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The Insatiable - Chapter 11

Published at 7th of January 2019 08:02:21 AM

Chapter 11

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Haruhiro was kicked out of his own apartment .

The reason? Because he received a girl's number, which he found very unreasonable .

'Ah damn here I was expecting some more rounds . I don't even know what I did wrong . '

He cursed his luck for being bad . Haruhiro then just decided to scout the area Anna was telling him about . The forest at the mountain where they will be building their base camp .

When he was on his way out, Anna shouted at him and told him to go look for a place where they could build their soon to be new home .

If he could, he's also going to use the mission cube in order to complete the mission that was given to him by Ava in order to save on time . He just checked the countdown and the ticking of the time made him panic a little .

Haruhiro took the roundabout way towards the mountain . He wanted to see more of this world before the apocalypse starts and ends the world . He naturally wouldn't let such an opportunity pass by, he's going to go check out the sites and eat the foods .

As he walked around the city he found it quite fascinating, experiencing it for himself is different from seeing it in his memories . Just like the experience of riding a car, in the apocalypse he never could ride in one of those, only the people at the top could since the fuel is expensive . Here, they're everywhere, he could get a ride just by raising his hand .

One other thing he found wonderful are food stalls . Food was obviously scarce in the apocalypse, a hundred years has passed since their world ended but still, people just couldn't bring back any semblance of civilization . It wasn't just because of the zombies however, it was also because of humanity .

Some found the way they were living the best, they could be unrestricted . As long as they could, they would . Who would give that up?

Haruhiro liked these food stalls, the foods they produced all varies and they all tastes better than the food he used to have . It didn't matter what he had, it all tastes delicious for him . However, he found the burger and fries he ate with Anna and Nanako his favorite . He doesn't know whether it was because of their company or just because it really tasted great .

He continued to wander around the city and soon found himself in an area of it that is less populated . He walked around the streets and observed the people passing by him, they all walked faster than he did and it is evident that they're all in a hurry . Haruhiro found it strange .

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The world is indeed wonderful . They could eat whenever they want, go wherever they want and they wouldn't be threatened by man-eating corpses yet they all seemed to ignore all these .

Why is that so? He soon found the answer to his question .

Its because in order for them to obtain all these . For them to be able to eat or to travel they'd need money . Without it, can they even have anything they want? Can they even live in the same house or apartment they're staying at?

In order to live in this world, they need to work because if they don't they may not have anything .

Or they're all in a hurry because they want to go home .

Whichever their reason is, its all things that he won't be able to understand . However, in his heart he's in doubt whether this kind of world is better or not . Thinking of being stuck inside an office the whole day for work, he found himself feeling suffocated .

That kind of lifestyle just wouldn't work immediately for someone like him who was born free to do whatever .

Soon enough he reached the mountain . Haruhiro found out from the original Haruhiro that this mountain is called Phoenix's Mountain for whatever reason . He didn't really care and just continued to walk towards the entrance of the forest .

He's now wearing an okami wolf mask that's covering half his face . The mask is colored blue, black and silver . Black being the main color and blue served as the color for the major designs . The silver is painted along the edges of the mask .

In the forehead of the mask an ouroboros could be seen . A dragon eating its own tail . The symbol of the previous Greed . He bought the mask from Ava for 5 GP and when he did the symbol was already there .

He needed to wear a mask since Anna mentioned that the police would often patrol here . He would look suspicious lurking around here so he decided to cover his face .

No doubt that if Anna knew of this she would fume in anger since she found his behavior truly childish . Won't the police find him even more suspicious if is wearing one?

The ideal place . That's what he's searching for but he really has no idea as to what that actually would be . Being in a difficult situation, he tried asking Ava what she thinks .

