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Published at 17th of October 2020 11:52:43 PM

Chapter 1943: 1943
Chapter 1943: The Predicted Court Session!

Translated by: Hypersheep325

Edited by: Michyrr

King Song turned to Wang Chong and said, “Anything involving the Sage Emperor and Eunuch Gao is no minor matter . This was why I had the Crown Prince seal off this news . It is best if as few people know about it as possible . ”

“Regardless of the truth, once the Sage Emperor attends court, everything will become apparent!”

Li Heng and the others quickly departed, leaving Wang Chong alone with his thoughts .

“Xu Keyi, get in touch with Bian Lingcheng and have him find Eunuch Gao’s location as soon as possible!”

Everyone knew about Wang Chong’s connection to the Eastern Palace, and after the rebellion, almost the entire court knew that Wang Chong and Yang Zhao were sworn brothers .

But not many people had realized his connection to Bian Lingcheng, General of the Palace Gates .

Eunuch Gao, Li Jingzhong, Bian Lingcheng, and the socializer Yang Zhao were his four information sources in the palace, and all of them possessed large amounts of authority .

There was no piece of information in the palace that could escape the notice of all four of them at once .

If Eunuch Gao had gone missing and none of the other three could find out where he was, then it was probably impossible to find Eunuch Gao .


Xu Keyi quickly turned and left .


Several days went by in the blink of an eye, and the news that the Sage Emperor was returning to court came much faster than anyone had expected . Before Bian Lingcheng had found Eunuch Gao, Wang Chong received word that the morning court session was being called .

“Prepare my court robes!”

Upon receiving the news early in the morning, Wang Chong immediately prepared to attend .

While Wang Chong had already withdrawn from the court, his list of illustrious titles and the Imperial Dragon Bracelet endowed him with the right to attend court whenever he desired .

Putting on his robe embroidered with clouds and golden threads, and donning his golden crown, he boarded his bronze carriage and headed for the palace .

When Wang Chong arrived at Taihe Palace, the place was already packed with ministers .

The news that the Emperor was attending the court session had sent great waves through courtly society, and almost all the officials had come, even those old officials who had retired to their homes .

The major officials were carrying out whispered conversations with each other while the imperial censors were rubbing their palms . They had been waiting ages for this day .

Wang Chong stood next to King Song with just as much anticipation . As King Song had said, when the Sage Emperor appeared, everything would become apparent .

“The Sage Emperor has arrived!”

A whip cracked, and everyone turned to see palace maids, eunuchs, and guards file out from a side palace .

Behind them was that familiar and revered figure adorned in dragon robes .

The entire hall fell silent as an invisible energy swept over the area .

Even after all the recent incidents, the Sage Emperor was still the True Dragon, Son of Heaven, possessing a supreme status in everyone’s hearts .

While everyone was focused on the Sage Emperor, Wang Chong spotted a figure in the back and trembled .

“Eunuch Gao!” Wang Chong softly called out, his eyes twitching .

Several days ago, Wang Chong, King Song, and Li Heng had been wondering where Eunuch Gao had gone and talking about how to find him, with Wang Chong even getting in touch with Bian Lingcheng . They had all believed that they would need some time until they could find him .

Wang Chong had never imagined that the ‘missing’ Eunuch Gao would reappear in this fashion .

Wang Chong glanced at King Song and saw that King Song’s eyes were wide open in shock .

Eunuch Gao was wearing his silken robe as he followed behind the Sage Emperor, his expression as it usually was .

But upon closer inspection, Wang Chong realized that Eunuch Gao had lost his ruddy complexion . His face was slightly pale, and he had also lost weight . Those smiling eyes of his had become murky and dispirited .

Wang Chong’s brow creased, a dark cloud of worry flitting across his face .

“May the Emperor live ten thousand years!”

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The officials bowed as they resoundingly cried out, bringing Wang Chong back to his senses .

A eunuch waved a horsetail whisk and stepped forward . “Honored officials, if there are any concerns, please present a memorial . Otherwise, you may withdraw!” This was not Eunuch Gao, but a eunuch in his thirties that Wang Chong had no impression of .

“Your Majesty, this subject has a memorial . For dynasty after dynasty, the sovereign has always attended court to handle government affairs . This is the duty of a sovereign! Your Majesty has not attended court for more than seven days in a row and has issued no decree . This is simply unprecedented and is unacceptable!”

