The Great Ruler - Chapter 940

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Chapter 940

As the light slowly dispersed, the object was revealed . Mu Chen was stunned, and his eyes were filled with disbelief .

The light disappeared, and a black pottery jar the size of a human head was in his hands . There were ancient symbols on the jar, and it was exuding a strange but weak spiritual energy fluctuation . Mu Chen could tell at a glance that it was not a highly graded Divine Artifact .

"This is…"

Mu Chen's mouth was slightly open as he tightly clenched the weird-looking black pottery jar . The jar looked so fragile, like it could break into pieces if he gripped it any harder .

Mu Chen examined the black pottery jar carefully and repeatedly . His face turned gloomy, as it really looked like an ordinary jar . There was nothing in it, not to mention any Spiritual Deity Liquid .

Considering the risk he took to fight for this object, why did it turn out to be something like this?

"What's that?"

The rest of the top powers were also observing Mu Chen when his face turned gloomy . They all spotted the black pottery jar .

"The spiritual energy fluctuation is so weak . It is impossible that this is a peerless Divine Artifact…"

"How could it be? The spirituality was the greatest among all the circles of light! Why did it turn out to be such a useless item?"

"In any case, this is definitely not the Spiritual Deity Liquid!"


All the whisperings started to spread immediately . Many of the top powers' faces were filled with questions and confusion .

The South Pavilion Master was relieved when he saw this from a distance . If Mu Chen had really taken out Spiritual Deity Liquid from the circle of light, he would have committed a great sin .

The South Pavilion Master was feeling relaxed and mocked Mu Chen . "Hmph, it seems like you did not have that much luck . " He could tell that Mu Chen's Divine Chessboard of Fighting Intent had its limitations . Otherwise, he would not have used it as a last resort during an emergency . But looking at the price Mu Chen had paid for such a useless item, the South Pavilion Master felt so much happier .

Mu Chen looked coldly at the smiling South Pavilion Master . He did not bother about the old man at all . He was looking at the ancient pottery jar in his hands . He frowned . This should not be a useless item . Otherwise, the mysterious black iron would not have had any reaction .

The fourth hall master spent all his effort on this . Could it have been just for fun to have created something useless?

Mu Chen's eyes were flickering as he grew even more confused . He held tightly to the jar and thought for a moment . After some time, he gritted his teeth and circulated his spiritual energy . He injected his spiritual energy all into the jug .

He wanted to know for certain if this thing was useless!

As the spiritual energy from within Mu Chen continued to enter the jar, he could see that the symbols on the jar brightened up a little .

Although the transformation was too insignificant, Mu Chen could see it clearly . So, without any further hesitation, the space behind him vibrated, and his Sovereign Sea surfaced . He planned to inject his violent spiritual energy into the pottery jar .

The symbols on the surface of the jar quickly brightened up even more .

Most of the top powers around him were slightly stunned by his move . They shook their heads because they thought that Mu Chen was just trying too hard .

However, Mu Chen did not care what they were thinking . He could tell that the symbols on the jar had brightened up considerably, and his heart suddenly began racing . He could feel that the jar was starting to vibrate .

The vibration became vigorous . The ancient pottery jar suddenly shook itself and rose from Mu Chen's hand into mid-air in front of him . The jar suddenly tilted itself slightly and faced its opening against the emerald lake .


A strange humming sound was heard, and light slowly gathered at the jar's opening . An unusual suction suddenly erupted from that opening .


As the suction erupted, the lake on the opposite side suddenly roared with tidal waves . All the top powers were astonished by it as water pillars shot out from the emerald lake and were sucked into the opening of the jar continuously .

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The lake water was somewhat viscous, thick, and heavy . Even the space could not handle its weight and became distorted . Top powers like the Sleeping King would not dare to set foot in the lake .

However, such lake water was now being sucked up into the ancient pottery jar .

The unexpected change stunned everyone on the lake . The lake water was transformed by the fourth hall master's spiritual energy, and it was extremely violent and powerful . Although most of the top powers were fighting for it, no one dared to enter the lake, even if they were a Grade Nine Sovereign . However, now it was all being sucked into the pottery jar .

Under everyone's shocked gazes, the pottery jar was like a bottomless pit continuously sucking up all the lake water . As the spiritual energy lake water entered, the top powers could vaguely see that the empty jar was now filled with golden water mist .

As the golden mist gathered and condensed, a daunting fluctuation emanated from the pottery jar .

The various top powers on the land were observing the fluctuation, and they were suddenly shocked . All of them exclaimed, "It's the Spiritual Deity Liquid!"