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[System has scanned the mountain and found out that there is a river . It would be best if host places the mission cube near this place . ]

"Alright then, lead me to that river and I'll scout the place out . Let's do this fast since Anna might already be waiting for me to get back . "

Thinking of Anna's wonderful figure and her lips that tasted like strawberries, the dragon in his pants rose up . He smiled wryly and thought to himself, 'I'm really such a weak-willed guy . As soon as I wanted to do it with Anna I immediately wanted to abandon this job . '

He then, with Ava's directions managed to find the river and scouted out the area around it . He patiently searched for an area without trees in order to build the camp . However he was soon disappointed, there is no such area near the river .

[Host, Ava reminds that the mission cube does not need to be placed in an open area . As long as it is placed on the ground and activated the cube will terraform the surrounding area . ]

This made Haruhiro jump in joy, he literally has been looking around everywhere . This will help him save a lot of trouble .

"Why didn't you tell me sooner? I wasted too much time looking around . "

[Host didn't ask . ]

" . . . "

Haruhiro indeed didn't ask . He shook his head and decided to just let it go . Nothing would happen if he fought against the voice in his head .

He then went back to the river and start looking for a suitable place, ignoring all the trees in the way . A few minutes later he found it .

This place is a few hundred meters away from the river and all around there's nothing but trees . He decided for it to be here since he really didn't want to think of this too much, he's asked Ava if he could relocate the base after it was placed and she did say yes . Which is why he got bored and wanted to end this quick, if he could move it then why waste too much time?

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He once again took out the 4x4 white cube from his inventory and played with it for a while . He would toss it lightly and catch it, then he would do it again . While doing this, he searched for the best position to place the cube .

Then he found it, an area which he thinks is suitable . He placed the cube in this place, then a notification rung in his head .

[Mission cube placed, would you like to activate?]


He answered without any hesitation and then a white light is produced by the cube . It wasn't blinding though and it only appeared for a few seconds before disappearing . It was like a flashlight was turned on inside a dark room .

[Mission cube activated, building base camp . Time Remaining - 11:59:59]

He saw the new notification in front of him and smiled .

"Finally, I'm getting somewhere . "

He looked at the sky and saw that the moon is at its highest . Its late . He decided to rush back to his apartment .

He run out of the forest and away from the mountain, using the memories of the original Haruhiro he quickly arrived back at the city . Though his body is stronger than normal humans, he is still a human . When he arrived back at the city he's already trying to catch his breath .

"Bad idea, very . . . Bad . . . Idea . . . "

That was all he could say as he gasped for breath . He felt his vision turning blurry, and his mind going blank .

He needed a few minutes before he could stand up steadily . "Damn, I forgot this isn't my original body . Just a few minutes of running and I'm already out of breath . "

He cursed under his breath as he walked in the streets . He once again became curious of his surroundings, however unlike before the streets have a scarce amount of people walking about .

Haruhiro found the gloomy streets uncomfortable, it felt like he was back in the apocalypse . Running for his dear life and scavenging in order to survive . He'll always spend nights like this one hiding or searching for something to eat .

That was how he lived his nights . Hiding, searching, avoiding zombie hotspots .

He found this memory somewhat unpleasant so he shook his head off and continued on his way . "Still, this is such a quiet night . "

After saying that, he heard several voices not far from him . Curious, he listened and as he continued to hear more of what the people is saying . The expression on his face darkened . Haruhiro remembered the lifeless eyes of those girls . Clenching his fists, he walked forward .

He didn't notice that as he walked his body blurred, it was as if he is mixing in the shadows . Haruhiro then arrived in front of the girl . It was the cashier .

Now that he's observing her closely . Her nose, her mouth, her eyes . . . It was as if lightning struck him .

"So it really is you, no wonder you looked familiar . The Sin of Lust, I can't believe it . "

The girl opened her eyes and the five teens were all shocked . A man suddenly appeared in front of them without even noticing .

"I guess life really is a funny thing . "

He gently pulled her up so that she could stand . Her scent drifted into his nose and he couldn't help but smile even more .

"Ya-chan, I found you . "

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