The Great Thief - Chapter 1330

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Chapter 1330: 1330

The first was the Nightslayer Bracer . This equip was made by March Rain and it was a Fine Epic . The Molds that existed in Dawn were divided into four levels – Superior, Fine, Exquisite and Perfect . These provided increasing benefits to the Attributes of the item .

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Superior was currently the most common among the players, and most Molds were of this level .

If you searched the keyword ‘Superior’ in the Exchange Hall, many results would come up . The properties of these equips were quite ordinary, but the price was also quite low . Players who were selling these items just wanted to make back the material cost .

Fine was already quite decent, but after the numbers were finetuned by the Game Company, the drop rate of Fine Molds significantly decreased .

If a player could help another to craft a set of Fine grade items, they would immediately feel indebted to them . In the future, they would introduce their friends to come over to do the same . As such, the ability to make Fine equipment was something that you could make a name for yourself with .

This Bracer’s Attributes were quite good and Lu Li was very satisfied with the item .

Nightslayer Bracer (Fine Epic) : Armour 120, Agility +80, Strength +60, 2 slots, Attack Speed +10%, Special Effect 1: Slashing Skills +1 . Special Effect 2: When hit, there is a certain chance that a Fear effect will be applied to the attacker . Special Effect 3: Knock back and apply a curse to the target, reducing their movement speed by 60% for 20 seconds . 6 minute cooldown . Equipment Requirements: Level 60, Durability 250/250 .

The bracer that he had currently equipped was just an ordinary item that he had picked up . When he upgraded to the level 60 Nightslayer Bracer, there was a significant increase in his Strength .

This bracer also gave him 120 Armor, which was almost inconceivable .

The fact that it was a Fine Epic and part of a set determined its Attributes . This also contributed to its Agility and Strength bonuses and the 10% attack speed bonus .

Attack speed was the same as Critical Hit, as it couldn’t be accumulated indefinitely .

Lu Li’s attack speed couldn’t be any higher because of the Shard of the Defiler, so this bonus was actually useless to him .

Fortunately, the Special Effects compensated for this . The first was a buff to his Slashing skills . This also served to increase attack speed, but it was a skill effect and was unaffected by normal attack speed buffs . As such, when Lu Li cast his Slashing skills, there would be an attack speed buff applied .

There was no Thief that would be upset with increased attack speed, as a major part of a Thief’s strength came from this .

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When hit, there was also a certain probability that a Fear effect would be produced . When Lu Li thought about it, he was satisfied with this special effect . After all, it was a passive crowd-control skill . A Thief also couldn’t have too much crowd-control, but Lu Li didn’t know how high of a chance this was .

The third special effect was rathe powerful . The knock-back was already pretty useful, but the slow debuff made it even better .

This kind of special effect would be very useful for Lu Li when he needed to retreat and wait for his cooldowns . Once he knocked-back and slowed his opponent, Lu Li would have the opportunity to retreat if he so wished .

This was truly an item worthy of a T1 set . Most players were still working hard to acquire a T0 set while professional players were building T0 . 5 sets . Lu Li’s T1 set put him on a whole new level .

If the T1 equipment’s Attributes were not good, then that would truly be unexpected .

The remaining two pieces of equipment were no worse than the Nightslayer Bracer .

Nightslayer Breastplate (Exquisite Epic) : Armour 150, Agility +100, Constitution +80, 2 Slots . Special Effect 1: Armor increased by 10% . Special Effect 2: After using this skill, damage received by the user is decreased by 40% . Teammates within 30 yards of the user enjoy half of this damage reduction effect . 60 second cooldown . Special Effect 3: Remulos’ Protection, Nature magic is stored in this item for the wearer . When the wearer’s HP drops below 20%, a shield will appear that can absorb no more than 50% of the user’s max HP . 60-minute cooldown . Level Requirement: Level 60 . Durability 300/300 .

The Armor was similarly very high . This was the highest Armor that Lu Li had ever seen on a piece of equipment .

Because it was a Breastplate, it provided bonus Agility and Constitution . The bonus amount was substantial, even for this level of equipment . Obviously, it couldn’t provide too little, or selse the Game Company would be sabotaging themselves .

The first special effect increased his Armor by a certain percentage .

If the Bracer improved Attack Speed, then the Breastplate served to increase in Armor . Lu Li’s current total Armor value was about 600 . With this 10% increase, he would receive an extra 60 points, which was equivalent to having an additional piece of equipment .

Of course, no matter how much Armor he acquired, it would be incomparable to Plate Armor or even Chain Mail Armor .

Azure Sea Breeze’s breastplate alone had an Armor value that was three or four times that of Lu Li’s .

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There were many Cloth Armour players who had accumulated a significant amount of Armor, but certainly not as much as Azure Sea Breeze . Dawn’s number one Main Tank also probably had the most exquisite items .

The second Special Effect wasn’t too strong; the 40% damage reduction was quite ordinary .

However, this special effect could also help his teammates, which was crucial in Boss battles . After all, it was sometimes dangerous to use your damage reduction skills too early . Everyone had their strong personal abilities, but Lu Li’s special effect could effectively serve as an area of effect heal . Lu Li also felt like it had a very short cooldown – it was only 60 seconds .

