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Published at 26th of December 2019 02:30:05 AM

Chapter 341: 341

Chapter 341 Crazy Red Dress

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Qin Weibai looked at Red Dress that approached her .

The red dress was bright and eye-catching, letting people ignore the breeze and the sun as well as forget the lake and the green trees . The red skirt was dancing and flying, becoming the most vivid color in front of Qin Weibai .

Qin Weibai instinctively adjusted her body, stepped back, and made an defensive posture that was not obvious but very clear .

Her expression was very serious .

Her eyes that had just been awake once again became dizzy, slightly unfocused .

The similar morning .

The similar sunshine .

The similar breeze .

The similar red dress .

How familiar was that scene to her?

It was like a sharp knife, directly penetrating into her already broken heart . And her numb and empty soul once again experienced the pain deep in her bones .

The story seemed to have just begun .

Qin Weibai felt that she was standing in the end .

She was a little scared .

So she took a step back and somewhat nervously looked around .

The villa area under the sun was quiet . The breeze was extremely gentle . The treetops were swaying in the wind . The sun was shining on West Lake with charming ripples .

There was no high sky close at hand . It was impossible to see the whole picture of the whole city . There was no blood on the ground . The grass was green and soft . It was peaceful everywhere .

Qin Weibai took a deep breath and tried to calm down .

“I cried . Now I’m fine,”

She said .

Red Dress, who stood close by, was quietly looking at Qin Weibai .

Her eyes were as clear as water, with an innocence that had never been contaminated by any pollution .

She wore a bright red tunic dress with a pair of pure white sneakers . A pair of white and straight legs were exposed . Her hair was fluttering with the breeze, pure and enchanting . She was like a piece of beautiful colored crystal, clear as well as gorgeous .

Qin Weibai looked at her shoes for a long time .

Red Dress seemed to be a little cramped and took a small step back . She whispered, “I am not used to wearing high heels . ”

“This is fine . ”

Qin Weibai smiled . “Tianlan has just left to find your brother-in-law . You came to Lin’an alone?”

“I came with my sister,”

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Dongcheng Rushi in red said honestly .

Lin’an was not far from Huating .

Zou Yuanshan was admitted to the provincial capital of Jiangzhe . It was much more convenient for Dongcheng Qiuchi and Zou Yuanshan to get together . Zou Yuanshan was familiar with the environment for a few days . Dongcheng Qiuchi had naturally gone there to see her husband . It was just a two or three hours’ drive . Living with her sister, Dongcheng Rushi naturally went to see her fiancé .

“I am also your sister . ”

Qin Weibai smiled softly and meaningfully .

Her red and swollen eyes were still shining, but looked extremely soft . It was a kindhearted look; close, appreciative, with a touch of guilt that was not easy to detect but actually existed .

Dongcheng Rushi’s small face became red . She winked and looked at her wrist subconsciously .

Both of them had matching exquisite ladies’ watches on their wrists, exactly the same .

She had no relationship with Qin Weibai .

But from Li Tianlan’s angle, Li Tianlan was their man, so they were naturally sisters .

Dongcheng Rushi gently bit her lower lip and her radiant little face also looked a little bleak . No matter how pure her temper was, she was also a woman who shared a man with another woman…

And she needed to call that woman sister .

Dongcheng Rushi could not describe the feeling in her heart, but felt a little wronged .

“Do you feel wronged?”

Qin Weibai asked softly .

“No . ”

Dongcheng Rushi shook her head subconsciously . But she was not good at concealing her emotions and gently bit her lips . So her words seemed to say the opposite .

“It’s normal to feel wronged . ”

Qin Weibai touched Dongcheng Rushi’s hair and her voice became softer . Her height, around 1 . 70 or 1 . 60 meters, made her taller than Dongcheng Rushi . After Dongcheng Rushi wore a pair of high-heeled shoes, Qin Weibai’s movement became extremely natural . “If I were you, I would also felt wronged . ”

“At least for now, it seems that you are more suitable for Tianlan than I am . If I were you, I might have made trouble . ”

Dongcheng Rushi looked down at her toes and said softly, “I wouldn’t dare . If I made trouble, Tianlan would definitely not want me . If Tianlan doesn’t want me, my family would abandon me . ”

Her words were very soft and tender .

Knowing of the past, Qin Weibai felt sorry for her .

“Why would they do that?”

Qin Weibai smiled and held up Dongcheng Rushi’s palm . “You are the best girl for Tianlan, definitely . Tianlan would definitely want you . ”


Dongcheng Rushi looked up and watched Qin Weibai with her clear eyes . She felt somewhat happy .

“Of course it’s true . ”

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Qin Weibai nodded . The goodwill in her eyes was not disguised, but had a trace of pity and sadness . “If only she did not exist . ”


Dongcheng Rushi asked subconsciously .

She asked very naturally, but she said it with a single syllable . So, the word had a stiffness she could not detect .

The breeze was still soft .

Dongcheng Rushi, whose hand was pulled by Qin Weibai, gradually changed .

The clarity of her eyes gradually changed and moved . A strange look became more and more intense .

Qin Weibai silently let go of Dongcheng Rushi’s hand .

The goodwill in her eyes gradually converged and became cold . “Of course it is another you . ”

“I don’t think there is anything wrong with my existence . ”

The clarity in Dongcheng Rushi’s eyes disappeared completely . It almost became indifferent and vigilant in an instant .

Qin Weibai looked faintly at Dongcheng Yueshen, who had secretly replaced Dongcheng Rushi’s personality .

