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Published at 6th of December 2018 03:52:22 PM

Chapter 288
Chapter 288: Identity exposed!

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When Zhong Ming suggested taking Qiandu away to extort a confession, everyone was well aware of his intention .

Zhong Ming likes using medicines . In his hand was an aphrodisiac drug that makes a woman suffer in utter misery . If he gave some to a girl like Qiandu, let alone the Glass Mirror, even handing over something more important than the glass mirror she would dare not disobey .

At that time the woman would completely lose her mind and become his slave . Zhong Ming can demand anything from her, and he would get what he wants .

After hearing Zhong Ming’s words, the other brothers were envious .

Zhong Chang smiled at Zhong Ming . “Fourth elder brother, you might have more work than you can deal with, why don’t I help you? If there is something we can look out for each other . ”

The other brothers also wanted to help, but there were already two of them .

So Zhong Bai said, “I’ll wait until fourth elder brother successfully extorts a confession then . ”

“Count me in . ”

The youngest Zhong Shan had a cold expression across his face, the gaze that he stared at Qiandu with was without lust . But he cared extremely about the Glass mirror in her arms .

He was obsessed with sword skills, hoping to become famous in Starry Sky, become a sharp sword of the Changbai Sword Sect . If he could obtain a kind of treasure like the glass mirror, the distance from his goal would be a little closer .

Zhong Feng hesitated for a moment, then nodded and said: “Get it done quickly . ”

Not only getting their hands on the glass mirror, other things need to get done as soon as possible .

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They have other tasks to do in this illusion, and it was not good for them to delay their time .

Of course, to obtain such a magical object like the glass mirror that defies the natural order was an unexpected joy on their trip .

Zhong Ming, having obtained the eldest brother’s permission, had a flushed face, staring at Qiandu with an intense gaze . “Little sister, then come with me?”

Qiandu’s eyes were like knives as she coldly glared up at Zhong Ming: “If you dare touch me, I will immediately commit suicide . ”

Zhong Ming sighed: “Girl, you’re so young, why do you keep saying words like death? You’re young and beautiful, and from a superior family background, how good is your life? Come on, let’s find somewhere private and talk about it——maybe you’ll like it after the talk and won’t want to die . ”

“Get lost . ” The magic flute in Qiandu’s hands once again accumulated strength, the colour changing into light-green, then flashing several times, but eventually becoming dim again . Just now when she was expanding the field of light shield protection of the glass mirror, while fighting the Changbai six sons, she had already exhausted her energy .

It was impossible for her to summon the lightning blade once again from the Magic Flute .

Zhong Ming gazed at her affectionately . “This little maiden is quite stubborn——”

As he spoke, his palm was in front of Qiandu .

A handful of white powder was dispersed right in front of Qiandu, and then the water that was everywhere was dyed red .

Qiandu knew that it was dangerous and immediately stopped breathing in .

But she was still one step too late . Once she breathed into the white and transparent powder, she suddenly become drowsy .

“Shameless——” Qiandu cursed .

She knew that she had been poisoned . She hurriedly attempted to use an internal strength technique handed down the family to dispel the poison .

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Zhong Ming understood her intention and laughed, “There’s no need to do that . This medicine is called ‘guardian deity cannot overcome’ . Even if the Guardian Arhat is poisoned by the medicine, he most likely would have to break his golden body and want to make love . Let alone you little girl . Also, I forgot to remind you, do not think of dispelling the poison with internal strength, once you exert strength, the aphrodisiac drug will only enter your bloodstream faster, the effect would be better——do you feel your body heating up?”

Qiandu’s forehead was hot and dripping with sweat, her body was also burning hot as Zhong Ming had said .

She felt the deepest regret and shame; she did not think that she would fall in the hands of such despicable people and suffer such humiliation .

If her father knew about this, he would surely slaughter these scumbags . The Changbai Sword sect will never have a day of peace——Unfortunately, she would never have a chance to see her parents again?

Qiandu did not want to be humiliated, and even more did not want to fall in the hands of these scumbags .

She had no weapon to kill herself, nor even the strength to commit suicide .

Luckily she thought of other ways .

Her pupils were bloodshot, as if she had stayed up all night and had not slept .

Her line of sight was blurred, trying hard to look into the direction of Li Muyang, but she could only see countless overlapping images .

“Li Muyang——” Qiandu cried .

At this very moment, Li Muyang was her only friend and the one that she could depend on .

Even if she was going to leave, she must let Li Muyang know .

Li Muyang was torn with worry .

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Watching Qiandu falling into the stone tablet of the Mountain of flames and Changbai six sons surround her, he knew that she was in extreme danger .

Although these people were from a famous family and influential sect, but every one of them was not a good, honest person .

And in this lawless wasteland, no one can predict what kind of brutal acts they will commit .

He wanted to sever Zhong Yu into two halves with his sword, but the Changbai Seven Sons truly lived up to their name . Their ‘wind and rain sword’ was simply too powerful to be overcame .

Li Muyang again and again attacked, but Zhong Yu again and again counterattacked . Most of the time Zhong Yu was able to find the chance to strike a very dangerous blow .

His cultivation level was originally not high, now he was still only in the boundary of the lowest realm of the empty valley . And in sword technique he had not made any attainments . Most of the time he relied on the unique skills and technique that the old dragon left behind to escape danger .

A body that had suffered a prolonged battle, against Zhong Yu, a promising youngster, who had been practicing sword for more than ten years, indeed there was a feeling of inadequacy . If it was not for fusing with the tear of the Dragon King, he most likely would have been chopped into pieces .

His heart was filled with anger and hostility; the old dragon’s voice kept echoing in his mind: Let me out, let me out——

Li Muyang was in distress and very hesitant .

He did not want to accept the temptation of the old dragon; he did not want to expose his identity in front of other people .

He was afraid, afraid of becoming the servant of the old dragon, and even more afraid that he could not defeat the Changbai seven sons and his identity would be known by the world——

When Li Muyang heard the voice of Qiandu, there was an extremely bad feeling in his heart .

Though he could not look in the direction of Qiandu, he heard the indignation and determination in Qiandu’s voice .

“Qiandu wants to do a stupid thing . ” Li Muyang thought to himself .

Given Qiandu’s personality, this choice would only be made when the safety of her life was threatened or when her dignity was humiliated .

“Li Muyang——” Qiandu’s voice was once again ringing in his ears .

Qiandu was in danger!

“Die . ”

“They deserve to die . ”

“They all deserve to die . ”

Li Muyang roared in a low voice .

Li Muyang did not care about anything else .

His eyes were blood red, and a thick layer of scales began to emerge above his arms . Scales spreading upwards until were all throughout his body .

His body was stretching infinitely, the sword in his hand fell to the ground, and his hands became sharp, dark claws .

At his forehead was a huge horn growing, his whole body emitting the aura of death .

A majestic black dragon hovered in mid-air, his eyes that were like copper bells were staring ruthlessly at Zhong Yu .

Zhong Yu’s pupil swelled, as he stood frozen like a wooden chicken .

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