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Chapter 174: 174

Chapter 174 General of Nine Heavens

Li Tianlan was waiting for information .

It seemed that what he could only do was to wait .

In the general trend that spread to the whole Dark World and would eventually explode in Changdao, the figure of strong men in the Invincible Realm had become increasingly obvious, as elites frequently came up under the states’ plot and in the fights of various major dark forces .

Till now, this matter had virtually been beyond everyone’s control .

Li Tianlan couldn’t control the general trend, since he was only the most ordinary participant, one with his own purpose .

He waited for the outbreak of the war of Changdao .

He waited for the outcome from Zhongzhou State .

He even waited for the information about Li Baitian and others .

The more depressed he felt, the calmer he was .

The curtains in the large study room had been completely pulled, thus, isolating the bright sunshine outside the window . Besides, there was no light in the room, so the darkness was filled in every corner of the room . Li Tianlan was sitting alone on the sofa .

Waiting .

He could only wait .

He could more and more clearly feel the instigation and unwillingness in his heart . Perhaps it was the smallness that had never been seen before the general trend . However, the smaller he was, the more eager Li Tianlan was to be strong .

To lead the general trend, to overturn the world, and to be an absolute monarch .

The thirst was so strong that he was unwilling to be dominated as a chess piece . In the few months after his entry into the secular world, his mentality seemed to be changing all the time, but only ambition became more and more intense .

The darkness concealed Li Tianlan’s expression and the wildfire-like madness and blazing heat in his eyes .

A slightly glaring light came in from outside of the door .

Li Tianlan narrowed his eyes subconsciously and looked beyond the door .

Duke’s tall figure stood under the bright sunshine outside the door, with a gentle smile .

“Isn’t it smooth?”

He stopped at the door and walked into the room . After hesitating a bit, he still didn’t choose to turn on the lights .

The room became dark again .

“I don’t know yet . I am waiting for the result . ”


Li Tianlan was so tired that he rubbed his forehead, recalling his conversation with Zhuang Huayang just now .

In fact, it was not difficult to bring ten border soldiers to Huating and it was not necessary to ask anyone for instruction . However, considering safety, he must offer them a post at which they could protect themselves, at least they could escape the hunt of Kunlun City anytime . This was the hardest matter .

Even though the Academics was now the ruling group, it belonged to an emerging power in Zhongzhou State . To be simpler, there were a majority of civilian politicians who had no prominent origin . Thus, it reached that position only because of the successful selection of their president Li Huacheng .

At present, the strength of the Academics in the Special Warfare System of Zhongzhou State was extremely weak .

As for the military force, although they occupied the highest leadership position, they were not superior in strength, even a bit weaker . Whether the Prince Group or the Wang family of Beihai, their military influence was ingrained . Li Tianlan wanted to bring ten people from the Li family to Huating, which meant that he would ask the Academics for ten high positions in the Special Warfare Group or military .

Even if the Academics was willing to help him, it was not easy .

Fortunately, Li Tianlan’s chips were enough . He needed this opportunity . Wasn’t the chance what the Academics needed?

As the term of the first Academics ruling class was about to expire, they needed certain opportunities to enhance their own strength . However, what this kind of game test was the political wisdom of the powerful elites . Therefore, Li Tianlan had not yet been qualified to join, so he chose to give the chips to the Academics . As for the final result, he would soon get a clear result .

“I demand to transfer ten border masters from the Li family and to ensure their security . Do you think there is any chance of success?”

Li Tianlan suddenly asked .

In the darkness, both people couldn’t see each other’s expressions, but their tones were extremely calm .

“It’s very smart . ”

Duke subconsciously commented with a smile in his tone . At the current stage, for Li Tianlan, the most important part was neither wealth nor power, but the foundation and the momentum . If these ten masters could come out from the border and be offered positions by Zhongzhou State, then at least in Huating, the foundation of Li Tianlan wouldn’t be weak anyway . Duke could faintly feel the instigation in Li Tianlan’s heart, but obviously, Li Tianlan was still calm and rational and had not been stunned .

