The Heiress - Chapter 11

Published at 27th of December 2018 04:37:01 PM

Chapter 11

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In a blink of an eye, a few days passed and the meeting that had long been postponed happened today .

"Mr . Cheng, we're here" Hui Yin said as she opened the car door for him .

"stay here"

"yes, Mr . Cheng"

Cheng Ming-hùa was sitting in a private room at the 5 star restaurant in France facing Sir Felipe, the CEO of CHARMS AND PEARLS INC .

"it is a a pleasure for me to finally meet the renowned young man of the Cheng family . Boy, you have grown since I last saw you" he said, looking at Mr . Cheng

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"what do you want?"

"Well boy . . . You see, my company is facing a small problem and I would like to use it to get more publicity . The problem is, I don't have a talented hacker like you and so I want you to help me . "

"In exchange for what?" Mr . Cheng's face showed no emotion while facing this particular man in front of him

"oh dear, can't you just help this long lost uncle of yours?" now that Felipe mentioned their relation, his face was grim .

"I don't do free giveaways"

"oh you, fine . . I will gladly give you 50% shares of my company . Just help me get out of this delimma" he sighed "I'm already old and would like to rest now, as I have done what father told me to . Help your uncle Felipe eh?"

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"fine" their business meeting finally ended and Felipe looked much more loving to his nephew than before

"how is father?" he asked .


"does he miss me?" hearing this, Cheng Ming-hùa didn't answer . Felipe was his grandfather's illegitimate son . He was known to be the family's successor although the true heir was Ming-hùa's father . Due to circumstances, Felipe was exciled from the Cheng family, which made him change his surname . He was gay . This was something Cheng Ming-hùa's grandfather couldn't accept .

A few conversations later the uncle and nephew bid their farewells . Cheng Ming-hua went down and was greeted in the lobby by a smiling Hui Yin .

"how was the meeting Mr . Cheng?"

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"shall we go to the airport now?"


The past few days they spent together made them know more about each other . This made Hui Yin softer when talking to Cheng Ming-hùa . He also told her about the situation of his meeting out of nowhere, and she soon understood . Whenever it was time for her to go back to the villa, he would always chat with her and she would then reply back . The way he did so led her to think that he had two personalities . She would call her dad every day checking up on him and tell her how her day went but not once had she heard him tell her about any problem at all .

They arrived at the airport and was about to board the private plane when Cheng Ming-hùa received a call .


"Ming-hùa, what did I tell you about giving Cheng Li a position in the company?!?"

"he does not deserve it"


Corp, everything he did with the company could and would not be questionned, even his own father cannot question nor order him to do anything with it . As Cheng Li was the eldest son of all the bastards of his father's mistresses, he was going to allow him to work under him in the company, but he found a lot of malices with him in a report he received from a private detective, therefore, he didn't proceed with his plan .

"is that all?" Cheng Ming-hùa's cold voice made his father's anger rise

"you--" before he could continue, Ming-hùa cut the call . Then he sighed and closed his eyes . The plane flew and was on it's way back to U . S . A

Ever since he was a kid, his father always maltreated him and his mother . This was still the time when his grandfather didn't know about him yet as his birth was kept hidden . The little boy loved his father dearly and would use to follow him around, secretly . He thought that one day, his father would love him back . When his mother got sick, everything changed, he asked for help but was only given wounds and bruises in return . He even kneeled and kowtowed for a whole day but his father was unfeeling towards him . Seeing this treatment, his elder brother, Cheng Li used to hit him most of the time . Soon, his mother's illness got worse that she wasn't able to see . She became blind . As Cheng Ming-hùa couldn't hold it any longer, he found ways to talk to his grandfather and when the old man found out about his situation, he was furious . He helped Cheng Ming-hùa's mother and brought her to the hospital, sadly, her blindness couldn't be cured . Eventually, Cheng Shi Fei took in young Ming-hùa and groomed him to be the heir . When the right time came, he became the sole owner of the company and was given full authority, this led his father's jealousy . He tried to poach Cheng Ming-hùa and treated him like a father would but the little boy's heart hardened . His heartfelt feelings for his father broke and was discarded, leaving only contempt and hatred . Despite what he felt, he still honored his grandfather's words amd gave his own father respect . Therefore, he didn't openly show his hatred to his father . Maybe he had two personalities indeed . But who could blame the little boy? He loved but it was disregarded .