As soon as they exclaimed, the region instantly exploded into a commotion . All of them started to stare with their eyes wide open . After a while, they realized what was happening and said, "That pottery jar was meant to suck up the spiritual energy and condense it into Spiritual Deity Liquid!"

All the top powers were drawing cold breaths . So this was how the Spiritual Deity Liquid came about . The spiritual energy was so thick, that even a Grade Nine Sovereign would not dare to touch it . So one had to make use of the unique objects left by the fourth hall master before one could be able to condense the Spiritual Deity Liquid .

The South Pavilion Master was watching the scene dumbfoundedly . The next moment, he was looking angry as his regrets filled his heart to the brim . He had not realized that while Mu Chen had not obtained the Spiritual Deity Liquid directly, he had indeed gotten himself an object he could use to condense it .

"This rascal has some good fortune!" The South Pavilion Master gritted his teeth . If it were not for the stone soldiers protecting Mu Chen, he would have already made his move and snatched the jar . However, he would not be able to win against the daunting fighting spirit of the stone army, so he did not dare to get close enough to attack .

The region was in chaos at this moment due to Mu Chen's discovery . The various forces stopped exchanging blows as they all watched the jar with jealousy in their hearts .

The Three Kings and the rest of the lords gathered as they exchanged glances with each other . They were surprised and worried at the same time . If the various forces decided to join together, Daluo Territory would not be able to gain any benefits .

While they were worrying, another excited voice exclaimed, "This… this jade bottle can also condense the Spiritual Deity Liquid!"

Suddenly, everyone's attention turned towards that voice . A top power from the Demon's Gate suddenly raised up a jade bottle in his hand . The symbols appeared on the jade bottle as well, and it was sucking up the water from the lake below . It then condensed into Spiritual Deity Liquid . However, the speed of the suction and condensation was much weaker compared to that of the jar in Mu Chen's hand .

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The jade bottle had also been obtained from one of the fire circles of light previously . After a fierce battle, he was lucky to have it . Although he had been pretty disappointed at first, he gave it a shot like Mu Chen had . He then discovered that he could activate the bottle .

Those top powers from the Demon's Gate were happy, and they flitted towards that top power and the jade bottle without saying a word . They surrounded both the bottle and the top power with wariness and defensiveness in their eyes, as the other forces were openly jealous .

"There must be multiple devices that will condense the Spiritual Deity Liquid!"

After a few rounds of searching, someone quickly rejoiced . "Haha, I have it, too!" There was a small teacup in his hands . When he activated the teacup, the teacup began to suck up the water from the lake, but its speed was even slower than that of the previous bottle .

"I have it here!"

"Haha! Me, too!"


After a moment of chaos, most of the people had discovered some of the unusual devices, and most of them could suck up the lake water and condense it into Spiritual Deity Liquid after activation . However, the slow speed of these other devices was unbearable .

The various forces watched and compared their devices with the jar in Mu Chen's hand . They were disheartened, as the pottery jar's rapid speed was incomparable .

"That's not right . The difference is too much . That jar in that lad's hand is too fast . At this rate, all the water would be sucked up, and he will condense the strongest and most complete Spiritual Deity Liquid!"

"We need a more powerful device!"

All the eyes of the top powers flickered . The next moment, they lifted their heads and locked their eyes on the remaining three circles of light flying above the lake . The circles of light exuded powerful spirituality, thus they must be extraordinary .

There must be powerful devices in them!

As the various forces set their eyes on the three circles of light, the atmosphere suddenly became quiet .

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"Fight for it!"

The silence only lasted for a few seconds before an explosion was heard in the region .


All of the top powers charged towards the three circles of light like mad dogs .

"B**tard! Who dares to fight with the Divine Pavilion? We will not let them off!"

The Divine Pavilion, who had been confronting the Sleeping King and the rest, could no longer hold their patience . They were the first to dart out, and they gave an angry yell . They had only gotten a small jade cup, which was too slow in sucking up the lake water . At that rate, they could only condense weak Spiritual Deity Liquid .

If they handed the weak Spiritual Deity Liquid to the Lord of Divine Pavilion, he would be furious .

"Hmph, there are not enough devices to go around for all of us . You think we should be afraid of the Divine Pavilion?"

There were only three circles of light remaining, and everyone was concerned about the strength of the Spiritual Deity Liquid condensed, so no one really cared about the Divine Pavilion . All of the top powers charged towards the last circles of light .

Daunting spiritual energy impacted and exploded, and the space burst into pieces .

The Three Kings and the rest of the lords from Daluo Territory did not join in the fight, as the jar Mu Chen had was good enough . They exchanged glances with each other, and mixed expressions appeared on their faces .

"This time around, Mu Chen has really made a huge contribution…"