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Published at 30th of June 2019 08:46:41 PM

Chapter 123

Chapter 123 The Skyattack

Li Tianlan got out of the school building and got on the school bus . He didn’t find himself come to Zhuang Huayang’s office once again until he got off the bus .

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The spring breeze was warm .

The birds were singing and the flowers were fragrant .

The Sky Academy was a place with a bloody and ruthless atmosphere . It seemed that the only place which could be full of flowers and fragrance all the year round was Zhuang Huayang’s residence . Obviously, the meeting place chosen by Dongcheng Qiuchi was also here .

Li Tianlan, who said no word all the way, looked at the back of Tribulation who was walking silently ahead, and finally could not help but say, “Martial uncle, what is going on? Why did the headmaster authorize my request for leave?”

“It’s not just you . ”

Tribulation stopped for a second, allowing Li Tianlan to walk side by side with him, and said slowly, “Gu Youlan, Li Baitian, Ning Qiancheng, Liu Dongyu, Xu Muye and Fan Haoyu . These people must have got the approval for leave by now . ”


Li Tianlan felt subconsciously creeped out . These people mentioned by Tribulation were all this year’s leader students of the Sky Academy . Perhaps their realms were different, but none of them was lower than Fire-flaming Realm . With so many people inexplicably got the approval for a holiday at the same time, what did the Sky Academy exactly want to do?

“I can’t say . ”

Tribulation shook his head . “I have signed the confidentiality agreement . You will know it then . ”

Li Tianlan nodded . To take part in many top-secret actions of the Special Warfare System in Zhongzhou State, people had to sign confidentiality agreements in advance . Only planners and major participants in the operation had the qualification to sign . This was an embodiment of status, but more of responsibility . Since it was a top-secret action, those who had signed confidentiality agreements must keep their mouths shut . Once the news was leaked, everyone would be blamed with none of them getting away .

As the most hidden and sharp sword of the country in the peaceful era, the Special Warfare System was not subject to the laws in many conditions . However, once various constraints were formed, they were often under high pressure, just like this time .

“Has the headmaster been back?”

Li Tianlan asked softly .

“Yes . ”

Tribulation nodded and said with a hoarse voice, “He had just come back this morning . ”

Li Tianlan said no more, understanding clearly in his heart . Zhuang Huayang made this kind of counterintuitive decision as soon as he came back, only to show that Youzhou was not as peaceful as it seemed these days, at least far more than these several important personnel changes of the Sky Academy .

In this game, the Wang family of Beihai, Giant Group and Sigh City had all gained something .

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However, Samsara who set off the game and the Academics who led this deal obviously had their own demands .

A lot of things were going on behind the scenes in an orderly way . Today’s event might be just the beginning inkling, and obviously, a bigger storm was following behind .


Li Tianlan smiled inwardly, thinking that in the not long time after he came to Huating, he had heard too many words like that the storm would start, there must be something in the rain and the time was eventful . As time passed by, with the ups and downs of the general trend, the so-called storm finally came .

The two passed through the flower bed and pool one after another, which were unique in the Sky Academy, entered the villa and headed for the headmaster’s office .

In the office, Zhuang Huayang, who had just returned to the Sky Academy, showed no sign of fatigue . He was radiant, energetic, and looked excellent in both spirits and mood .

When Li Tianlan came in, Zhuang Huayang was bending over to water the only basin of Scindapsus in the office . A man and a woman were sitting on the sofa in the reception area . The woman was gentle, while the man was bold and heroic . Both of them were acquaintances to Li Tianlan .

“Here comes Tianlan . ”

Hearing the sound of the door opening, Zhuang Huayang greeted him with a smile . Then his eyes fell on the reception area and he said with a smile, “General Thunder and Dongcheng Secretary, the person you are waiting for is here . ”

In the reception area, Thunder God, who was supposed to spend most of his time staying with Dongcheng Wudi, stood up with a big laugh and said in a bold tone, “Boy, come on, Qiuchi and I have brought you a good thing this time . ”

Li Tianlan was puzzled and looked at Zhuang Huayang and Tribulation . Seeing that neither of them said anything, he went to the reception area .

