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Published at 8th of February 2019 01:30:12 AM

Chapter 443: 443

“Anyway, I think he has no chance . ” Yan Xiangma stated . “I don’t know what kind of luck he’s got to have severely wounded the God of Sword of West Wind Mu Yubai . However, I suspect that there were masters of the Lu household to help him . The old Grandfather of the Lu family was stationed in the frontier for a long time . He has hundreds of generals under his command, and millions of soldiers . And I heard that he has ‘Three souls and seven spirits’ . Those 10 people are his core group of guards . No one has ever seen them, but every one of them is unfathomable and powerful, and are rare masters of this world . ”

“If these people had helped out, then Li Muyang’s victory against Mu Yubai makes sense . Otherwise, how could he do such a thing by simply cultivating for one year? Even if he went to Starry Sky Academy, even if Starry Sky Academy is as mysterious and remarkable as they say, and can turn rock into gold, it will still take time, right? Mu Dingyi’s strength is far beyond his son Mu Yubai . There is hardly any chance for Li Muyang to win against him . ”

“You really know how to comfort people . ” Cui Xiaoxin said in a disgruntled tone .

“So you will give up . ” Yan Xiangma laughed .

“A woman gives up not because she can’t get it, but because she can’t love it . ” Cui Xiaoxin’s heart writhed with sorrow . “Did you really bet on Mu Dingyi to win?”

“Of course . We are brothers but money is money . I can’t lose a good brother and then lose another 100,000 gold coins . That would to adding insult to injury, sprinkling salt on my wound—-” Yan Xiangma said firmly .


“Since you don’t want to go, then let’s leave . ” Yan Xiangma said aloud . “If we stay any longer, he will get suspicious . ”

“Let’s go . ” Cui Xiaoxin uttered, looking through the crevices of the window towards the door of the Lu residence, where Li Muyang was still standing there waving .

“Li Muyang, take care . ” Cui Xiaoxin said softly in her mind .

“Let’s go . ” Yan Xiangma said to the driver in front . “Back to the Cui residence . ”

“Yes, young master . ” The driver responded .

Watching the carriage disappear, Li Muyang felt a disappointed and frustrated feeling .

“Xiangma, goodbye . ”

“And Xiaoxin—-I hope we will see each other again . ””

His parents and sister had left, and Yan Xiangma was gone . Now he was all alone, waiting for the great battle tomorrow to come .

Li Muyang turned back into the small courtyard, the door of the Lu residence slammed shut behind him, producing a heavy thud .

Miraculously, the wind had stopped and so did the snow .

The snow, which lasted nearly one month, came to a halt without any warning, although the capital was still blanketed in thick snow throughout and the whole world was wrapped in silver and white, like a world of ice crystals .


Li Muyang pushed open the door of the living room, and found that led by Jing’er, Zhaihua, Chuyao, Tingxue, and Xiyu were all waiting by the door . They were silent and even cautious with the sound of their breathing for fear of interrupting Li Muyang’s rest .

Sat on a chair in the living room, Gongsun Yu saw that Li Muyang had awakened, hurriedly greeted him with a smile . “Muyang woke up? Did you sleep all right last night?”

“Very good sleep . ” Li Muyang replied . “Aunt Gongsun, why are you here so early?”

Gongsun Yu’s face was haggard, heart heavy, but still forced a wide smile, “Today is an important day for Muyang, so I told them to come over to help Muyang get ready, for the whole Tiandu to see my—–to see Muyang’s graceful bearing . ”

“Thank you, Aunt Gongsun . ” Li Muyang said gratefully, “I can do these things myself . When I was in Starry sky, I did everything by myself . ”

“Young Master, let the maidservants do it . This is our job, and we are a little more skillful than you are . ” Jing’er added . “We wanted to serve you but were afraid we would disturb your practice . It’s rare to have a chance today, please give the maidservants a chance . ” “”

Without allowing any words, the several servants crowded around Li Muyang and escorted him back to the room .

When Li Muyang came back out the room, the whole living room seemed to have lit up . Even the gloomy sky outside was much brighter that before .

His hair had been combed, and a white crane jade crown was tied to the top of his head .

He was clad in a brand-new plain white robe, the fabric was soft, the cutting fitted him well, and was clearly the work of a master .

His waist was tied with a dragon belt, making his figure look slender and tall .

Elegant, confident and extraordinary .

“Madam, the clothes really fit Young Master Muyang well . ” Jing’er complimented .

“Muyang—” Gongsun Yu stepped forward to hold Li Muyang’s hand in a firm grip, as though Li Muyang would disappear from her if she loosened her hand . “You have to come back alive . ”

Before she could reunite with her biological son she had to watch him go into battle, watch him throw away his life—-this was too cruel for a mother .