“But ten people should be a little more . ”

Duke thought for a moment and said, “During this period, the Academics might get some positions to prepare for the general election held after two years . These positions were robbed from other groups step by step, so if offering 10 positions to the Li family…”

He shook his head subconsciously, apparently not optimistic about the result .

“Up to five . ”

Keeping silent for a while, he said resolutely .

Keeping silent for a while, Li Tianlan didn’t continue this topic but just said calmly, “Arrange to meet Wang Shengxiao . In any case, make sure that he arrives safely in Changdao . ”


Duke’s eyes were slightly bright, and he asked, “Have you talked to the Wang family of Beihai?”

“I won’t negotiate . ”

Li Tianlan replied with a plain tone, “There is nothing to talk about . The Wang family of Beihai is not Zhongzhou State . ”

In the darkness, the two were slightly silent .

About a minute later, the voice of Duke started to sound, “Okay, I will arrange it right away . ”

Then, in the darkness, he stood up and walked out the door .

Although they could hear each other’s voices, they couldn’t see each other’s expressions .

They knew each other, but also didn’t know each other .

The room became dark again .

The big screen hanging on the wall lit up silently, and suddenly a video call from Zhongzhou State came over .

Li Tianlan, who had just ignited a cigarette, had a slight shock and received the call immediately .

On the big screen appeared Zhuang Huayang’s tired face . In the darkness, Li Tianlan’s face turned into a quirky iron-blue color under the illumination of the screen, looking deep and cold .

The two looked at each other slightly .

“Three people . ”

Zhuang Huayang slowly said, “Tianlan, I just had a phone call with Leading Cadre . Leading Cadre agreed in principle to your request, but ten people were quite many . A number of three people is the limit we can strive for . ”

It wasn’t five expected by Duke .

Only three .

Li Tianlan’s brows wrinkled slightly, since this figure was too far from what he had expected .

“Don’t frown . ”

Zhuang Huayang smiled and said, “Although there were only three people, Leading Cadre has a surprise for you . You may not know, just a few days ago, that Leading Cadre personally went to the border to visit Senior Li . ”

Li Tianlan suddenly looked up and stared at Zhuang Huayang with a burning look .

“What did Leading Cadre… say to my grandfather?”

Li Tianlan asked with a little hoarse tone .

“I don’t know exactly what has been said, but Leading Cadre brought back a person from the border, named Li Wangsheng . ”

Zhuang Huayang said with a little smile in his tone, “You might know that this person is outside your three places . In addition, Old Yu has been quiet for so many years, so there should be a position for him . Leading Cadre meant to sent him to the Eastern Theater of Operations . Although the specific duty is still unknown, it should not be too low . If counted, there are five people, right?”

Yu Donglai went to the Eastern Theater of Operations .

Three people from Li’s Village could come out .

And Li Wangsheng…

A smile appeared on the corner of Li Tianlan’s mouth .

Of course, he knew Li Wangsheng, a brother who grew up with him since he was a child . In Li Tianlan’s original plan, no matter how many people he could bring from the border, Li Wangsheng must be one of them .

For the reason, he was the real talent . Although lack of Wind and Thunder Veins, Heavenly King Heart and Exquisite Bone, he had learned since a little boy the same core unique technique of the Li family . Besides, he was a man of quiet fortitude . What was the most important thing was Li Wangsheng’s appearance, which also indicated that he had a real trusted subordinate without any secret apart from Qin Weibai . Thus, he felt warm and excited .

“Thank Leading Cadre for me . ”

Li Tianlan, glancing at Zhuang Huayang, replied with a calm tone .

“We are on one side . No need to be polite . Nevertheless, Leading Cadre really favored Li Wangsheng . As for his arrangement, eh… let’s talk about it when you are back . ”

Zhuang Huayang shook his head and his face became suddenly solemn . He said, “Comrade Tianlan, Zhongzhou State requires you to immediately use the channel of Samsara to aid all of our elites to Changdao . You only have a week at most . There are no clear orders for action, but you are required to protect the lives of our people as much as possible . Can you do that?”

