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Chapter 25

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Chapter 25: Blood-Red Tower (End)

TL by Yoni

Edited by Yoni & Myoni


<‘Slayer’ has killed 300 people.>

<Excluding the ‘Slayer’, everyone will receive a ‘Guardian’ blessing.>

<The ‘Slayer’ cannot leave until the last person is killed.>

<The second floor has closed.>

<102 Survivors.>


The number of survivors quickly decreased.

As Collin, the person who had arranged the largest group had died, without an exception, the majority of the people tried to kill each other to escape.

However, there were still a few who decided to stay.

The blessing from the Tower allowed survivors to lose their fears and stick together.

At 200 kills, they received a ‘Toughness’ blessing, at 250 kills, they received an ‘Iron Will’ blessing and finally at 300 kills, they received the ‘Guardian’ blessing.

‘Isn’t it trying hard.’

Muyoung lightly clicked his tongue after reading the message about the ‘Guardian’ blessing.

It was a blessing that could only be used by quite high ranked priests.

A penalty that wasn’t really a penalty was created.

Either Muyoung had to die or everyone else did for this fight to end.

Now, he couldn’t even give up.

Of course, he wasn’t planning to… But still, it was going to the extremes.

‘Winner gets all.’

The last one standing would get everything.

Muyoung was already very used to this method.

It wasn’t originally this kind of an extreme world.

He turned around and looked at the ghouls.

Meanwhile, the number ghouls have increased to 30.

There was something unique about these ghouls, they had a bit of a dark aura mixed into their skin.

And in the middle of them, there was a ghoul that was particularly dark.

‘Dark Ghoul. The Prince and his subjects.’

As a matter of fact, after making Collin into an undead, he had turned into that creature.

An ability to reinforce the 30 ghouls under his supervision had been created when his head was put back together.

When Muyoung looked at the Dark Ghoul created from Collin’s corpse, information about it appeared on the Status Viewer.


<Name: Dark Ghoul (Prince and his subjects)>

Level: 56

Type: Ghoul

Strength 65 (60 + 5)   Agility 60 (55 + 5)

Stamina 55 (50 + 5)   Intelligence 44 (39 + 5)

Wisdom 46 (41 + 5) >


+ Dark Aura (The 30 chosen ghouls’ stats will increase by 5.)

+ Decent tolerance to light.

+ Loss of vision (superior sense of hearing).


Even the Dark Ghoul had its stats raised by 5.

Since the number in front of the brackets were the finalized values, if he only considered just the basic stats, it was higher than Muyoung.

Although stats weren’t everything in a battle, it was at least an objective indicator of one’s capabilities.

‘I’ve gained something unexpected.’

Muyoung never guessed that Collin could be turned into this good of an undead.

It meant that Collin had that much of an overwhelming story.

Not only that but since he was recognized as ‘Prince and his subjects’, not one but many, he could now place the 31 ghouls under one talisman.

It was now a question of whether all the blessing given to the rest of the people in the Tower to counterbalance Muyoung would be able to stop these undead.


The Dark Ghoul laid down flat on the floor and pricked up his ears.

Although he had lost his vision, he instead gained a greater sense of hearing and was able to catch even the finest details.


Unlike the zombies, the Dark Ghoul was able to make decisions by himself and soon started to run towards his prey while letting out a horrible shriek.

The 30 ghouls followed soon afterwards.


Muyoung couldn’t just play around.

The time had come to end this fight.


After 350 kills, no other blessing was given.

Maybe it had assumed that no one could massacre more than 300 people?

He could only know just how many survivors were left and how many people he had slain.

Even then, Muyoung was still calm.

To enter the Tower, the requirement was that the person had to have ‘murdered’ someone.

Also, most of the people entered to kill another.

Even though there were some who entered not because they wanted to, he didn’t have the time to take care of them.

He couldn’t hesitate any longer.

It wasn’t enough to just step onwards.

There were too many strong enemies Muyoung had to face.

‘396 people.’


With a large shake, Muyoung brushed off a large amount of blood on Anguish.


<0 Survivors.>

<The ‘Slayer’ has won. >


No one else had survived.

Muyoung walked in between the dead bodies.

‘I’m missing four people.’

For some reason, he felt sad.

The numbers didn’t exactly fall clean.

He thought that like the blessing, the reward might have been decided upon every 50 kills.

However, no one was left alive.

In sadness, as he sheathed Anguish, letters started to appear and combine.


<To you who almost accomplished the impossible! In accordance with Solomon’s Law, an incredible reward will be given.>


‘Who almost accomplished?’

It was definitely different from the last time he earned the Death Lord class.

At that time, he had received a special reward instead of an incredible.

As expected, was it because he didn’t have 400 kills?

Since it seemed like he would get a reward every 50 kills and since he had killed 394 people, he thought he was going to get the reward for 350 kills.

Muyoung clicked his tongue.

He waited for the reward, but then a story he never thought of appeared before his eyes.


<‘Death Lord’ objects.>

<The Masters of Darkness are evaluating with a different perspective.>

<The Ruler of the Afterlife, the Spirit Sovereign, the Star of 12 Zodiacs and King Slayer have approved. The other 6 have decided to withdraw.>

<A number was added depending on the number of supporting Masters of Darkness (396 + 4).>

<To you who accomplished the impossible! In accordance with Solomon’s Law, a chance to earn a special reward will be given.>


The reward has changed.

The impossible that has been almost accomplished has been changed to accomplished.

This had never happened in all of his 40 years.

