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Chapter 107

Chapter 107 The Radical Course

When Li Tianlan carefully put away the plaque with three words “East Emperor Palace” on it and turned his head to size up the living room, he was startled immediately .

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The whole living room had been a mess, much more exaggerated than a home invasion .

On the floor, the wall, the ceiling, and the other visible places all appeared streaks of gullies that were wreaked havoc by Sword Qi . The shallowest gully had a depth of four or five centimeters . Large sheets of lime fell off the wall, all over the floor after being swept by Sword Qi .

In the living room, almost nothing complete could be found . The leather sofa with good quality was cut with slits all over it and the two wooden chairs had fallen apart . The cup and the kettle had been completely smashed . The water inside flowed freely and congealed with the lime on the floor, turning into mud . Cracks had thickly appeared on the TV and the air conditioner . In addition to himself and the plaque in front of him, everything in the living room was in a complete mess as if the end of the world had come .

Li Tianlan subconsciously touched his nose . Seeing such a scene, even if he was the initiator of evil, he still felt a little afraid in the heart .

Last night was when the sword comprehension in his chest reached the peak . All kinds of the past emotions, such as resentment, hatred, murderous intent, unwillingness, resignation, and doubt, gathered together, being expressed finally after turning into the purest sword comprehension, and became the three words of “East Emperor Palace” on the plaque . His mind was immersed in the past and in the martial arts . It was a pure world full of saber light and sword shadow . The wonderful state made him feel clear and lost inwardly . It was not a meditation, but it was several times better than the meditation .

Overnight, from the stabilization phase straight to the peak phase of the Qi-controlling Realm, the Shadow Formula had achieved initial success .

Such an achievement had already been great, but Li Tianlan thought that the best was that kind of state . Even now he had woken up, he still felt memorable when he recalled last night’s state . There seemed to be sword comprehension accumulating and agglomerating in his heart .

However, when Li Tianlan looked at the messy living room, he completely came back down to earth and had no choice but to smile wryly .

Since the room had been destroyed to this extent, he wondered how many credits of his, Li Baitian’s and Ning Qiancheng’s would be deducted and if the old principal could make an exception for them through his relationship with the principal .

Li Tianlan stretched himself, lit a cigarette, and went to have a look at the bedroom . As a result, no one was there . The morning sun had just risen outside the window while the night had faded . He was in a daze for a while, having a moment of feeling that he actually did not know what year it was .


The anti-theft door of the room was gently pulled open by someone .

Wang Yuetong walked in cautiously . Looking at Li Tianlan who was smoking in the living room, she instantly breathed a sigh of relief and said with a smile, “Senior Brother, have you done the writing?”

As he spoke, Li Baitian, Ning Qiancheng, Yu Qingyan, and Ye Huayu who were outside the room entered in one by one and came to the living room .

“Oh, my god . What happened? Has it been haunted? Or have you been robbed?”

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Li Baitian immediately stood aghast at the first sight of the mess in the living room . Not only him, but the others who saw the scene in the living room also stayed in place, dumbfounded .

Yesterday, Wang Yuetong had been keeping guard at the door outside . Even they were not allowed to enter when they came back . At first, Li Baitian and Ning Qiancheng didn’t pay much attention to it . But as they waited for longer and longer time, the two of them gradually felt something wrong . From yesterday afternoon to this morning, they, standing at the door, could only faintly feel that the pure and thick sword comprehension gathered gradually in the room . But who had ever thought that within less than a day, the whole living room had been destroyed to this extent by Li Tianlan?

“Did you write or vandalize on purpose?”

“There was a little accident . ”

Li Tianlan also looked a bit unnatural . He took a puff and said, “I’ll go to the principle soon . The room seemingly needs to be redecorated . ”

“Keep quiet . ”

Li Baitian, whose state of mind seemed to be very strange all the time, suddenly spoke . Instead of booing, he said in a deep voice .

Li Tianlan was stupefied for a second because Li Baitian, who had been grinning cheekily most of the time, looked unusually serious . His eyes constantly sized up the living room, carefully observing every sword mark on the wall and the ceiling . His eyes got more and more bright, also more and more delirious and delighted .

Ning Qiancheng also had a thoughtful expression on his face .

Leaving alone the sofa and the electrical appliances that could no longer be used in the living room, he only looked at the walls . At first glance, the four walls seemed to be horribly scratched by the sword Qi, which looked extremely ugly . However, if he looked at it closely, the walls of the whole living room seemed to have a little more different quality against the sword marks .

A number of the sword marks went from the shallow to the deep and the sword comprehension grew out of nothing from the light to the heavy . They were displayed one by one in front of those people . They were messy and broken with the violence and gleam that were almost breath-taking .

In the eyes of the martial artists, such ugliness was actually beautiful and was the most powerful aesthetics .

It seemed that every sword mark on the walls was worth watching carefully .

Li Baitian’s eyes flashed faster and faster . As the Great Void Sword Master of Mount Shu, he could feel the Great Void Sword Comprehension which was vague and illusory . So it was conceivable that his talent was good . Now, streaks of sword marks appeared in front of him and the extremely pure sword comprehension constantly surprised him . The bottleneck that had troubled him for a long time started to loosen because of the streaks of sword marks . Li Baitian actually had a moment of feeling that he would have a breakthrough .

“Tianlan, have you finished writing?”

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Li Baitian suddenly turned round, looked at Li Tianlan, and said with his serious eyes .

Li Tianlan nodded his head and pointed to the plaque placed aside with its back to them . The three words of “East Emperor Palace” on the plaque were so shiny that it needed time to wash them away . Now, it was still a bit dazzling .

