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The Insatiable - Chapter 1

Published at 7th of January 2019 08:02:55 AM

Chapter 1

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In a well-lit room, a teen with the age of about 17-18 is fiddling with a bunch of mechanical parts .

These mechanical parts looks very complex but this teen is fiddling with all this easily as if he had dozens of decades of experience .

The teen has brown hair and a pair of bright golden eyes . His clothes are rather cheap looking and messy but from his aura alone, one could feel that his identity may not be so simple .

The mechanical device he is constructing is now in its final stage . He placed each gear in their proper places . Once he completed placing the pieces together, he smiled . The device he created looked like a clock . No, it was exactly like a clock .

However when he put it on his palm and exerted pure energy, the clock transformed into an insect looking figure . Its size is only a few inches, and golden colour .

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He looked at it with fascination and satisfaction, with a little of pride mixed in .

The only door in the room then opened, entering it is a female of about 18-19 years old . Her white hair and gray eyes are what would first atttact people to her . Her violet dress reaches down to her knees . The female's figure cannot be said to be mature .

She looked at the teen with gentless and affection . Walking to his side she observed the insect looking device .

"Is this what you've been up to?"

The female asked out of nowhere . Her eyes filled with curiosity . She looked at the golden device and tried to touch it .

The teen saw this and let her do what she wanted . He shrugged his shoulders and said, "Yeah, but you already knew that right? I'm sure you've seen it . "

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Seemingly amused to his reply she giggled . Her eyes glistening she replied, "You know I hate seeing things that haven't happened . It's better to have a real conversation . "

"I know, I was kidding . " The teen said and looked at the female . She was almost as tall as he is, reaching up to his chin . He stroked the female's white hair and hugged her gently .

"So he asked you to come for me?"

"Hehe . Yeah, he asked but I wouldn't just do what he asked me . "

"What did he ask you to do then?"

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The female then hesitated here but still answered the teen's question . "He asked me to stop what you want to do . Something ahout letting nature take its course . "

He sighed hearing this, let go of the female and said with a sad tone, "He's already too distant with emotions . He doesn't understand the way mortal beings work any longer . " Remembering how his friend used to be and the way he acts now, he clenched his hands tightly .

The female is dejected by what the teen said but she didn't let it show to her face . "You're wrong . He feels too much, and he just wants to protect us . "

The teen smiled at this and said warmly, "I hope that's true . However for now I'll be the one to take care of those he can't . With this, I can at least improve the chances of the Worlds surviving when those old men start their game again . "

Saying that, he looked at the golden device he is holding . By now it has returned to looking like a clock .

"This will help them survive somehow . Once this device infects those old people's System, it will be left to the mortals whether to take that chance or not . "

"This will limit them in the future for sure . "

"Yes, I know but this is better than the mortal's all dying . "

The teen then breathed in and when he breathed out, a massive flow of pure energy spread throughout the whole area . A few seconds later all that pure energy is directed to the golden device .

It then released a blinding light that lasted for seconds . When it slowly faded and disappeared the device is gone along with it .

The teen then looked at the female and said to her with a solemn tone, "Now it all depends on them whether they can survive or not . "

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