Even more, the fact that the ‘Masters of Darkness’ were responsible for this change in the reward.

Besides the Death Lord, they were names unfamiliar to him.

‘The Masters of the Darkness, who couldn’t become Gods.’

Solomon had died and instead the Laws were left behind.

And through the conversation with Merlin, Muyoung knew that those who overlooked the Laws were recognized as the Masters of Darkness.

However, Merlin didn’t even know the specifics about the Masters of Darkness.

Possibly because the Masters of Darkness were superior beings to Merlin?

Through this opportunity, Muyoung found out how many were part of the masters.

‘Eleven beings.’

Those who supported were 4 and those who forfeited were 6. And if you added the Death Lord, by simple calculations, there were 11 in total.

However, it didn’t seem like the Masters of Darkness were simply managers.

Even if their identities were in a fog, like how Muyoung was chosen by the Death Lord and was given a class related to him, it was likely that other masters could also choose someone as well.

Death Lord, the Lord Class.

The undead made by the Art of Death skill were much stronger than a normal undead.

Depending on the rank, it should have a tremendous destructive power than most secret classes.

The classes offered by the other 10 masters would probably be the same.

While putting a bit of strength in his eyes, he focused on the letters that appeared.


<You have received the ‘Lunatic Sovereign’s Ring’.>

<You have received the ‘Lunatic Sovereign’s Helmet’.>

<You have received the ‘Lunatic Sovereign’s Cape’.>

<King Slayer has offered his favorite horse as a present.>


Soon after, a red ring, helmet, and cape appeared on top of Muyoung’s hand.



And beside him, a huge horse, about 3 meters tall, jumped out.

Its hoofs, tail and mane were blazing with blue fire.

It had dark skin and great big wings like a Pegasus, but Muyoung almost pulled out his sword instinctively, after looking at the creature.

‘A top ranking monster…!’

Even in the Underworld, there weren’t many monsters considered to be in the top ranks.

Usually, people identified dragons and their mixed bloodlines, giants, hydras and other creatures as top ranking monsters.

And the Hellhorse that appeared before Muyoung had the magic power that was comparable to a dragon’s.

Just by facing the creature made Muyoung’s whole body tingle. It became hard for him to breathe and all his pores were dripping with sweat.

Even if the monsters that appeared at the temple were strong, they were merely low ranked.

Something like a Dark Ghoul would barely pass the threshold into the intermediate rankings.

But, all of a sudden, a top-ranked monster appeared.

If it was someone other than Muyoung, they would have fainted already.

The Hellhorse looked down on Muyoung.


Afterward, it snorted heavily.


<The ‘Hellhorse’ does not recognize a user that is weaker than itself as its master.>

<Instead, it is willing to help you three times when you’re in need.>

<Are you willing to accept?>

<If you decline, a fight will commence.>

<If you win the fight, you will be acknowledged as its master.>


A top ranking monster could wipe out a reasonably sized guild or a clan.

As of now, even if Muyoung gave it all he had, he would be unable to win against the Hellhorse.

For some reason, he didn’t sense any killing intent.

Muyoung quickly calmed down.

It was one of Muyoung’s specialties to adapt to any situation.

When the Hellhorse watched Muyoung instantly return his breathing back to normal, the horse looked surprised as it nickered.

“I accept.”


As if it was telling Muyoung, he had made a good decision, it spread its wings widely.

It probably thought it benefited, but Muyoung also did it intentionally.

‘It’s enough.’

The rewards were more than what he had expected to receive in the beginning.

It was truly impossible to simply tame a top ranking monster.

Even the Dragon Lord had to overcome tens of life-threatening situations and succeed in 10 consecutive achievements in order to tame the Magical Dragon.

For now, being helped 3 times was more than enough.

Just like that, it was the same as a decent guild moving at his command.

Depending on how he used them, these 3 opportunities could prove to be an enormous help.

And Muyoung was one of the few people who could use these opportunities wisely.

‘I could look around a dangerous area.’

As for now, ‘Hedley Kow’ was all that was on his mind.

A fairy that could transform into any appearance.

In the end, it turns into a Phoenix, if he could just grab hold of the Hedley Kow in that transformed state, he could benefit from it tremendously.

Even though he had a Long-distance Teleportation Magical Item since it was in a Demon God’s territory he didn’t know where to start, but with this, he believed he could advance more quickly than before.

Besides that, couple memories came back to him regarding where he could use the Hellhorse.

‘If I beat it before using all my 3 chances, that will do.’

Also, if Muyoung grew stronger before he used all his chances, that was good enough.

Or, figured out a way to win.

He had many options.

It was just that it took him time.

Muyoung considered taming the Hellhorse as a ‘definite fact’.

‘The gate to the Underworld opens in two days.’

He cleared his mind and nodded.

The Tower appeared on the 25th day. Within just 3 days he was able to overcome the trial and receive a reward greater than what he had imagined.

This was enough to enter the Underworld in two days.

It would be enough to be free from the clutches of the Forest of Death and Wung Chunglin.

‘The past will not repeat itself.’

In the past, he was kidnapped without being able to even resist them.

Afterwards, with all the different kinds of drugs and brainwashing, he was turned into an absolute perfect assassin.

He lived a meaningless life, like a machine, for 40 years.

Once was more than enough.

Muyoung clenched his teeth.


<You have cleared all the conditions.>

<You will now be transported out of the Tower.>


Whoooosh – !

Afterwards, a bright light surrounded Muyoung.