Dongcheng Qiuchi, who was gentle and graceful, smiled and nodded to Li Tianlan, and then said in a calm and elegant tone, “My adopted father decided to come here suddenly . The Old Master asked him to bring you a good thing, and make sure to give it to you personally, so I came here to have a look . ”

Li Tianlan nodded without asking what it was and solemnly said, “Thank the Old Master for me . ”

“You conscienceless boy, how could you even ask Qiuchi to say thanks for you? Don’t you have the Old Master’s phone number? How hard can it be to call him later and say thanks by yourself? The Old Master said nothing these days, but God knows how much he was expecting for your call . ”

Thunder God carried out a silver strip box from his feet and put it on the table . Then he taunted, “The Old Master privately told us that he didn’t expect much now . The first thing was that you and Rushi can go home to see him together . The second thing was that you two could get married early, and you’d better give him a great-grandson in recent years . He is an old man after all . No matter how powerful he used to be, with the younger generation in the family always being outside, he often feels worried and misses them . When you are free, call the Old Master . Even if you just say a few words, the old man will be very happy . ”

Dongcheng Qiuchi subconsciously looked at Li Tianlan .

She was very clear about Li Tianlan’s engagement with her sister, but she had never thought that her grandpa attached such importance to this promise made many years ago, and to Li Tianlan .

The younger generation in the family…

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Listen to these words . Perhaps in her grandpa’s eyes, Li Tianlan was more than his granddaughter’s husband . His status was even more important than Dongcheng Qiuchi herself—the Old Master’s granddaughter .

Li Tianlan touched his nose with a wry smile . This sounded really weird . He could not refute it, let alone answer it . He simply changed the subject and pointed to the box in front of him and asked curiously, “What is this?”

“Click . ”

Thunder God conveniently opened the box’s mechanism, turned the box around to Li Tianlan and said with a smile, “Look by yourself . ”

Li Tianlan squatted down casually and touched the box . He was immediately astonished, for he thought this was just an ordinary metal box, but the feeling of touching it was very strange . It was not gold or wood . It seemed to be some kind of military special material . The speciality of the box was enough to show that the thing inside the box could definitely live up to Thunder God’s remark about it; “good thing” .

He took a deep breath, then opened the box . As he saw the thing inside the box, his pupils contracted for a moment .

A silver heavy sniper rifle that was nearly two meters long was quietly lying inside the box, with some deep and mysterious light .

The buttstock, the sight, the muzzle…

The silvery heavy sniper rifle had smooth lines and simple and unsophisticated shape . It was lying quietly in the box, but it just gave people a ferocious feeling of extreme coldness and violence .

A row of bullets was neatly arranged at the bottom of the box . The bullets were long and narrow with some primitive patterns carved on them . There were about 20 bullets .

“Boy, take it up and give it a try, come on!”

Thunder God squinted at the silver sniper rifle in the box, with the same fiery eyes .


Li Tianlan hesitated . He didn’t know how valuable this gun was, but he could instinctively perceive that it was unique . The silver color, which was not dazzling but rather deep, and the bullets with complicated patterns, and the gun body that looked natural and even couldn’t see any artificial trace, all of which showed that this gun was absolutely extraordinary . How could it just be a good thing? It was a treasure!

Li Tianlan intentionally wanted to refuse such a precious thing because he knew the saying that no gains without pains . However, looking at the sniper rifle in front of him, he really didn’t want to give it up . Even if he was not good at shooting, this heavy sniper rifle attracted him extremely . He even thought it was worth it to get struck by lightning as long as he could get the gun .

Li Tianlan struggled inwardly, then finally failed to resist the temptation . He held out his hand and grabbed the heavy sniper rifle inside the box .

As he got it, Li Tianlan’s palm suddenly sank a little . The nearly two meters long big rifle was also unexpectedly heavy . It was at least nearly 25 kilograms . Li Tianlan held the gun, silently appreciating it, then he became more and more fond of it . The sense of security of having a gun in his hand and the cold and violent momentum that the gun gave out, were both extremely attracting to him . He felt like it was tailored for him .

“Is this Heavenly Rainbow, which Dongcheng Clan recently reported to the Army Headquarters? It is said that when Samsara destroyed Night Spirit, Dongcheng Clan lent Samsara ten Heavenly Rainbows . Is that it?”