As for the third, Lu Li was willing to bet that this was no ordinary effect .

Not all T1 breastplates in Dawn would have this special effect . In Dawn, this was quite a common occurrence, especially when it came to equipment rewarded as part of a quest . These equips would often come with extra features tied to the quest .

Remulos had awarded the equipment, so Remulos’ Protection was added to it .

When the user’s HP dropped below 20%, a shield would appear . This could absorb no greater than 50% of the user’s max HP .

There were chance-based effects, casted effects and conditional effects in Dawn .

Chance-based effects, as their name suggested, would trigger at a certain probability . Some had a higher probability which made them trigger more frequently while others had a low probability . Some of these effects had such a low probability that the user would never see them triggered .

Casted effects were quite self-explanatory, which left conditional effects .

Lu Li’s Remulos’ Protection would only be triggered when Lu Li’s HP reached below 20% . This was a necessary precondition for it to activate .

As for the cooldown, the normal rules applied .

If there was no cooldown, then that would great . Every time Lu Li’s HP reached 20%, it would trigger the special effect . At the end of the effect, after he had regenerated some HP, when he reached 20%, it would trigger the special effect again…

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If that happened, Lu Li would really become unkillable .

The last piece of equipment was the Nightslayer Cloak, which was also an Exquisite Epic . Unless you had special items like Lu Li did, it was difficult to craft a Perfect grade item . Among the three items he received, the fact that two of them were Exquisite was already quite a blessing .

Nightslayer Cloak (Exquisite Epic) : Armor 115, Agility +120, Strength +60, Special Effect 1: 20% bonus Movement Speed . Special Effect 2: Poison Master, increases the damage dealt by your poisons by 20% and increases the non-damage effects by 10% . Special Effect 3: Strengthen Cloak . Whenever the user casts Shadow Cloak’s effect, the user will regenerate 3% HP for each effect that is nullified by it . Equipment Requirements: Level 60, Durability: 320/ 320 .

The practical value of this cloak was not much higher than the Breastplate, but it was definitely more expensive .

As the player-base’s equipment and level improved, various strategies would emerge . At the current time, Blackrock Mountain was the ideal location for farming . This was also the case before Lu Li had experienced Rebirth .

T1 wouldn’t be considered rubbish, but it wasn’t difficult to buy if you had the money .

However, he recalled the ridiculous price of the T1 cloak at the time . The reason wasn’t even because of its Attributes, but because it looked cool .

In reality, the original purpose of wearing clothing was to protect yourself from the elements . However, some clothes were worth hundreds or even tens of millions of dollars . In these cases, the monetary value far exceeded functional value, and the Nightslayer cloak was the same .

An ordinary person such as Lu Li wasn’t very eye-catching, but once he put on this cloak, he would instantly become a male God .

However, he didn’t want to be so high-profile, so he planned to take the equipment from March rain and send it to the modification shop . He wanted to make it ugly so he couldn’t be recognized .

The modification shop was something that the System provided, and it mainly sold luxury fashion items .

Modifications had always been in the game . The equipment in the game could be styled in any way a player wanted – they just had to pay for it . It was more expensive than buying a fashionable item outright, but those items couldn’t be converted into equipment .

Unfortunately, before he sent it, he thought of Water Fairy .

Lu Li suddenly realized that the equipment Water Fairy was wearing was very beautiful . This girl considered the aesthetics of an item before even looking at its Attributes .

He suddenly abandoned his plan to modify the Nightslayer Cloak .

Lu Li suddenly felt that even though he didn’t want to stand out like a firefly in the night, he also didn’t want to look like rubbish . However, he still didn’t want to discriminate those who were worse off, as that was how he had raised his younger sister for a long time .

Perhaps it had just been overshadowed by the way it looked, but the properties of the cloak were actually not bad .

The Armour and attributes were at least worthy of their Exquisite Epic status . The 20% move speed bonus also allowed Lu Li to run faster .

The Poison Master effect was actually an inferior version, but it was a decent special effect at this stage . The damage caused by poisons was increased by 20% and non-damage effects were increased by 10% . Twenty percent was quite a significant amount for a Thief’s poison damage to be increased by .

The non-damage effect buff might not have been of much use to an ordinary Thief, as it would mainly apply to slows and healing reductions .

However, Lu Li was not the same . He was an expert in the development of new poisons . There was potential for a whole range of effects in future and it was very useful to have the 10% buff .

The third Special Effect was a way to regain HP, but it depended on Lu Li’s timing .

The most important aspect of this skill was that the ‘effects’ were the magical effects that were going to hit the user .

If only one magic effect nullified, there would only be a regeneration of 3% . This was better than nothing, but it wouldn’t make much of a difference .

If there were ten people attacking Lu Li before he cast Shadow Cloak and he nullified seven or eight skills, he could recover more than half of his HP . This effect had the potential for significant HP regeneration .

Of course, it was practically quite difficult to nullify that many magical effects .

Lu Li put the three pieces of equipment into his warehouse . They could only be used when he reached level 60 . At the present, all he had to do was farm EXP, so it would be a waste of Level Reduction Gems .

For the sake of the three pieces of exquisite equipment, Lu Li embarked on a journey of power-levelling .