Without any word, Li Baitian walked over and turned over the plaque .

The three words of “East Emperor Palace” appeared completely in front of Li Baitian . They were not lively and vigorous in calligraphy but straight and regular . Every stroke was filled with magnificence and grandeur between the lines . The Regular Script actually looked wild like a Cursive Hand .

Li Baitian subconsciously squinted his eyes and faced up to the gleam with his pupils getting brighter and brighter .

The sword comprehension revolved in every stroke as recklessly as a vast expanse of water did . At first, the sword comprehension was light with a gesture that could make everything surrender . The surging sword comprehension reached its peak from the word “Emperor” and gathered together in the last word . The murderous intent was so monstrous as if heaven had fallen and the earth had cracked with an incomparable gleam .

In front of Li Baitian, the three characters “East Emperor Palace” seemed to have completely disappeared . There were only sword and sword comprehension in his sight . Every stroke in the three characters, even the slightest turn, seemed to be interpreting what was the utmost of sword . Li Baitian breathed quickly with his exultant eyes . He had been stuck in the peak of the Ice-condensing Realm and even in the threshold of the fulfillment for a long time, but now he finally found an opportunity to break through the Fire-flaming Realm .

“Even if Senior Brother really wants to blame me after sobering up, maybe he will hate to erase them when seeing these three words, won’t he?”

The handwriting was shiny and dazzling .

Li Tianlan instinctively burst into tears, but he was smiling quietly and contentedly .

“I have got something . ”

He looked at the plaque in front of him and said earnestly and definitely .

“I have thought about something . ”

Ning Qiancheng who was also looking at the plaque slowly spoke with a dignified and joyful tone .

Both of them turned round to look at Li Tianlan at the same time .

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These three words had given the two of them too much inspiration . “What about Li Tianlan who wrote these three words himself? What will he gain?”

“I have achieved something,” said Li Tianlan as he smiled lightly .

As his Shadow Formula had achieved initial success and his realm had taken a step forward, Li Tianlan’s battle strength had been improved again . He even vaguely touched the fulfillment and even the limit of the Qi-controlling Realm . His goal was to break through the Qi-controlling Realm and to get into the Ice-condensing Realm in three years . But now Li Tianlan was sure that he could break through it in the most perfect state in one year at most .

He turned his head, also looking at the three words he had written . These three words happened to bring his sword, his heart, and his Tao all to another level, which was the most positive achievement .

“If so, it will be fine and it will be the best . ”

Li Baitian laughed and said as he looked at Li Tianlan seriously, “Tianlan, put the plaque here first . Qiancheng and I are going to study it carefully . ”

Li Tianlan nodded his head indifferently and did not say much .

Wang Yuetong took out a form from her bag and said, “Three-Eye came over again later, but I didn’t let her in . She asked me to give you this form . Senior Brother, please fill it out as soon as possible . ”

Li Tianlan took it over and looked at it casually . It was a form of a new institution that was set up in the Special Warfare System, including the name of the institution, staffing, office location, requirements and equipment, and so on…

Li Tianlan frowned because he totally had no experience in this kind of thing . He thought for a while and said directly, “About the positions of two deputy division chiefs on the form, just let Baitian and Qiancheng take them . And Yuetong…”

“I’ll be your secretary . ”

Wang Yuetong said joyfully with a smile .

“Yes . A secretary can handle the things if any . A secretary can also be fu*ked if not . ”

Li Baitian still stared at the plaque and said casually as he heard that .

Wang Yuetong’s face instantly went red . Although she had made such preparations privately, she still felt too ashamed when such a bastard spoke it out that way . She gave Li Baitian a stern look and said bitterly, “Weakness Li, don’t you dare to say it again?!”

Li Baitian quivered . As he heard the fu*king name, he himself felt weak instantly .

“Well, I’m sorry . My tongue slipped . ”

He faked a laugh, even not daring to turn his head .

“That’s settled then . Yuetong’s name will be in the secretary column . ”

Li Tianlan nodded with a straight face . But in fact, he felt that what Li Baitian said was simply a true saying . He felt well inwardly as he thought of it .

“As for Qingyan, she still needs to cultivate her temper . Let her be the assistant of Qiancheng first . Baitian, Huayu is your martial nephew . You decide . ”

He swung the profile in his hand, shook his head, and said with a sigh, “The core staff has been settled to be us for the time being and we will recruit others slowly later . It seems that we still need to go out sometime . The office staff, office address and so on seem not to be a big deal . However, they involve a multitude of things, so we have to arrange everything well . ”

“My sister called me once last night . ”

Wang Yuetong said in a clear voice, “She asked you to call Senior Yu . After filling out the form, you just need to let Senior Yu handle this matter . As for the office location, my sister has already chosen it for you . Senior Yu will also close Yu’s Restaurant and go to take charge of the new institution . ”

Li Tianlan raised his eyebrows slightly and asked curiously, “Where is the office?”

“I don’t know . ”

Wang Yuetong shook her head honestly . “It used to be a clubhouse seemingly . I didn’t ask too much . ”

Li Tianlan nodded his head, wondering whether he needed to check in person .

Wang Yuetong seemed to make out what he was thinking and continued to say, “And… Senior Brother, even if you want to go out, you just can’t go out for the time being . Sky Academy will begin officially tomorrow . The timetable has already been sent out . The first one is an Actual Combat Lesson, which is a highlight that can’t be missed . ”

Li Tianlan was stupefied thoughtfully for a second .

Ning Qiancheng, who obviously hadn’t received the timetable, was a little surprised . He whispered, “The first lesson is an Actual Combat Lesson? Is the principle a bit radical?”