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Published at 6th of April 2020 07:45:04 PM

Chapter 1559: 1559

Chapter 1559: The Final Farewell!

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Translated by: Hypersheep325

Edited by: Michyrr


"How could this be?! Is the Origin Immortal Lord still no match for him?!"

The martial artists instantly panicked . For this unsettled crowd, True Lord Yellow Dragon's voice had a nightmarish tone to it, and they would not find the description of 'monster' for him to be an exaggeration .

But True Lord Yellow Dragon's voice resounded for only a few moments before an even more powerful energy quashed it . The earth once more calmed back down .

Wang Chong couldn't see what was happening down below, but the 'aftershocks' alone left him flabbergasted .

"Senior, what's your condition?" Wang Chong asked in concern .

"I'm fine . His resistance is extremely fierce, but I've prepared these formations for a thousand years for this very moment . Although I can't seal him here forever, it should be for long enough . "

The Origin Immortal Lord's voice came in bits and pieces, but his words still managed to soothe Wang Chong's mind .

"Back up a little . I will now help you get out of this place!"

Wang Chong had barely taken a few steps back when a boundless stream of destructive energy exploded out of the fissure .

Boom! Crack! The rock wall near the crowd suddenly collapsed in a great shower of stones .

The easily-frightened crowd instantly scattered upon witnessing this sudden attack .

"Look! What's that?!" someone shouted .

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"Not good! There's a crack in the rock wall! Is this place going to collapse?!"

The martial artists were all panicked and fearful . This place was at least twenty thousand meters beneath the earth . If it suddenly collapsed, they would all be buried here and would only have death awaiting them .

"Wang Chong, what's going on here?!"

Song Yuanyi strode over to Wang Chong's side . While everyone else was in disarray, only Wang Chong continued to stand at his original spot, apparently extremely calm .

Moreover, the wall had cracked open far too abruptly . If there was one person who knew the truth of it all, it was probably Wang Chong .

Wang Chong had entered the Origin Immortal Palace, and he was the only one to have any connection with the Origin Immortal Lord .

"Everyone, don't panic . This is a passage the Origin Immortal Lord opened for us . True Lord Yellow Dragon might come out at any time, so we need to use this crack to return to the surface as quickly as possible . "

Wang Chong's voice resounded through the pit, and the panicked crowd instantly calmed back down .

"Lord Marquis saved us, so we'll listen to your orders!"

The martial artists began to call out, their eyes gleaming with respect .

"This place won't last long and might collapse at any time . " Wang Chong suddenly turned to Song Yuanyi and asked, "Alliance Lord Song, please lead everyone out of here!"

Song Yuanyi merely gave Wang Chong a profound glance before turning back around .

"Guangting, Black Yin Ancestor, you lead the way . Bone Devil, the Demonic Emperor, and I will hold the rear . "

Under Song Yuanyi's command, the group began to make their way past the rocks and bones, entering that pitch-black crack which was thirty-some meters tall and around five meters wide .

Song Yuanyi's built-up prestige in the martial arts world ensured that the group departed in an orderly fashion, and it took only a few moments before they were all gone .

Once everyone was gone, the Demonic Emperor Old Man and Wushang Village Chief turned to look at the motionless Wang Chong and called out, "Chong-er, we'll wait for you! Come as soon as you can!"

Seeing Wang Chong nod, the two of them entered the crack without hesitation .

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Not long after they left, a massive boulder came from above and smashed into the ground not far from Wang Chong's feet .

As more time passed, the surrounding rocks began to tremble, and more and more rocks and dust came down .


Wang Chong's eyes flashed . Suddenly, the bones and rocks vanished, and Wang Chong emerged in a vast white world .

Fog permeated the place, and Wang Chong could see two straight chains in front of him that stretched to the other side . There, a familiar figure was silently watching him . He had apparently been waiting for some time .

Origin Immortal Lord!

Wang Chong instantly recognized the elder .

This place was very similar to the white world he had traversed before entering the Origin Immortal Palace, but Wang Chong was aware that all of this merely an illusion .

