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The Great Worm Lich - Chapter 193

Published at 18th of July 2019 11:45:10 AM

Chapter 193

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It was August, where the hot summer days of New York City are usually prevalent . It was so hot that everybody who was outdoors was fully drenched in sweat as they walked quickly .

Under the scorching sun, a glaring red seven-seater Cadillac SUV had its tires rubbing against the hot cement roads . IT could even boil an egg as it sped in the midst of friction sound in the parking lot of J . F . Kennedy International Airport in New York . With a sudden slam of the brakes, it slipped directly into an empty parking space .

The car door opened and a blonde wearing a full set of 'Prada' summer dress stepped out with a pair of flat sandals . She was a woman who was sexy but composed, whose exquisite set of facial features was brushed with light make-up . She had a slim body, tall but curvy at the right places . A woman who would cause one's imagination to run wild when they lay their eyes at her .  

Even though the summer heat caused many people to be dispirited and lack interests in many things to the point that everybody just wanted to hide in an air-conditioned room to cool themselves down, the emergence of such a rare beauty—who was also uncommonly found in a big city like New York—could still make the eyes of the men in the parking lot lit up .

However, the girl's clothing, car, and glamorous temperament were like a label stuck on her forehead, warning everybody that this item was valuable and was not for sale . This made the guys who secretly admired her to be afraid of approaching her .

However, by the time some of the men who felt they had a chance to hook up with her had summoned their courage to try striking up a conversation with her, she immediately dismissed them all . The girl glanced around the parking lot for a few times and showed a look of disappointment as she hastily walked towards the airport arrival hall .

The outdoor parking lot was not far from the airport lobby but such weather was enough to make a person break out into a sweat . Under the scorching heat, the girl ran into the hall drenched in sweat . The cool breeze inside immediately welcomed her .

Panting in the cold air, she began to look towards the direction of the exit passage .

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Among the thousands of passengers, the girl could immediately see a silhouette with just a glance . The man she saw seemed familiar, but in fact, it was a little unfamiliar . He was standing under a huge screen, suspended in the air while looking at it .

With a bit of hesitation, the girl walked towards him and secretly compared their height with a hesitant look on her face . Just as she planned to walk away, she hesitated for a moment before whimpering a whisper behind him, "Lisheng, is that you?"

"Oh Tina, you're here! I'm sorry . I should have gone to the parking lot to welcome you, but this news that just so happens to be on the air was too interesting and was out of my expectations . The new owner of the White House in Washington just admitted that there are two passages to the supernatural realm in the US . What's more interesting is that the presidents of Russia and China have also concurrently admitted that there was a passage to the supernatural realm in their own countries as well . This is really a sudden change in the situation . Looks like those steam pots in South Africa have forced these big country politicians into Pinocchio already . Their noses will grow and the lies will be discovered the moment they try to lie . Last time, this scared them . They were thinking that other people will snatch their cakes away from them, but now, they suddenly realized that all those big countries actually have the same cakes as well . Not only that, this weird cake may even turn around and eat them if they're not careful enough…"

Without turning his head around, Zhang Lisheng looked at the new US president who had fervent blonde hair and a typical look and temperament often seen from white gentlemen . He was still at the prime of his age, standing in front of a fierce white-headed eagle in the background as he gave out his speech . "Rand Paul . What an ordinary name! He used to be a Senator in Kentucky…"

Zhang Lisheng who was already 18 years old, who could already be called as a young man, smelled a seductive scent . Then, a pair of passionate small hands suddenly hooked around his neck and gentle, sweet lips smashed onto his mouth .

"My big shot! Can you please drop those topics about those alien invasions and the turmoil in the world political situation first? You haven't seen your girlfriend for eight months . Don't you feel any fire in your body at all? The news will not run away after it aired . You can Google it anytime, and it will come out again! W-We should do something else first instead…" Tina panted and wrapped herself around the young man like a snake . After kissing for a moment, she pulled his hand and ran out of the airport .

Such a passionate scene always appeared among young people at both arrival and departure halls in John F . Kennedy International Airport . When other people saw it, they merely smiled soundlessly and secretly envied the good fortune of this ugly Asian boy .

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Tina pulled Zhang Lisheng into the car . The girl started the engine and set the air-conditioner to the maximum before speeding out of the airport's parking lot .

The young man who was sitting on the co-driver seat looked at Tina's flushed cheeks . He could not help but smile . "Tina, can you slow down a little? Watch out for the speeding ticket! I'm right here beside you . I'm not going anywhere . You don't have to be so hasty…"

"Oh, baby! A girl would always get the most excited for a few days every month . Who asked you to come back at such a perfect moment? I can no longer wait anymore…" Tina smiled sweetly and drove her car into a five-star hotel nearest to the airport .

Then, the two of them naturally enjoyed their alone time in the hotel room . After going through a few rounds of entanglement, Tina finally fell asleep naked on the hotel's bog bed with a satisfied smile on the corner of her lips .