“This old subject must censure Your Majesty . Profligate and licentious behavior and the selection of talented young women affects the entire realm and its people . These are the actions of an incapable sovereign!”

“This lowly subject must censure Your Majesty over the construction of a new palace! The sovereign is the center of the realm’s Dragon Qi, and all the realm imitates them, their every action watched by the people . Your Majesty, construction of a new palace is to revive attitudes of extravagance and arrogance, no good thing for the empire . Moreover, the Imperial City already has all the palaces one could desire . What need is there to construct a Peace Pavilion? Your Majesty, please withdraw the decree!”

“This lowly subject must censure…”

“This lowly subject must censure Your Majesty!”

The imperial censors had held themselves back for almost ten days while the Sage Emperor had been absent from court, and they finally had the time to vent their emotions . Before any of the other major officials could speak, the agitated imperial censors stepped out of their ranks and began to issue their censures .

Their voices continued to rise and fall in an endless barrage of criticism!

Wang Chong stood in his own row and said nothing .

He had predicted this scene, but what he was more concerned about was the Sage Emperor himself .

The Sage Emperor was the source of all these problems .

Wang Chong raised his head and began to carefully examine him .

As the censors submitted their memorials, the Sage Emperor remained seated motionlessly on his resplendent throne .

His expression was as calm as an ancient well, unruffled by the endless criticism . It was like nothing in the world could shake his mind .

This was not Wang Chong’s first time seeing the Sage Emperor, but he felt… very different .

Although he was still majestic and noble, a god looking over the world, there was something clearly different about his aura .

It was like mud being stirred from the bottom of a clear spring, or like dried leaves being blown in a cool breeze . From a certain perspective, even though the outside was the same, Wang Chong felt like he was looking at a different person .

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What is going on here?

Wang Chong could no longer hear the discussions in court . His expression was calm, but his mind was restless .


A moment later, Wang Chong’s eyes flashed, and his vision peered into the ‘True World’ .

The hall remained unchanged, but in Wang Chong’s eyes, the world had transformed .

Colors and objects faded away, leaving only the truth of the world .

Wang Chong immediately focused his attention on the Sage Emperor .

But a moment later…


Before Wang Chong could see the ‘true’ Sage Emperor, he felt like he ran into a massive barrier . His body shuddered and he instantly felt lightheaded .

Wang Chong’s True World ability was capable of seeing the essence of all things, peering through all illusions, unstoppable by even the most powerful abilities . Even the Tianfu Divine Lord had not been able to hide his tracks and was forced to flee .

But when Wang Chong used the True World to look at the Sage Emperor, he immediately suffered an intense backlash, and his vision was thrown into disarray .

For the first time, the True World ability had failed .


Wang Chong’s mind tossed and turned .

The True World ability came from the Stone of Destiny, and it was not a true attack, so it shouldn’t have suffered any disruption . But this time, it had failed .

The True World of black and white rapidly faded away, and the officials of Taihe Palace once more appeared in his vision .

When he opened his eyes, he was looking at the Sage Emperor .

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Earlier, the Sage Emperor had been motionless, but now, he was looking at Wang Chong, seeming to see through all his secrets and making Wang Chong feel like there was nowhere to hide .

“Your Majesty! This lowly subject implores Your Majesty to take back the decree!” a forceful and resounding voice said .

Imperial Censor Deng Chang gripped his ceremonial tablet and kneeled on the floor .

Everyone’s attention was drawn to the imperial censor, and the Sage Emperor took one last, profound glance at Wang Chong before turning his gaze as well .

“We understand!”

The Sage Emperor’s majestic voice echoed through the palace .

“With regards to the Peace Pavilion, the construction will proceed, but all expenses will be drawn from the inner court’s treasury . As for government affairs, they are to be decided through the joint rule of the Prime Minister, Grand Preceptor, and Grand Tutor!

“Military affairs are to be decided jointly by the King of Foreign Lands, King Song, and Minister of War Zhangchou Jianqiong!

“The selection of talented women will be set aside for now to be discussed at a later date!”

With these words, the Sage Emperor stood up and left .

“Your Majesty!”

“Your Majesty!”

“Your Majesty!”

Everyone was left wide-eyed and slack-jawed . No one had expected the Sage Emperor to be so straightforward, dismissing the court without even agreeing to a single one of the objections . And after making his decision, he immediately left, giving the officials no time to argue their case .

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