“Aunt Gongsun, I will certainly come back safely . ” Affected by this parting mood, and looking at Gongsun Yu’s teary red eyes, Li Muyang’s mood was similarly upset . He had to say that ever since coming to Tiandu . Gongsun Yu and Lu Qingming were extremely protective of him and treated him like their own son . Li Muyang was very grateful to them, but also had completely considered himself as a part of the Lu family . “You have to take care . ”




South of Mist mountain was Still water sword school .

There were 3,000 disciples in Still water sword school .

The 3,000 disciples would learn and practice sword skills in the Sword God Square every day . The outstanding disciples were allowed to enter the inner hall to be taught by the famous teachers . It was only then would one have a real teacher . From then on, one’s swordsmanship and cultivation was closely related to one’s Master, and were bound together for good or ill .

Today the Sword God Square was extremely lively because a well-known battle was going to take place here .

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One of them was an old immortal of Still water sword school who had not been seen for years, the other was the young genius Li Muyang who had defeated the current West Wind Sword God Mu Yubai .

Both had very impressive backgrounds . There was no need to mention the background of Still water old immortal since every single person of Tiandu was very familiar with it .

Li Muyang was just as impressive, although this was his first time in Tiandu, he was already the topic of Tiandu half a year ago . While he was studying at the distant and mysterious Starry Sky Academy, the stories about him constantly spread to Tiandu .

Because the West Wind Emperor Chu Xianda said that he would visit the Sword God Square to ensure the fairness of the battle, the Flying feather army had come to the Sword God Square in advance to clear the place and stand guard . And because the West Wind Emperor had said that he want to enjoy the battle with the citizens, he did not forbid people to come to watch . As a result the Sword God Square was packed with people, bustling with noise and excitement .

However, in view of the destructive power of these two masters, the Flying Feather Army as far as possible directed the citizens to a far central area to avoid the innocent people being wounded by sword qi .

Before the arrival of the West Wind Emperor Chu Xianda and his civil and military ministers, the venue naturally belonged to the chattering masses of people .

“Who do you say will be the winner in this fight? I have bet 10 gold coins on the old immortal—-That is the money I saved up for half a year . ”

“I also betted on old immortal to win . I have seen that Li Muyang, he is just a boy, how could he win against our old immortal?”

“Li Muyang also has his positive points, don’t forget that before he went to Starry Sky Academy he killed Cui Zhaoren of the Cui family . A few days ago he won against our West Wind sword God Mu Yubai—–Back then who would have thought that the West Wind Sword God would lose to a brat?”


The citizens of Tiandu one-sidedly thought that Mu Dingyi would be victorious in the end . The name of a person, the shadow of the tree, Mu Dingyi’s fame and prestige had shrouded the capital for decades . A Li Muyang, who appeared out of nowhere, could not be compared to him .

The sons and daughter of some wealthy families used their connection or the fame of their elder to easily pass through the Flying feather army and were allowed to watch the battle from a closer distance .

This was the home of the Still water sword school, thus Still water disciples were naturally present to support the old immortal of their sword school .

Of course, they could not let the 3,000 disciples of Still water sword school to all gather here . If that happened, and if they wanted to do something, the average person really could not stop them . They needed to bear in mind that the Emperor Chu Xianda would also be present .

Therefore, the Still water sword school only chose the elites of the school to attend . All were clad in white robe and barefooted, sitting silently on the easternmost part of the Sword God Square and exuded a murderous spirit .

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It was like a distinguished event, all those who could come had came, and those who could not come thought of ways to come .

There was also a crippled youngster who asked his older brother to carry him up Mist Mountain, watching the blurry Sword God Square from afar .

It was at that moment a large number of officials from the Monitoring Division, dressed in black three-headed snake uniforms, marched in .

They quickly isolated the crowd and surrounded and protected the terrace of the Sword God building .

It was at this time that a shrill voice was heard shouting, “Your Majesty is here . ”


The West Wind Emperor Chu Xianda was in front, and behind him were his civil and military officials civil . The group of people imposingly walked to the observation platform of the Sword God Building .

Everybody knelt down in silence .

Chu Xianda stood in the center of the observation platform, watching the crowd from near to far was constantly kneeling down onto the ground . He was in an extremely good mood, heart beating excitedly; there was a feeling that he ruled the sky and earth .

The sky was tall and the ground was wide with clusters of snow and ice .

Tens of thousands of people knelt down, only one person stood proudly .

“This is power . ” Chu Xianda thought in his heart .

In any case, he had to preserve that feeling .

Wake up with the power of the world, drunk lying on the knee of a beauty . Open up land and build a glorious achievement in history . Isn’t that what any Emperor dreamt of?

“Everybody stand up . ” Chu Xianda said loud and clear .