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The Great Ruler - Chapter 938

Published at 11th of December 2018 05:00:00 PM

Chapter 938

Mu Chen stood in midair above the lake . He was focusing on the thing in his hand . The charcoal-colored triangular iron was scorching hot .

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This was the first time it had produced any reaction since the day Mu Chen got it .

The origin of the object was unknown . But it was evident that someone had deliberately hidden it in that space crack . If it were not for the Spirit Seeking Compass, Mu Chen would not have found it .

According to his speculation, the object should be related to the Earthly Sovereign Secret Treasure . But this thing seemed to have some special activation method . Regardless of how much energy Mu Chen injected, it was still hard to control .

Fortunately, the object was finally displaying some reaction .

"Could it be due to the lights?" Mu Chen's eyes flickered . He cast his sight onto the five flying circles of lights at the center of the lake . At this time, numerous top powers tried to halt them, but none succeeded . Those five circles of light were evading many attacks and seemed to possess some spiritual energy .

The black iron triangle finally reacted after Mu Chen entered the lake . Subsequently, Mu Chen was quite sure that it was caused by the circles of light .

To prove his theory, Mu Chen sped up and flitted towards the circles of light . As he approached them, the mysterious black iron in his hand grew hotter and hotter .

"Is it so?"

Mu Chen's eyes brightened up . He wondered if it was his imagination, because he realized the circles of light slowed down when he was near them . It felt like the rings of light had discovered something familiar .

This thing is really useful!

Mu Chen was rejoicing when he observed the situation . He did not hesitate at all . He maxed out his speed and charged towards the brightest circle of light among them all .

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He could tell that the brightest light circle was twice the size of the other smaller circles . With one look, he knew it was not an ordinary circle of light . Previously, numerous top powers attempted to capture it, but it managed to dodge all their attacks .

These circles of light seemed to be able to penetrate the void between spaces . Even a Grade Six Sovereign could not catch up with its speed . However, the circles could not leave the lake . Otherwise, even top powers like the Sleeping King would not be able to catch up .

Mu Chen had an obvious target . However, those top powers around him were smirking at him when they saw Mu Chen heading towards that biggest light circle .

They had experienced that light circle's cheekiness . Previously, close to ten Grade Six Sovereigns attempted to intercept it by joining hands, but the circle only toyed with them .

Although Mu Chen had shown formidable fighting capacity in the battle with the Prince of Netherworld and Fang Yi, brute force would not work here .

So the top powers in front of him made way as he charged forward . All they wanted to do was watch Mu Chen make a fool of himself .

Mu Chen could not be bothered with the opinions of others . Without any obstacles in front of him, he quickly got closer to that light circle .

As Mu Chen charged closer to the light circle, those who were watching were not anxious at all . They even slowed down and watched with smiles on their faces .

Mu Chen also observed those people who were waiting to watch a show . However, they couldn't see that Mu Chen had a small grin on his face . He could feel the sudden increase in the heat coming out from the black iron triangle in his palm . It almost felt like lava on his hand .

Mu Chen lifted up his palm and aimed his black iron triangle at the light, which was vibrating and trying to make its escape again .

At that moment, Mu Chen could clearly feel the vibration from the black iron in his hand . There seemed to be a buzzing sound in the air that only he could hear .

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The circle of light stopped escaping as soon as the buzzing sound resounded in the air hundreds of feet away from it .


Right at that moment, Mu Chen's eyes sharpened . Rays burst out from his back . A pair of phoenix wings stretched out, and his speed was maxed out .

In a flash, Mu Chen flew over hundreds of feet and appeared on top of that light circle . He swiftly stretched out his palm . Before everyone could see, he had already gotten hold of that light circle .

Just when he grabbed it successfully, there was a sea of dead silence around the lake . Those who were ready to watch Mu Chen make a fool of himself suddenly froze . Their dumbfounded expressions were even funnier .

After a while, someone finally exclaimed, "He… he… he . . . got the circle of light?" That person was so shocked that he stuttered .

They never thought that the circle they spent so much effort trying to get would be taken by Mu Chen that easily .

"How could this be?"

