northern Heaven Spiritual Academy aside from him .

“She completed the Spiritual Road’s trial . Right now, she’s probably far stronger than me…”

Mu Chen sat up fiercely . This was not allowed . If he had fallen behind her too much, it would be too disgraceful . Moreover, she was so beautiful . There must be a variety of excellent individuals who coveted her . Regarding about this matter, he had seen enough of it during the Spiritual Road .

In the Spiritual Road, he was able to protect her . However, the situation was different right now . Thus, he could not feel satisfied just on this tiny bit of achievement!

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Mu Chen took a deep breath and began to focus as he suppressed the stress within his body . He entered a cultivation state and began absorbing the Spiritual Aura within the world as he circulated the Great Pagoda Art .

Mu Chen’s consciousness entered his body . After a while, he seemed to have suddenly recalled something and allowed his consciousness to enter his aurasea in order to look at a certain location within it .

At that location, a mysterious page of black paper was quietly floating . Above the black paper, a mysterious dark purple mandala flower extended out and formed a beautiful cage . In the center of the cage, there was a Nine Nether Bird, who had restraint the flames on its black wings .

Mu Chen’s consciousness stared at the Nine Nether Bird . He hesitated for a moment before sending extremely gentle thoughts into the cage .


Just when Mu Chen’s gentle thoughts entered, the Nine Nether Bird suddenly opened her eyes fiercely . Fierceness instantly filled its eyes and it viciously stared at Mu Chen .


It crashed onto the light barrier formed by the cage and caused a chain reaction of ripples . Her vicious eyes seemed that it wanted to swallow Mu Chen up completely .

Mu Chen was shocked by the vicious aura coming from the Nine Nether Bird . However, he could not trap it here forever . It was an unstable bomb . Moreover, it was a bomb that was hidden within his body . If it exploded one day, Mu Chen would probably be blown to the extent where not even his bones would remain . Therefore, he must find a solution to this problem .

Regarding the solution, Mu Chen had thought with much deliberation and felt that he should use the method of negotiations . However, only god would know whether or not it would be effective .

But no matter what, he must attempt it .