Although Li Tianlan felt a little strange, under this atmosphere, he subconsciously straightened his body, saluted and shouted, “Yes!”

“There is also another piece of information . ”

As Zhuang Huayang shook his hand with a smile, signing to Li Tianlan to relax, he then said, “The second group of the Snowdance Corps will arrive in Changdao recently . Now that you have the channel, how about your arranging for their residence?”

His tone paused and then he smiled bitterly, saying, “After all, some of our strongholds in East Island have been destroyed . ”

“No problem . ”

Li Tianlan nodded . This kind of reception seemed simple, but actually, it was also a kind of help . Now that when the Snowdance Corps entered East Island, the first group was led by Tribulation, was the second leader likely to be weak? Receiving such figures was also conducive to the formation of his social network, hence, Li Tianlan had no reason to refuse it .

“Principal, who will lead the team this time?”

Li Tianlan asked casually, trying to know in advance, “Which group does he or she belong to?”

As Zhuang Huayang hesitated for a while with his dull eyes, he shook his head and said, “He does not belong to any group, only responsible for the overall situation of Zhongzhou State . He is a true neutral figure . Besides, this person has now been officially appointed as the first deputy commander of the Snowdance Corps . He will take over the position of Tribulation to control all elites of Zhongzhou State in East Island . ”

“Neutral person?”

Li Tianlan became more and more curious . In the Dark World where the strength was supreme, a neutral figure should take over the position of Tribulation . What strength did the person really have?

“Is he a master of the Invincible Realm? Is there any hidden strong man of the Invincible Realm in Zhongzhou State?”

“No . ”

Zhuang Huayang shook his head and replied, “He has not yet reached the Invincible Realm, but he is the first person under the Invincible Realm recognized in the Dark World . Don’t feel unconvinced . I know that Tribulation is very strong . On strength, Tribulation may not be weaker than him, but Tribulation has less military exploits . This person seriously injured a strongman of the Invincible Realm who ranked on the Holy List three years ago . With such a record, he deserves this title . ”

Although not reaching the Invincible Realm, he had already seriously injured a real master of the Invincible Realm!

Li Tianlan’s eyes were flashing with light, then he asked, “Who is this person?”

“He is Gongsun Qi, one of the four spirits of Zhongzhou State, General of Nine Heavens, codenamed Azure Dragon . ”

Zhuang Huayang said in an indifferent tone, “He is one and the first of the four captains of the Terracotta Army in Zhongzhou State . ”

“Four spirits of Zhongzhou State?”

Li Tianlan raised his eyebrows surprisedly . He knew the four Gods of Zhongzhou State, but he had never heard of the four spirits .

But he had heard Horsewoman talk about the Terracotta Army .

Wang Shengxiao, Gu Hanshan, and even Jiang Shangyu seemed to fight for a quarter of leadership of the Terracotta Army .

“The reputation of the four spirits is naturally not as good as that of the four Gods of Zhongzhou State . Actually, this title refers to the four captains of the Terracotta Army, namely, Azure Dragon, White Tiger, Vermilion Bird, and Spirit Tortoise . To some extent, they are all real neutral figures…”

“Tok, Tok, Tok…”

Before Zhuang Huayang finished his words, there were sudden knocks .

“Come in . ”

Li Tianlan said casually .

The door was opened from the outside .

Horsewoman’s plump figure stood quietly outside the door . She glanced at Zhuang Huayang on the screen and shrugged her shoulders . Then, she said with a smile, “I am sorry . But I have a message, which might be your most concerned . ”

Her tone paused and then she continued, “We have got the trace of Li Baitian’s group . ”

Li Tianlan turned around suddenly, walked to the door without hesitation, and asked her, “Where are they?”