Most of the top powers were stunned, and then they were heartsick . That circle of light was the brightest, so it must contain something extraordinary, like the Spiritual Deity Liquid that everyone was fighting for . But now, Mu Chen had obtained it without any hassle .

To the rest of the top powers, this was even more unacceptable than the fact that Mu Chen had beaten both the Prince of Netherworld and Fang Yi .

While everyone was stunned, Mu Chen was slightly shocked as well . It was an unexpected outcome for him . He was only making an attempt to capture it, but he did not expect that the circle of light would be motionless, and that he could grasp it that easily .

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Apparently, it was due to that mysterious black iron .

After being stunned for a while, a delightful look of surprise surged in his eyes . At the same time, he quickly retreated . Behind him, Nine Nether, Lord Asura, and the rest of the top powers from Daluo Territory all came to his aid as he could easily get caught in the gathered crossfire of those green-eyed top powers .

Mu Chen reacted even faster . Having been stunned from his previous battle, the top powers were hesitant to make a move first . While they waited, Mu Chen got out of the most chaotic area .

But before Mu Chen could feel relieved, a loud yell that sounded like a clap of thunder came from above, "Young lad, hand over that thing to me!"


The loud yell was accompanied by a fearsome air rending sound from a finger . The finger was so powerful that it tore the space apart . It was ruthlessly targeting the top of Mu Chen's head .

The sudden attack caught Mu Chen by surprise . Luckily, he was always on alert . He quickly fanned his phoenix wings and steered his body sideways to avoid the attack .


The sharp and fierce finger brushed Mu Chen's back, leaving a stinging pain behind . Mu Chen did not have time to be bothered by it . He lifted his glum face . A red-robed old man slowly descended in front of him . This old man had a cold look on his face . His eyes were sharp and looked like they could kill . The old man fixed his gaze on Mu Chen . He had extremely strong spiritual energy circulating around him .

"The South Pavilion Master from the Divine Pavilion . "

Mu Chen's heart sank when he saw the red-robed elder, as he was one of the four masters from the Divine Pavilion . He did not show up in just any place . Even when the rest of the three went to intercept the Sleeping King, he was still in the dark, waiting for the opportunity to strike .

Apparently, he had now chosen Mu Chen as his target and was locked onto him .

Behind him, Nine Nether and the rest changed expressions as Mu Chen was targeted by the South Pavilion Master . They sped up, but many figures appeared from the distorted space in front of them . All of them were of those top powers in the Divine Pavilion .

"Heh, heh, I think all of you should just stay here . " The leader, Lord Heavenly Dragon, laughed loudly . He waved his palm down . The top powers behind him rushed forward like hungry wolves, blocking their efforts to aid Mu Chen .

Mu Chen saw the chaos behind him, and he noticed that Nine Nether and the rest had been stopped . His heart sank again .

"Young lad, hand that thing over to me . I can spare your life, or else you will die today!" The red-robed old man was staring at Mu Chen with his cold eyes .

He knew that given his seniority, he would probably be mocked if he laid his hands on Mu Chen, but he could not be bothered anymore . If the Spiritual Deity Liquid fell into the hands of Daluo Territory, the Lord of Divine Pavilion would rage .

Looking gloomy, he asked with a cold laugh, "The Divine Pavilion is really thick . How can you call yourself one of the Masters from the Divine Pavilion when you are trying to deal with a junior like me?"

"Don't try to buy time . Since you don't want to give it to me, I'll take it from you!"

The South Pavilion Master remained unmoved by Mu Chen's mockery . He gave a cold smile and swung his sleeves . He darted towards Mu Chen, and his red robe was making a buzzing sound . Violent spiritual energy swept out, and the oppression was so intense that Mu Chen could hardly breathe .

Even though the stone island had already suppressed everyone's spiritual energies, the South Pavilion Master still continued to possess a strength that was equivalent to a Grade Six Sovereign .

Mu Chen watched as the South Pavilion Master darted out like an eagle catching its prey . His eyes became ruthless . Since this old man was aggressive, he needed to take out some of his hidden skills .

As he pondered, an ancient stone plate appeared suddenly in Mu Chen's hand .

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