The Origin Immortal Lord had pulled his mind into this place .


Wang Chong began to walk over to the Origin Immortal Lord .

The Origin Immortal Lord who had appeared before him was dressed in a simple Daoist robe, and his face was ruddy and energetic . He appeared better than he had at any time before, but this only made Wang Chong uneasy .

Through his Psychic Energy, he could sense a deep-rooted weakness in the Origin Immortal Lord's body .

A soul echo!

A thought occurred to Wang Chong, but he did not dare to continue thinking about it .

"The time for us to part has come!"

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The Origin Immortal Lord gently smiled at Wang Chong . A gentle breeze blew past, caressing his hair and adding to his aura of otherworldly transcendence .

"I have finished my mission . This world will have to rely on you now . "

"Senior, can you really not suppress him? Can you not leave with us?" Wang Chong asked .

The Origin Immortal Lord shook his head .

"You know the answer!"

Wang Chong instantly fell silent .

"I have one more important thing to tell you that you must remember . Once you leave, in the part of the year when the scents of autumn are the strongest, you can go and find someone . He will help you in my place, but he will only appear on one day every year . You must display utmost respect to him, and he will answer many of the questions on your mind . There are some questions he can answer that even I cannot . He will tell you the truth that you so ardently wish to know!"

The Origin Immortal Lord smiled .

"The truth?"

Wang Chong's heart thumped as he raised his head, but what welcomed him was a rapidly approaching palm .

Before Wang Chong could react, the Origin Immortal Lord had placed his palm on Wang Chong's shoulder .

"Senior, you…!"

The world began to spin around Wang Chong, and before he knew it, he had been forced out of the vast whiteness of the Origin Immortal Lord's mental world .

On his last glance, Wang Chong saw the Origin Immortal Lord's gaze, bursting with hope and expectation .


When his vision returned, Wang Chong realized that he had been pushed out of the abyss and into the pitch-black crack .

Rumble! A moment later, a large chunk of rock and metal ore came down from the ceiling, closing off the crack that the Origin Immortal Lord had just made .

"Wang Chong, remember! You must find that man no matter what . I'm giving this to you, but remember, you can't open it until the time has come . "

The Origin Immortal Lord's voice came from deep underground . Wang Chong lowered his head and saw that there was a small wooden box in his hand . It appeared very unremarkable, but it felt heavy in his hand .

Wang Chong didn't think too much before putting the box away . Meanwhile, the Origin Immortal Lord's voice was getting weaker and more distant .

"Yellow Dragon, my time has come . It's time for us to settle our accounts . "

There was one last shout, like a distant peal of thunder, and then silence . Wang Chong could sense his energy no more .

Wang Chong stood in front of the now-closed crack, a complicated expression in his eyes . He didn't know what would happen to the Origin Immortal Lord, but there was no doubt that this was their last meeting .

"Senior, my utmost gratitude . This junior will forever remember your gifts . I hope that I can accomplish both your and my mission!"

Wang Chong slowly bowed in the Origin Immortal Lord's direction, then stood back up, took a deep breath, and began to leave .

The passage was dark, but it was much wider than he had imagined . Looking around, Wang Chong saw that the rocks had a metallic luster to them . It seemed like the Origin Immortal Lord's strike had even blasted through the ore vein .


The earth trembled and a shower of rocks and dust came from the ceiling . Wang Chong didn't know how long this passage went, but there was no other path available to him .

At this moment, he heard a familiar voice from up ahead . "Young Patriarch! Over here!"


Wang Chong looked over in surprise and saw the Origin Immortal Chief standing there .

"Why are you here? Didn't I have you leave with the others?"

"I was here waiting for Young Patriarch . "

The Origin Immortal Chief shook her head and gently smiled .

"This place is dangerous and might collapse at any time . That Righteous Alliance Lord called Song Yuanyi has already led the rest of them out . I remained to receive the young patriarch . Let's go!"

The Origin Immortal Chief pointed in a direction, and Wang Chong nodded, grabbing the Origin Immortal Chief and then charging forward .

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