There was a hint of disgust in her eyes .

It was disgust, not hatred .

“You should disappear . ”

She said coldly, “If you don’t show up, the Dongcheng Clan will be much more secure . ”

“Absurd . ”

Dongcheng Yueshen sneered . “My existence is not a secret in the Dongcheng Clan . My sister, my parents, my grandfather, my adoptive father are aware of it . They all love me . What qualification do you have to stand on the position of the Dongcheng Clan to judge me?”

“Ghostly non-human!”

Qin Weibai’s voice was cold like the wind that blew out from the polar glaciers . There was no temperature at all . Her smile was cold and harsh like a knife . She said sharply, “You are shamless, saying that they love you very much . Do you mean it?”

Her wording was extremely strict .

But Dongcheng Yueshen was not angry . She just frowned and wondered, “Why can’t I say that?”

That counter-question was natural .

Qin Weibai was stunned on the spot .

She was silent for a long time before she sighed softly and laughed at herself . “You really don’t have any embarrassment right now . ”

Dongcheng Yueshen was becoming more and more inexplicable .

She looked at Qin Weibai with undisguised defense in her eyes .

Just as Qin Weibai did not like her .

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She did not like Qin Weibai, either .

That woman was recognized as a goddess in the Dark World . She was tall, perfect, had a gorgeous appearance and did not live in the real world .

But when Dongcheng Rushi saw her for the first time in Heaven Capital, Dongcheng Rushi did not like her .

She always thought that woman was too demonic .

Under the Deity and Sage, she had a Demon Aura around her body .

Dongcheng Yueshen did not want to admit that such dislike was fear . She did not want to see Qin Weibai instinctively .

But Qin Weibai’s statement about Dongcheng Rushi was too obvious . If she did not appear in time, she was really not sure what Qin Weibai would say later .

So at the moment it was not that Dongcheng Yueshen took the initiative to appear . It was better to say that Qin Weibai took the initiative to make her emerge .

“What do you want to do?”

Dongcheng Yueshen asked cautiously .

“Do you remember our meeting in Heaven Capital?”

Qin Weibai calmly said, “I asked you a question at that time . Which family is the most sad and most pitiful in the past century, in the Zhongzhou State?”

Dongcheng Yueshen stared at Qin Weibai and said nothing .

Qin Weibai did ask such question .

But Qin Weibai also gave the answer .

She said that it was not the Li family, but the Dongcheng Clan .

Dongcheng Yueshen did not recognize that opinion .

“Not the Li family . It won’t be Dongcheng Clan, either . ”

She looked at Qin Weibai and said firmly, word for word .

“I really don’t know where your confidence comes from . ”

Qin Weibai sneered . “If some people were trustworthy, would there be anything like this today? From your point of view, if you believe in the wrong person, you are destined meet with tragedy . ”

“I am right . ”

The tone of Dongcheng Yueshen was firm and stubborn .

Qin Weibai gave her a deep glance . “You can firmly believe in your own judgment, provided that you have enough psychological preparation for paying the price . ”

Dongcheng Yueshen’s facial expression changed and she did not say a word .

“You say, if you fall in love with a man you have to kill, what will happen?”

Qin Weibai suddenly asked .

She asked very suddenly .

But Dongcheng Yueshen’s expression changed a lot .

“I don’t know what you’re talking about . ”

She forced herself to say it calmly .

Qin Weibai quietly looked at Dongcheng Yueshen and gradually smiled, raising a corner of her mouth . Her eyes looked dizzy and her thoughts drifted completely elsewhere .

“All of them are pathetic people . ”

She whispered and her sharp eyes softened .

“Have you ever imagined that you are a bird? A Bird with wings can fly freely and higher than an eagle . ”

Qin Weibai asked softly .

Dongcheng Yueshen only felt that the other party was neuropathic . She shook her head and said, “No . ”

“I imagined it, but I can’t picture it . ”

Qin Weibai whispered, “But there was a woman who always thought like this . She used to be a genius of an era, but in the end, she cooperated with others and killed her beloved man . Do you want to know her end?”

“What was her end?”

Dongcheng Yueshen asked subconsciously .

“She was crazy . ”

Qin Weibai laughed . “She was really crazy . When she was in front of me, she thought she was a bird that could fly freely . So she laughed and jumped from the highest place in Huating . And she fell, becoming broken flesh and bones . As a result, her family has become backwards . The important people in her family ended receiving the death penalty or were sent to prison . No one had a good end . ”

Qin Weibai whispered . She seemed to remember the summer of that year .

In the summer of Huating, the woman also wore a scarlet dress and a pair of red high heels .

In the bright sunshine like the illusion, she smiled foolishly and dreamed that she had become a bird . She opened her wings that she thought she had, and jumped down from the highest place in Huating .

It was crazy Red Dress .

It was a bird without wings .

Her figure passed through the white clouds and fell down along with the fierce wind in the air . She eventually dyed a large green patch of grass .

After the sunshine of Huating on that day, it was pouring rain .

The heavy rain passed through the quiet years in the depths of their memories and gradually turned red and sticky, just like the last mess and loneliness of bloody turbulence .

All the grievances and hatreds had a final end in that bloody rain .

Qin Weibai smiled and looked at the expressionless Dongcheng Yueshen in front of her . She whispered, “Occasionally, the woman who was completely crazy had a name similar to yours . ”

She looked at Dongcheng Yueshen’s eyes and said, “She was Li Yueshen . ”

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