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Zhuang Huayang and Tribulation came up at the same time . Looking at that really violent and mighty heavy sniper rifle, the old headmaster’s eyes revealed some heartfelt admiration .

“No . ”

Thunder God shook his head . He looked at the gun and Li Tianlan, only to feel that the two turned out to be an extraordinary match . The combination of the sharpness behind Li Tianlan’s calmness, and the violence behind the heavy rifle’s primitive simplicity, could bring out the best in each other .

He smiled and said calmly, “This is the Skyattack . It can be said to be a combination of Mad Shot and Heavenly Rainbow . It is the latest invention of Dongcheng Clan . The final experiment was completed only a week ago . Although there are more than one Skyattacks, it cannot be massively produced . At present, the only Skyattack of the entire Dongcheng Clan is in Tianlan’s hand . ”

This time, even the look in Tribulation’s eyes slightly changed, not to mention Zhuang Huayang and Dongcheng Qiuchi .

Dongcheng Clan gave Li Tianlan the only Skyattack . This kind of kindness was totally a kind of attitude willing to give all out .

Li Tianlan was also stunned a little . Looking at the gun inside his hand that he really liked, he felt that it suddenly became unexpectedly heavy .

“General Thunder, can you tell me the actual combat data of the Skyattack?”

Zhuang Huayang hesitated and asked with his eyes stiffened . Dongcheng Clan claimed to be a military giant . It had made great achievements in some large-scale military projects in Zhongzhou State, but it has not made in-depth researches in the field of firearms before . About 15 years ago, Dongcheng Clan focused on firearms, and nine years ago Mad Shot was born, stunning the Dark World . Recently, Heavenly Rainbow played a remarkable role when Samsara eliminated Night Spirit . Therefore, how horrible would the only one Skyattack be?

“The accurate range is 5,000 meters, and the limit range can reach 5,500 meters . The power is great, and the firing rate is fast . Within 3 kilometers, even if an expert in the Thunder-shocking Realm will be seriously injured in an instant, if the Skyattack shots in full energy . If the person’s key parts are hit, he will surely die . Once Tianlan has the Skyattack, there should be no great danger in this operation . ”

Within 3 kilometers, one shot could kill an expert in the Thunder-shocking Realm!

Zhuang Huayang’s facial expression suddenly changed .

What was the actual concept of 3km?

It was not a distance that could be shortened instantly even for masters in the Invincible Realm .

If anyone was aimed at by a master sniper, 3000 meters was a natural moat that could decide life and death .

A gun that could be used against a master in the Thunder-shocking Realm!

How many of such heavy sniper rifles could the whole Dark World have?

Except for the 12 Murderous Weapons, there were even less than five kinds of firearms that could achieve this kind of lethality in the Dark World .

And they were not mass-produced .

While Skyattack could not be massively produced either .

What did it mean?

The most important thing was that Dongcheng Hanguang gave the only Skyattack to Li Tianlan instead of Dongcheng Rushi .

Zhuang Huayang’s mouth twitched, and at that time his brain was extremely confused .

“Uncle Thunder, I can’t…”

Li Tianlan’s countenance also changed . He just said a few words, then he was interrupted by Thunder God .

He stared at Li Tianlan with his big eyes, and said in a harsh tone, “What do you mean you can’t? The Old Master decided that and we could not change it . The Skyattack is yours now and no one could take it away . ”

He paused and continued, “Don’t you have a vacation? During these 40 days, I will also be at the Sky Academy . Tribulation is responsible for improving your combat capability, and I am responsible for improving your shooting skill, boy . This is the real special training . You must be prepared psychologically . ”

Li Tianlan held the heavy sniper rifle tight, with mixed feelings in his heart .

“Could you call… no, I’ll call the Old Master later . ”

He was silent for a moment before he spoke in a low voice .

Thunder God smiled meaningfully and whispered, “The Old Master has only one request for you . ”

“Okay . ”

Li Tianlan nodded seriously, waiting for Thunder God to go on .

Thunder God looked at him and continued, “After the special training, the Sky Academy and Deep-sea Academy will have a top-secret action . You are holding a Skyattack now . Then the Old Master hopes that you can protect Rushi well . As a man, you should protect your household . Boy, do you dare to make this promise?”

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