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The Hitting Zone - Chapter 183

Published at 19th of March 2019 01:28:12 PM

Chapter 183

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I was stunned . I felt sad, confused, and disappointed all in one . I slowly made my way back to the dugout, where my teammates faces were reflecting my own emotions . I passed Noah, who was in the on deck circle, and he handed me my bat on my way in . No words were exchanged . I sighed and took my stuff to my bag .

I put my helmet away and examine my bat to see if there was something else I missed . Maybe I had a dent?

"It's not your bat . " Zeke came up to me, holding his own bat . "You were distracted . Easily . Then you were fooled by the low pitches you saw . " Zeke tilted his head at the field . "If you paid more attention to the other at bats, you would have noticed something . Something like how half of his outs came from fly balls . A fly ball pitcher . Not uncommon at the high school level . " Zeke gave me a pat on the head . "There's no such thing as a perfect batting average . Why are you upset over it?"

I put my hat on to hide my embarrassment . "I could have done better . "

"That's a good trait to have as a ball player . " Zeke said, fully turning to the field . "But just know, there's never been a player who had a perfect batting average . At any level . Getting out is just part of the game . The most important aspect is the final result . I rather go 0 for 4 at the plate and win instead of going 4 for 4 with a loss . It's about perspective . "

Mahki smacked a hard grounder towards first . The first baseman dove, stopping the ball in its tracks . The pitcher came over to cover the base and the first baseman tossed him the ball . Just barely beating out Mahki . Out number two . Noah walked up to the plate and Zeke left me so he could go to the on deck circle .

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Noah didn't do any better than us, and ended up grounding out to the shortstop to end the inning . He came back in and we exchanged sighs . What a rough inning . Noah switched out his gear and we took the field together .

Garret stood on the mound with the poise of a great pitcher . He shut Sunset Prep down, three up, three down . A groundout to Noah, a fly out to Sean in right field, and then a swinging strikeout . It's hard to imagine that I was even worried for a second in the first inning . Garret bounced back fast . . . I should take note and do the same .

As Noah and I sat down by our bags, we both let out sighs; this time they were sighs of relief and not of depression .

Top of the fourth would get to start with Zeke, Garret, and Jordan . I started to hope for some action on their behalf, wanting to score more runs .

"Hey, Noah?" I asked, thinking of something he had said before .

"Hmm?" His eyes remained on Zeke, who was stepping up to bat .

"You know how you were saying that you have to speak to the universe? What does that mean exactly?"

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"It's relative to the law of cause and effect . For every cause, there's an effect . And vice versa . For every action, there's a reaction . Law of laws: you get back what you put out . You put out negative, you'll get negative back . Put out positive, and positive will be returned . It's very philosophical . " Noah spoke, never taking his eyes off Zeke .

I nodded even though I hardly followed . I believe in concrete numbers and equations like in math, where there is always an answer . In math, nothing is based on feeling or emotion, it's just right or wrong . No gray . Philosophy doesn't seem to be up my alley at all, and I hope I won't have to take such an abstract class like it .

But . . . Something bugged me about what he said . "Well, what if . . . both teams are putting positive vibes in the 'universe' like we will win?" I scratched my nose . "Who does the universe answer first?"

Noah was about to reply, but the ding of the bat cut him off . Zeke hit a laser line drive a few feet away from the shortstop . Amazingly, the shortstop jumped as high and far as he could, totally outstretched, and snatched Zeke's would be hit . Instead, it was Zeke's first out of the season . The crowd went wild with claps, cheers, and "oohs" and "ahhs" .

Noah slowly turned his head to me, eyes wide . "And that is why you don't question the laws of the universe . " He said something else, but it was hard to hear over the crowd of people that were watching .

"What's going on?!" I leaned towards Noah's ear so he could hear me .

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Noah pointed to the field . I looked . Zeke was still outside the dugout, waving to the crowd . The he took off his helmet and waved it at the shortstop, who in turned, tipped his cap . The cheering soon died down, Zeke came back, and Garret moved to the batter's box .

"Zeke had a perfect hit streak going . " Noah explained as I could hear him now . "That was his first out and it was a great play . The fans and parents were just showing their support for them . "

"No one clapped for me . . . " I said .

Noah laughed . "That's because you're just a freshman . . . with a bunch of walks . It's not as impressive . But, I'm sure mom and dad clapped for you . You probably just weren't paying attention . "

That's true, I guess . I tend to tune out the crowd since they don't really have any affect on the game . I peeked down the dugout to see how Zeke was taking his first out of the season . Would I see disappointment or anger on his face?

Zeke looked the same as always as he shared some words with Coach and then he came on over . He raised an eyebrow at me . "What? Did I disappoint you?"

I shook my head vehemently, but Noah was the one to answer . "Yea, but no worries, you can make it up to us by hitting a home run at your next at bat . "

Zeke pushed his youngest brother's hat down over his eyes, letting out a brief smirk . "Why don't you focus on you . Get on base . "

"I will! No matter what . " Noah fixed his hat, pushing Zeke's hands away . Zeke gave us a nod and went back to the coach to watch the game with him .

"Zeke took it well . " I mumbled .

"Of course he did . " Noah said . "We're still winning . Now, if we were losing it would be a totally different story . He would release his scary aura and probably glare at us to death . The twins are competitive with one another, but Zeke takes it to a new level . He wants to win every game, all the time . "

"What's wrong with that?" I thought of the notes I took once upon a time . I had wrote that I wanted to win every game possible so I could keep playing with Noah .

"It's unrealistic . Too many factors and too many games . Just look at the major league . No professional teams goes unbeaten . What they aim for is a conference win so they can go to the playoffs . It just so happens that the team with the most wins, goes . " Noah shook his head . "You'll see a more competitive Zeke during the league games . Trust me, it won't be pretty . "

I gulped . Noah's words scared me as I started to think of the future and the consequences I might run into if we don't win games .

My mind didn't wander for long . Garret flew out to left field like I did . And Jordan popped out to the third baseman to end the inning . Still 2-1 . Bottom of the fourth we go .