Zhang Lisheng, on the other hand, took a hot shower and called for room service to send a full tub of ice cream, Coke, and a giant fruit platter . Wearing his pajamas, he sat on the rattan chair below the French casement window in the living room of the suite in high spirits . He began to focus his attention in cultivating while having a bird's eye view of the extremely bustling streets of New York City .

Unknowingly, the sky darkened . Tina's eyelashes flickered in the dimly lit bedroom as she gradually woke up . Realizing that Zhang Lisheng was not beside her, she covered herself with the thin blanket before walking out of the bedroom barefoot on the carpet .

In the living room, the images of the Demon and Money Toad were alternately appearing . They looked ethereal and vivid but mysterious at the same time . However, the instant the girl opened the bedroom door, this scene disappeared in an instance without leaving a trace .

Zhang Lisheng stretched himself and stood up like an ordinary person standing up after sitting for an entire afternoon doing nothing . Using the remote control to turn on the ceiling light of the room, he said with a smile, "You're up, Tina?"

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"That's right, baby . " The girl walked up to the young man and kissed him . Then, she took a stalked cherry from the fruit bowl and put it in her mouth seductively . "I'm awake now . "

Upon seeing Tina's gesture, the young man smiled speechlessly . "Don't tease me, or else, you'll get burned . In fact, now that I've transformed, as long as I have enough food for replenishment, I can have sex 24/7 continuously for a whole year . "

Tina's jaw dropped as she showed a baffled expression . No longer teasing the young man, she began comparing each other's height before poking fun at Zhang Lisheng . "Oh baby! Your height has already grown about 10 centimeters in eight months . Look, you've now finally reached my forehead! Congratulations!"

"Thank you! In order to celebrate my success in getting rid of my small height after reaching my adolescence, where shall we celebrate tonight?"

"Oh how about your factory? I think you must be eager to meet your general manager, Charlie, right? There are billions of USD in your bank and now that the pressure is gone, you must be sad if you can't spend the money as soon as possible . "

The longer Zhang Lisheng cultivated the Witchcraft's Gate of Death, the more he understood the importance of the word 'blood food' to the wizard gu and even to a wizard himself . He did, indeed, have the intention to continue his expansion of the LS group to create more pipelines for blood food to have an emergency plan in advance when he returned to the US . However, he was in no hurry to do this yet .

"Don't be so anxious, Tina . I can accompany you tonight . "

"I know, baby, but doing business is also one of the things I'm most interested in . I have already thought about it on behalf of you . There are eight best goals for LS expansion—the Los Angeles metropolitan area has a population of 12 . 83 million; the Chicago metropolitan area has a population of 9 . 46 million; the Dallas metropolitan area has a population of 6 . 37 million; the Philadelphia metropolitan area has a population of 5 . 97 million; the Houston metropolitan area has a population of 5 . 65 million; the Washington metropolitan area has a population of 5 . 58 million; the Miami metropolitan area has a population of 5 . 56 million; and finally the Atlanta metropolitan area has a population of 5 . 27 million . Adding all this to New York, these are the only cities in the US that have a population of more than five million people . Your current total amount of funds should be enough to support the completion of the expansion . Such an agglomeration of giant markets is the easiest and fastest way for a factory to capture the market with intensive management . Not only that, but it can also maximize your profits . After all of them are occupied, your factory scale can be expanded by about three times . If that happens, when every five Americans consume meat, one of them will be eating meat slaughtered by LS . After that, in order to prevent the 'anti-monopoly law' lawsuit, you can no longer swallow the market like that in such an ugly way anymore . "

"To think you're actually so detailed even in the city's population figures! Looks like you have spent a lot of thought into it, Tina . " Zhang Lisheng carefully listened to it and gently clapped his hand . "What are we waiting for? Let's get dressed and head to the factory . "

"Alright! Let us buy your favorite beef burger and iced Coke on the way to fill our stomach too . " Tina smiled and walked back to the bedroom .

After more than ten minutes, the bare-faced girl walked out of the hotel with the young man . After they got into the car, Zhang Lisheng called Charlie and informed him to meet at the factory .

On their way, Tina really bought ten beef burgers and ten cups of iced Coke from a KFC take-out window . After restarting the car engine, she smiled and said, "Baby, you'll eat nine and I'll eat one . Same goes with the Coke too . "

"You should have bought the Big Mac . " Zhang Lisheng picked up a burger and opened his mouth wide, before swallowing it in one mouthful . Then, in one gulp, he drank the entire cup of iced Coke with a straw before adding with a smile . "These nine burgers can only fill half of my tummy . "

"Baby, don't be so modest . I know you can swallow the entire fast-food restaurant, but we can't do that at all! You need to act more like a normal human in New York!"

"You have a point . " Just like this, the two of them joked with each other as they headed to Mutteslow, just outside of New York City .

After not coming here for several months, Zhang Lisheng looked at the huge completed new New York Harbor and the military base almost connected to the harbor in the distance under the moonlight . He also diverted his gaze at the new LS slaughterhouse that had been expanded to resemble a medium-sized town . Chuckling, he commented, "Such a huge port, military base, and factory . These could even be called as the three wonders of New York already . "

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